Top 10 Best Hunting Rangefinders for Money Reviews on the Market

A rangefinder is one of the most versatile devices used for measuring distance and accuracy in various activities like hunting and golfing. The rangefinders come in different types, brands, and varieties of features which make it easy to use them for these activities. Below is a review of the top best hunting rangefinders for money to consider.

What Is the Best Hunting Rangefinder For Money?

Comparing the Best Hunting Laser Rangefinder For Cheap Price

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TecTecTec ProWild Hunting...image TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder Buy On
LaserWorks LW1000PRO Laser...image LaserWorks LW1000PRO Laser Rangefinder for Hunting Golf,Fog Measurement Buy On
WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder,...image Golf Rangefinder, Laser Range Finder with Slope Buy On
VisionKing 6X Golf...image VisionKing 6X Golf Laser Rangefinder 600M/Y Hunting Range Finder Camo Distance Measuring Outdoor with Golf/Hunting/Rain Model Multi Functional Waterproof Rangefinder Buy On
Nikon 16224 Arrow...image Nikon 16224 Arrow ID 3000 Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Wosports Hunting Range...image Wosports Hunting Range Finder, 650 Yards Archery Laser Rangefinder Buy On
AOFAR HX-700N Hunting...image AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder Buy On
Vortex Optics Impact...image Vortex Optics Impact 850 Yard Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Sig Sauer Kilo...image Sig Sauer Kilo 1200 Rangefinder Black Buy On

Review of Best Hunting Rangefinders For Money

1. Tec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder – Around $100

best hunting rangefinders





This model of rangefinder gives up to 540-yard view range, plus continuous scan mode. It is made of waterproof material; hence does not limit you to using it during the rainy days.

The speed scanning mode enables one to have a quick and precise view of the anima in 1+- accuracy. The optical lens is super clear to enable you to have a good view and from a distance for easy analyzing. It is portable.

Thus, you can work with this rangefinder for a long time and comes with a carrying bag. One is given a one year warranty on buying this gadget for quality security.



2.LaserWorks LW 1000PRO Professional-CLass Laser Rangefinder – Around $120

hunting rangefinder for the money






This is a multipurpose rangefinder that can be used for golfing and hunting. Its yard measurements range from 5 to 1600 yards. The optical is crafted with high-quality materials and has a high magnifying power of up to 6x.

You can comfortably use this range even during the chilly and foggy days because it has fog mode, which cleans up the lens for easy viewing. Some of the activities you can perform with this device other than measuring distance include; measuring speed, flagpole locking.

Scanning, measuring the angle, and also measuring the heights. The materials are strong and made of water-resistance damage features.



3. WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder  – Under $100

top laser rangefinder for the money





This is a great hunting range finder that enables you to measure the distance, angle, lock flag, and correct the distance and many others.

It has a yard view ranging from 5 to 650 with 180 to a flag lock. It has a speed calculation and gives an accuracy of a 1-degree angle. It is easy and comfortable to work with this gadget since it is made of the quality and lightweight designs.

The lens is clear to enable you to have a quick spotting around the golf course.



4. Visionking 6x25Rangefinder Hunting Golf Use – Around $80

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This is another durable rangefinder ideal for hunting and archery activities. It is light in weight for easy holding and features an ergonomic design to provide a firm grip.

The rangefinder has a yard range of 650. Other reliable features include the pin sensor tech, which allows one to acquire a fast and effective view with 1degree accuracy.

It is easy setting up this rangefinder and can be used in wet areas since it is waterproof.



5. Nikon 16224 Arrow ID 3000 Bow Hunting – Around $180

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The equipped arrow ID enables the user to have a precise view from both inclined and declined angles. Therefore, you can comfortably shoot from any angle using this gadget.

It is a solid device for bow hunting because it gives good horizontal viewing. It has around 20.3 mm eye relief, which boosts one’s ability to view and range the distance easily.

The yard display rage from 6 to 550, respectively. It comes with a year warranty against any buying defects.



6. WOSports Hunting rangefinder – Around $80

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This is another model from Wosports suitable for both simple golfing and hunting. It can measure normal distance, flag-clock, and speed functioning to enable the user to have an accurate view of the excellent shooting.

It is easy and comfortable to use in different areas, including rainy seasons, since the materials are water-resistant. The rangefinder has a yard range of 5 to 650 with an extra 150 yards for locking the flag. It is easy to scan the target with the device since all you need doing is to hold the power button down.

It has an LCD screen that displays the range of data. The optical lens is made of good quality material that enables one to have a good view even in foggy or rainy areas. This rangefinder is backed up with a year warranty.



7. AOFAR Hunting Archery Rangefinder – Around $80

best laser rangefinder for the money





The high magnifying power plus the pin sensor technology enables one to acquire a quick accuracy of +-1 yard. This is a great multipurpose rangefinder that can be used for both hunting and golfing since it gives a view of up to 700 yards.

It is made of robust and reliable materials that allow one to hunt even in rainy or foggy regions. Carrying around and holding is comfortable due to the lightweight designs.

Other accessories packed with this rangefinder model are a strap, battery, and a lens cloth for wiping off the dust.



8. Voretex Optics Impact 850 yard Laser Rangefinder – Around $180

the best hunting rangefinder





The clear lens, reasonable magnifying power, plus the high yard range enables one to get a closer view and accuracy of the target when using this gadget.

It is a perfect hunting rangefinder because the available HOD mode provides yard compensation when hunting in areas with obstacles. It is easy to view from any angle and in the long-distance thanks to the equipped LOS.

The device can continuously scan in the movement to help you keep up with a moving target. The optical lens is multicoated to ensure good light transmission even in poorly lit areas.



9. WOSPORTS Rechargeable Hunting Rangefinder – Around $120

best hunting rangefinder for the money





This rangefinder has an inbuilt battery that is quite durable. This gadget is recommended for hunting because it allows the user to view from different angles, and it also scans the target while on the move. It has a compensation yard view that ensures you are not limited to hunting in specific regions.

The rangefinder has 800 yards and 6x magnifying power to ensure a good view of the target. The lens is fully multicoated to enable one to have a clear and precise view, even on foggy and rainy areas.

Note that, this rangefinder supports yard to meter measurements. The outer parts are made of waterproof material to ensure safety, even in wet areas. It comes with 18 months warranty against the manufacturer’s defects.



10. Sig Saucer 4x 20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder – Around $160

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If you are looking for a rangefinder that will provide high ranging power, then this is a good deal. It allows one to view the target up to 1200 yards. It has an additional yard which enables one to maintain good distance accuracy even in areas with trees and other obstacles.

The outer shell is waterproof to enable you fiercely hunt even during the rainy seasons. It is super light in weight, enabling you to carry it and use it for long hours.



If you need a durable rangefinder for your hunting activities, these are the top ten rangefinders to consider. They come in different yard ranges, something you need to consider when choosing a rangefinder for effective results. They are light in weight and have durable materials that ensure you enjoy your hunting activities at any time to the day. Make sure to check out the available features before buying this gadget to see if they suit your needs.

Looking for a suitable rangefinder? Take time to read through the explanations we are going to give you here below. We are going to answer the three fundamental questions that inform the choice of the right hunting rangefinder for your money. At the tail end, we hope you will be able to now make an informed decision.

How to Choose the Best Hunting Rangefinders For Money?

To be able to settle on the right hunting rangefinder for the money, you have to care for many factors and parameters. Below are the key concerns which you have to take care of:

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Display Unit

The character and the quality of the display unit should be your topmost concern. Indeed, a good display unit ought to come in the right size, have the best resolution, exhibit impressive color density and brightness levels. These parameters are the ones that inform the quality of the outputs realizable.


Next should be the optics. This refers to the manner in which the rangefinder captures and responds to the light output. A good camera ought to be responsive enough even in moments of extremely low illumination such as the twilight. It should also be easily manageable and controlled.

Operational Modes (Target Priority)

You then have to consider the operational modes, otherwise called the target priority. There are two main kinds of operational modes. These are the ‘first priority’ and the ‘second priority’ respectively. The former detects and captures the first object on its path. By use of the latter, you will be able to detect objects in the background.


Magnification is the ability of the camera to enlarge an object to make it more legible. This, in turn, enables you to make more accurate shots. A good camera ought to have a powerful magnification capability typically in the 2x to 8x respectively. The higher the range, definitely is the better.

Angle Compensation

When images are captured at angles, they tend to distort and lose some details. In doing so, the quality of the final outcomes is comprised. The angle compensation exists to remedy this situation. It aims at computing and showcasing the true distances and dimensions of objects. This way, it allows for more accurate shots.


All rangefinders that operate via the laser feature a reticle. A reticle is basically a crosshair that lets you aim and narrow down to a particular prey. The best rangefinder on the basis of this consideration ought to possess an accurate reticle that is similarly clearly legible.


Lenses are the ones that magnify the objects to make them appear larger than normal. Other than merely being powerful, the best lens also ought to be coated for appropriate protection against the wiles of the environment. This is also over and above managing to reduce the glares from the sun.

Type of Range Finders

Rangefinders come in various kinds and shades. These also play out with regards to the performances and outcomes. There are three main kinds of rangefinders namely optical, infrared, and the laser, respectively. You have to select the one in which you possess the expertise to operate and engage.

best laser rangefinder for money

Degree of Sophistication vs. Expertise

Your expertise also comes in handy. You need not stress yourself when using a rangefinder. Instead, you should choose that one which is easily comprehensible and operable. That can only happen if you assess your own expertise before skimming the many options that are available.


Different players engage in the manufacture of these products. Unfortunately, not all of them may yodel you the performances you desire at any given time. That is why you have to insist only on those brands that are known to perform better. Halo, Bushnell, and the Nikon are top examples.

Other top brands:

Increment Reading

Increment reading is the distance between any two consecutive readings. There is an indirect correlation between increment reading and the accuracy of the rangefinder. A shorter distance denotes more accurate cameras and vice versa. You should hence settle for one whose accuracy you are comfortable with.


Considering that the rangefinder is an equipment which you carry around every now and then, you want one that is light and compact enough to handle with absolute ease. Assess your own muscle power first and foremost before setting out to look for the right one on the basis of this consideration.

Cost vs. Financial Resource Endowment

When all is said and done, you will have to part with some money to be able to lay your hands on the right rangefinder. Nonetheless, the right equipment ought not to be too costly. For this reason, you want to choose one that is cheaper and lies well within your own financial resource endowment.

Cheap price for the money reviews you may need:

Planned Longevity of Use

How long in total would you wish to make use of a rangefinder? It is important to know about this length to know which one may be desirable for your use. For long term use, you want to use one that is strong and durable enough. That is the only way it can stand the harsh elements.

Intended Frequency of Application

Lastly, you should also consider the intended frequency of use. A rangefinder for everyday use has to be strong and reliable enough. This can only happen if it is enclosed in a strong and equally durable housing unit. Any other alternative will, however, do for one time applications.

Importance of Rangefinders in Hunting

Of all the applications out there, hunting is the one in which the rangefinder is most extensively used. We are going to determine the roles and advantages that the gadget confers to a hunter or for hunting missions:

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Eliminates Guesswork

The typical rangefinder is packed with tons of features that are geared towards letting you make more accurate shots. As such, it aids greatly with eliminating guesswork but instead making more informed decisions and shots. Among these are the orientations of the prey and the separating distances.

Acquaints you with the Target

Loads of elegant features we have explained above contribute towards familiarizing you with your load. They among others let you know the separating distances, size, orientation, elevation, and configurations. For those moving objects, the equipment will also showcase the speed of movements. These definitely combine to make better kills.

Enables Humane Killing

Hunting, in many places, is strictly regulated. You have to adhere to some set of principles as you go about the task. Any deviations from these rules may attract hefty penalties. The rangefinders also help with making more humane kills. In this way, it spares you from the adverse side effects that ordinarily come by.

Perfects your Shots

With this equipment, you get to perfect your shots appropriately. You just do not shoot aimlessly or anyhow. Instead, you get to aim them as accurately as can probably be. At no other place can this be appropriate than the valleys. Here, visibility and orientation are too weak for proper shots.

Ups your Estimation Skills

Estimating the distances between the prey and you might not always be an easy thing to do. Yet again, the rangefinders come in to offer the much-needed help. They have some meters and measurement apparatus to aid with this. By leveraging these features, you get to up your estimation skills appropriately.

Prevents Getting too Close to the Targets

Most prey will simply run away when you get too close to them. Others will fight back and even poison you. To prevent either scenario, you will want to study the object from afar off without disturbing it at all. The rangefinders yet again will come to help you achieve this very end. It prevents you from having to get too close to the object before firing a shot.

Portable and Compact

Most rangefinders are portable and compact. They are subsequently easier and more convenient to carry around. It is for this reason that you will be able to take them further and use them for a prolonged duration of duration without getting too overwhelmed and fatigued. Only be sure to settle on the one whose weight falls within your muscle power.

Should I Get a Cheap Hunting Rangefinder?

YES, you should. Many people have this guided notion that cheaper rangefinders are less efficient than their more expensive counterparts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, they are just as important and effective as their expensive counterparts. Here are why:

hunting rangefinder for money


The cheaper rangefinders lack many parts and components which their expensive counterparts possess. They nonetheless allow for the attachments of many accessories later on. This means you will have the freedom to attach the extras if and when you find the time and money to do so.

Higher Value for Money

Though cheap, these equipment are still able to handle many of the tasks which a standard rangefinder is capable of discharging. This means you sow less yet derive so much more in return. In this way, you get to enjoy a higher value for your money. Why would you trade them for anything else?

Bare Minimum Features

As part of their simplicity, these rangefinders possess the bare minimum sets of features. These are the optics, lenses, and the controls apparatus which equipment of this kind is ordinarily required to possess. This means they are still able to tackle the standard chores which an apparatus of this kind is ordinarily required to.

Simplicity of Use

Owing to their lack of complex traits and features, the cheap rangefinders are equally simpler to make do with. They are the first stop for a person who has zero skills or who is yet to gain the experience and expertise needed to control complex machines. Consider leveraging them as the starting points.

Simpler Care and Maintenance

Yet again owing to their lack of complicated parts and components, they are relatively more convenient to care for and maintain. As such, you will not have to acquire and make use of too many items and cleaning gears to maintain. You have the added peace of mind to use them.

Limited Storage

Lastly comes the benefit of limited storage. The cheaper rangefinders are simpler in scope by virtue of containing fewer parts and components. Thus, they similarly require limited storage space on your part. With them in your hands, you will not really have to strain unnecessarily to tuck them away.

best rangefinder for money


Our guide comes to an end there. We now expect you to make a good purchasing decision having gained the insight you badly needed. To be able to make the most informed decision, you have to seek the opinions of past users of this equipment too. They will give you a feel of what to expect from them.

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