Top 8 Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $100 Reviews

A laser rangefinder is a device that pinpoints the target accurately in a few seconds, gives golfers much confidence in games. And that is why people choose the best golf laser rangefinder instead of a GPS device.

Getting the best golf laser rangefinder is not as simple as buying vegetables on the market, you need to consider many factors, such as magnifications, ranges, and extra functions it has, etc.

For entry-level players or beginners, you may feel it too costly on getting a high end ranging device, then you can get a more affordable type. Most may believe that you buy what you pay, cheap rangefinders result in bad quality. Indeed, there are many types with cheap price perform quite badly at ranging distances. But there are also some that worth recommending.

Is the cheap golf laser rangefinder under $100 really worth buying? What exactly differences does it have compared with mid-level or high-level types? In this article, you will find the solutions, and we also selected the top 8 best golf laser rangefinders under $100 that are at a wonderful quality level.

For getting the most cost-effective ranging device, please go on reading our best golf laser rangefinder under $100 review.

Top 8 Best Golf Laser Rangefinders Under $100

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Gogogo Sport Vpro...image Gogogo Laser Rangefinder 6X for Golf & Hunting Range Finder Buy On
WAKYME Rangefinder, Golf...image WAKYME Golf Rangefinder Buy On
BOBLOV Rangefinder, Slope...image BOBLOV 650Yards Golf Rangefinder with Pinsensor Support Vibration Buy On
AOFAR GX-2S Slope...image AOFAR G2 Golf Rangefinder with Slope Switch Technology Buy On
Laser Rangefinder Golf...image Laser Rangefinder Golf Hunting Telescope 600m(656yards) Buy On
Wosports Hunting Range...image Wosports Hunting Range Finder Buy On
AOFAR HX-700N Hunting...image AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder Buy On

Is Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $100 Worth Buying?

One may think a cheap laser rangefinder must be short in service life and bad in quality level, well, for most occasions, it is the truth. However, there are also exceptions, which is why we say some products are highly cost-effective.

Best golf laser rangefinders under $100 are normally less functional than mid-level or high-end types, they are more basic and meet needs on ranging distance only. But don’t think cheap types have bad quality level, the above-recommended golf laser rangefinders on our review are all well-crafted and can be used for a pretty long time if under great care.

But still, they meet the basic needs of getting a measurement on golf only, so if you try to get a functional one, you may go deeper into your wallet. For those who want to get a distance measuring device with a low budget, those best golf laser rangefinder under $100 is really worth buying.

8 Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $100 Reviews For Your Money

1. Best Under $100 – Gogogo Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting

best golf gps rangefinder for the money

Measurement Distance Range5-650Y/5-900Y
Measurement Speed Range0-300km/h

This is the top cost-effective rangefinder we would like to recommend. Cheap price has not block its way on getting perfect performance and delicate design. Apart from using it as golf rangefinder, you can also use it for hunting or archery hunting.

White and black design endows it with a modern look, which compatible with the grass and golfing gears. Equipped with continuous range readings function, measuring the distance on two objects at the same time can be pretty easy and straightforward. Apart from that, it also integrates the latest technology in becoming an all-around golf laser rangefinder.

ARC(angle range compensation) brings great convenience when it is time for hunting uphills and downhills. Speed measurement tells you the exact speed, while pin-seeking technology is the major reason why we love it. After locking on your target, it gives a slight vibration as a reminder. Ranging from 5 to 650 yards, it meets your demands no matter for daily golf practice or legal golf tournament.

The performance of laser rangefinder is to a large extent determined by the optical lens. The fully multicoated lens design reduces the reflected light, and meanwhile increases the transmission of light, giving you a clearer and brighter image.


  1. Speed measurement for convenience use
  2. Well worth the price
  3. Multi-functional
  4. Thoughtful after-sale service


  1. Takes some time to measure the distance

2. Best with USB Charger – Tacklife Laser 7x Rangefinder

good rangefinder for the money

Measuring Range5~900 yard/ 3~800m
Speed Measurement Accuracy± 5 km/h
Measuring Angle Range±90°

Having a tight budget? Well, you can get this cheap golf laser rangefinder with no more than $90 when it is on the deal. All the delicate design along with functional performance are the major reason for its hot sale.

The maximum range it reaches up to 900 yards, long enough to be used for all sorts of golf games. Even affected by severe weather conditions such as windy or rainy days, it gives precise distance readout within 650 yards. Thanks to the 7x magnification, any flags on the broad golf area can be seen clearly.

If you are enthusiastic about golf, then you will definitely love this one, for it equips with all the functions you will find useful in games. It features four modes, range, speed, scanning, and pin modes. Range mode gives straight line distance; speed mode ensures you to target the object moving around; scanning mode allows you to measure the yardage on multiple targets at the same time; while the angle mode can be pretty useful when you play the golf on uphill and downhill.

What we love most is the USB charging. The laser rangefinder burns the battery pretty fast, for you need to use it during the whole game. Even if the device is designed with the auto-shutoff system, the battery changing can still bother you from time to time. However, the USB charger permits you to charge it anywhere with an adapter, and it actually saves many costs on batteries.


  1. LCD clear display
  2. Multiple modes available for different needs
  3. Fully coated lens
  4. 7x magnification


  1. Not tournament legal

3. Best with Slope – Wakyme Golf/Hunting 6x Magnification Rangefinder 

golf under 100

Measuring Time0.5-1 sec
Objective Lens25mm
Eyepiece Lens16mm

Here comes another multi-functional laser rangefinder at a reasonable price. With the clear and precise yardage readout, you will find great joy in your golf games. As the name suggests, you can also use it for hunting, racing, bird watching, shooting, and other measurements.

6x magnification gives you a clear vision when searching for your target. Together with precise yardage readout, getting a perfect shot is never a hard thing. The maximum distance range reaches around 1000 yards, if all the disturbing factors are included, you can still get precise yardage within 700 yards.

If you find locking onto the flag pretty difficult, then this PinSeeker technology gives a slight vibration when locking on. For golf course use, just turn on the slope mode to allow it calculating the angle of incline and decline. By holding the power button for around 3 seconds, it toggles into scan mode and gives you multiple distance readout around your target.

The LCD display is acknowledged as the perfect display to use in bright light. Along with the multi-coated lens, all the distance readout shows clearly on the screen.

Backed up by a 2-year warranty, you can get it without hesitation now.


  1. Long distance range
  2. Continuous scan available
  3. Well worth the price


  1. Can not be used in golf tournament

4. Best with Speed Mode – Boblov 650 Yards Golf Rangefinder

best rangefinder for golf for the money

Range6.6-656(yd)for LF-600G
Measuring Range of Speed20-300km/h
Exit Pupil Diameter3.7mm

If you are fond of the white rangefinder, this is a good choice for you. There is also black color available with different functions. Features with the USB charger, this one outstands in saving batteries costs for long-term use. The built-in rechargeable battery frees your trouble on changing batteries frequently, but more importantly, it can be more eco-friendly.

The pin sensor technology locks the objects within 200 yards and enables it to measure the overlapping objects. If you are not familiar with the meter display, switch to the yard. Like all the other rangefinders we have introduced before, this also comes with a vibration function to remind you when the flagpole is locked. But differently, you can turn the function off if it troubles you.

Short press the power button when you intend to measure the speed of moving objects, and that is how the speed function brings. Apart from speed mode, you can also use the normal range mode to bring precise distance measurement in just a few seconds. 6x magnification brings along broad and clear vision when it comes to objects far away.


  1. Integrated elegant design
  2. Lightweight and easy to carry along
  3. Well worth the price
  4. Pretty easy to operate


  1. Not waterproof

5. Best Functional – Aofar G2 Golf Rangefinder with Slope Switch Technology

what is the best rangefinder for the money

Dimensions121x 72 x 43 mm

Finally here comes a golf laser rangefinder that enables you to use in tournament games. Thanks for its slope switch technology, toggling between slope and non-slope mode is pretty easy with two buttons design. The maximum yardage it controls is 600 yards, which makes it perfect for any golf games.

When turning it on the scan mode, you can scan the objects from far to near. As a reminder, the minimum scan distance it requires is more than 30 meters. And when locking on certain objects, it gives vibration to you.

LCD with black display enables you to use it in bright light. By turning on the slope mode, you can get uphill and downhill angles through the numbers reflected on the display screen. When you are having a tournament game, long-pressing the M button and you can use it as a normal distance measurement device without slope calculations.

Accuracy is the soul of the rangefinder, and that is what 6x magnification and high-tech distance measurement system brings along with the machine. The high-end design improves your user experience and meanwhile improve your mood in use.


  1. Lifetime guarantee
  2. Comes with all accessories
  3. East to use
  4. Pretty value for the money


  1. It hates water

6. Best For All Weather – SUAOKI Golf Range Finder Laser Rangefinder 

inexpensive golf range finder
best inexpensive rangefinder golf
Dimension4.09*3.15*1.57 inch
Speed5 km/h
Range656 yards

Compared with other cheap golf laser rangefinders, this one is quite functional, many features are set for golf use typically.

650-yard measuring range ensures you to track your target all the time in playing. Though at a cheap price, it still works well in getting objects and reading distance.

What makes it perfect for golf use is flagpole lock and golf distance correction. Flagpole lock enables you to measure objects accurately. Golf distance correction also improves the accuracy of distance measurement. In searching for flagstick, a 6x monocular offers you brilliant magnifying effects.

Now let’s pay attention to its shape. Whole-body is designed to steady with rubber armor, you can never afraid of it dropping with wet hands. The ergonomic shape feels comfortable in hand. The vital thing is that it does not feel cheap in use. IP54 coating resists dust and moist conditions, thus you can use it in nearly all weather conditions.

Adjusting from short-sight to far-sight, you do not need to put your glasses off, its diopter adjustments can be pretty helpful.

What’s more, it can also be used for hunting and horse racing, but is not functional as pro types.


  1. Very accurate
  2. Easy to use
  3. Good performance for price


  1. It hates water

7. Best For Beginners – Wosports Golf Rangefinder 

best affordable golf rangefinder
best affordable golf rangefinders
Range700 yards
Flagpole lock
6x magnification
Free 3V CR2 battery

Wosports is also a leading brand on producing all sorts of laser rangefinders, this one, is the most economic type among its products line, and is also a basic type for entry level use.

Press the range button, it offers you fast distance measurement within 700 yards. Flag pole lock mode is useful in pinning on certain objects around bushes and trees. Once it pins on objects, it has slight vibration as a reminder. Fog mode gives special experience in foggy conditions.

Large 6x monocular brings an actual view on flagstick or target to you. It is designed quite thin, hold tightly in hand and you will feel so comfortable. The magnetic clasp case makes less sound on getting the device out.

It is a pretty durable and light-weighted, satisfying after-sale service also brings thoughtful purchasing experience to you.

Getting yardage of it is pretty quick, but according to feedback on customers, it takes three or four tries on getting read for some conditions.

In a word, it tends to be a good laser rangefinder for golf, at least worth its price. For entry-level players, this can be a good choice.


  1. Quick to get a yardage
  2. Has vibration in pin seek mode
  3. The display is easy to crisp and read
  4. Delicate battery seal
  5. Satisfying customers service
  6. Very light
  7. Read distance quickly
  8. Long battery life


  1. It gives bad yardage within 100 yards
  2. In the dim light, it is pretty hard to readout
  3. It takes three or four tries on getting right read for some times

8. Best Golf and Hunting – AOFAR 700 Yards 6X 25mm Laser Rangefinder 

best inexpensive golf rangefinder
best inexpensive golf laser rangefinder
Measuring range 5-700yards

Apart from laser rangefinder made especially for golf use, there are also multiple purpose types used for both golf and hunting, just like this one. It measures up to 700 yards, along with large 6x magnification that golfers require, you can get clear and natural views on your target.

For golf use, scan mode gives continuously updated distance reading in a few seconds, flagpole lock accurately pins on objects around the various background. Fog mode enables you to use in bad weather conditions, speed mode offers you fast distance reading.

Pinsensor technology of Aofar improves its range measure accuracy to ±1 yard. In terms of its shape, it is designed quite small and light, taking it in hand, armor rubber makes you feel comfortable and stable.

Two buttons design eases your way on changing modes and getting ranges in busy games. High-quality optics display clear natural views. To prolong battery life, the auto-shutoff system activates every ten seconds when you stop using it.


  1. Auto shutoff after ten seconds
  2. Very easy to use
  3. Accurate, foldable, look pretty good
  4. Power-efficient
  5. Functional, including fog mode
  6. 6x magnifications


  1. A bit hard to lock on the flagstick

Features of Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $100

  1. Suitable for entry-level
  2. Meets basic needs on golf
  3. Less functional
  4. Low distance range
  5. Cost-effective

What Should You Consider Before Buying A Cheap Golf Laser Rangefinder?

Buying a laser rangefinder for golf, especially a budget golf rangefinder is not that easy, for a bad quality product is easily leading to a short lifespan, which means you need to buy a brand new one after a short period of time. Therefore, here are some considerations to make before buying.

1. Range and accuracy

The major purpose of a laser rangefinder is to measure the distance to your target, and that is why accuracy should be the last thing any rangefinder features. Having a fraction of a yard error is acceptable, after all, outdoor weather conditions are hard to predict.

For the other thing, you need to determine what the range do you need in using a laser rangefinder. Actually, to the golfer, the maximum range you will encounter is no more than 650 yards, or even within 500 yards, which means most of the rangefinders sold on the market are available for golfing.

Yet for hunters or shooters, things get different. Hunting range can be further than golf, some reaches around 1,000 yards or even 1,500 yards, which demands a long-range rangefinder. That is why you will find some hunting ranging devices are available for golf, but the golf rangefinder is not designed for hunting. If you try to mix the two usages together with one device, find the ideal one through best rangefinder for golf and hunting reviews.

2. Eye relief

Why is eye relief important to laser rangefinder selection? Well, to people without wearing glasses, it is not a big deal. However, if you wear glasses, or need to wear glasses in outdoor activities, make sure to think about eye relief before choosing. A yardage device with a bad eye relief will make it so hard to get the precise distance in using, especially when you are going back and forth between your device and lining up for the next shot.

To solve the problem, it is best to test the device by yourself and see how your eye will feel in changing different objects with the device. If having trouble testing on your own, read the experts reviews and buyers guides can be a great option.

3. Slope adjustment

Compared with hunting, the terrain for golf is quite broad and flat, yet there are also slopes you need to manage in playing. When you are going over the course and finding your goal, a slope adjustment feature helps you get the next perfect shot by calculating the uphill and downhill angle compensation. Especially for beginners, this is regarded as a user-friendly function. It determines your position and adjusts the reading accordingly.

However, there is one thing you need to pay special attention to. A rangefinder with slope adjustment design is helpful for the golf course or daily practice, but you can never use it for some tournament games. There is a strict limitation on the device you brought on tournament games, and you need to read the restrictions carefully before playing.

4. Optional targeting

The aim of playing golf is to get the ball into the hole with fewest shots, and that is the direct expectation for beginners. However, the joy of golf is nothing like that, for some skilled players, the straight shot brings no fun at all. That is why the optional targeting devices become popular. It allows you to plan the shots accordingly with the situations and needs.

5. Battery life

The battery is the major power for a laser rangefinder, and the battery life determines not only the user experience but also the using costs. Before playing, you need to check the battery life to make sure it supports the whole course. Remember to bring a backup battery in case it runs out of power in the middle of the game.

There are many types with a USB charger, which saves much energy and costs on use.

6. Features

When it comes to cheap golf rangefinder under $100, you may think they are quite simple and meet only basic demands. However, if you read our reviews, you will find most of them are as functional as heavy-duty types. They also feature angle compensation, speed mode, scan mode, and long-distance range. That is why the budget golf laser rangefinder is also worth buying.

7. Durability

Even though you spend only $100 on buying a laser rangefinder, you still need to make sure they are totally worth the price and lasts long, or else you need to get a new device after a short period of time. But how to make sure it is valuable to get? Check the durability, for it determines lifespan directly.

The durability of the rangefinder depends majorly on the materials adopted. The interior materials such as lens and opticals are quite fragile, without a hard coating, it is easily broken. Therefore, try to get the one with a solid and rugged plastic housing; a rubber grip allows you to use it when hands get wet; the one with waterproof and shatterproof is also the factor why the machine lasts long for frequent use.

Apart from the quality of the device, you need also to check the warranty length. Most of the rangefinders get a 2-year limited warranty, while the life-long warranty is a better option.


1. Can I use a golf laser rangefinder in tournament games?

The laser rangefinder or any devices on measuring distance used to be forbidden by all sorts of tournament games, yet they are now legal after several revisions of USGA. For each tournament game, there are game regulations and you need to read it carefully. However, the device with slope adjustment is still forbidden by all the tournaments.

2. What is the difference between hunting rangefinder and golf laser rangefinder?

The major difference between the two types lies in the priority mode. Golf laser rangefinder adopts the first target priority, for it is barely obstructed by the woods or other obstructions. It focuses only on the nearest target where the flag locates and ignore any objects around or behind it.

For hunting laser rangefinders, the complicated surroundings determine it to accept the second target priority, which passes through the woods and trees to measure the further objects.

3. Can I use a hunting rangefinder for golfing?

It depends. An archery or bow hunting rangefinder with appropriate features can be used for golfing, for they have a similar range. But for long-distance hunting laser rangefinders, you can never use it for golf. They are not designed for golfing or short-distance activities, and you will find it hard to target your objects in golfing with them. If you have an attempt to use one device for both hunting and golfing, try to find the one with a menu option for both.

What We Choose Is…

From the top 3 best golf laser rangefinders under $100, we would like to highly recommend SUAOKI Golf Range Finder Laser Rangefinder if you find it troublesome to pick.

best golf rangefinder budget
best budget golf rangefinders

6x magnification shows clarity image on targets, 650 maximum distance range meets your needs on golf use, the small compact shape gives you a soft feeling when holding it in hands. Though in a cheap price, its performance can be comparable to most of the high-end types on the market.

If you want to get more information on product specifications or intend to get an updated price list, please feel free to check on Amazon.