Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $100

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Laser rangefinder is a device that pinpoints the target accurately in a few seconds, give golfers much confident in games. And that is why people choose a best golf laser rangefinder instead of GPS device.

Getting a best golf laser rangefinder is not as simple as buying vegetables on the market, you need to consider many factors, such as magnifications, ranges and extra functions it has etc.

For entry level players or beginners, you may feel it too costly on getting a high end ranging device, then you can get a more affordable type. Most may believe that you buy what you pay, cheap rangefinders result in bad quality. Indeed, there are many types with cheap price perform quite bad in ranging distance. But there are also some that worth recommending.

Is the cheap golf laser rangefinder under $100 really worth buying? What exactly differences does it have compared with mid level or high level types? In this article, you will find the solutions, and we also selected top three best golf laser rangefinders under $100 that are in wonderful quality level.

For getting a most cost effective ranging device, please go on reading our best golf laser rangefinder under $100 review.

Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $100 Review

1. SUAOKI Golf Range Finder Laser Rangefinder 

inexpensive golf range finder
best inexpensive rangefinder golf

Dimension4.09*3.15*1.57 inch
Speed5 km/h
Range656 yards

Compared with other cheap golf laser rangefinders, this one is quite functional, many features are set for golf use typically.

650 yard measuring range ensures you to track your target all the time in playing. Though in cheap price, it still works well in getting objects and reading distance.

What makes it perfect for golf use is flagpole lock and golf distance correction. Flagpole lock enables you measure objects accurately. Golf distance correction also improves the accuracy on distance measured. In searching for flag stick, a 6x monocular offers you brilliant magnifying effects.

Now let’s pay attention to its shape. Whole body is designed steady with rubber armor, you can never afraid of it dropping with wet hands. Ergonomic shape feels comfortable in hand. The vital thing is that it does not feel cheap in using. IP54 coating resists dusts and moist conditions, thus you can use it in nearly all weather conditions.

Adjusting from short-sight to far-sight, you do not need to put your glasses off, its dipoter adjustement can be pretty helpful.

What’s more, it can also be used for hunting and horse racing, but is not functional as pro types.


  1. Very accurate
  2. Easy to use
  3. Good performance for price


It hates water

2. Wosports Golf Rangefinder 

best affordable golf rangefinder
best affordable golf rangefinders

Range700 yards
Flagpole lock
6x magnification
Free 3V CR2 battery

Wosports is also a leading brand on producing all sorts of laser rangefinders, this one, is the most economic type among its products line, and is also a basic type for entry level use.

Press the range button, it offers you fast distance measurement within 700 yards. Flag pole lock mode is useful in pinning on certain objects around bushes and trees. Once it pins on objects, it has slight vibration as reminder. Fog mode gives special experience in foggy conditions.

Large 6x monocular brings actual view on flag stick or target to you. It is designed quite thin, hold tightly in hand and you will feel so comfortable. Magnetic clasp case makes less sound on getting device out.

It is pretty durable and light weighted, satisfying after sale service also enables to bring thoughtful purchasing experience to you.

Getting yardage of it is pretty quick, but according to feedback on customers, it takes three or four tries on getting read for some conditions.

In a word, it tends to be a good laser rangefinder for golf, at least worth its price. For entry level players, this can be a good choice.


  1. Quick to get a yardage
  2. Has vibration in pin seek mode
  3. Display is easy to crisp and read
  4. Delicate battery seal
  5. Satisfying customers service
  6. Very light
  7. Read distance quickly
  8. Long battery life


  1. It gives bad yardage within 100 yards
  2. In dim light, it is pretty hard to read out
  3. It takes three or four tries on getting right read for some times

3. AOFAR 700 Yards 6X 25mm Laser Rangefinder 

best inexpensive golf rangefinder
best inexpensive golf laser rangefinder

Measuring range 5-700yards

Apart from laser rangefinder made specially for golf use, there are also multiple purpose types used for both golf and hunting, just like this one. It measures up to 700 yards, along with large 6x magnification that golfers require, you can get clear and natural views on your target.

For golf use, scan mode gives continuous updated distance reading in a few seconds, flagpole lock accurately pins on objects around various background. Fog mode enables you to use in bad weather conditions, speed mode offers you fast distance reading.

Pinsensor technology of Aofar improves its range measure accuracy to ±1 yard. In terms of its shape, it is designed quite small and light, taking it in hand, armor rubber makes you feel comfortable and stable.

Two buttons design eases your way on changing modes and getting ranges in busy games. High quality optics display clear natural views. To prolong battery life, auto shutoff system activates every ten seconds when you stop using.


  1. Auto shutoff after ten seconds
  2. Very easy to use
  3. Accurate, foldable, look pretty good
  4. Power efficient
  5. Functional, including fog mode
  6. 6x magnifications


A bit hard to lock on flag stick

Features Of Best Golf Laser Rangefinder

  1. Suitable for entry level
  2. Meets basic needs on golf
  3. Less functional
  4. Low distance range
  5. Cost effective

Is Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $100 Worth Buying?

One may think a cheap laser rangefinder must be short in service life and bad in quality level, well, for most occasions, it is the truth. However, there are also exceptions, which is why we say some of products are highly cost effective.

Best golf laser rangefinders under $100 is normally less functional than mid level or high end types, they are more basic and meet needs on ranging distance only. But don’t think cheap types have bad quality level, the above recommended golf laser rangefinders on our review are all well-crafted and can be used for pretty long time if under great care.

But still, they meet the basic needs on getting measurement on golf only, so if you try to get a functional one, you may go deeper into your wallet. For those who want to get a distance measuring device with low budget, those best golf laser rangefinder under $100 is really worth buying.

What We Choose Is…

From the top 3 best golf laser rangefinders under $100, we would like to highly recommend SUAOKI Golf Range Finder Laser Rangefinder if you find it trouble to pick.

best golf rangefinder budget
best budget golf rangefinders

6x magnification shows clarity image on targets, 650 maximum distance range meets your needs on golf use, small compact shape give you soft feeling when holding it in hands. Though in cheap price, its performance can be comparable to most of high end types on the market.

If you want to get more information on products specifications or intend to get updated price list, please feel free to check on Amazon.


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