Top 5 Best Rangefinder Under 400 Reviews 【Update in 2022】

You need to go over the best rangefinder under 400 reviews to locate the right products you can buy. There are several products in the market and not all of them can guarantee the best performance. It is good to check on the different products available in the market based on their features before you can buy them. To achieve the best performance out of a given rangefinder, you need to base your search on the features.

What Is the Best Rangefinder Under 400?

Price Comparing of Best Rangefinder Under $400

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Vortex Optics Ranger...image Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 Laser Rangefinder , Black Buy On
Bushnell Tour V4...image Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (Slope) Golf Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Callaway 400s Laser...image Callaway 400s Laser Golf Rangefinder With Slope Mode, 7X Magnification, 1200 Yards Range Buy On
Nikon BLACK RANGEX...image Nikon BLACK RANGEX 4K laser rangefinders Buy On
Leupold RX-1600I Rangefinder,...image Leupold RX-1600I Rangefinder, TBR/W Buy On

Top 5 Best Rangefinder Under 400 Reviews

1. Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders

best rangefinder under 400




It is a reliable rangefinder with a range of up to 1800 yards. Even if you intend to sight objects at a distance, it is a highly reliable rangefinder you can rely on to realize the best performance. The primary HCD mode displays the angle for compensation of distance. When it comes to accuracy, it is a highly accurate rangefinder you can get.

Advanced LOS mode provides the option to calculate long-distance. The high angle shots increase precision. Fully coated lenses offer the best performance in transmitting light. The unit is waterproof and rugged to allow easy application in different environments.


2. Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Golf Laser Rangefinder

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The rangefinder is built to help golfers achieve the best performance. It has a slope function which makes it highly reliable. It utilizes jolt technology to guarantee the best performance. High accuracy of up to one yard makes it a reliable product for those looking for highly accurate products.

The range of 1,000 yards is enough for most golfers. Its 5x magnification makes it very reliable when working on a different range of finding projects. Fast focus avoids time wastage when playing golf. High-quality laser sued makes it stand out.


3. Callaway Tour S Golf Laser Rangefinder

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The rangefinder works very well in golf courses. It is a slope version that allows you to know the level of the ground before hitting the golf club. Features such as slope adjustment make it very reliable when playing golf. Superior accuracy allows for effective hitting of the club. You will realize great performance in your golf upon application of the rangefinder.

Prism mode allows for easy locking onto the reflectors. It is a highly effective tool that works well in measuring distance. It scans to allow for accurate distance targeting. High resolution and the OLED red display are highly effective even in low light. The rangefinder is ideal for all golf tournaments.


4. Nikon Black RANGEX 4K Laser Rangefinders

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The rangefinder boasts of high resolution. With a range of up to 4,000 yards, it is a reliable rangefinder you can get in the market. The reflective target of up to 700 yards allows you to make the right judgments before you aim. It uses high visibility red display which makes it very effective for low light conditions.

It features Nikon hyper read function to allow for extraordinary fast sighting. You will not be stressed when taking measurements. The rangefinder is built to guarantee you the best performance when working on different measuring projects. There are some professionals who need high-resolution rangefinders. The rangefinder is built to meet the needs of professionals who would like to have devices that employ the latest technology. You will never be stressed when taking measurements.


5. Leupold RX-1600i TBR Laser Rangefinder



The rangefinder is built out of the latest technology. With all weatherproof design, it is a versatile unit you can apply to realize the best performance. Other features that make it stand out to include the fog proof design. Apart from being foolproof, it is also shockproof. You will not encounter incidences of shock which can interfere with your performance in the field.

The rangefinder is built to guarantee the best performance under different conditions. It is highly effective in taking ballistic information. With three reticle options, it is a reliable unit you can apply to realize the east performance. The fully multicoated lens on the system ensures maximum brightness. High celerity and contrast make it a preferred model.


The above is the best rangefinder under 400. They incorporate several features that make them stand out. You can get the best rangefinder under the price range which will make it stand out. You need to base your search on the application. If you are a golfer, there are several units that can work well for the greens.

Guides of the Best Rangefinder Under 400 Dollars

Spending more than 200 dollars to acquire any rangefinder means that you are looking for quality and efficiency in your ranging activities. Whether it is a game of golf or a hunting rangefinder, all of these gadgets sold from 200 to 400 dollars have the best features to make your activities worthwhile. We understand that it can be a bit overwhelming for new buyers to identify the perfect rangefinder within this budget. This is because there are still counterfeit gadgets that may fail the required tasks. Therefore, for the following parts, we will cover the factors that one needs to follow when choosing the best rangefinder under 400 dollars.

The range

The range is the distance that the rangefinder can view from where you are standing. They are calculated in yards whereby they are labeled from around 100 to 1000 yards. Your activity determines the choice of the rangefinder based on the yards. For those who need the gadget for hunting, a range with yards from 1000 and more is crucial since it will help you cover a large, broad view.

For those who need it for golfing, a range between 700 to 800 will make your golfing easy and convenient. For archery, consider a rangefinder that has around 500 to 600 yards. Note that some brands do exaggerate the number of yards, but it is always safe to test it before buying. Also, note that there are some rangefinders with a yard view of more than 1000.

Different Ranges of Laser Rangefinder Reviews:

best laser rangefinder under 400

The available features

The features on the rangefinder are another thing to consider when buying it because they influence its functionality. You need a device that you can accomplish your work with, so make sure the rangefinder you choose meets your needs. If you need a rangefinder for hunting, it should have compensation yards on top of the equipped yard range. The compensation yards are the extra viewing ability added to the device to enable the user to cover the same distance still regardless of the obstacles. For example, when hunting, you will encounter a lot of barriers, such as trees and sloppy areas.

So, you need a device with extra yards to allow you to cover the same distance for active hunting. How well is the optic lens? Remember, you will be hunting in different conditions and sometimes in poor lit conditions. So, ensure the optic can work ideally in any environmental conditions.

For golfing rangefinders, ensure it has the right magnifying power and maybe a flag lock to boost your golfing and enable you to achieve the best shots.

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The design

The rangefinders come in different designs depending on the uses. The hunting rangefinders feature a horizontal layout that enables the user to get a straight view of the animal from afar. They are also made in a lightweight design such that you can hold it for long hours without your hand getting too tired. Still, you can easily carry it around with ease. The rangefinders for other activities like golfing and archery are vertically designed, considering they don’t require covering a lot of yards.

The materials

The materials for making the rangefinder should be considered for durability and convenience in working from different regions. A bow rangefinder should be made of waterproof material to ensure longevity even when you use it wet areas. Most people prefer hunting in the morning, and in some regions, the best time to hunt is during the rainy season. Therefore, choose rangefinder that can withstand all these weather changes.

All types of rangefinders should feature sturdy built such that even when you accidentally drop it to the ground, the device will not crush or develop technical issues.

The budget

The rangefinder sold below 400 dollars varies in price, which may be determined by the features and even the brand. But with a reasonable budget, you can get an excellent rangefinder to serve you as long you ensure all the intended features are present. But the cost should never overlook the quality of the rangefinder, and so in this case, be wise when choosing.

All Ranges of Laser Rangefinders Prices Reviews:


These are the top buying guides to follow when buying a rangefinder of a budget below 400 dollars. Consider buying from a reputable brand that has the highest rating on the internet. This helps you evaluate the right features available on each brand for a natural selection of the intended rangefinder.

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