The 4 Best Archery Rangefinder Under $200 Reviews & Buying Guides

The main purpose of the rangefinder is to measure the distance between you and target especially for archery rangefinders, therefore, most people think the one with multiple functions is not useful. If you have such an opinion and would like to get a relatively low price one, you can consider an entry-level type. They are more affordable but meet all your basic needs, offering fast and precise distance to your target.

Rangefinders under $200 are normally regarded as the low-end type, or in other words, entry-level type. Here we made a detailed review on best archery rangefinder under $200, if you lack enough budget, you can get a suitable one through our review.

The 4 Best Archery Rangefinder Under $200 Comparison Chart

Photo Title Buy
Nikon 8397 ACULON...image Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder Gray, 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.5" / 91.0 x 73.0 x 37.0 mm Buy On
Simmons 801600T Volt...image Simmons 801600T Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Halo XL450 Range...image Halo XL450-7 Hunting Rangefinder Buy On
SIG Sauer Kilo850...image SIG Sauer Kilo850 4x20mm Laser Rangefinder Buy On

Best Archery Rangefinders Under $200 Reviews

1. Best Under $200 – Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder

best rangefinder under $200
best rangefinder under 200
Weight 4.4 ounces
Range5-500m/6-550 yd

This one is known as the most compact laser rangefinder of Nikon, it is as small as your smart phone, that perfectly fit your hands or pocket. However, one cons comes along with its small shape is that you need to hold steady in using for precision distance readout.

For its functions, it has distant target priority mode to display the furthest target around bushes and tall trees. Another mode includes scan mode, it offers 20 seconds continuous scan to give rapidly updated distance readout on your targets.

For its design, the Aculon laser rangefinder is made with an ergonomic shape that is possible to operate with a single one hand. Multilayer coated optics minimize loss of light and improve the precision of distance display.

Battery can be used for long time thanks to its 8 second auto-shutoff.


  1. Entry level type
  2. Long eye relief
  3. Clear glass optics
  4. 8 seconds auto shutoff
  5. Single button operation
  6. Ultra compact shape


Hard to stabilize on one object

2. Best with Angle Compensation – Simmons 801600T Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder with Tilt

Range600 yards
Lens4 x 20mm
1-Yard accuracy
Class 1 laser with <1mW average power output

This is also an entry level laser rangefinder that can be used perfectly for beginners. It meets basic needs only but is in great quality and performance. With ergonomic design, it feels good in hand.  Hard plastic coating protects machine from knocking and also prolongs its service life to large extent.

One simple button design makes it possible to operate with a single one hand, you can also change mode with gloves on. Tilt technology gives angle compensation in uphills and downhills without changing your positions.

It gives battery level indicator, so you know when you should change battery. Its small and compact shape makes it so convenient to hold in hand and carry it away. Measurement distance shows on the screen pretty fast and precisely, you can read it with meter or yards.


  1. Small and compact
  2. Good tilt technology
  3. Batter level indicator
  4. It picks up almost every target expect all black
  5. Has “true horizontal distance” feature
  6. Works fine for archery and bow hunting


Tilt function is only useful at 99 yards

3. Best For Archery and Rifle Hunting – Halo XL450-7 Hunting Rangefinder

best rangefinder for under $200
best laser rangefinder under $200
6x magnification
Range450 yards
Class IIIA laser, 5 mW or less
Powered by CR2 Battery

Apart from archery, you can also use it as bow hunting and rifle hunting rangefinder. It is equipped with 6x magnification, it helps find small objects clearly and can be used for golf perfectly.

Angle Intelligence technology offers you angle compensation in uphills and downhills, making it suitable for bow hunting. The red display is quite bright in low light, so you can see readout clearly through.

It is pretty light and compact, through its appearance we can judge it is designed with an ergonomic shape, suits wonderful in hand and you can also take it around in the pocket. Four modes of the display shown on the screen, including yards normal, yards with AI, meters, meters with AI.

Powered by normal CR2 battery, you can change it easily.


  1. Compact size
  2. Easy to use
  3. Come with battery
  4. Works well in low light conditions
  5. Cheap price


Eye relief is bad

4. Best For Long Range – SIG Sauer Kilo850 4x20mm Laser Rangefinder

best rangefinders for your money
best rangefinder for your buck
4x Magnification
Range1,200 yards
Objective lens20mm
Angle Modified Range

This archery laser rangefinder is another worth buying type, ranging up to 1200 yards, you can use it for both bow hunting and rifle hunting. Spectra Coat anti-reflection coatings reduce loss of light and enables superior light transmission and optical clarity.

If you are hunting or playing in roughness road, its onboard inclinometer will help you calculate and adjust yardage according to degrees of slope, also, it modifies effective ballistic shooting range to the target.

In scan mode, it provides 4 range updates per second so you will get more precision distance to your target. Covered with a rubberized grip, it feels good in the hand. Two simple button design makes it more convenient to be used even with gloves on.

Among all the cheap archery rangefinder, this can be regarded as the most functional type.


  1. Gets range pretty quickly
  2. Very good for the price point
  3. 2 button only
  4. Fast and accurate
  5. Do not feel cheap in hand
  6. Long battery life


  1. Black display
  2. Not waterproof

Tips on Getting Best Archery Rangefinder Under $200

Best archery rangefinder under 200 is normally a low-end type, it is quite basic when compared with others. Though with only a few functions equipped, it is still able to meet your basic needs.

And do not get fooled by its affordable price, cheap products are not always equaling to bad quality products, but to less functional types. If you choose the most suitable one, then you are getting the best one.

So are there any factors to consider on getting best archery rangefinder under $200, here are the answers:

  1. Choose range according to your usage

We all know that for different rangefinders, their ranges are also different. Some reach as large as 1500 yards, while some work well only under 500 yards. Before choosing, you should know exactly how large range you need according to your usage.

  1. Get a waterproof type

In archery, in rifle hunting, or in golfing, you will always need to use rangefinder outdoor, what damages unit most is, of course, the complicated weather conditions, such as wind, rain or fog. Choosing an archery rangefinder with waterproof feature, then you can basically use it in any conditions.

  1. Decide whether you need angle compensation or not

Angle compensation is extremely helpful in getting the horizontal distance for uphills and downhill games, it offers slope yardage based on the degree of slope. If you need the best archery rangefinder with angle compensation, try to find the most suitable one through our review.

  1. Decide on your own usage

Like what we said for many times, your usage determines your choice. If you aim to get one for golfing, but choose the best archery type, then you perhaps need to buy another archery rangefinder again. Therefore, always choose based on your own needs and of course, you own budget.


Best Type
Best all-around Under $200   Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder
Best one with angle compensation Simmons 801600T Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder
Best affordable type Halo XL450-7 Hunting Rangefinder
Best functional type SIG Sauer Kilo850 Laser Rangefinder

On getting detailed information about products specifications or updated price list, please check freely on Amazon.