Top 10 Best Cheap Laser Rangefinder Reviews For Your Money

When you require to gets the most reliable way of an object within the range, investing in a good laser range finder is approved. With this, you shall get a clear and also better view of an object from any given distance. These laser range finders work within assigned ranges; therefore, you need to find one which shall suit you better.

Besides this, it’s also advised to look out for the developed of a laser range finder. It needs to bet water and even dust resistants rangefinder. Aside from this, you also have to check out for accuracy and ease of use.

What Is the Best Cheap Laser Rangefinder on the Market?

  • 【HIGH PRECISION FUNCTIONAL RANGEFINDER】AOFAR rangefinders own advanced pin sensor technology, which is capable of obtaining six times magnified imaging and also of measuring with an accuracy of ±1 yard.
  • 【HUNTING RANGE FINDER】Our rangefinders measure from 5-700 yards. Distances can be obtained even in harsh environments using the rangefinder mode. Bring you an extraordinary hunting experience.
  • 【TWO MODE FOR ANY CIRCUMSTANCE】The AOFAR HX-700N rangefinder has two basic modes: Range and Speed. It is a very cost-effective rangefinder for beginners. It is suitable for hunting and can easily identify target objects.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE】The HX-700N rangefinder measures 110x75x45mm and weighs 180g. It is very light and compact, making it ideal for carrying while playing hunting. It is waterproof, dustproof and rugged.
  • 【FULL ACCESSORIES】Including carrying pouch, CR2 battery, portable rope, carabiner, cleaning cloth and user manual.
  • 【RISK FREE】AOFAR provides TWO year VIP warranty and lifetime customer support. Even if it is over than two years, we will guarantee to provide you with 100% satisfactory after-sales support which always is our brand’s pursuits.

10 Best Cheap Laser Rangefinder Comparison Chart

Photo Title Buy
AOFAR HX-700N Hunting...image AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder Buy On
AOFAR HX-700N Hunting...image AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder Buy On
Bushnell 4x21 Hunting...image Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder Buy On
WOSPORTS Rangefinder for...image Wosports Hunting Rangefinder Buy On
AOFAR Range Finder...image AOFAR Range Finder for Hunting Archery Buy On
Gogogo Sport Vpro...image Gogogo Sport Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder Buy On
Rangefinder, Hunting Laser...image Wosports Golf Rangefinder 6X Golf Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Gogogo Sport Vpro...image Gogogo 6X Hunting Laser Rangefinder Buy On

Best Cheap Laser Rangefinder Reviews

1. AOFAR Hunting Archery Laser Rangefinder

best budget laser rangefinder





For a long time use, this is an excellent laser rangefinder, which will serve you longer. This is due to its durability construction, that makes it weather-resistant and also great for all users. Besides this, a range finder has an every one-button operation, which enables for simple use. Also, the ergonomic design of the laser range finder makes it easy to use. It’s also easy to carry to various places, therefore an excellent rangefinder.

Outstanding Features

【High Precision】

The advanced pinsensor technology of this device brings the most accurate and precision distance readout when you go out for hunting, no matter for archery, bow or rifle hunting. Along with the 6x magnification, the objects far away can be seen clearly. The accuracy of it reaches ±1 yard within the maximum distance range.

【Multiple modes】

Equipped with four functional modes, it allows you to use it in nearly any weather conditions. Range mode measures the objects within the range; scan mode enables you to get more aware of surroundings by scanning around; fog mode breaks through the unclear effects brought by bad weather conditions; speed mode measures the speed of moving targets.

【Lightweight and portable】

Being the same size as the smartphone, you can take it along with you anywhere you go. The compact shape also gives you the chance to operate with a single one hand. Complicated outdoor weather condition is the reason why it is designed with waterproof grip. Instead of a smooth grip, the one with scrubbing feeling reduces the chance of falling off while using.

2. AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder 

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This product is one of the best laser rangefinders, which is cheap and available in the market. This product measures up to even 700 yards. It uses range, or even fog mode can give you a fantastic experience for the hunting also in bad weather day. This product has a range mode and continuous scan mode, which you can quickly identify the target. The manufacturer of this product gives 2 years VIP warranty and also lifetime client support.

Outstanding Features

【Perfect for hunting】

Being another version of Aofar laser rangefinder, this type is cheaper than the camo design. The black cover brings it a sense of modern style and makes it perfect for multiple uses. The maximum range of it reaches 700 yards, which is an ideal range for hunting. The 6x magnification will help you a lot in getting a clear vision of further objects.

【Multiple modes】

It comes with four modes for suiting various using conditions. Apart from normal range mode and fog mode. There is a scan mode that is perfect for golfing use in getting overall situations of surroundings. For archery hunting or bow hunting, speed mode is quite useful in measuring the speed of your prey, such as deers or other large animals.

【Full accessories】

The quality machine is not the only thing you should consider in buying, for its accessories can also be costly if you losing any of them. Free CR2 batteries with high-grade portable rope are what prolongs its long service life. To use it easily, you’d better read the manual after the machine gets back.

3. Bushnell 202208 4x Laser Rangefinder

best budget rangefinder





This is an excellent laser rangefinder that shall give you services for a long time. This is due to its durability construction, which makes this product weather resistant and also attractive for all users. Apart from this, the rangefinder has a simple one-button operation that gives for easy use. Also, the ergonomic design of this laser rangefinder makes it easy to use. It’s also easy to carry to various places, hence an excellent rangefinder for you.

Outstanding Features

【High quality material】

Features a camo appearance, it completely hides you from your prey in hunting, especially for those sensitive animals. The most important factor on outdoor hunting device is surely waterproof performance. It resists water and fog, allowing you to use it in complicated outdoor weather conditions.

【Easy to operate】

The hunting prey isn’t like golfing ball, it moves at rapid speed and won’t stay where it is waiting to be hunted. That is why the hunting rangefinder is designed fast and precise in distance measurement. Plus, it tends to be easy to operate by one hand. The two-button design gives you ample time to get the right modes in hunting the prey.


What we love most on the rangefinder is how compact and tight it tends to be when holding in the hand. Lightweight housing prolongs its service life accordingly.

4. Wosports Hunting Rangefinder

best golf rangefinder for the price





This Wosports concentrates much on the client experience with its product. For that reason, this product is equipped with supporting substances which give comfort as well as extra durability for the long-time operating. Specifically, it has a rubberized armor wrapping around this pin seeker that saves it from harsh weather situations. Furthermore, the design of this cheap laser rangefinder makes it lightweight and also portable for outdoor activities.

Outstanding Features

【Multilayer design】

A clear vision is pretty vital in measuring the distance between you and your objects. It features multiple-layer optical lenses that give you a clear vision and minimizes the influence of light. When you find it hard to read on yards, then you can change the mode easily to meters.

【6x magnification】

6x magnification brings vivid vision, which according to the ad, making your eyes as shape as the eagle’s eyes. The advanced design also ensures precise distance measurement, so that hardly do calculation error occurs in use. With the maximum range of 650 yards, it can be an ideal machine for hunting, climbing, golfing and wildlife viewing.

【Multiple modes】

Apart from regular range, it also provides you with angle compensation for uphill or downhill hunting; linear distance for rifle hunting; scan mode for multiple objects measurements. All are done by the simple two buttons, and that is the reason why you can get fast and immediate yardage with this device.

5. AOFAR Archery H2 600 Yards Laser Rangefinder

cheap golf laser rangefinder





This product is one of the best cheap laser rangefinders available in the market, and it is worth buying. It gives two years after-sale guaranteed and excellent permanent client support. It is a high-grade laser rangefinder. It is a product with modern Al technology, bow and also ranges 2 modes, dust-proof, fog proof, and waterproof for all hunting supporters.

Outstanding Features

【High precision】

Adopting the latest technology of Al, this machine gives fast and accurate distance readout for wildlife hunting use. Measures up to 1000 yards, it cooperates well with your long-range hunting, and you can also fix it on your rifle or bow in use. The precision of it goes 5-300 yards with +/-0.5 yards. Of course, affected by winds or other weather conditions, the yardage can be a bit shorter.


The size of it is 121x 72 x 43 mm, which fits well with your palm. Weather-resistant and slippery resistant grip ensures you to use it when hands get wet. To prolong its service life, you might as well pack it in the case that comes along with the machine.

【Wide applications】

The camo appearance design gives you the hint to be used in outdoor hunting. Right, and it allows you to use for bow hunting, archery hunting and rifle hunting Thanks for the bow and range modes that featured.

6. Gogogo Sport Cheap Laser Rangefinder For Golf And Hunt

range finder golf cheap





Gogogo Sport is an excellent manufacturer of best-tier golf rangefinders. This product boasts 3 modes, called the scan mode, the golf mode, and the speed mode. Starting with the scan mode, this is mainly utilized to measure all the things that are with the range between five to even 650 yards. The gold model, it’s designed to especially for golfers and also can be utilized to measure up to EVEN 150 yards for A pin-seek and ALSO 250 yards for a flag locks. Then the gold mode also takes into account various other golf appearances like Jolt technology and even the slope distance rectification.

Outstanding Features

【3 modes】

What we love most on this machine is the 3 modes design. Scan mode gives you exact distance readout within its scope of applications, which is among 5-900 yards. Golf mode, of course, is designed specifically for golf course use, the pin-seeker and flag-lock system brings a slight vibration when pins on certain objects. It also provides with you slope calculation for uphill or downhill games. Just a reminder, do not use it in the tournament. The last speed mode makes it available for outdoor hunting, that you can track moving objects like deers.

【Perfect golf device】

When toggling into the golf mode, you will find how functional it can be for bringing the best user experience in golfing. When locking to certain objects, the JOLT technology gives vibration to remind you. For the daily golf course, you will need a slope distance correction function to get the exact distance.

【Reliable aftersale service】

After-sale service is important in determining whether the products you get are valuable to some extent. Gogogo sport gives outstanding aftersale service with 24 hours service. Any problems on the quality issue will be solved within 1-year warranty time.

7. WOSPORTS 1000 Laser Rangefinder

cheap rangefinders for sale





This product has an innovative battery coating design, a battery cover, and also rangefinder is inseparable. Yo don’t need to worry about the missing battery cover. This product has an influence ranging ability, environmental factors such as the sunshine intensity, a concentration of water vapor in an air, and also suspended elements, the deviation angle of the light like the fog. This Wosports has a guarantee worry-free one and a half warranty and also friendly client service.

Outstanding Features

【Innovative design on battery cover】

The battery serves as the major power for running a laser rangefinder, unlike another battery cover, this adopts the inseparable battery cover. For outdoor hunting, you will find it easy to replace your battery without losing the cover any longer. Two colors on the appearance are available, both of which suit outdoor use and you can pick any that suits your preference.

【Long distance】

The maximum yardage of it reaches 1000 yards, which is perfect for rifle hunting and bowhunting. However, under the influence of outdoor weather, the yardage might drop to around 700 or even 600, but still, it meets your demands on hunting.

【Easy to operate】

Like other easy-to-operate laser rangefinders, this Wosports device is equipped with two buttons. One is mode while the other being on-off switch. Pressing the mode button for more than 3 seconds and you can change the yardage display from meter to yard.

8. WOSPORTS 6X Golf Laser Rangefinder

cheap golf rangefinder review





This Wosports Golf Rangefinder is the design with a reasonable price and also excellent features, that is the primary reason for its demand. It’s also a lightweight and even a compact so which you can carry it around without enormously struggle. It does not matter if you need to use it for golfing or for hunting due to the fact that it’s a versatile gadget that shall stand the test of time. When the flag length is locked, this machine shall vibrate automatically.

Outstanding Features

【Ideal one for golf use】

The classic color design with black and grey gives a modern and sleek look when holding in hands on golf areas. Curved design on the machine body endows it with not only an outstanding look but also improves the capability of resisting slippery. Multiple modes make it a perfect machine for golf course use.

【Various modes】

To bring better user experience for golf course use, it is designed with multiple functions. A continuous scan refers to the constant distance readout when long-pressing the mode button, you can know overall situations around your object by using this function.

【Can be used for hunting】

Apart from golfing, you can also use it for short distance hunting, like bow hunting or archery hunting. Features a speed measurement function, you can target on the moving objects like large animals, and estimate when is the best time to take a shot.

9. 900 Yards 7X Laser Rangefinder with Pinsensor

best cheap rangefinder





This is one of the best cheap laser rangefinders available in the market. It highlights the most advanced technology, and it can measure up to a longer distance of even 900 yards, and it has a 7x magnification and also fully multi-coated. This product can be connected to any conventional tripod, which makes long-distance measurement stable.

Outstanding Features

【7x magnification】

If aiming for an object far away, then you need to get a larger magnification to lock onto your target. The 7x magnification of this device gives a clear view. The maximum range of it reaches up to 900 yards, which goes further than normal golf rangefinders, and that is why you can also use it for hiking or short-distance hunting.

【USB charger】

The shining feature of this device is the USB charger. Batteries can be costly if you use the machine frequently, for you need to constantly buy batteries and replace the old ones with new ones. With USB charger design, you can charge it at home and bring it for long-time outdoor activity. It measures more than 30,000 times after a full charge under test.

【Multiple modes】

There are four modes that you can choose based on your needs, which include range mode, speed mode, scanning mode, and pin mode. Range mode offers straight line distance, speed mode measures the speed on moving objects, angle mode and horizontal mode offers angle compensation for uphill and downhill activities.

10. Gogogo 6X Magnification Laser Rangefinder

cheap golf distance finder





This is one of the most cost-effective laser rangefinders you can get in the market to give you everything you want. It provides a high-precision distance measurement. This product it is integrated into the latest functions like continuous range readings. It is the fully multi-coated optic lens that effectively decreases reflected light and also increases the transmission of light, providing you a brighter clear photo and too clear readings. The diopter of this product is adjustable fora precise focus on display — the flag pole is locking purpose support a distance of up to even150 yards.

Outstanding Features

【Angle compensation】

The outdoor terrain is not always flat, which leads to inaccurate distance measuring. With the angle compensation system, you can get angle calculation and figure out when is the best time or the best angle to take a shot. For hunter, it is a function that you will definitely need. However, you can also use it for golfing for golf course use.

【Durable and long lasting】

When holding it in hand, you will feel how comfortable it is. The wear resistance and weather resistance coatings and covers promise a long service life even for frequent use. Multi-layer optical lenses will help reduce the reflected light and bring you a brighter image for you.

【6x magnification】

Ranging up to 1200 yards with +/- 1m high accuracy, this device is what you need in getting precise distance readout. Alongside the updated technology and multiple functions, it features a 6x magnification to bring further objects to you with a clear image. For golfers use, choose the pin-seeking mode that you can get a vibration when locking on your object.

With the above choices of the laser rangefinders, which are all affordable, you can now get the best selection, which will suit your requirements. The rangefinders are simple to operate, and with a rugged structure, they work for several years. Besides this, laser rangefinders are more efficient with excellent magnification, which makes them great for hunting, golf, and any other outdoor activity, therefore, the best selection to try out.

What Is a Laser Rangefinder?

The laser rangefinder is an instrument that is extensively used in hunting, military, surveillance and golfing. It also comes about in many brands, shades, and constructions. For a large part though it is highly invisible and obscure. We have seen it necessary to lay bare its finer details in our discussions hereunder.

For a start, a laser rangefinder is a piece of an instrument which is used to estimate distances between objects. Unlike the other ordinary kinds of appliances, it makes use of the laser light to play these roles. For this reason, it is more reliable and highly likely to give off reliable services.

It operates mainly by sending a pulse of light to an object. As it does so, it estimates the time taken for the beam of light to return to the object. Thereafter, it calculates the distance between it and the object concerned as nearly as possible.

best budget golf rangefinder

Unlike other distance estimation instruments, it is non-invasive in the sense that it does not in any way interfere with the objects concerned. Notwithstanding its accuracy and reliability, this apparatus is unsuitable for some kinds of applications. In particular, it just cannot perform well in the high precision sub-millimeter measurements.

The more accurate triangulation technique is employed in this sense. This apparatus is a “must-have” for anyone who wishes to establish a career in hunting, golfing, archery, and other precision sporting activities. It does have the uncanny ability to up the skills of the persons concerned by a considerable margin.

To make your task even better, the modern-day laser rangefinder features stronger and more resilient material constructions. Among these are the high-tech materials, electro-optical device, high-quality optics, OLED-display unit, digital processor, and strong housing. All these work hands in hand to make your operations more reliable in the long run.

Now you know what a laser rangefinder is. With this knowledge, we now expect you to appreciate it better and make good use of it. Is it too much of us to now ask you to find one for yourself? Just shop the various sites which engage in the manufacture and sale of these items.

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Do I Need a Laser Rangefinder?

A laser rangefinder utilizes the laser beams to determine distances between objects. It is generally more expensive to come by and also requires an above-average level of expertise to handle. With all these shortcomings, is it still worthwhile to acquire and own this piece of equipment? Let’s find out below…

Do I need a laser rangefinder?

The straightforward answer to that question is, ‘YES!’ Indeed, this piece of equipment finds great applicability in many areas of life. We are going to look into these areas with the sole aim of letting you know just why you badly need one.

best cheap rangefinder for bow hunting


Of all the various settings wherein these apparatus may be used, it is the military that finds extensive use and applications. A serviceman or member of infantry will generally rely on this piece of equipment to make his shots and aims better. The same also applies to those of paramilitary wings.


After the military, comes the cartography. These are ventures that are mainly aimed at making maps and other forms of land delineation. In this field, this apparatus is used to delineate the land area, shape, and configuration. It hence contributes to more accurate maps and outcomes.


This apparatus makes hunting more effective and hassle-free. That is because it helps you to track the preys precise within a comfortable radius. On account of this, it prevents you from sustaining too many shots off target. At the same time, it ups your accuracy so much so that you gain better outcomes.


Aspiring to be a professional golfer? The laser rangefinder will help you to up your shots and aiming skills. As a starter, you have to rely on it extensively to be able to just how to narrow your shots and target them precisely. Only be sure that you get the best one for the job.

General Surveillance

Lastly comes the need for general surveillance. Here, the rangefinder is used to carry out inspections and other forms of espionage. This is mainly due to the excellent night time applications. The laser lights have the ability to clearly ‘see’ in the dark. It hence enables you to easily prepare for imminent attacks and incursions.

How Does a Cheap Laser Rangefinder Cost?

Laser rangefinders, like every other piece of electronics, comes in various shapes and sizes. These variations obviously play out in the final prices of these pieces of equipment. To aid you in making the best choice with regards to cost aspects, we have seen it necessary to exhaust the factors that underlie the same.

The following are the main factors that determine the actual cost of a laser rangefinder:

Material Makeup

These pieces of equipment are manufactured using materials of various kinds. Owing to the different materials used, the final cost also varies greatly with the kinds of materials deployed for the job. Those materials that are more elegant like gold definitely shore up the final prices of the equipment.

Features and Specifications

As hinted above, these rangefinders are intended for many kinds of applications and areas of use. For this reason, they also bear different levels of features and specifications. These different features and specifications also determine the final prices of the rangefinders altogether. It is important to know exactly what to make use of them.

Use or Applicability

Like the features and specifications, the rangefinders also find use in many fields and areas of applications. These uses also have a say on the final prices of the rangefinders altogether. Generally speaking, those apparatus meant for more sophisticated applications are costlier than those meant for general purpose use.

Degree of Sophistication

Given the use of different kinds of materials to make the rangefinders up, they eventually possess different degrees of sophistication. As a general rule, the more sophisticated apparatus are more expensive than those that are less sophisticated. That is mainly because they are able to accomplish more rigorous feats.


Finally, the exact brands that make the rangefinders up also determine to a great extent the final price for which you may purchase the apparatus altogether. Those brands that are richer in quality and better in the final product mix are costlier than those which are basic and easy to handle.

When all factors are put into consideration, a good laser rangefinder will cost around $300-$700 on average. For best deals, you are advised to carry out extensive research and product comparisons. That way, it will be possible for you to also leverage some hot discounts and sales incentives.

Is Best Cheap Laser Rangefinder Worth Buying?

Rangefinders come in various shapes and sizes. Owing to these differences, they end up costing different amounts of money. Generally speaking, there are two main kinds of apparatus with regard to the cost aspects. These are cheap and expensive rangefinders respectively.

Here comes the question: ‘Is a cheap laser rangefinder really worth buying?’ In a nutshell, the answer is an astounding ‘YES!’ Here are the reasons to back that standpoint up:

golf rangefinder prices


Of course, cheaper laser rangefinders are more affordable than their more expensive counterparts. For this reason, even those who lack the huge financial muscle will find them easy to lay hands on. This stands in sharp contrast with those that are expensive. Such is largely out of the affordable range of many would-be users.

Bare Minimum Parts and Features

Though cheap, these rangefinders possess the bare minimum parts and features needful for the job. They are subsequently capable of giving out more or less similar levels of satisfaction. On account of this, you will not really forfeit the needs and satisfaction you would otherwise derive from dearer counterparts.

Less Risky

A cheaper rangefinder, on the whole, contains less sophisticated parts and components. On account of this, the apparatus of this kind is less risky to engage in. In the unlikely event of damage, the costs that come along will be significantly lower than those of more sophisticated devices.

Basic Functionalities

Even though such a piece of equipment is basic in shape and scope, it is still capable of handling all the basic tasks. By choosing to place your bet on this equipment, you will not forfeit the benefits you would naturally enjoy. What’s more? Some even accommodate upgrades and allow you to extend their range of use.

Higher Value for Money

A combination of affordability and the ability to tackle the basic levels of functionality definitely lead to a higher value for money. Simply put: you spend less yet derive more in return. Moreover, you also give yourself some room to make a switch in case the apparatus you choose becomes obsolete prematurely.

What more reasons would you need to know that a cheap laser rangefinder is still a worthy purchase? The reasons we have given above are by all means exhaustive. Now that you are armed with them, it is now good of you to proceed with haste and find one for yourself.

Tips in Choosing Best Cheap Laser Rangefinder

Many manufacturers engage in the production, sales, and distribution of rangefinders. With this large pool at your fingertips, it may never be really easy to make an appropriate choice. It is necessary hence to get to know the tips to adhere to while making a search. These form the subject of our discussions here below.

best budget golf gps

1. Refer extensively to the video tutorials

Refer extensively to the video tutorials that explain the manner in which these rangefinders function. This consideration is necessary especially if you have never made use of the rangefinder before. It will get you familiar with the basics of the apparatus and how to engage each part thereof.

2. Determine your own expectations and use

Next, you have to determine your own expectations and use. Rangefinders are manufactured to handle diverse kinds of tasks and use environments. By knowing your own expectations, it is possible for you to narrow to that one that specifically handles your own desires and use.

3. Ascertain your Budget Space

These rangefinders cost money. You must be able to find a tool that is affordable and rests well within your own range of affordability. Start by deciding just how much you can comfortably spend on this electronic. Then, carry out an extensive search of the various electronics that lie within that limit.

4. Factor your Desired Locations of Use

Where exactly do you want to use the rangefinder? If you plan to use it in rugged terrain, the makeup has to be similarly stronger and more resilient. On the flip side, an ordinary one will do for those areas that are safer and less strenuous.

5. Consider the Intended Frequency of Deployment

How often do you plan to use the rangefinder? Owing to the different kinds of tools and materials that are used to make these electronics, they can only last that long. If you plan to make use of the electronic every other time, be sure to settle on one that is extremely strong and tough.

Needless to say, there are many other tips that may also play a role in determining the kind of rangefinder that may suit your own use and applications. In case you find the list above in exhaustive, it is wise to carry on from where we have stopped. Best of luck in your search for the right tool.