Halo XRT 650 Yard Laser Rangefinder Reviews

Are you looking for a quality yet durable rangefinder for your golfing or outdoor activities like hunting? Well, the Halo xrt 650-yard laser rangefinder is the right choice to consider getting. The high magnifying power on this laser rangefinder enables you to have the closest view of the target for comfortable shooting. It is an easy to use laser, and the lightweight makes it a convenient and reliable rangefinder for all people.

Do you love hunting early in the morning or during the winter seasons? This laser rangefinder will not limit your hunting activities. The case is made with quality and heavy-duty waterproof materials resistant to water damages.

Halo XRT 650 Yard Laser Rangefinder

halo hunting use laser rangefinder



  • Colour: Camo
  • Laser: The rangefinder has a Class 1 laser style
  • Battery: It is powered by 1 CR2 lithium-ion battery
  • Accuracy: The laser gives 1+ – yards
  • Maximum range: It views a range of 650 yards to locate the target
  • Magnifying power: It has a magnifying power of X6


Special Features

High magnifying power

This laser rangefinder brings the objects that are yards away to proximity for easy viewing. The lens has a high magnifying power of X6, and it quickly identifies the target within 650 yards of viewing with the device. This is also an excellent feature for golfing activity since one can quickly identify a flag post from a distance for easy viewing.

halo laser rangefinder XRT 650 model

High scan mode

The scan mode feature of this rangefinder provides continuous scanning even in sloppy or obstructed areas for efficient measurements of the distance and easy view of the target. You can easily measure a distance and lock a flag post even in an uneven and sloppy golf course using this rangefinder.

High precision

This rangefinder gives an accurate view of 1_+ within the first 650 yards of measuring. Although the laser rangefinder may not work well in dark or foggy areas, it provides tremendous and reliable precision when measuring and viewing targets from a distance.

Waterproof casing

The waterproof material construction safeguards the laser rangefinder from wetness damage if it gets wet while outdoors. The outer case has water-resistant materials such that you can easily wipe off any wetness. The cover also protects the inner part of the laser rangefinder from coming into contact with moisture.

halo XRT 650 laser rangefinder review


If you need a laser that will not drain your bank account, this is a good deal. The Halo XRT 650-yard laser rangefinder costs less than 100 dollars a great and quality option for people looking for a rangefinder on a budget.

Easy to switch

Do you want to measure the distance in yards or meters? This laser rangefinder allows one to measure in their preferred mode. Traditionally, this laser rangefinder is set to measure in yards, but you can easily switch from yard to meter for effective measuring of the distance.

Long-lasting battery

This rangefinder is powered by 1 CR2 lithium-ion battery that can last for long, even if the laser is used continuously. Note that the laser does not come with the battery you have to buy it separately. It is easy to charge the battery as it takes around 2 hours to refill with charge.

Lightweight and compact style

Your ultimate comfort when using this rangefinder is fully guaranteed, and it all narrows down to its lightweight design. This laser rangefinder weighs less than 10 pounds for convenience when holding it with one hand. You can hold with one hand to measure and calculate the distance.

Backlight illumination

golfing use halo laser rangefinder

If you are hunting in a poorly lite area, this rangefinder ensures you can still get a clear view of the target. The laser rangefinder has a backlight that provides reliable illumination in poorly lite areas.

Camouflage finish

The camo finishing on this laser rangefinder hibernates it in the woods and prevents alerting the targets when hunting.


Are Halo Rangefinders Any Good?

Halo laser rangefinders are the perfect rangefinder for people looking for quality and affordable rangefinders on the market. This brand of rangefinder delivers an excellent view, regardless of the weather conditions outdoors. These rangefinders have high accuracy levels and have a continuous reading mode to measure the right distance, even in areas with obstructions.

The rangefinders offer flexibility in reading where you can use yards or meters to measure and calculate the length of the field. Halo rangefinders are quite comfortable to hold due to the lightweights and compact sizes.

What Battery Does It Take?

This laser rangefinder is powered by 1 CR2 Lithium battery.



Halo XRT 650 Yard Laser Rangefinder is a multifunctional laser rangefinder for people who love to hunt and golf. It has a continuous finding an excellent deal for golfers since they can still locate the post even in sloppy areas. The rangefinder has a high accuracy whereby it quickly determines a target within the first 650 yards of measuring.

Whether you need to use meters or yards to calculate the distance, this rangefinder switches between the two pretty quickly. It is light in weight to fit people who hunt for long hours, and the compact size makes it possible to slip the rangefinder in a jacket pocket.



Halo XRT 650 Yard Laser Rangefinder is a reliable and quality laser rangefinder that is affordable and easy to use. You can use this laser rangefinder for hunting and for golfing since it provides excellent accuracy within a short-range. You can go hunting on rainy days with this rangefinder as it is fully protected from water damage with a waterproof casing.