What Are the Best Digital 7x Golf Rangefinder? Top 2 Recommended Types Reviews

Do you enjoy playing golf, getting the experience of shooting on flag stick far away? For long-distance golfing, try eyeball to get distance is not enough. You will need the help of a golf rangefinder. However, one important requirement for golf rangefinder is a high monocular. In this article, we made a digital 7x golf rangefinder review for you as follow:

Top 2 Digital 7x Golf Laser Rangefinders

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Digital 7x Golf Rangefinder Review

1. Bushnell Pro X7 Golf Laser Rangefinder with JOLT

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digital 7x golf rangefinder review
Range (flags)550+ yards
Accuracy1/2 yard
5 yards-1 mile ranging performance

This laser rangefinder is one of the best high level golf rangefinder, it has 7x magnification to give a clear view of the further flagstick. Maximum range to the flag is 550 yards, with 1/2 yard accuracy from 5 to 125 yards.

It provides accurate and fast distance reading in just 2 seconds. For uphill and downhill games, there is slope technology to offer angle compensation. A unique horizontal shape design makes it pretty easy to hold and operate. Optics are in good quality level and are long-lasting.

Once you pin on certain objects, it gives a slight vibration to reduce your doubt. Vivid display technology makes readout pretty clear, and you can basically use it in all light conditions.

However, it can be a bit larger than other golf rangefinders, in some occasions, you need to operate with two hands together.


  1. Dead accurate
  2. Totally worth its price
  3. Do not need to keep clicking
  4. Two adjustment, one for focusing, while the other is for adjusting whether you are wearing glass or not
  5. Red display


  1. Larger than other types
  2. Case holds it stiff, making it difficult to take out

2. Tacklife Golf Rangefinder

digital 7x golf rangefinder review
digital 7x golf range finder review
Angle Accuracy±1°
Measuring Angle Range±90°
Measuring Range5~900 yard/ 3~800m

This laser rangefinder is also equipped with 7x magnification, but is a lot cheaper than Bushnell type we recommended above. It is highly cost effective, meeting your basic demand on golfing but is less functional than that.

There are all together three modes that can be chosen, one is range mode, getting general distance for you once pressing it down. One is flag lock mode, it is used to measure flagstick around trees. The last mode is speed mode, you can track moving targets, but it is not so useful for most people.

USB charging is also its worth mentioning feature, you can save much money on buying and changing batteries frequently. Maximum ranges of it reach up to 900 yards. With its scan model, you can get continuous distance display. Fully coated design enables it to be used in nearly all weather conditions.


  1. Easy to manipulate
  2. Pretty accurate
  3. Cost effective
  4. Compact and small shape
  5. Clear and good quality optics


  1. Having to adjust the diopter for every use
  2. It takes some time to focus on objects

Why Should You Get a Digital 7x Pocket Golf Range Finder?

7x magnification is a high level monocular used in rangefinders, used mainly for golf. Normally if you are pinning on objects 300 or 400 yards away in golfing, you will need a 6x magnification for flagstick or other small objects. But for hunting, a low monocular is enough.

With a digital 7x pocket golf range finder, you can view further flagstick or some small objects pretty clear, after getting the basic conditions of your flag stick, then you can hit on them accurately.

The above two digital 7x golf rangefinder we have introduced to you are two different types, Bushnell pro x7 type is more functional and has excellent working performance, of course is also more expensive. Tacklife golf rangefinder, however, more affordable and compact, you can take it anywhere you want.

In choosing, you can decide on your own budget and needs, for getting more information on products specifications or updated price list, please check freely on Amazon.