The 8 Best Rangefinders Under $300 Review For Golfing and Hunting Use

With the full range of brands of rangefinders on the market, it is quite easy to acquire an excellent and useful range finder for golfing and hunting at just 300 dollars. The following review consists of 8 best multipurpose rangefinders sold at 300 dollars. Check out the available features to see the best rangefinders under $300 review that are ideal for serving you according to your planned activities.

What Is the Best Rangefinder Under $300 on the Market?

Comparison Chart of Best Rangefinders under $300

Photo Title Buy
Bushnell Tour V4...image Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Precision Pro Golf...image Precision Pro Golf, NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder Buy On
CREATIVE XP Golf...image CreativeXP Golf Rangefinder 1100 Yards Buy On
Leupold RX-2800 Rangefinder,...image Leupold RX-2800 Rangefinder, TBR/W Buy On
Sig Sauer Kilo1800BDX...image Sig Sauer Kilo1800BDX 6x22 Rangefinder Buy On
TecTecTec ULT-X High-Precision...image TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder Buy On
Leupold RX-850i TBR...image Leupold RX-850i TBR with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Leupold Rx-1300i TBR...image Leupold Rx-1300i TBR Laser Rangefinder Buy On

Best Rangefinders Under $300 Review

1. Bushnell Tour JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

best golf laser rangefinder under $300


This is a reliable golf rangefinder that can also be used for hunting. It features 100 yards with an accuracy of 1 point per yard. The small size and lightweight form make it easy to use this device for long hours without tiring. For golfers, the device provides a vibration pulse when it senses a flag for good locking. The presence of the front, center, and back hole flyover enables one to focus and avoid distance hazards when shooting the golf ball. It comes with a shield shell that protects it from impact in case you drop it.


2. Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder

best golf rangefinder under 300


This rangefinder does not limit you to areas to use it since it provides accurate measures even on sloppy surfaces. It has a yard range of 400 yards and consists of pulse vibration, which notifies you when the laser detects flag for locking. It is easy to use and operate with the equipped control buttons, and the lightweight design enables all including beginners to have an easy time to measure the golf distances. The NX7 mechanism on the device adapts different areas, including on tilted surfaces for good shooting.

The optical lens allows you to enjoy your golfing time at any time of the day regardless of the weather as it delivers clear, quick, and precise measures and views. It has a magnifying power of 6x for easy detection of the target golf course. The rangefinder gives accuracy at 1 yard, and the durable battery allows you to enjoy golfing for long hours.


3. Creative XP Golf Rangefinder 1100 Yards

best laser rangefinder under $300


The rangefinder is a multipurpose thanks to the high yard estimation, which allows you to enjoy other outdoor activities like hunting. It has 1100 yards view and provides 1-yard accuracy. The rangefinder also comes with angle compensation, which allows the user to get the same distance measure and view regardless of the possible natural obstacles, or on uneven areas. For golfing, this rangefinder has an inbuilt sensor, which vibrates to alert you when it spots the flag. The high-end optical lens makes it easy to hunt and enjoy golfing even during the chilly and foggy days because it has a tech mechanism that ensures it stays clear and provides good viewing even in areas that are poorly lit.


4. Leupold RX-2800 TBR Laser Rangefinder

best rangefinder under 300


This rangefinder guarantees great use due to its sturdy build, which ensures the device does not break even when hit or fall. It is also suitable for use in different weather climates, including in coastal regions, because it is 100 percent waterproof. You can range from any area since the ballistic range that has wind TBR-w technology enables one to have a precise view, and measures even in inclined and declined area. The scan mode provides continuous scanning, especially if the target is moving. It is fast and accurate, thanks to the available Alpha Q that provides good accuracy per yard. The optic lens has OLED technology to enable you to adjust the lighting when hunting or golfing in areas with poor lighting.


5. Sig Saucer KIlo 1800BDX 6×22 Rangefinder

best rangefinder under 300


One of the most outstanding features on this device is the BX ballistic feature that ensures goof transmission of light when using the rangefinder in areas with low lighting. The rangefinder is super light in weight for easy carrying and to ensure comfort when holding for long hours. It also has a high magnifying power that is adjustable to allow a good and accurate view and measure of the target. It has a yard view of 800 and a magnifying power of 6x.


6. Tec Tec Tec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder

best golf rangefinder under 300


This is a multipurpose rangefinder that you can utilize for golfing and hunting, as well. It has a 1000 yard range that enables you to view the target from the furthest areas when hunting. For golfing purposes, the device consists of a flag sensor whereby it automatically vibrates on identifying the flag for easy locking at just 150 yards. The high magnifying power enables the user to get a clearer and bigger view of the target. The optical lens is designed with the latest and high-quality materials to ensure durability and clear viewing.

The rangefinder is comfortable to hold for long hours since it has an ergonomic design that provides a good grip and also the lightweight designs. The accuracy of this device is top-notch since it gives an accuracy of 0.3 at a distance of 300 yards and 0.5 at a distance of 600.


7. Leupold RX-850i TBR with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder

best golf laser rangefinder under $300


This waterproof and shockproof rangefinder allows you to enjoy golfing and hunting at any time of the year. It is light in weight for easy carrying and holding when measuring and viewing the target at distances. The optical is equipped with anti-fog mechanisms to allow you to get a good view of the target even in areas that are poorly lit. For closer and better viewing, this gadget has a magnifying power of 6 x. The outer part is crafted of high-quality aluminum materials that are resistant to damage even when a heavy impact hits the device. Other features include the RX series and a built-in inclinometer with TBR that calculates the ballistic range to the target. The high transmission LCD provides clear data of up to 850 yards.


8. Leupold Rx-1300i TBR Laser Rangefinder

best rangefinders under $300


This is an upgraded version of the first reviewed Leupold with a much higher yard view. It is easy to operate with the available button on top of the device. It features a horizontal view excellent for hunting purposes. This device can be used in wet foggy areas since the materials are waterproof and have anti-fog to ensure good visibility on the lens. It has scan mode that gives continuous scanning even on moving target. It has a 6x magnification power that allows the user to have a broad view of the target. It is light in weight for easy and comfortable holding when measuring and viewing distances.


Our Verdict

With just 300 dollars or below, you can purchase the above-reviewed rangefinders. The majority of them are versatile, whereby you can use them for hunting and golfing. They have excellent features that ensure durability and efficiency, even when using them in areas with poor lighting. Make sure to choose a rangefinder that suits you based on your activities. For example, for hunting, select a rangefinder that has high yardage to provide view and measures for long distances.

Benefits of Best Rangefinders Under $300

Rangefinders that cost less than $300 are not really limited in scope notwithstanding their simpler construction and scope. Indeed, this kind of equipment is still packed with loads of features that are truly envious and desirable to any kind of potential user. We look into some of its benefits in the proceeding discussions.


As their designation implies, they are affordable in the sense that they are easier to come by. This obviously stems from the fact that they cost less than $300. You will not have to dig too deep in your pocket to be able to lay your hands on them.


Owing to their cheap nature, these rangefinders are similarly simpler in scope. You do not need to hire experts to handle and engage them. This makes them quite a good thing to use by persons who are barely getting started in the field of hunting and other applications which entail great distance estimation.

best golf rangefinder under 300


All rangefinders by nature are non-invasive. This is to mean that they handle their tasks in ways that do not interfere with the objects under the crosshair. On account of this, your use of this kind of appliance will accrue to you the benefits that come along but without any possibilities of impeding your applications.

Deliver Greater Returns on Investments

The rangefinders under $300 are cheap yet still capable of attaining feats which are largely a preserve of the more expensive counterparts. It hence goes that your use of this kind of appliance is a sure way of accruing greater returns on investments. Put differently, you get to enjoy more from less by choosing this appliance.


Though simple in scope, these rangefinders are optimized to accept further accessories and upgrades in the future. The manufacturers intend that they are altered by way of incorporating tools and equipment which have the ability to extend their range of use. Thus, yours will not get obsolete too soon!

Eliminate Guesswork

Owing to their accurate and timely nature, these appliances are able to eliminate guesswork. They see to it that your shots are accurate at all times. By eliminating guesswork, you boost your efficiency to a greater extent. This way, you get to shoot more accurately and avoid unnecessary losses and wastage of time.

Improves your Estimation Skills

By consistently using the rangefinder under $300, you will get to improve your estimation skills by a considerable margin. Even when you have to shoot without the use of the appliance, you will still be able to make more accurate and reliable shots and estimations. This skill is widely applicable in archery and hunting.

Prevents Unnecessary Accidents

More accurate shots definitely result in fewer shots off target. This, in turn, prevents unnecessary accidents in the sense that you do not have to spray your bullets or ammunition of the mark. In no other applications is this benefit more welcome than the hunting missions. It helps to focus on the prey and the prey alone.

Convenient to Carry Around

We have already explained that the rangefinders under $300 are simpler in scope. That is because they mainly lack those otherwise complicated parts and features. In light of this, they are lighter and more convenient to carry around. Even if you have to use them for too long, you will not suffer the consequence of fatigue.

Withstands Abuse

They are also stronger and well able to withstand all forms of abuse. Particularly, these equipment have the ability to remain strong even when bombarded on strong objects and with harsh impacts. This makes them truly reliable to make use of especially in the long run.

Endures the Test of Time

Lastly, they endure the test of time. They last long and guarantee prolonged and reliable applications and use. Closely related to this is the fact that they do not require extensive repairs and maintenance as is the norm with most other alternative gadgets. You hence have the peace of mind for your own leverage.

Though these gadgets have their own fair share of downsides, the benefits they bring along are too many to overlook. You have no reason or excuse not to acquire one and make use of the same. Is it too much of us now to ask that you find and pick one for your benefit?

Common Usages of Rangefinders Under $300

The rangefinder is a piece of instrument that is mainly used to estimate distances between objects and other spatial phenomena. Those that go for less than $300 are particularly simple and easier to handle. We are going to look into some of the roles which this vital piece of equipment may play to you.

golf laser rangefinder


You may use this item to monitor any suspicious activities in your locality. The reason underlying this is the non-invasive nature of the technology in which it operates. It lets you behold and keep accurate track of those activities from afar off and without being detected.


If you are intent on establishing a career in shooting, you have this kind of rangefinder yet again for your own consideration and use. That is because it is capable of up your accuracy and attentiveness considerably. All you have to do is maintain some consistency of use.


The same applies to the field of archery. Here also, you need some great levels of attention and accuracy. The piece of equipment is similarly capable of improving your own accuracy, sensitivity, and shots-on-target. Yet again, you have to maintain a fair degree of consistency to obtain tangible outcomes.


Though primarily meant for serious applications, the rangefinder may also serve leisure and general applications too! For these roles, you require a tool that is simple and comparatively easier to engage. That kind of an appliance ought not to be too complicated like those of more technical applications.


Lastly, the rangefinder under $300 may also aid with surveys. Here, you use it to demarcate and delineate the sizes, acreage, and configurations of land areas. It further aids with cartography. This one entails the conversion of the demarcations and configurations into maps and other forms of pictorial presentations.


Golfing requires a great deal of accuracy and on-point shots. You can never hope to be a pro in the game without practicing to make sure that your accuracy is high. The rangefinder comes in handy at such time. They aid with the estimation of distances and improvements of your own shots and accuracy.

Virtual Reality

Rangefinders are used to simulate virtual reality. Here, they basically aid with the replication of real-world realities which may further serve to help with accurate shots and targets. Those who engage in tasks that require uncompromised shots, accuracies and outcomes will find them particularly useful.


Are you a foresting enthusiast? If you are, the rangefinder is yet again for you. It may help with manning the forests and regulating the flow of animals and wild games. Why is this so? As we have already stated, this equipment is non-invasive in the sense that it can handle objects without getting into physical contact with them.

Seamless Versatility

Owing to the fact that this kind of rangefinder may attach to, pair, and share information with other like-minded apparatus, it is able to perform more chores than its primary concern or intent. Among these are sharing the captured photos, communicating with other appliances via the internet-of-things, and accepting upgrades.

General Photography

These cameras may also serve to take photos ordinarily like the normal cameras. Thus, you may also consider picking and using them for your own day to day photography applications. All you have to do is to find one whose resolution and output faculties are topnotch.

We are quick to add that there are many other uses to which you may devote the rangefinder under $300. The ones we have delineated above are not all. This should give you more confidence to even want to acquire one for yourself and make use of it even more.

How to Choose the Best Rangefinders Under $300

The rangefinders sold at 300 dollars or slightly below are classified in middle-level functioning gadgets. They possess excellent quality features and material suitable for those who want to achieve the best shooting accuracy without draining their bank account. They are also made of quality materials that allow the hunter to use them in any area, including in wet areas.

The rangefinder that falls under this price comes in different brands which can be a bit overwhelming for first-time buyers when it comes to selection. But, to make your buying process an easy one, we are going to cover some of the things to consider when choosing a rangefinder under 300 dollars.


Do you need a rangefinder for fun or professional hunting purposes? This is a crucial thing to ask yourself first because it will determine your choice of a rangefinder. These devices come in different styles and with various features that influence their functionality. Therefore, if you need a hunting rangefinder, there are crucial things that it should have, such as lightweight, small size and long-distance viewing. On the other hand, if you need a rangefinder for practicing or for recreational hunting, a simple and easy to use range would suit you.


The yardage is the total distance that the rangefinder can view and measure. This is a critical factor to consider, especially if you are buying the device for hunting because it enables one to see target even at a long distance. Note that the yardage is estimated in yards which range from as low as 100 to 1000 and above. So, the higher the number of yards, the more distance the rangefinder will cover and vice versa.

Magnification power

Apart from buying a rangefinder with a long-distance view, it is also crucial to ensure it has good magnifying power. The ability to magnify the target from a distance enables the hunter to determine the right angle to attack from. Therefore, choose the rangefinder that has a reasonable magnifying level. It should not be too high to avoid distraction from the nearest objects.

The function

The functionality of this device hugely determines the areas to use it. For example, a good rangefinder should have angle and tree compensation, such that even when in inclined or declined area, you will still be able to get the correct distance range. The same case applies to areas with trees. Choose a device that has extra yard range to compensate in areas with trees or that are sloppy.


A range finder sold at 300 dollars is not a cheap device, and therefore, the built and quality of the parts should be good as well. The outer part should feature shock-absorbent material to absorb impact if you drop it. It should also feature waterproof materials to prevent water damage.

300 dollars is enough amount of money for acquiring a durable and high-quality functional rangefinder. So, use the above-explained buying guide to help you choose the perfect rangefinder for a budget of 300 dollars or less.

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