10 Best Golf Laser Rangefinders Under $200 Reviews of 2022

In golf games, you need to aim for a golf stick and get your ball into the hole. But facing objects so far away, how would you get accurate distance? Well, in such conditions, you need a golf laser rangefinder.

Press the button down and it gives accurate distance in just a few seconds. Some are equipped with advanced technology such as vibration reduction technology used for shaky hands, slope technology on slope play, and also various modes suitable for different using conditions.

Prices of golf laser rangefinders vary from 100 to 600, most of the high-end types are around 400 dollars, it is really not a small amount of money to most people. Then you can actually get a less expensive type.

Golf laser rangefinder under $200 is normally designed in middle-level performance, it meets basic needs but is also functional, which is more worth trusting than those under 100, and is more affordable than ones around 400 or even 600.

In order to save your time on choosing, here we picked out several best golf laser rangefinders under $200 that are worth recommended for you as follow:

What Are the Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $200

Photo Title Buy
TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf...image TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Buy On Amazon.com
Golf Rangefinder -...image Saybien Golf Rangefinder Buy On Amazon.com
SereneLife Advanced Golf...image SereneLife Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder Buy On Amazon.com
Golf Rangefinder –...image Golf 6X Laser Rangefinder with 5 Modes Buy On Amazon.com
Anyork Golf Laser...image Anyork 6X Golf Rangefinder Buy On Amazon.com
Bozily Golf Rangefinder,Hunting...image Bozily Golf Rangefinder Buy On Amazon.com
Bozily Golf Rangefinder...image Bozily 6X Rechargeable Laser Range Finder Buy On Amazon.com
Wosports Golf Rangefinder,...image WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder Buy On Amazon.com
Gogogo Sport Vpro...image Gogogo Laser Rangefinder 6X Buy On Amazon.com
PEAKPULSE Golf Laser...image PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope-Switch Technology Buy On Amazon.com

10 Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $200 Reviews

1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

best golf rangefinder for money
best golf rangefinders for money
Size104 x 72 x 41 mm
6X magnifications
Range 540 yards
CR2 battery

This laser rangefinder is always listed on top selling rangefinders on Amazon, costing no more than $200, but is comparable to most high end types for its high cost effective.

VPRO 500 golf laser rangefinder ranges up to 540 yards, suitable for short-distance use only. Pinsensor technology offers you rapid distance measurement with 1-yard accuracy. It helps pin on overlapping objects around bushes and trees.

Multilayered optics make it pretty easy to read display, for it minimizes the loss of light as much as possible. For getting accurate distance, there is scan mode you can use for continuously updated distance reading.

6x monocular offers you the best magnifying effect and helps a lot in finding a flagstick far away from you. The shape of it is quite light-weighted and compact, by holding it in hand, you feel so comfortable and stable because of its rubber armor.

Simple button design eases your way of operating it and changing modes. If you think yardage can be a trouble readout, you can also choose a meter for better reading.

Why Choose It:

  1. Excellent customers service
  2. Small and light
  3. Clear and high-quality glass
  4. Instant distance feedback
  5. Lock-on pin by itself

2. 6X Golf Laser Rangefinder with 5 Modes & Switchable Measuring Unit

best golf rangefinder under 200

Size4.3 x2.1x1.5 inch
6x magnifications
Range700 yards
Lifetime warranty

Cheap price does not block its way of being the advanced rangefinder on the market. The 700-yard range shows a clear vision through the 6x magnification, giving you the chance to spot on the deer or even a small hole.

For convenience use, it equips with 5 modes for extra options, which include accurate range, flag-lock, scan, speed, and fog modes. Accurate range modes provide you with precise distance measurement within ± 1yard; flag-lock quickly aims at the flag for general golf games; scan mode and speed mode offer you useful information that helps in taking a shot; while for fog mode, it allows you to use in foggy days.

Stylish color coordination with black and white, along with compact shape, fits well in hand. The portability enables you to hold it still without shaking. Whether you are near or far away from the target, the diopter adjustment system automatically adjusts to give you a clear view.

All the operations of the device are available with simple two buttons. Press the mode button for toggling between the five modes, and you can also transit the readout from the yard to meters. Ergonomic shape with non-slip material enables you to use it when hands get wet.

Why Choose It:

  1. Easy to operate
  2. Portable enough to hold in hand
  3. Non-slip material
  4. Cheap price
  5. Waterproof

3. Anyork 6X 1500 Yard Golf Laser Rangefinder With Slope Function

best golf laser rangefinder under $200

6X magnifications
Range1500 yards
CR2 battery

Costs no more than $200 and you can get a golf range finder with slope function. Worried that it may be illegal for tournament play? Well, it permits you to choose between slope mode for general game, and non-slop mode for tournament play.

Features a JOLT technology, it locks on the target pretty easy and straight forward. Waterproof performance makes it possible to use on rainy days, and non-slip cover prevents it from slippery. To give you a clear vision on farsight, it has 6x magnification with 1500 yards maximum distance range. Long press the mode button, and you can change the readout from meter to yard if you are familiar with only one unit.

Plus, it highlights the slope adjustment technology with the banner acquisition system. It automatically calculates the slope distance from uphill and downhill and quickly selects the perfect golf club for you to play.

Why Choose It:

  1. Advanced slope adjustment system
  2. Jolt technology
  3. LCD digital display
  4. High-speed readout

4. Saybien Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder with Slope

best golf rangefinder for the price
best golf rangefinders for the price
Rangeup to 1200 yards
6x magnification
Objective lens2mm
Weight0.4 lbs

This laser rangefinder is a long distance ranging device, reaching up to 1200 yards, but for golf pins, it ranges up to 200 yards. 6x magnification gives you clear and natural views on your targets.

It features a lot on rechargeable USB, through the built-in battery, you finally end the times on buying and changing batteries all the using time. Two lights set on the device, indicating the condition of the battery. However, there also comes with cons. For outdoor use, you will find it hard to get an adapter.

If you intend to use it on uphill and downhill games, there is angle compensation technology to offer slope distance according to the degree to the slope. But in tournament play, this is regarded as illegal.

Quick scan mode enables to give you rapid and accurate distance readout by getting a continuously updated measurement.

Simple button design saves much time and effort on changing modes and getting ranges. For its light-weighted shape, you can easily put it into the pocket.

Why Choose It:

  1. Rechargeable battery design
  2. Charge quickly
  3. Easy to use
  4. It has slope calculation
  5. Locks on target quickly

5. SereneLife Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

best golf rangefinders under $200
best rangefinder under 200 golf
Range540 yards
one year warranty
Water resistant
Distance Measuring modes

This laser rangefinder is quite basic and can be used by entry-level players. The maximum distance it measures reach up to 540 yards with 1-yard accuracy. Along with its pin sensor technology, it locks on target pretty soon automatically and gives accurate distance in a few seconds.

There are no many functions set on the device, but because of its wonderful performance in giving rapid and precise distance reading, it is comparable to most high-end types even.

The whole design style is simple and easy to operate. Rubber armor with multiple lenses makes it feel comfortable in hand. Simple two buttons design eases your way of using it.

For its light-weighted size, you can take it around easily. Put it in your pocket or hang it on the neck, its compact shape occupies no much space anywhere you put.

Why Choose It:

  1. An excellent performance that is comparable to high expensive type
  2. Excellent quality
  3. Simple to use
  4. Clear optics, accurate and fast

6. Bozily 1000 Yards Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder

golf laser rangefinder under $200

Size4.1 x 1.5 x 2.8 inches
6X magnifications
Range1000 yards
CR2 battery

Here comes another golf rangefinder with slope function that you can turn it on and off based on your needs. 6x magnification system gives you a clear vision when spotting on target far away. The maximum yard it bears is 1000 yards, with 200 yards around for flag.

Multiple modes options meet various demands of yours, and toddling them around can be easy with simple buttons design. General mode offers accurate distance in aiming at your target; slope mode is designed for general play, in offering the slope and angle compensation between golfer and flag, using thorough distance information to improve the confidence as well as skills of players; vertical mode comes with the readout of the vertical and horizontal distance; the last mode you can choose is speed mode, with speed range from 20 to 300KM/H, that you can use it as a hunting device in emergence.

The Jolt technology promises the super-fast focus and easy distance. When using it for a tournament, turn the slope technology off and turn the general mode back in helping you get specific distance readout. To prolong the battery life, it equips with the auto-shutoff system to automatically power off 10 seconds without operation.

Why Choose It:

  1. 2 years free replacement
  2. Multiple accessories
  3. Slope switch technology
  4. 1000 yards measurement
  5. Waterproof and fog resistance
  6. Compact and easy to take along

7. Bozily 6X Rechargeable 1200 Yards Laser Rangefinder

best golf laser rangefinder under $200

6X magnifications
Range1200 yards
CR2 battery

Streamlined compact shape with blue and black color gives it a sleek look, especially with non-slip cover, you can use it even when hands get wet. It supports CR2-3V batteries but also allows for USB charging, which means you do not need to change batteries constantly but to charge it as a smartphone or tablet. The green and red light indicate the charging condition when connected.

It is also a far-distance golf rangefinder with a maximum of 1200 yards. The readout can be changed from yard to meter with the modes transition. The presence of multiple modes of options features is pretty surprised at this price point. Mode 1-4 suits various situations that one finds pretty useful and valuable in use.

When it comes to moving target, the Bozily rangefinder allows you to measure the speed of the moving object by short pressing the power button. In order to get an accurate readout, it can measure the speed between 20-300Km/H. Another shining mode it offers is vertical mode, which gives vertical and horizontal distance measures to ease your use in uphill or downhill use.

The laser rangefinder under great protection proves to get a longer service life, that is why we suggest you get protective cover. However, Bozily has made all the preparation for you with complete accessories come along with the device. A USB cable, a carrying case, a carabiner, a lanyard, a cleaning cloth, and a color box, in a word, anything you need is packed ready for you.

Why Choose It:

  1. Multiple modes
  2. 150 yards straight line distance
  3. 166 yards slope compensation distance
  4. Scan mode support
  5. Accuracy to ±1Yard


8. Wosports 650 Yards Flag-lock Vibration Golf Laser Rangefinder

best golf rangefinders under $200

Size2.8 x 0.8 x 1.6 inches
6X magnifications
Range650 yards
CR2 battery

In this rangefinder, there are not very functional features that luring you to buy it instantly the moment you see it, but I’d say, once you own it and use it for loads of time, you will find it pretty valuable especially at this price level.

When it comes to the built quality, it comes with a waterproof cover that prevents it from slippery away when your hands get wet. The innovative battery cover is the major design that makes it outstanding among its counterparts. An inseparable battery cover eliminates your worries about losing the battery cover any longer.

The lens display and multilayer optics bring about the clear vision on flag spotting, especially within 180 yards ideal distance. Aside from being a golf laser rangefinder, it also features an indispensable performance of resisting fog for hunting use, and speed mode is also available for measuring the moving object.

One of the premium features of it is the flag lock system with vibration. Thanks to the advanced technology, it pins on flagstick in a few seconds and gives a slight vibration when flag distance is locked. All are available by pressing the power button after aiming at the flag.

Why Choose It:

  1. Slope adjusted distance
  2. Auto-power off in 10 seconds
  3. Multiple modes available
  4. Advanced flag acquisition technology

9. Gogogo High Precision Golf Laser Rangefinder

best golf rangefinders under $200

6X magnifications
Range650 yards
CR2 battery

There is nothing much to worry about the performance and quality level of this device, for it proves to be in stable and outstanding working performance during its whole lifespan. The striking feature of it continuously ranges readout. Press the power button still and aims at the multiple targets you need and all the precise readout shows on the LCD screen.

In terms of the screen, the multilayer optical lens reduces the reflected light and thus creating a clear vision to read out the precise distance. It comes also with a pin-seeking and flagpole-lock system, which performs the best in pinning on a certain object quickly and gives a slight vibration when flagpole locked. To get a solid readout, it measures the distance up to 150 yards for flagpole mode.

What we like the best is its attractive appearance. The whole white design is regarded as the most classic in modern arts, which endows it with a clean and sleek look. Frosted texture allows you to use it when hands get wet.

Short distance as it measures, it guarantees a precise distance readout. From 5 to maximum 650 yards, it gives quick distance measurement with 6x magnification.

10. Peakpulse Slope-Switch Golf Laser Rangefinder

golf laser rangefinder under $200

Size4.5 x 1.5 x 3 inches
6X magnifications
Range400 yards
CR2 battery

The slope-switch technology adopted by Peakpulse is an unexpected move, the built-in slope technology provides you with incline and decline distance and meanwhile helps choose the correct club for shot in. the presence of toggleable slope technology gives you the chance to use it in tournament play by turning it off.

Locking on the object quickly is another reason for its popularity. It features a pin seeker technology to accurately pin on the flag in few seconds, and it gives a vibrating burst to verify the laser has locked on the object. What’s more, it can be a good helper for those wearing glasses. The eye relief design of the device allows you to use it with glasses on, you need only turn the eyepiece to focus on the target.

What’s the biggest trouble with battery-powered machines? Yes, the costs of batteries. Most people forget to turn the device off when addicting to the golfing, which leads directly to the fast burn of batteries. To extend the lifespan of the battery and reduce the using costs, this machine features an 8-second auto-shutoff.

All the necessary accessories come along with your machine, includes the carrying case, instruction manual, cleaning cloth and lanyard.

Why Choose It:

  1. Accurate flag acquisition technology
  2. Suitable for tournament play
  3. Fast and precise distance readout
  4. Easy to operate
  5. Waterproof
  6. Good value

How to Choose the Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $200?

The laser rangefinders around $200 are basically of middle levels, suitable for both beginners and skilled players to use in improving the skills of playing golf. Therefore, how to select the suitable one has been a major problem you may feel trouble in. For the following part, we will offer several factors that need to be taken into great consideration in selecting.

1. Accuracy

The basic and core function of the laser rangefinder is to measure the precise distance, that is why we put accuracy onto the first element. Accuracy is determined by the ability of the range finder device to onto certain objects accurately. Even under $200, the devices generally are accurate within 5 yards, not to say the heavy-duty types. Normally, the higher price points to better performance, and surely the better accuracy.

 2. Purpose

Where do you intend to use it for? The golf laser rangefinder is designed majorly for golf, all the functions serve well for playing golf. Hardly does a laser rangefinder handling hunting and golfing both, that is why you need to make clear of your purpose and use it where it requires.

Plus, for what functions do you need? Golf laser rangefinder under $200 is less functional, it suits those wanting exact distance. For more advanced functions such as wind prediction, slope function, and higher accuracy, go deeper into your pocket and get the heavy-duty one.

3. Durability

To some extent, the durability of a rangefinder represents lifespan, especially for those outdoor gears. Though small in shape that you can hold in hand, it still has the chance of facing severe weather conditions, the strong sunlight or heavy rain are all potential elements in sending it into stored box forever. Apart from the exterior factor, the quality itself is the core that determines durability. Hunting rangefinders require water resistance function, which most golf rangefinders fail to get,  in battling with the complicated environment in woods or wild. It is better to pack the device into the case for prevention.

4. Optics

Optics play an important role in finding flagstick and giving a clear vision of your target. The quality and scopes of lens make it a large difference, with an adjustable diopter, you can adapt the device for your eyesight. Higher optics used on either golf or on hunting enlarge your target and shows a complete view of your target. From the buttons set on the device, you can enlarge or minimize the zoom. For those with shaky hands, a tripod placed on the floor is quite helpful.

5. Eye Relief

It is a crucial element that most people will ignore in the process of purchasing; because for people with healthy eyesight, eye relief is an ornament; while for those wearing glasses, it is essential to check the eye relief. Then what the eye relief is? It refers to the required distance of the eye from the rangefinder eyepiece that you need for seeing the target and get a clear vision of your destination without any obstruction.

If having the chance, you can test the device manually by placing the range finder at various distances from your eye, and then compare which distance fits you the most. As a rule of thumb, eye relief with 15mm suits most people.

6. Ease of Use

Ease of use is a common advantage that nearly all golf laser rangefinder possess, then why raise it out? Well, the convenience of use here refers not only to the simple design on the look and buttons but more on the functions. Compare a low price rangefinder with a heavy-duty type, you will find the difference. Some of the rangefinders connect with smartphones with the app, and shows all the detailed information, like distance, weather, slope, and other necessary issues, on the screen.

Also, some additional functions such as changing the brightness, switching from different modes can also save much of your time in measuring the distance, and be quickly familiar with surroundings.

7. Distance and Range

What distance and range do you need in target practice? Do you intend to get a long-range hunting or a short-range target practice? Those two types require different performance and features of rangefinder that seldom do one device handling both. That is why you need to make sure how exactly distance do you need, whether to get one with 1000 yards, 1500 yards or just 800 yards?

8. Angle Compensation

The angle compensation is another important factor in getting a suitable rangefinder with maximum precision accuracy. It makes golf game easier for beginners by showing angle compensation information on the screen and programming the perfect route to take a shot. However, in tournament games, you should read the rules first and check if the device you get to meet the demand.

9. Slope Mode

In terms of slope mode, you should first be clear of the USGA rules, for it regulates the rangefinder types that brought along. Some of the high-end types come with an on/off button to turn it off when necessary.

Apart from used in the tournament, it can be a brilliant feature in creating and enhancing your abilities, and thus improves the confidence in playing golf.

>Click here to check USGA rules on slope mode

Last Words on Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $200…

Golf laser rangefinder under $200 is actually a basic type, giving you accurate measurement only. Some may be equipped with scan mode or angle compensation system, but most of them meet basic needs only.

Compared with golf laser rangefinder under $100, those around $200 are more worth trusting on the quality level and measurement, but of course not as good as those high-end types do.

If you are an entry-level player or would like to get one with little money, you may consider getting the best golf laser rangefinder under $200. For a more quality or functional type, you can also choose those around $300.

In a word, it is hard to actually define which exactly one is the best one for you because of the need of each person diverse a lot. That is why choosing the best golf laser rangefinder, you need to take all the factors into consideration. (If you want to know more about buying guides, you may click to read our reviews.) Only the most suitable one is the best one for each user.

If you want to get more information on product specifications or want to know a detailed updated price list, please feel free to check on Amazon.