Are There Best Laser Rangefinder For Golf And Hunting Both?

The best laser rangefinder for golf and hunting normally uses an invisible, eye-safe Class 1 beam to determine the distance to certain objects. It sends out a laser pulse in a narrow beam towards targets, through the time it costs, it measures distance and sends the results to the sender.

In golfing and hunting, archery, laser rangefinder makes great contributions to getting the distance to the target. Based on usages, there are golf laser rangefinders, hunting laser rangefinders, bow hunting laser rangefinders and archery laser rangefinders.

However, there are also distance devices for multiple uses, they can be used both for golf and hunting. And that is the aim of this article, we will make a detailed review of the best laser rangefinder for golf and hunting. If you participate in outdoor games frequently, you can get multiple types.

 What’s the Best Rangefinder For Golf and Hunting?

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7 Best Laser Rangefinder For Golf And Hunting Reviews

1. Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC 6 x 21mm Laser Rangefinder

best golf and hunting rangefinder
best hunting golf rangefinder
6x magnification
Water/fog proof
Built in inclinometer provides ARC
Three modes

This is a multiple purpose laser rangefinder, you can use it for hunting, archery and also for golfing thanks to its multiple modes. It has rifle mode, allowing for setting holdover and bullet drop information for rifle’s zero. Brush mode is used to pin on objects surrounded by bushes, boulders and tree branches. Scan mode, however, gives constantly updated distance to your targets.

It is waterproof and is designed with camo covering, which makes it a perfect choice when using in woods. Its 6x magnification picks up small objects easily that meet the demand of golf use.

It is pretty compact and has ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in hand or pocket. Clear and good quality optics give you natural views in games. E.S.P. system improves accuracy and precision of distance.


  1. Easy to operate
  2. Multiple purpose
  3. Compact, light and easy to hold
  4. Good optics
  5. Distance displays soon after pressing button
  6. ARC features pretty well


  1. Black display makes it hard to see clearly in dark light
  2. Hard to get readings on objects 300 yards away

2. Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence laser Rangefinder

best rangefinders for hunting and golf
best rangefinder for golf and hunting
Range600 yards
4x magnification
True Horizontal Distance
Class 1 laser with <1mW average power output

This laser rangefinder uses all black cover, making it perfect to be used in any conditions. 4x magnification is a low range type, but still meet your needs on getting natural and clear views.

With a simple one-button operation, you can adjust different modes and settings easily. The distance range of it is up to 600 yards, it works especially perfect out to 100 yards, thus it is unable to be used for long-distance hunting or golfing.

Slope technology offers angle compensated distance calculation, thus you can use it easily on uphill and downhill games, but not for tournament game of course.

Optics are pretty clear and in good quality level, small and compact shape suits your pocket and hand perfectly.


  1. Angle compensation design
  2. Easy to use
  3. Perfect for golf, hunting and archery
  4. Durable
  5. Cost effective


  1. Not suitable for long distance range such as rifle hunter and golfers
  2. You can not see the readout in dark light

3. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

best golf and hunting rangefinder
best golf hunting rangefinder
Range540 yards
Size104 x 72 x 41 mm
6x magnification

From its appearance we can see it is definitely a hunting rangefinder, however, it is also possible to used for golf. It is a best hunting rangefinder under $100, but is a lot more useful and long lasting than other cheap types.

Unlike short ranges of measurement as most cheap rangefinders do, this hunting rangefinder measures up to 540 yards once in scan mode, and distance display is pretty fast and accurate.

It has a premium and good quality multilayer lens, it minimizes light loss and improves the accuracy of distance reading. Automatic shut off prolongs its service life to a large extent. 6x magnification makes it perfect for golf in aiming at small objects and targets.


  1. Lightweight, compact, ergonomic, easy to use
  2. Both perfect for bow hunter and golfer
  3. Continuous range display in scanning compensate handshaking in using
  4. Directions are easy to follow
  5. Shuts off automatically after a few minutes
  6. Read yardage instantly


  1. Black readout makes it hard to read in the low light
  2. Just a basic range finder, hard to range through a tree with branches

4. Wosports Laser Hunting Range Finder 

best hunting rangefinders for golf
best hunting golf rangefinder
Range700 yards
Flagpole lock
6x magnification
Free 3V CR2 battery

This rangefinder has 6x magnification, even a small piece of objects can be seen clearly in golf games. Its flagpole lock vibrates once you lock in onto certain objects, removing all doubts of yours.

The maximum distance range is 700 yards, perfect for both hunting and golfing use. Fog mode and speed modes offer you excellent hunting experience. If you are not familiar with the yard, you can also change it into a meter display by long-pressing mode button for more than 3 seconds.

The display is quite clear and optics are in good quality level, it is pretty durable and long-lasting. The lightweight shape fits perfectly in hand and can be operated by a single one hand.

What makes it more convenient is its magnetic case, it makes no loud sound in putting it out in hunting.


  1. Quick to get a yardage
  2. Has vibration in pin seek mode
  3. Display is easy to crisp and read
  4. Delicate battery seal
  5. Satisfying customers service
  6. Very light
  7. Long battery life


  1. It gives bad yardage within 100 yards
  2. In dim light, it is pretty hard to read out
  3. It takes three or four tries on getting right read for some times

5. AOFAR 700 Yards 6X 25mm Laser Rangefinder 

best rangefinder for golf and hunting
best rangefinder for both golf and hunting
Measuring range 5-700yards

This is one of the best hunting rangefinder under $100, meets basic needs on golfing and hunting. Though in cheap price, it is still pretty functional and in good quality level.

For golfing use, it has 6x magnification to search for small objects, golf flagpole lock and constant scan mode gives you vibration on pinning on object, and also helps to get continuous update on distance.

For hunting use, it measures up to 700 yards, fog and speed modes bring great enjoyment on hunting on any weather conditions. The readout is pretty fast and accurate.

In order to prolong service life, it has auto shutoff system to automatically shut off after 10 seconds.


  1. Auto shutoff after ten seconds
  2. Very easy to use
  3. Three scan modes
  4. Accurate, look pretty good
  5. Power efficient
  6. Functional, including fog mode
  7. 6x magnifications


A bit hard to lock on flag stick

6. Visionking 6×25 Laser Rangefinder for Hunting 

best golf viewfinder
best rangefinder for bow hunting and golf
Rangeup to 650 yards
1 CR2 battery
Weight8.82 ounces

This laser rangefinder is another cheap distance device used both for hunting and golfing. It measures up to 650 yards, continuous scan mode offers you updated distance on multiple objects.

Pinsensor technology quickly pins on targets, but once there are obstructions around, it is easy to pin on them and thus gives a false reading. It is pretty durable and long-lasting.

Both hunting and golf mode can be chosen in use, it measures the golf flag as a priority once turning on golf mode, and measures animals first when in hunting modes. All are controlled by two buttons, which is quite simple to operate by one hand.


  1. Best value for its price
  2. Easy to use
  3. Accurate
  4. Durable


  1. Not bad for its money, but hunting mode is not as good as described
  2. It is easily pinned on small obstructions around your objects
  3. A bit larger than other types

7. Eyoyo Golf Range Finder 

best rangefinder for hunting and golf
best rangefinders for hunting and golf
Eye piece size16mm
Measuring range 5-700

It has two golf modes, scan mode and range mode, so that you can easily identify flagstick with its flagpole lock, which gives slight vibration sounds when pinning on objects.

6x magnification offers you clear and natural views on objects far away, it also helps pick up small targets for golfing. If you would like to bring it for horse racing or car racing, it also helps for capability on measuring the speed of moving targets up to 300km/h.

It costs no more than $100, meets only your basic needs for golfing and hunting. Built-in battery with auto-shutoff system prolongs long for several rounds of playing, but it uses special batteries, so you may have trouble changing it.


  1. Cheap price
  2. Basic function
  3. Auto shutoff after 20 seconds
  4. Simple to use
  5. Accurate


  1. Special battery
  2. Display is blurry
  3. Do not calculate the height or angle
  4. Have a hard time finding the flag

Why Getting a Best Laser Rangefinder For Golfing And Hunting?

Golfing and hunting are commons sports for outdoor life, both of them are in great need of getting distance measurements. Getting the best laser rangefinder for golfing and hunting, then you can save a lot of money on buying two devices.

Most frequently, golfing laser rangefinders need high magnifications such as 6x or even 8x to pick up small targets far away while hunting laser distance devices needs to get a relatively long-distance range and readout needs to be quick and accurate.

Such multi-purpose rangefinders are not as expensive as you imagine, it can also be divided into different price levels, and for each level, you can get the most suitable one based on your usage and needs.

Getting the best laser rangefinder for golfing and hunting, you can enjoy durable fun with a single one device and relatively cheap price.

How to Choose the Best Laser Rangefinder For Golfing And Hunting?

In order to meet both the needs of golfing and hunting, there must be some factors to consider in choosing, and here we give you some tips on choosing the best rangefinder for both golfing and hunting.

1. Appearance

As we know, the traditional golfing rangefinder is designed into different colors such as white, red, green and purple to increase its beauty. However, when you take one with a bright color for hunting animals, it is easily seen by hunted animals. That is why hunting rangefinders are normally made camo or black. Therefore, if you intend to use it for durable use, you should try one with dark color, and it also resists dirty for long time use.

2. Large range

For hunting large animals such as deer, you need to get a relatively large distance range, golfing rangefinder also demands devices reach up to 600 yards.

3. High magnification

Magnification optics are used to viewing objects far away, making it convenient for both hunting and golfing. Especially in golf, flagstick or hole is quite small, getting a low magnification is not helpful at all. Then you will need one with at least 6x types to help you.

4. Water-Resistant

For outdoor games, the weather has always been a key factor. If it rains, water will do harm to most electronic devices. Getting one with water resist type can satisfy your need for using it in complicated weather conditions. Also, in cold areas, the fog will hide every target and be a large obstruction to you, that is why some devices are made into fog resist types.

5. Case

Most rangefinders come with a case after buying, it protects the device from knocking and getting wet. If you use it mostly for hunting, we would like to suggest you get one with the magnetic case, it causes less noisy in getting it out.

6. Precision and speed on the readout

Last but most importantly, you need to get one that has a precision readout, or any efforts you made are useless. Besides, in hunting, you need to get distance pretty fast or your hunting animals may run away before you take action.

What’s the Difference Between Golf Rangefinders And Hunting Rangefinders?

In terms of laser rangefinders, most of the people would concern, can I use a golf laser rangefinder for hunting? Or can I use a hunting rangefinder for golf use? For it is pretty costly to buy two range finder devices on measuring distances. Well, in order to answer the question, you need first make clear of the differences between two devices.

>Golf Laser Rangefinder

Golf rangefinders are normally used in an open field, for they are majorly used for measuring the distance of the flagstick. In seeking the nearest object, it features a First target mode for the golfer. You can use it for golf course use and it helps calculates the slope angle in improving your golf skills.

No trees, branches, and people would block in your way of measuring by using a golf laser rangefinder. Some heavy-duty types would connect straightly with your phone using Bluetooth or app so that you can get the satellite information and precise flagstick position on your phone.

golf laser rangefinder

>Hunting Laser Rangefinder

Hunting laser rangefinders are designed for hunting lovers with rifles and bows. These devices normally feature “Distant target mode” to spot objects in wild or woods. Because of complicated terrain conditions, there are many obstacles like branches or grasses when aiming at certain targets. With the distant target mode, the device will automatically ignore the obstacles and give you the distance of a further target.

>Several Differences You Should Know

  • First target and distant target mode

As we have claimed before, because of the different usages between golf rangefinders and hunting rangefinders, the major mode of which also varies.

The first target mode is used by a golf laser range finder in need of detecting objects around like a flagstick or pin in an open area. While hunting laser range finders use distant target mode to measure the distance far away, especially when using around woods or grasses.

However, modern heavy-duty rangefinders enable you to toggle between the two modes with the simple pressing of the button, so that you can use it for both golf and hunting.

  • Accurate and quick distance readout

Hunting rangefinders give quick distance readout while the golf rangefinders focus more on accuracy. On golf course or golf tournament, there is seldom a time limit on distance readout, but the precise accuracy determines whether you can take a shot or not. However, when going out for hunting, no matter with a rifle or with archery, you need to measure the yardage in one or two seconds, for prey won’t stay in the same position for a long time waiting to be shot.

  • Magnification

best hunting rangefinder

No matter for golf laser rangefinder or for hunting types, you will always need magnification to locate the goal far away from you. Based on the magnification strength, there are 4x, 6x, 7x and 8x types. As a thumb of rule, the hunting rangefinders normally have more magnification than that of golf.

Golfers need to locate the objects around 400 yards for its maximum, for bow hunting or short distance rifle hunting, the 400 yards with 4x magnification can be appropriate. While for a long-distance shooting with 1000 or even 1500 yards ranges, the 7x or a larger 8x best serves for your needs.

After being aware of the basic differences between golf and hunting rangefinders, it is time to choose one. Since a high-functioning hunting rangefinder can fulfill both the needs, most would prefer to get a yardage measurement device for golf and hunting both. Well, it does a good idea and meanwhile saves a large sum of money, but still, if you require precise reading on a golf course, you may lose your temper.

Consider the above features we have discussed and try to get one that is under your requirement.

Best 7x Laser Rangefinder for Golf And Hunting

best 7x laser rangefinder

Features of Best Laser Rangefinder For Golfing And Hunting

1. Compact

Rangefinders are normally made into a small and compact shape, they feel good in hands and can be operated by single one hand easily. Getting one for multiple purposes, and then you can bring it anywhere you want conveniently and easily.

2. Save money

As we said before, rangefinders with multiple purposes are not more expensive than other types, you can totally spend money on one device to buy two purposes. That really helps save a lot of money for you.

4 Tips to Buying a Suitable Rangefinder for Both Golf and Hunting

1. Consider the distance

As we have discussed, range finder for golf use adopts the first target priority mode to find the nearest object. The maximum yardage you will encounter on a golf field is around 400 yards, thus the first target mode suits your need on golf perfectly.

Hunting use laser rangefinder, on the other hand, requires distant target priority mode to locate the objects around the bushes or woods, it gives distant yardage when two objects come into view simultaneously.

On using one unit for the two different functions, you need to make sure the one you get can switch between two different modes so that you can toggle it for both golfing and hunting.

2. Double-check your yardage distances

The maximum golf range pasts no more than 500 yards, that is why they become limit when encountering long-range distance. Rangefinder for hunting use tends to measure objects far away since the prey or objects normally keeps far away between 75 yards and 1300 yards away. Of course, under some influences such as weather or terrain, the rangefinders are unable to reach the full mile as advertised, but still can be far more sufficient than golf.

So here comes a problem, can hunting rangefinder use in golf? Yes. But it does not mean golf rangefinder works for hunting likewise. For small distances range within 500 yards, it works well. However, for a longer distance, you need a long-distance range finder to help you get to the point.

Furthermore, you need also take the weather, heat mirage, and non-reflective surfaces take into considerations when getting the distance from your objects.

3. What display should you choose

Two common displays are used in rangefinder, one with LCD while the other being LED. In terms of the differences between them, well, the major differences lie in the usages.

For golf use, you would basically use it for daytime, and the field tends to be broad in view. The hunting activity starts from the daylight to even the dusk time. It requires the display to be clear in a dark environment.

LED display suits those using on the cloudy days and you can adjust the brightness setting to make sure you can see the display clearly. Besides, the red display and black display is another factor in deciding whether you can read the distance display. During the night or if you are somewhere dark, the black display can be hard to see clearly.

4. The activity-specific features can help

The laser rangefinder works not only for measuring distance, but there are also some functional types that help you a lot in the golf course, which to some extent improves your skills in playing golf. The common features include club suggestion, reticle, shot distance measurement, slope calculation, wind prediction, and swing rate measurement.

For hunting use, the ballistic data along with complicated reticles loaded with the device can help you a lot in rifle hunting. Those with camo design also hides you from suspecting prey.

Therefore, if you intend to buy a rangefinder works for multiple sports, make sure the functions and features it gets are capable of meeting your demands.


Top 3 Best Laser Rangefinders For Golf And Hunting

Best Type
Best cost-effective type TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder
Best all-around type Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC 6 x 21mm Laser Rangefinder
Best cheap type Eyoyo Golf Range Finder

If you want to get more detailed information on these products or want to know the updated price, please check freely on Amazon.