Top 3 Best Smallest Rangefinder For Hunting Reviews

The rangefinder is used to hold in hand when hunting or when golfing, it is normally small. However, some are still too heavy to take it around, then you can choose the smallest rangefinder hunting use type. Here we selected the top three that is the most compact and smallest type that meets your demand.

Top 3 Smallest Rangefinder Hunting Reviews

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Nikon 8397 ACULON...image Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder Gray, 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.5" / 91.0 x 73.0 x 37.0 mm Buy On
Nikon Prostaff 3I...image Nikon (16229) Prostaff 3I Rifle Range Finder Buy On
Leupold RX-850i TBR...image Leupold RX-850i TBR with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder Buy On

How to Pick the Best Smallest Rangefinder For Hunting?

Multiple smaller rangefinders in the market are equipped with different features that you should be conversant with. However, picking an ideal one might be challenging; hence you should take these considerations into account before purchasing one;

1 The weight

The smaller rangefinders often weigh differently; some are lighter, while others are heavier, hence a key factor. Spending much time in the woods will require a lighter rangefinder as it Is easy to handle while aiming at the prey. Similarly, sometimes you may hold the rangefinder for a long time while determining the distance and the compensation angle; therefore, the lighter one will be ideal for you.

2 Weatherproof

It is necessary to know the material they are constructed with and how they respond to different weather conditions. Generally, most are coated with rubber to protect against the effect of moisture. Also, it constitutes the durability. It would help if you ever considered a dustproof smaller rangefinder to safeguard against the clogging of dirt and blurring the views. The manufacturers always indicate the type of material they used, so be vigilant.

3 Lifespan and battery life

Some factors affect a small rangefinder’s durability, such as the material, and the design will contribute a lot. Therefore, you should be informed on which material they used and know that designs are prone to damages, hence avoid the one with decorated constructions. Additionally, take note of the duration of the battery and the availability of battery replacements.

4 Accuracy and display

When it comes to accuracy, we will focus on the lock mechanisms, lens, and magnification level. Always look for the rangefinder that locks many targets and come up with the range distance. Similarly, the lens and the magnification always come into play while hunting, but thanks to the manufacturers since they provide detailed information on magnification and lens power. Also, check if it meets the modern display technology.

5 Costs

This is the crucial part since the smaller rangefinders often come with different costs. However, you should be guided by the features we have just discussed. You can get one at as low as 120$ but be sure to assemble different brands, go through the online dealers, and compare their prices, and I guarantee you the best choice.


Smallest Rangefinder Hunting Reviews

1. Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder

compact laser rangefinder
best pocket rangefinders
Weight 4.4 ounces
Range5-500m/6-550 yd

This laser rangefinder for hunting is regarded as the most compact one in its products line. It has the same size as smart phone, you can totally put it in your pocket, and holding it is pretty comfortable and easy.

It has large eye relief, reaching 18mm, which means you can use it even with glasses on. Maximum measurement ranges up to 550 yards, meets the basic needs of outdoor hunting. For scan mode, it gives 20 seconds on continuous measurement for accurate distance display.

Distant target priority mode enables you to measure targets behind bushes and trees. To save energy, it shuts off automatically after 8 seconds. Simple button design makes it easy to turn off with single one hand even with gloves on. The glass optics are in wonderful quality level.


  1. Entry level type
  2. Long eye relief
  3. Clear glass optics
  4. 8 seconds auto shutoff
  5. Single button operation
  6. Ultra compact shape


Hard to stabilize on one object

2. Nikon (16229) Prostaff 3I Rifle Range Finder

portable range finder
smallest rangefinder hunting
Size4.4 x 1.4 x 2.8 inches
Power Source1 CR2 Lithium Battery
Range8 - 650 yards
Angular Field of View (Real) 7.5 °

This is another Nikon laser rangefinder, though not as compact as 8397 type, but is still small enough to be put in your pocket. It is designed ergonomically, making it feel so comfortable in hands when holding.

The maximum distance it ranges is 650 yards, you can use it for bow hunting, gun hunting and also target shooting. Thanks to its ID technology, it measures the slope distance on uphills and downhills games.

The first target priority mode and distant target priority mode meet your demand for measuring both small objects near you and objects around bushes and trees. It uses 1 CR2 lithium battery so that buying and changing the battery is not a difficult task for you.

The optics are in excellent quality level, inheriting advanced Nikon technology on optics, it gives you best natural views.


  1. Accurate
  2. High quality optics
  3. Easy to use
  4. Provide fast and efficient feedback


Take some time to steady hold the pin

3. Leupold RX-850i TBR with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder

smallest laser rangefinder
smallest rangefinder
Rangeup to 650 yards
6x magnification
CR2 lithium camera battery
100% waterproof and fog proof

This laser rangefinder is also a compact type that can be hold in hand comfortably. It has only one button set on the machine, even with gloves on, you can still operate it easily.

It is totally waterproof and fog proof, you can use it in almost any weather conditions. 6x magnification offers you clear views on further objects. In order to prolong its service life, the aluminium housing is shrouded, its rubber armor coating provides positive grasp for you when holding.

The built-in inclinometer with TBR calculates the ballistic range to your target and display as a holdover aim point. It shows distance pretty fast and accurately, takes about a few seconds once you press the button down. But the display is quite dim, so you may need to see it in bright light conditions in using.


  1. Small, lightweight and easy handle
  2. Glass is bright and clear
  3. Multi-purpose use
  4. Quick and accurate distant
  5. Accurate and durable


  1. Not perfect for moving objects
  2. The display is quite dim that it can not be read in moderate daylight

Why Do You Need the Smallest Rangefinder for Hunting Use?

There are multiple benefits that you will probably enjoy with these smaller rangefinders compared to the larger ones. However, you might wonder why we preferred the smaller one; therefore, we will explain why these smaller rangefinders should be your best choice to satisfy your question. Here are they;

1 Easy to use

With handling, we are focusing on how easy it is to set it. You can hold a smaller rangefinder while aiming at your target for a long time since they are mostly lighter in terms of weight. The larger rangefinder will strain tour hands hence might not achieve the perfect shoot. Similarly, some simplify your work as it provides the distance and the compensation angle, making your job easier.

2 It is economical

The smaller rangefinders are often economical hence can easily accommodate the size of your budget. With the range of 100$ to 150$, you are guaranteed different brands of the smallest rangefinder with great specifications. So, don’t waste a lot going for the larger one while the smaller rangefinder will meet all your needs.

3 Easy to carry and to replace

You can also easily carry it around in the woods without getting irritated with its weight, therefore making it favorable for you. Similarly, it won’t consume much space of your hunting bag hence making your load much lighter. Also, when it comes to replacing, you won’t need to dig out much from your pocket; thus, you can replace it at any time you want to.

4 They last long

The smaller rangefinder is designed to last. However, if you take care of it, it will probably last longer than you expected. Be careful about how you handle it, do not drop it on the ground, and keep it in a clean environment, and therefore, you are guaranteed a long-lasting smaller rangefinder.

What Are the Smallest Rangefinders For?

These smallest rangefinders are constructed to offer wider applications. Therefore, you can use them for hunting, golf, archery, and target shooting. When hunting, it will give you an accurate range, the compensation angle, among other calculations making it easier for you to make a precise shot.

While playing golf, it generates the distance, hence minimal chances of missing the archery and target shooting target. You can easily mount this smallest rangefinder and will help you in sighting and making an accurate move.

Features of Smallest Rangefinder Hunting

Smallest rangefinder for hunting is, of course, designed pretty small and compact, it is suitable to hold in hand, you can easily press the button down and read the distance. What’s more, the smallest rangefinder for hunting use is normally light, which means you can take it anywhere you want.

Well, the cons? Of course, as it is too light and small, you will find it a bit difficult to hold it steady in hand. It adds the possibility of inaccuracy distance shows on display. You need to hold it with two hands for stabilization in using.

However, the small compact rangefinder is surely winning praise by buyers because of its convenient use. If you would like to get one, please go on reading and find the best suitable one through our smallest rangefinder hunting reviews.


Best Type
Smallest rangefinder hunting Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder
Best accurate type Nikon (16229) Prostaff 3I Rifle Range Finder
Best cost-effective type Leupold RX-850i TBR with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder

If you want to get more detailed information on product specifications or updated price list, please check freely on Amazon.