The 4 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $150 For Your Money

Price determines the quality level and working performance most of the time, the higher price it is, the best thing you get, and vice versa. But is it always the truth? I don’t think so, or there won’t be a word “cost-effective”.

If one product is of brilliant quality level or says at least stay the standard level, but still at cheap price level. Then this product can be regarded as a highly cost-effective type.

Of course, a cheap laser rangefinder is not as good as high end or mid-level types in some or other ways, they keep a standard quality level or stay a standard performance, which, in other words, works fine but not outstanding.

If you are professional players who use golf rangefinders frequently, getting a cheap type is not enough. However, for beginners or entry-level players, we would like to suggest you get less expensive for practicing. High-end golf laser rangefinders normally provide you with bunches of modes and data, this can be quite helpful for pros but can be a trouble thing for beginners.

Thus in this article, we would like to recommend several best golf rangefinders under 150.

Top 4 Golf Rangefinders Under $150 Reviews

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4 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $150

1. Tacklife Golf Rangefinder 

inexpensive golf range finder
best inexpensive rangefinder golf
Angle Accuracy±1°
Measuring Angle Range±90°
Measuring Range5~900 yard/ 3~800m

In terms of best golf rangefinder under 150, we would first recommend this Tacklife rangefinder for you. A best rangefinder for golf use should be equipped with large monocular for viewing small objects like stone or flag stick. That is why it is designed with 7x magnification, offering maximum magnifying effects for you.

It gets scan mode, able to measure up to 900 yards on continuously updated measurements. It shows either yard or meter, you can toggle between them with a long pressing of the mode button.

The multi-coated layer minimizes loss of light and gives the most natural and brightest sight on the target. Speed mode improves the speed of getting distant measurements. On uphills and downhill games, it also provides you with angle compensated distance. Durable zipper pouch protects the machine from dropping or knocking. Unlike other normal rangefinders, this one can be recharged through USB, so you do not need to change batteries constantly.

From the introduction, we may discover that it is a quite functional device, but on pinning on objects, it does need several tries.


  1. Ease of use, easy to manipulate
  2. Fairly accurate
  3. Three modes can be adopted depending on different using conditions
  4. Quite functional
  5. USB recharge design


  1. Having to adjust the diopter for every use
  2. It takes some time to focus on objects

2. BOBLOV 650Yards Golf Rangefinder 

discount golf rangefinders
best golf rangefinder deals
Magnification x objective 6x 22mm
Accuracy ±1yard
USB Charging

If you are fond of rechargeable laser rangefinder for golf, you can also choose this one. The same as the above recommended type, it saves effort and money on buying and changing batteries frequently.

Three modes can be chosen, including range mode, flag locking mode, and speed mode. Range mode is of course used to get accurate distant measurements on certain objects. Flag locking mode displays the flag in the viewfinder, by slightly adjusting viewfinder with the flag, you are able to pin on objects accurately. Speed mode enables you to enjoy the competition on horse racing or car racing.

Pinsensor technology provides rapid distance with 1-yard accuracy, and you can also pin on overlapping objects with it. When flag pole mode is on, it gives vibration if you lock on certain targets.

Light weight and compact shape enables you to bring it around in golfing. Simple two buttons design enables you to operate it with single one hand easily.


  1. Light and well built
  2. Easy to operate with only two buttons
  3. Built in battery makes it easy to charge
  4. Readings are quick and accurate


LCD display can not be lit

3. Wosports Golf Rangefinder Laser Hunting Range Finder

best affordable golf rangefinder
best affordable golf rangefinders
Range700 yards
Flagpole lock
6x magnification
Free 3V CR2 battery

Maximum range of this laser rangefinder is up to 700 yards, with 6x magnification, you can get clear and natural views on your targets. Cheap as it is, it is still able to be used for both golf and hunting.

Flagpole lock is quite helpful in pinning on flagstick for you. Fog mode enables you to use it in foggy conditions, while speed mode adds your enjoyment in playing. Once it pins on certain objects, it gives a vibration to remove all your doubts.

Magnetic clasp case that comes with the device makes no noise in taking it out and is also quite suitable for single hand to operate. The small and compact shape of it enables you to bring it around without taking up much space.

Pressing down the mode button for more than 3 seconds, you can switch between meter and yard. Wosports also provides you with thoughtful service for you, you can have your problems solved for free within its 18-month warranty.


  1. Quick to get a yardage
  2. Has vibration in pin seek mode
  3. The display is easy to crisp and read
  4. Delicate battery seal
  5. Satisfying customers service
  6. Durable, lightweight and have a clear picture
  7. Long battery life


  1. It gives bad yardage within 100 yards
  2. In the dim light, it is pretty hard to read out
  3. It takes three or four tries on getting right read for some times

4. SUAOKI Golf Range Finder Laser Rangefinder

best inexpensive golf rangefinder
best inexpensive golf laser rangefinder
Dimension4.09*3.15*1.57 inch
Speed5 km/h
Range656 yards

This laser rangefinder ranges up to 656 yards at its maximum range. It can also be used for both golf and hunting. 6x magnification offers you the chance on having a clear view of targets.

Fog mode enables it to be used in foggy days. Along with its IP54 coating, you can basically use it in different conditions. However, the biggest cons are for its non-water-resistance performance. In order to reduce eye fatigue, there is a diopter adjustment knob for short-sighted or far-sighted persons.

For amateur games, it provides you with horizontal distance on uphill and downhill, angle compensation is displayed according to the degree of slope. It is quite light-weighted, reaching only 172g and can be taken anywhere you go.

Simple button design makes it pretty simple to operate even with gloves on. Apart from golfing, it is also able to be used for horse racing or car racing.


  1. Very accurate
  2. Easy to use
  3. Good performance for price


It hates water

Last Words on Best Golf Rangefinder Under 150…

In no matter what level you decide to get your rangefinder, you should always focus great attention on quality levels and accuracy. These are two basic and major factors and they determine whether the device you get is useful or not.

If the product you choose is in good quality level, then you can decide whether it is water-resistant, after all, you will always use it outdoor and face complicated weather conditions.

As for functions, there are many types you can choose, just determine which exactly one suits your needs most.

All the above recommended best golf rangefinders under 150 are quite trustful and worth buying. If you lack enough budget and intend to get a relatively good quality one, you can always choose casually from our review.

If you want to get more information on product specifications or price details, please feel free to check on Amazon.