Top 7 Best Golf Course Range Finders Reviews For Golfing Skills Improvement

Golf is a popular sport that helps kill your time on holidays, and also serves as an important method for improving bounds with you and your business partner. In order to practice golf skills, many choose to get a golf course.

On the golf course, there is one device that each person must have, which is a golf course range finder. It helps measure the distance between you and the target. Normally, the best golf course range finders are made small enough to be carried anywhere possible.

To help save your time on getting the best golf course range finders by yourself, we picked out several best types and made a detailed review for you as follow:

7 Best Golf Course Range Finders Comparison Chart

Do You Prefer to Use a Rangefinder to Measure Distance on the Golf Course?

You may ask, which ways of measuring the distance on the golf course is better, to use a rangefinder, or to do it in the old fashioned way? Well, I would prefer using the rangefinder, for it not only gives me the precise distance to the object but also helps improve my skills in playing golf.

Without the rangefinder, the only reliable method in calculating the distance would be human eyes. However, not all the players take a perfect shot with the measured distance from eyes, for it requires massive practice that you can get the ability to fully control with your power. However, when you are competing with others and neither of them uses the devices, then it is not fair for you to use distance measurement devices. Of course, with no technology, no precise yardage, no color-coded pins, and no slope distance, it is what proves the true ability of golf for players.

In the early days, any distance measurement devices are forbidden in tournament play, it violates the rule and is regarded as unfair. In 2016, the USGA made a revision and decided that certain rangefinders are allowed to be used in the game, but the slope function is still not allowed.

Features on Best Golf Course Range Finders

First, let’s discuss what features the best golf course range finders should have. Well, we all know that flagstick is a small object, especially when set far away, eyeball estimation on distance is not reliable at all. Then you need to get one with large monocular, a 6x magnification type is the best choice. It gives the best magnifying effects on your target perfectly.

What makes a rangefinder useful is for its accurate distance readout, for the main purpose and ultimate aim of the rangefinder is to measure the distance between you and target. Without precise measurement, it serves as only a half binocular.

Slope distance or in other words, the angle compensation system is a key factor in choosing the best golf course range finders. Playing golf is not always flat ground sports, you need to play it uphill and downhills frequently. A rangefinder with angle compensation offers precise slope distance according to the degree of slopes.

They are also designed compact and small in size. Why? Because you need to take it all the using time. Most of which are pretty light that you can operate with a single one hand.

The last feature on the golf course range finder is the simple to use of it. Pressing the range button, and then you can get an accurate distance in just a few seconds.

After getting enough knowledge on the features of the best golf course range finders, now you can decide which types of our reviews suits your needs most.

The 7 Best Golf Course Range Finders Reviews

1. Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Slope Patriot Pack Range Finder

top rated golf rangefinders
top golf rangefinders


The first laser rangefinder we think is perfect for golf course use is this Bushnell Tour V4 type. It has JOLT technology, once you pin on certain objects, it gives slight vibration to reduce all your doubts.

Ranging up to 1000 yards, you can get 400 yards to flagstick within one yard. On magnifying effects, it offers a 5x magnification system to help you get a full view of your target.

To offer useful distance measurement on uphill and downhill games, it provides you with angle compensation based on the degree of slope. Apart from golf course use, its shift slope system enables to turn off-slope mode and can be used for tournament play legally. But still, you need to be aware of detailed tournament rules you are to participate in for sure.

Red silicone protective skin with rubber armor prolongs its service life, and also improves the beauty of the device. It is not a cheap device, which is small but super functional, and of course, feels wonderful when holding in hand.


  1. The skin protects it from knocking or water
  2. The case is pretty rugged
  3. Quick and super easy to use
  4. Very accurate, only occasional errors
  5. Small but functional
  6. Slope works perfectly
  7. Easy and fast to lock on pins and other small targets


Works great on hard smooth objects but trees not too much

2. Nikon COOLSHOT PRO Stabilized Rangefinder

good golf rangefinder
good golf rangefinders

Nikon laser rangefinder of this Coolshot type is highly advanced in technology and function. It is also perfect to be used for shaky hands. Equipped with the second generation of exclusive stabilization technology, it minimizes the inaccuracy caused by shaking hands for specific reasons and works perfectly on pinning on small objects.

With incline/decline technology, you get precise slope distance according to the degree of the slope without changing your positions. It serves as a guide on showing how far you should play the ball and is quite helpful for beginners in golf course use.

To get the distance on objects around bushes and trees, you can use its lock-on technology, it shows a green circle and tells you the exact distance between you and the closest target.

An 8-second scan mode offers you the chance to gain continuously updated distance measurement. OLED display guarantees the lightness on distance display in dim light conditions. The compact shape also enables you to take it around anytime.


  1. Range readout instantly
  2. Smaller and lighter
  3. External LCD display
  4. Waterproof
  5. Eye relief
  6. Stabilization feature functions great
  7. easy to use with actual and slope distance on the display screen


  1. The diopter adjustment is quite stiff at the beginning
  2. The mode button doesn’t really have any tactile feel to it

3. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

top golf laser rangefinders
top rated golf laser rangefinders

It does not matter if you are not familiar with the brand, TecTecTec, for it is also a trustworthy laser rangefinder brand on the market. This VPRO500 golf rangefinder used to be a top-selling type on Amazon in 2017. Cost-effective price and brilliant performance makes it a popular choice among customers.

Pinsensor technology of it is used for getting fast but precise distance readout with 1-yard accuracy. It locks on overlapping objects around bushes and tress easily.

With 6x large monocular, it gives clear magnifying sight on your golf stick far away. After pressing down the range button, it shows distance in 2 or 3 seconds immediately.

Multi-layer optics minimize the loss of light and enable the best lightness of measurement display. With its compact shape, you can hold it steady and comfortable in hands.

What’s worth mentioning on this brand is brilliant after-sale service, through feedback on customers, TecTecTec is able to provide you with the most thoughtful service all the time.


  1. Excellent customers service
  2. Instantaneous distant feedback
  3. Locks on the pin by itself
  4. Simple operation
  5. Pretty clear glass and a 6X magnifications
  6. Good case
  7. Small and light
  8. Its multiple modes make it far more accurate in generic distances
  9. Easy to use the different modes
  10. Fast to fix on the target


Black display

4. Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder with JOLT

golf rangefinder comparison chart
golf rangefinder ratings

If you intend to get one mid-level laser rangefinder for golf course use, we would highly recommend this type. Covered with black coatings, it resists dirty in frequently use. Delicate design on appearance also makes it feel so comfortable in hands and does not feel cheap.

Comes with JOLT technology, it has slight vibration once you hit on the target, this is especially useful for beginners, in order to reduce all your doubt in pinning on objects. But still, you need to have several tries on getting pins.

It is a rather long distance range finder, which maximum distance ranges to 1300 yards, for flag use, it reaches 450 yards at its most. It is also equipped with 6x magnification to get a full view of your objects.

With 2nd generation E.S.P. Technology, the speed on getting precise distance reading is improved a lot. Unlike other black display types, this one has red vivid light to show clear sight in dim light.


  1. Compact
  2. Accurate
  3. Takes only 2 seconds for reading to show
  4. Best build quality
  5. The red display makes it readable in low light
  6. Super easy and fast to find the pin
  7. Long battery life
  8. Sturdy and has a good grip


  1. It takes some clicks to recognize the pin
  2. It gives a tenth of the yard in short distant

5. NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder by Precision Pro Golf

golf rangefinder rankings
golf pro rangefinder


This laser rangefinder, is actually a highly recommended best golf course laser range finder on the market, both for its reasonable price and worth trusting performance.

It is also equipped with slope technology, provides precise angle compensation to make club selection much easier. For tournament play, you can also turn it off for legally use.

It pins on objects pretty fast, gives a short vibration once you pin on certain objects. With its advanced technology, it helps stabilize the image and machine, so as to be a perfect choice for shaky hands use.

Thanks to its adjustable viewing lens, you can get the best light conditions according to actual use. It is really compact and is easy to be carried around. Simple one-button design enables it to be used with a single one hand even with gloves on.


  1. Give distance pretty fast
  2. Great, compact and solidly built
  3. Adjustable viewing lens
  4. Gives vibration when focus on objects
  5. Pretty accurate
  6. Unbeatable price
  7. Good on golf course


  1. It measures obstruction distance when there is some sort near the green
  2. Black readout

6. Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

most accurate golf rangefinder
highest rated golf rangefinder

This is another Bushnell golf rangefinder that is quite suitable for golf course use. Along with Slope-Switch technology, you can toggle in and out of slope function. And in terms of slope technology, it offers precise angle compensation based on the degree of slope, which is quite helpful for golf course use.

As an advanced laser rangefinder of Bushnell, this one is of course equipped with PinSeeker with JOLT technology, it pins on objects super fast and gives short vibration once you pin on flagstick.

Dual display technology of it finally solves the problems on display, the red vivid display can be used perfectly in dim light conditions, while the black display is quite helpful in getting a clear display in bright lights.

Rubber armor design also makes it pretty steady when holding, compact shape of it feels pretty good in hands.


  1. A quick readout on distance
  2. Rubber armored built makes it safe
  3. Convert between black and red display easily
  4. Super accurate
  5. Slope feature is right on the money
  6. Fits in hand perfectly when using
  7. Only one switch for slope mode
  8. The metal case is sturdy
  9. Jolt is extremely useful for old people


A bit expensive

7. Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder 

compare golf laser rangefinders
compare golf rangefinders

Lack of enough money on buying those mid-level and high end best golf course range finders we recommended before. Well, you could try this one, Nikon Coolshot 20 is pretty functional and works well, but is a bit less expensive than those above.

If you compare this one with normal range finders on the market, you will find it super light weighted and small, it is even as small as a smartphone, so that you can take it easily with you in using.

Two buttons set on the machine makes it pretty easy to operate with a single one hand, one is for range, while the other one is for changing modes. The first target priority mode of it is quite useful, it helps a lot with getting distance on small objects.

With 8 second continuous scan, you get accurate updated measurement in a short period of time. Of course, it is also equipped with slope technology to offer slope distance in golf course use.


  1. Pretty clear and even clearer than other brands
  2. Picks up flat easily
  3. Automatically turn off to save battery life
  4. Fits in pocket, easy to operate with one hand
  5. Extremely accurate
  6. Super easy to use
  7. Long-lasting battery


You have to have a pretty steady hand because of its small shape

Things to Consider In Picking the Best Golf Course Rangefinders

1. Accuracy

The best golf rangefinder should deliver accurate results since it is the intended purpose. It is good to know that the accuracy of the golf course rangefinder should be considerate of several factors that include:

  • Physical barriers.
  • Elevation.
  • Sloping of the golf course.

With that in mind, you should consider a golf rangefinder that will provide perfect and reliable information. You can go for a model that uses DNA and TGR technologies. These features will give you accurate elevation and slope measurements. That being said, you should avoid owning shoddy rangefinders that will give you inaccurate yardages. After purchasing a golf course rangefinder, you should test it immediately. This will enable you to know whether the readings are correct.

2. Usability

You might be aware that most golf course rangefinders in the market are lightweight. That is the preference for most golf players. You will have an easy time when carrying a lightweight golf course rangefinder. In addition, most people prefer going for a golf course rangefinder device that is easy to operate.

The buttons and interface of the specific golf course rangefinder should be easy to use. You will come across even some golf course rangefinders that can record the progress made by the players in the golf course. It is also important to note that there are some models that will help you choose the best golf club to use for a particular shot.

3. Display

Are you interested in the manner in which the information collected by the golf course rangefinder is displayed? In that case, you should choose a golf course rangefinder that has been designed with an interactive display.

There are some rangefinder models that display colored images and well-calculated distance figures. Furthermore, the information displayed by the specific golf course rangefinder should be accurate and reliable. Keep in mind that it influences the player’s game.

4. Type of golf course rangefinder

Do you know that there are two types of golf course rangefinders in the market? Usually, they are differentiated by the tracking systems. These golf course rangefinders include:

  • Laser golf rangefinders.
  • GPS golf course rangefinders.

Therefore, it is important to differentiate the two types of golf course rangefinders when deciding to purchase a rangefinder. The two types of golf course rangefinders will provide differing statistics.

5. Price

It is arguably the first important thing you should consider when purchasing anything. It is the same case when it comes to golf course rangefinder. You should consider the price as compared to the varying features and the value provided by the whole unit. That is the reason why you are advised to stick to your financial budget. It makes a lot of sense of purchasing a device that will increase the fun in playing golf.

6. Consider where the golf course rangefinder will be used

Have you been looking for something to get a better span of the golf course? In such a situation, the laser rangefinder will be a perfect choice. If your needs are simple, you should not purchase GPS rangefinder since its use may be complex.

What Are the Most Innovative Golf Clubs or Ideas You Have Seen on a Golf Course Around the World?

The technology is rapidly changing the way of people’s lives, especially for the last 10-15 yards, all equipment has moved on significantly. And to get innovative ideas, one must follow the step of social development. Some of the innovative ideas or concepts as follow may be helpful for you if you intend to run a business on that.

-Partial membership

The Ridgemont Country Club in Rochester NY starts the partial memberships at the fraction of the cost of full membership. This offers the chance of players who can’t use the course frequently to start the membership and practice golfing skills when they are free. From one part, it gives benefits to private golfers and makes it more coordinated with their time; from the other part, partial membership attracts more players and can greatly improve their incomings.

-Irregularly Scheduled Activities

The France golf club Le Golf National hosted the Ryder Cup last year, which won the great repercussion among the golfers. Besides, there are also interesting practices held irregularly in the golf course, such as automated driving range, self-check-in activities, which allows you to pay for your round online and pull up directly to starting a hole.

-Improve service

Of course, as the most expensive sport in the world, all the golfers intend to enjoy the same high-level service, that’s how the club stays longer and more prosperous. You may start from small changes in attitudes, especially towards kids.

Are 1000 Yards on the Golf Course up to the Center or Edge of the Green?

A GPS system such as a laser rangefinder or a GPS watch will show you the distances from the tee box to the front center and back of the green with 5 yards or even 1-yard accuracy. To calculate the score, there will always be a mark on every hole from a point on the tee box to the center of the green. Just remember, the highest value number goes for the distance to the back edge of the middle of the green, while the middle number stands the distance to the center. Plus, the lesser value number is where the edge of the middle of the green lies.

golf course gps

How Do the Golf GPS iPhone Apps Get Their GPS Data For Golf Courses?

There are mainly two ways for apps to get GPS data for the golf course as far as I know. One is searching for satellite images from all kinds of sources such as Google map. The other is pretty time-consuming but is also more accurate, which uses certain devices to walk the course and plot all the relevant points. However, not all private courses allow people in private to do the mapping on their own property.

Anyway, the development of technology has made the thing easier and more straightforward, which eases your way to use in measuring the precise distance and improving your golfing skills.

How Do Golf Course Apps That Calculate the Distance to the Flag Know When Flag Position Has Been Changed?

Well, they don’t. It is impossible for an app to get the exact pin every time the flag position changed over 22,000 courses. They only give you the front and middle or back yardage of the green. For some apps, you can manually add the pin position where you think it is, and then it calculates to the point. Yet the accuracy is greatly lessened.

Best 5 Golf Course Range Finder App

Linking the rangefinder with your smartphone is able to greatly ease your way of playing golf, here are several golf course GPS Apps we would like to introduce for you, some matches with android, and some are the best golf rangefinder app for iPhone.

1. Golfshot – Best Golf Rangefinder App For iPhone

golf course yardage app

There are two editions that are now available, one for classic and the other is the plus edition. “Plus Scorecard and Tee Times” edition is compatible perfectly with Apple Watch and tends to add more graphics and flyovers than elder editions.


  • Zoomable aerial view
  • Shot distance tracking
  • Automatic course handicap calculator
  • E-mailable scorecards
  • Targes and hazards distance

2. Hole 19 – Best Free Golf Rangefinder App

free golf rangefinder app

This app is compatible with both Android and ios systems and is also Apple Watch available. The shining feature of it is that it needs no buck, totally free to use. However, compared with other free apps on the market, this one is equipped with a more user-friendly interface with its stylish and simple design.


  • Easy to use
  • Bird’s eye satellite image
  • scorecard function
  • Book times and tie the games into social media

3. GolfLogix – Perfect for Greens

 golf rangefinder app for apple watch

This app shows you the clear vision of the green with a 3D, topographical and in-depth map, which proves to be brighter and easier to use. You can get overall views on the distance to the center of the green, layup distance as well as distances to hazards.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive customization
  • Zoomable 3D map

4. Mobitee Premium Golf GPS for iPhone

free golf rangefinder app

Among the top-download GPS lists, Mobitee has always stood on the top position. This is also a free app that is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. From the clean interface, you can get all the satellite and aerial views of each hole and accurate distance readout.


  • Distance to the hole with moveable target
  • Register distances you pay each club
  • Powered majorly by Google Maps
  • Email your scores to your friends under approvable

5. Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS App

 golf rangefinder app for android  Among all the recommended apps, this one proves to be pretty easy to operate and gives the fast responsive. From the aerial image and satellite image, you can get the precise distance of each hole.


  • Colorful layout
  • Broad and complete database
  • Easy to use
  • Quick response

Final Verdict

After getting a full knowledge of several best golf course range finders on the market, do you know exactly which one fits you most? If not, we would like to recommend this NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder by Precision Pro Golf for you.

It is quite reasonable on its price, slope technology offers slope distance on uphills and downhill games, fast speed on pinning on objects, adjustable lens according to different light conditions, advanced technology for shaky hands use.

top 5 golf rangefinders
top golf range finders reviews

In a word, it is really a cost-effective product that meets demands on golf course use perfectly. If you want to get more about product specifications or want to get an updated price list, please feel free to contact us, we would like to offer you more suggestions if you need. Also, you can directly check on Amazon.