Top 7 Best All Around Rangefinder Reviews For Golfing, Hunting And Multiple Functions

For your maximum convenience while in a hunting mission, you want a rangefinder that is similarly Multipurpose. It is only by making use of such a gadget that you will be able to enjoy maximum convenience. To make your life simpler, we have deemed it in order to highlight and review seven of the best all around rangefinder of these kinds today.

What Is the Best All Around Rangefinder?

Top 7 Best All Around Rangefinder Comparison Chart

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Nikon 8397 ACULON...image Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder Gray, 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.5" / 91.0 x 73.0 x 37.0 mm Buy On
SereneLife Upgraded Advanced...image SereneLife Upgraded Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder Buy On
SereneLife Advanced Golf...image SereneLife Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Golf Rangefinder –...image Golf Rangefinder - 6X Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Precision Pro Golf...image Precision Pro Golf NX7 Golf Rangefinder Buy On
Bushnell Tour V4...image Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (Slope) Golf Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Bushnell Tour V4...image Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder Buy On

Best All Around Rangefinder Reviews

#1. Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder

laser rangefinders





Do you have some eyesight issues? This is the rangefinders to place your bet on. That is because it is designed with those who put on glasses in mind. It does have a long eye relief which plays the role of enhancing the visibility even when the wearer has poor eyesight.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Easy-to-view Display

Its display unit is pretty easy to view. It is uncluttered and able to exude the outcomes in meters and yards intervals. Thus, it serves to ward off any ambiguities which are ordinarily bound to arise. With awesome clarity, you also get to make awesome decisions that arise from those readings.

Single Button Operation

To operationalize this Aculon 8397 rangefinder, you only have to engage one button. This button automatically powers the rangefinder. It also cuts down the hassles that you will ordinarily have to confront to be able to derive the great readings you might be yearning for. This button powers down automatically after 8 seconds to save you power.

Ultra-compact Frame

Its skeleton comes about in an ultra-compact frame. Thanks to this small frame, the rangefinder is slim enough to fit the smallest pack or pocket. With this arrangement, you will be able to take the gadget wherever you might have to. That again gives you some added comfort and convenience.

  • Manages long the long eye relief
  • Embodies both performance and portability
  • The lens features the multilayer coatings for added longevity
  • Gives off more natural views
  • Minimizes the loss of light by way of reflection
  • Limited to those with eyesight issues
  • Does not have a couple of vital features
  • Inflicts higher utility bills on your part

#2: SereneLife Upgraded Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder with Pinsensor Technology

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Prepping for long-range hunts? This is the rangefinder to choose to work with. It has that distinctive capability of targeting objects that are as far as the 540 yards away. Furthermore, it also manages to display precise, accurate and reliable measurement outputs. These ensure that you obtain the outcomes you need hassle-free.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Adjustable Focus Lens

Unlike many other rangefinders, the lens of this one adjusts. If and when it does so, it enables you to view and magnify images for the sake of clearer views. It can, as a matter of fact, magnify images to a whopping 6X! You can never miss out on your objects with this in mind.

2 Selectable Modes

This camera gives you two modes to choose from. The first one is pin-seeking whereas the second is distance-measuring. Its former mode magnifies the tiniest details on the surfaces of the objects while the latter ‘brings closer’ those objects that are too far away.

Smart Digital Interface Display

After capturing and magnifying the images concerned, this gadget displays the images on a smart digital interface display unit. Other than the images themselves, the display also showcases the readout so as to give rise to better readings. With these vital resources, you can just never go wrong at all.

  • Displays images in yards and meters
  • Compact and portable in equal measure
  • Accompanied by a storage bag for expedited travels
  • Handles many outdoor chores like hunting, archery, and shooting
  • Compact enough to carry anywhere
  • Slightly costly to come by
  • An inexperienced user may find it too complicated
  • Imposes excessive repairs and maintenance

#3: SereneLife Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder

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Could it be that the things you intend to hunt are within your driving range? If they are, we invite you to try this rangefinder out. Its accurate and lens power are both optimized for the attainments of these very ends. Stay tuned to be able to know just how suited it is to that job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Pinsensor Technology

Its flagship trait is Pinsensor Technology. This one accords a pretty high degree of magnification. So accurate it is that it is able to magnify the minutest marks and details that exist on items like golf balls. In doing so, it spares you from the need to strain while taking readings.

Waterproof Digital Golf Range Finder

The item is also waterproof. This makes it a perfect candidate to operate in areas that receive excess precipitation. Moreover, it is also accurate enough to reach up to 540 yards from the gadget. On account of this, you will not really have to struggle to find your way.

Upgraded Optical View

Lastly comes the upgraded optical view. The view basically comprises the latest features that have been noted to give off the best possible outcomes. With these elegant features, you will enjoy the best views available at the moment. This, in turn, gives off more accurate shots and outcomes.

  • Delivers precise, accurate and reliable outcomes
  • Aids in improving the accuracy of your shots
  • Handles the perceptions of depths accurately
  • Estimates distances between two items with greater accuracy
  • Operable via a simple button control
  • Prolonged use may strain the eyes
  • Potentially harms your eyes when you stare at the sun
  • Requires some fair degree of expertise and controls

#4: VIVREAL Golf Rangefinder – 6X Laser Rangefinder

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Lack of sufficient cash? Choose this budget-friendly rangefinder. It is, as a matter of fact, the cheapest camera under $200. Nonetheless, it contains many useful features that a golfer will find handy. Thus, it is still likely to deliver to you the outcomes which a pricier version can manage.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

6X Magnification

The camera has a magnification of 6X. This one is powerful enough to give off the benefit of awesome visibility to you. With this magnification, it is possible for you to behold the items and objects that are ordinarily too minute to see with the naked eyes.

Waterproof and Highly-portable

On the whole, the rangefinder is waterproof and highly portable in equal measure. Owing to these two traits, the machine is able to perform well in an area that experiences heavy precipitation. At the same time, it is also light enough to allow you to carry it to a remote location easily.

Non-slip Materials

Only non-slip materials have been used to make the rangefinder. Thanks to these materials, the rangefinder accords some tight grip which also minimizes fidgeting. Even when your hands sweat profusely, you may be sure that the gadget will remain true to its character. This also cuts down any potential damages.

  • Small enough to fit your golf bag
  • Relatively simpler to make use of
  • Determines the distances between objects too!
  • Identifies any hazards as well
  • Disregards the background objects that are afar off
  • Lacking in many parts and components
  • May not handle professional applications perfectly
  • Yields limited returns on investment

#5: Precision Pro Golf, NX7 Golf Rangefinder

functional laser rangefinders





Are you a golfing enthusiast? You have no better companion than this rangefinder! It is entirely meant for matters of golfing as is evidenced by its structural makeup and specializations. A look at the review below will shed more light on just what it has to offer to you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Non-slope Rangefinder

Unlike your standard rangefinder, this one does not slope. As such, it is more likely to deliver to you excellent readings that are as accurate and in touch with the reality on the ground as possible. All its measurements bear an accuracy that falls within one yard.

Tag Technology

The “tag technology” exists as a vital part of this rangefinder. It stands for “target acquisition technology.” Its role is to skim the objects that lie along your path. It then magnifies the object by a factor of 6! In this manner, it is impossible for you to get your readings wrong.

Pulse Vibration Technology

Lastly comes the pulse vibration technology. Thanks to this vibration, the gadget emits some short vibrations while you focus on your target. With this vibration comes an added layer of confidence on your part. This further helps you with choosing the right club which leads to more accurate shots.

  • Water-resistant
  • Displays readings in meters and yards
  • Tested for power and durability
  • Compact enough or easy relocation
  • Discharges higher magnification power
  • Fidgety and quite cumbersome to engage
  • Consumes excessive power or utility levels
  • Has a rather shorter range

#6: Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (Slope) Golf Laser Rangefinder

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Capturing the images is one thing. Sharing those images elsewhere is yet another thing altogether. To be able to achieve the best possible outcomes, you want a rangefinder that is highly connected. Choose and prioritize this one as it is the most versatile of all. It does come along with an app to guarantee this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Slope Switch Technology

Many golfing fields are sloppy. The slope switch technology of this rangefinder helps you to toggle in and out of the slopes. In this way, you get to compensate for the distances around your golf course to ensure smooth flows of the balls. As such, the apparatus makes for great tournament use.

PinSeeker with JOLT technology

Whenever you aim your shots at the flag, the rangefinder’s JOLT technology strengthens the shots principally by supplementing it with some short vibrating bursts. This brings about two benefits. For one, it leads to more accurate shots and also limited muscle power on your part.

Bushnell Golf App

We have already hinted that the rangefinder is appropriately connected. It does come along with the Bushnell Golf App. The role of this is to make it easier for you to share the data in real-time. This also eliminates downtimes and other hindrances that ordinarily come along.

  • Accurate to 1 yard
  • Manages 5x magnification
  • Possesses fast focus system
  • Displays 3D flyovers with accompanying distances
  • Gets past hazards and distances with relative ease
  • Very complicated to an average user
  • Requires an above-average level of expertise
  • Requires too much attention on your part

#7: Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

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Are you a professional or an upcoming professional golfing tournament player? You can never claim to be serious without the use of this rangefinder. That is because it is manufactured with you in mind. It is particularly capable of firing shots from 5-1,000 yards with an accuracy of 1 yard.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Pin-seeker with Jolt Technology

The pin-seeker with the jolt technology ranks first among its most notable features. This one acts to deliver to you the accuracy you anticipate at any given time. Thus, it sees to it that you suffer not the limited shots on targets that others ordinarily have to suffer.

3D Flyovers with Distances

Next comes the 3D flyovers with distances. These two basically compute the distances between any two obstacles and hazards. In doing this, it spares you from the accidental shots and the dangers that typically arise. That way, the feature also spares from the boredom that many have had to endure.

Sound Form Factor

In all, the gadget has a sound form factor. With regard to this, it is more likely to deliver to you the efficacy you need to play your golfing tournaments reliably. Though potent, the gadget is also pretty compact and able to fit the smaller packaging materials with ease.

  • Comes about as a complete package
  • Has a pretty wide field of view
  • Its accuracy reaches up to 1 yard
  • Reinforces the laser lights and shots
  • Perfect for golfers of all capabilities
  • Limited to golfing matters alone
  • Predisposes you to the risks of fatigue
  • Emits some sound while operating

How Much Does It Cost to Get An All Around Rangefinder?

all around laser rangefinder reviews

Rangefinders measure the distance of various applications for the different resources needed. Many rangefinders are commercially used, and there have been recent advances in range measurement technology.

The cost of rangefinders vary from 60 to 12,000 dollars. Performance varies as much as cost. Essential factors in the evaluation of performance are scope, accuracy, and ease of use in field conditions, size, and weight.

The resolution required varies depending on the application or task that is performed. The common use is determining the distance to surrounding trees from the center of the earth, determining distances from a certain point to the next as in navigation, and calculating the height of the trees. Also, range adjusters can be used to help determine the size of a particular tree or wood bearers.

Size and weight

Some distance adjustment tools are exact, lightweight, and compact. Others are heavy and stressful. The size and weight of the portable equipment in the field jacket is an application that requires hiking or rough terrain. Accuracy is influenced by the location of the receiver, external sound waves, and noise. Wind noise from trees, bushes, streams, rain, crew conversations, traffic, or birds can affect readings. When measuring horizontal distance, the inclination of the receiver is vital. The broadband signal which is outgoing will be extended, increasing the error if the power adapter is not placed as close to the horizontal as possible.

guides on choosing best all around laser rangefinder


The test bandwidths were identified as representing the majority of commercially available bandwidths. Also, the rangefinder test devices were examined to meet the specified minimum standards, suitable for current typical applications. The minimum requirements for this test included the size, weight, and cost of less than $ 4,000, and it is not necessary to set a reflective objective to obtain the measurement. The test devices are assembled and calibrated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Optical distance meters

Other factors that affect cost include optical distance meters, which generally use the seashell method to determine distance. It has a series of lenses and mirrors to produce a binary image. The double images in the mirrors are grouped by a disk to make one. The dial contains a distance pointer. When you join the two images, the measure to your target is read from the dial.

A rangefinder is an instrument that calculates distance from the observer to a specific object. Through the process of range, they also provide elevations and angles, enabling accurate performance. Rangefinders have broad applications in golf, ballistics, forestry, and virtual reality.

Types of Rangefinders

Laser rangefinder – uses a laser beam to measure distance. Hunters mostly use them.
Optical rangefinders optical rangefinders-convenient for measuring a range of a stationary object by overlapping two images.
Infrared rangefinder – use infrared light technology to measure the length.

The different types of rangefinders have varying properties; hence, one has to consider various factors before deciding on which one to buy or use.

Factors to Consider on Buying Best All Around Rangefinders

1. Magnification

Magnification helps to focus on the target clearly and closely, which hence more clear. An optical rangefinder has useful magnification than a laser rangefinder. A better magnification provides a better field of view as it increases the range of the rangefinder. Magnification usually ranges from 4x to 10x.

best all around rangefinder

2. Beam divergence

Choose a rangefinder that has minimal beam divergence. Beam divergence limits the accuracy of measurements; hence, the target is not obtained correctly.

3. Technology used.

Select a rangefinder that has modern and efficient technology. Advanced technology provides vital aspects such as mode, angle compensation magnification, and multiple readings.

4. Angle compensation.

The angle between the observer and the target can be so full and may read to inaccurate results. Therefore, you should select a rangefinder that offers a better angle compensation, which in use in almost all terrains.

5. Lightweight and compactness.

It’s a great choice to have a rangefinder that is portable and compact. This will enable you to make fast and accurate shots when observing time is limited.

6.Reasonable price.

Pay according to the qualities of the rangefinder. Rangefinders with a modern technology that provides sufficient properties are more expensive but offer excellent services.

Usages of All Around Rangefinders

Distance measurement is part of the story and has been useful in many applications for years. The use of technological advances in this field can make your hunting adventure successful. Understanding the basics of the domain search engine can help you use these devices to your advantage. Today’s reach finders are the most accurate way to measure distance.

The operation of the all around rangefinders is to bounce a beam away from its target. Then, in the end, you can calculate the time it takes for the light to return to the device, which gives it an accurate measurement. Most use pulses of light that allow you to identify the invisible beam when it is reflected.

Many factors can affect all around rangefinder’s distance, although most are very accurate. Environmental conditions can change the distance read. The size of the object with its brightness can also affect it. The brighter or brighter the purpose is, the longer the distance can be obtained. The angle of your goal can also be a challenge.

For example, if you are looking for your target animal on steep terrain, it will have a limited range. Lighting conditions will also affect, but perhaps differently than you expect. You will get a larger maximum range in the cloudy sky where there is less light available.


best all around laser rangefinder for fishing

An excellent way to use all around rangefinders to hunt is to estimate ranges to different milestones as you explore animals frequently. It is useful to measure in advance where you can expect the game to appear so that when this cup begins, you are ready and can concentrate on your shot.

A domain search engine is an essential accessory for a successful search, allowing you to obtain an accurate measurement of your target area while guessing where your target is. You will enjoy sharing many of your success stories with your friends, and don’t forget to thank our domain search engine for your help!

The golf

golf use rangefinder

All around rangefinders are used for many things today, including golf. People can use this technique not only to measure the yardage in a particular shot but also to measure tilt and wind. Technology makes it very easy to get a yardage. In a typical range measuring instrument, one aims to reposition the grid on the flag panel and press a button to obtain yardage. There was controversy over whether they should be allowed in tournaments. Although its use is prohibited at a professional level, it has been widely used at the amateur level.


ballistic use laser rangefinder

Long-distance firearm users can use All around rangefinders to measure the distance to the target and allow the projectile to fall. The rangefinder shows a bright spot that can alert the target. Until electronic methods were developed to measure the range of archery during World War II.

Our best all-around rangefinder review comes to an end there. We now expect you to make a good purchasing decision. Simply use the information we have furnished in the reviews to do that. In case of the need for any further clarification, kindly let us know…