The 12 Best Rangefinder Under $200 Reviews Meet Your Hunting and Golfing Use

Rangefinders are essential gadgets used by golfers, surveyors, and also hunters. For each of these professions, they will require certain specific features of the rangefinder for optimal execution of their activities. There are very many different cheap rangefinders out there in the market, which makes it confusing as to which is best suited for you. Fortunately, we have done an exhaustive review of the best rangefinder under $200.

This best rangefinder under 200 reviews will offer you essential information that will go a long way at informing your purchase decision.

What Is the Best Rangefinder Under $200

Best Laser Rangefinder Under $200 Comparison Chart

Photo Title Buy
Vortex Optics Impact...image Vortex Optics Impact 850 Yard Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Sig Sauer Kilo...image Sig Sauer Kilo 1200 Rangefinder Black Buy On
Nikon 8398 ACULON...image Nikon 8398 ACULON Laser Rangefinder, Xtra Green Buy On
AOFAR GX-7N Black...image AOFAR H3 Hunting Range Finder 800 Yards Buy On
Leupold RX-650 Micro...image Leupold RX-650 Micro Laser Rangefinder 120464 Buy On
Bozily Golf Rangefinder...image Bozily Golf Rangefinder, 6X Rechargeable Laser Range Finder Buy On
WUFAYHD Golf Laser...image WUFAYHD Golf Laser Rangefinder Slope Golf Rangefinder with Pulse Vibration Buy On
Bushnell Trophy Laser...image Bushnell Trophy Laser Rangefinder, Matte Black Buy On
Uineye Laser Rangefinder...image Uineye Golf Rangefinder - Range : 5-1800 Meters, 0.3 Meter Accuracy Buy On

Why Buy the Best Rangefinder Under $200?

A rangefinder is a distance measuring device that helps you to get the distance between you and your target, in a process referred to as ranging. Just from the definition of the name rangefinder, then you can automatically conclude why you need to have the best rangefinder under $200.

There are various types of rangefinders used for hunting, golfing, and archery. Having this information in mind, then there are many reasons why you need to buy the best rangefinder under $200.

Despite having excellent eyesight or being an experienced hunter, a rangefinder is an important device to have it with you. However, even the experienced hunters also miss the target and make bad judgments from time to time. But when having the best rangefinder, these mistakes can’t occur.

This is one of the reasons why you need to have the best device. To understand the many reasons why you need to buy the best, then you need to know the benefits of using the best rangefinder under $200.

– Learning your load.

This is one of the reasons why you need the best rangefinder under $200. A rangefinder is not only used when hunting or aiming but also when practicing and learning about your load and rifle. This will help you to know the capabilities of your rifle.

– Accurate decisions.

When aiming for your target, whether in hunting or golfing, it is crucial to make an accurate aim without doing guesswork. The best rangefinder under $200 will help you get the accurate distance from your position to your target, hence making accurate aiming decisions. This is the most basic reason why you need a good rangefinder.

– Hassle-free hunting.

Having the best rangefinder guarantees you an easy hunting process. Usually, accurate aiming requires enough time to get the target especially for longer distances and less experienced hunters. Having the best rangefinder under $200 enhances easy and quick aiming, hence hassle-free hunting. Also, with the regular use of this device, you acquire better-aiming skills.

Features of Rangefinder Under $200

– Waterproof and fog-resistant.

This is one of the most important features in a rangefinder. Generally, a rangefinder is normally used for outdoor activities, and in the case of hunting, encountering harsh weather conditions is not a surprise. These devices boast waterproof and fog-resistant rangefinders, that allow you to easily navigate through all the harsh weather elements.

– High-quality optics.

Optics is also one of the crucial accessories in a rangefinder. High-quality optics ensures a clear display even from a far distance. These devices feature high-quality opticals including laser, optical, and infrared rangefinders.

– Accuracy.

Accuracy is another main reason why you would consider buying a rangefinder. Yes, a rangefinder under $200 may sound cheap and someone may tend to think that they are not of high quality. Some of the cheap rangefinders may have low-level accuracy for longer distances. However, there are some of these devices that feature pretty high accuracy for both short and long distances.

– Range.

The range determines the maximum distance that you can aim using your device. The best rangefinder under $200 features a long-distance range, of up to 1500 yards, that allows you to hit your target from a far distance.

– Speed.

The speed at which you get an accurate distance measurement and focus is another essential feature in a rangefinder. These devices feature fast and accurate measurement speeds allowing you to easily and quickly focus, and make your shot instantly and accurately.

– Simple and compact design.

These devices feature a small and compact design that allows easy handling, portability, and storage. Also, the simple design allows simple and quick operation.

Different Types of Rangefinder Under $200

Generally, there are different types of rangefinders categorized based on their usages and purpose. The following are three different types of rangefinders below $200.

– Hunting rangefinders.

Just like the name, these rangefinders are specifically designed for hunting. However, there are several types of hunting rangefinders designed to fit the method of hunting or the type of hunting tools used.

They include rifle hunting, bow hunting, among others. Rifle hunting rangefinders are the most versatile hunting rangefinders. These devices are used to find, locate, and get accurate distance measurements of the prey, by the hunter.

– Golfing rangefinders.

Golfing rangefinders are designed for playing golf. They are used by golf players to measure the distance of their target or the flag. These rangefinders are of two types: GPS and laser rangefinders. The difference between these two types is the method of getting the distance. The GPS rangefinder requires you to get the golf map and download it to get the distances, while the laser rangefinder automatically gets the distance using laser technology.

– Archery rangefinders.

Archery rangefinders are a type of rangefinders designed for archery playing, but can also be used for bow hunting as well. These devices consist of certain features that enhance accurate aiming, for instance, the angle compensation feature. Archery rangefinders are used to help in getting accurate measurement and aim, hence perfect and precise target shooting.

Usages of Rangefinder Under $200

– Find your target.

A good rangefinder under $200 can be used to find and locate a target. Despite giving you an accurate measurement, the device also helps in locating the target easily hence easy hunting.

– Getting accurate distance measurements.

Rangefinders under $200 are also used to get accurate measurements between your position and your target. This enhances easy, fast, and accurate shots.

– Used to make clear shots.

Basically, a rangefinder is used to get the accurate distance measurement, however, some versatile rangefinders under $200 offer more than that. Despite having an accurate measurement, you are not yet guaranteed a clear shot due to other obstructions. Some of these devices consist of shot clearance features that enable you to get clear shots. These features provide you with the area highlights from the center to the highest arrow point, exposing all the possible obstructions.

– Getting closer.

Rangefinders under $200 are also used to get closer to the target without moving an inch away from your position. This enhances easy aiming and accurate shots.

Is Rangefinder Under $200 Worth Buying?

Yes, the price of a product, in relation to your budget, is a factor to consider when buying any product. However, going with the thumb rule, the cheaper the price tag the low quality the product is or can be. A rangefinder under $200 can be considered as cheap, and therefore, the higher the probability of getting a low-quality rangefinder. However, this should not stop you from buying your rangefinder under $200.

Generally, there are a plethora of manufacturers of rangefinders in the market today. Some of these manufacturers are very honest with their customers and will always consider all customers from different classes. These manufacturers provide cheap and affordable rangefinders under $200, without sacrificing quality and performance, hence assured of a quality rangefinder.

Also, if you do your homework well, open your eyes widely, and consider all the factors required, then you will surely get the best rangefinder under $200 that is worth buying. In conclusion, saying that rangefinders under $200 are not worth buying would be a lie. Some of these devices are of high-quality, effective, and high performance, yet, cheap and affordable hence worth buying.

Best Brand Rangefinder

There are many rangefinders in the market today, but this article will dwell on the best brands rangefinders.

1. Bushnell Golf Rangefinder.

Bushnell manufactures golf laser rangefinders but they can also be used for archery and hunting. Some of the laser rangefinders by Bushnell include Bushnell hunting series 1 rangefinder, Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder among others. The brand offers quality levels and at the same time cost-effective.

2. Leupold Laser Rangerfinder.

Leupold is another brand that produces laser finders which include golf hunting and archery types. One of their products is RX-650 that is best for archery type. Every customer is considered with the cheap series, the mid-level, and also the high-level types. Their qualities are not compromised with some of the best reviews.

3. Nikon Laser Rangefinder.

This is a top-rated brand that most people are familiar with. It is well known for its binoculars and cameras. It also focuses on rangefinders with its coolshot and the monarch series as the best products from them. The coolshot series are meant for golf use and the monarch series for hunting purposes. The brand boasts one of the most advanced technologies that minimize the false-ranging rate.

The 12 Best Rangefinder Under $200 Reviews

 1. Best Pick – Vortex Optics Impact Rangefinder

best rangefinder under $200




This fantastic rangefinder is designed into a lightweight and compact package, which features a highly intuitive menu and non-lit display. This rangefinder is incredible owing to its added magnification, which helps to zoom targets in for improved accurate ranging and a better look.

It offers you the ability to easily track any target that is moving, whereby you can set the rangefinder to read in meters or yards. This makes it a great gadget to have on all your hunting expeditions, whereby great success is guaranteed.

It always helps to know how much battery power you have at any particular time, and this rangefinder has a visible battery life indicator. This means that you never miss a hunt just because your battery died without warning.

You do not want to stop your hunt based on the weather conditions, which is the case when you use this rangefinder. It features a shockproof and waterproof design, which will ensure that your hunt continues in spite of prevailing conditions.


2. Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $200 – Sig Sauer Laser Rangefinder

best rangefinder for under $200




This rangefinder is indeed very user-friendly. It has an incredibly advanced system that runs through a processing engine that supports an excellent user interface for the most incredible user experience. This ensures that any lucky owner of this rangefinder will have the latest technology at their disposal, which is also easy to use.

It boasts excellent accuracy and incredible speeds at far distances, which is terrific for any hunter who wants to target their prey at longer distances accurately. This will also fascinate other professionals such as golfers and surveyors, who also require an accurate measure of distance that these rangefinder offers.

The design of this rangefinder is such that one can easily handle it with one hand, owing to its compact design. Thereby making it an incredible gadget for a hunter to have when they are out doing what they love best.


3. Nikon ACULON Laser Rangefinder

best golf rangefinder under $200




One of the most essential traits of a good rangefinder that every hunter is looking for its compactness. This is because everyone wants a gadget that does not become a burden to them during the hunt. But, everyone wants an easy to carry and practical accessory. The Nikon Laser Rangefinder fits that description, with its incredibly compact design.

This great equipment features screen displays that are easy to read, and it also helps to note that they are uncluttered. When one is using this rangefinder, they can concentrate on what they are best at, hunting. Of course, with incredible results owing to its accuracy.

It features an innovative single button that makes this gadget easy to use as one gets prompt and easy measurements. This ensures that you only concentrate on your prey and do not waste your time navigating through the rangefinder.


4. AOFAR 800 Yards Hunting Range Finder

2000 yard rangefinder




This incredible rangefinder can be used in any prevailing condition, owing to its revolutionary design. You need not worry when faced with a dusty situation, foggy, or even rainy situation as this gadget is designed to withstand all this.

Every hunter wants a reliable rangefinder that will not let them down during that precious hunting expedition.
Every shooter and hunter want a rangefinder that has excellent displays of horizontal, straight-line, and angle distances, whereas this rangefinder offers such a magnificent display. It also has friendly measurement units, whereby the hunter can choose between using meters or yards.

It also features a compact design that is made with the hunter in mind, thereby making it very easy to carry it around and hunt effectively. One can be guaranteed to get a clear lens that is very easy to read for anyone. This is an ultimate gadget for a passionate hunter, shooter, golfer, or even surveyor.


5. Leupold Micro Laser Rangefinder

best hunting rangefinder under $200




This magnificently designed rangefinder features a fog proof and waterproof design, thereby making it ready for any expedition in all conditions. It is a best friend to every enthusiastic hunter. One can be assured of using this gadget for a very long time, without worrying about it breaking down on the job.

It has an incredible magnification that allows you to have a lot of power. You also get to view a wider field as you effectively track objects while on the move. This ensures that you get excellent hunt excursions every time you want to.

It features a fantastic battery with an essential power indicator display that shows the level of the battery at any given time. This ensures that the hunter is always prepared, and will not lose any game due to a dead battery.

This rangefinder has excellent images that are bright and pristine, owing to its multicoated lens system.


6. Bozily Golf Rangefinder

2000 yard rangefinder




This rangefinder has high-quality cameras with impeccable magnification, thereby allowing you to be effective at your outdoor activity of choice. It has a fabulous digital display, which ensures ease of use. When using this gadget, you can be assured of great accuracy and incredible speed when focusing on your target.

Whether you are out there watching birds, shooting, taking engineering measurements, climbing, racing, or even hunting, this is the best rangefinder for incredible results. It features advanced technology that allows it to speedily and accurately measure distance and angles.

You do not have to worry when suddenly your outdoor activity is happening on a rainy day, mainly because this rangefinder is waterproof. Its accuracy is like no other, and you can be assured of clear images at lengthy distances.

You will never go wrong with this great invention, whereas its compact design will also impress you as you get clear images over long distances.


7. WUFAYDH Golf Rangefinder

rangefinder 1200 yards




This fantastic gadget features an amazing pro slope technology. This slope technology ensures that any user can choose the most appropriate golf club. It is an incredible gadget that will ensure every golfer has impressive experiences every time they are out there doing what they love most.

If you are a golfer with shaky hands, this is the rangefinder suited for you. It has excellent optics that ensure a clear view of the yard, thereby increasing your accuracy of getting the golf ball into the hole.

It helps to note that this rangefinder is waterproof, meaning that you get to use it in wet conditions without worrying about it failing.

You will easily know then the right distance has been established by this rangefinder, owing to its revolutionary vibration technology. It will give you a short vibration when it has accurately measured the distance to the hole.


8. Nikon Bowhunting Rangefinder

best golf laser rangefinder under $200




It features accurate and speedy distance measurements irrespective of the angle. Which is an incredible feature for any hunter with the zeal of a successful hunt? With this rangefinder, you will be assured of easily sighting game, and then effectively executing your mission.

It is effortless to carry this rangefinder around, owing to its ergonomic design. It has been designed for the ultimate ease of use, whereby the single button feature is friendly to every hunter. This gadget is also lightweight, meaning that you will not tire easily as you carry it around on your mission.

It feels great when you finally have a successful hunt, and this greatly satisfies your passion as a hunter. Whenever you use the Nikon Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder, you know that you have the best companion your hunting excursion could use. You will get fantastic accuracy on every terrain, including a steep terrain.


9. Bushnell Hunting Rangefinder

best golf rangefinder under 200




This rangefinder has incredibly speedy measurements, with impeccable accuracy suitable for every hunting tour. Its housing is designed in a manner such that it is rainproof and durable. You will be sure to use this rangefinder for quite a long time, with successful hunts every time guaranteed.

Its design is compact, meaning that one can easily carry it around as they spot the game of their choice. You will also note that this gadget will withstand many nasty conditions every time you go hunting, such as rainy seasons. This is great as most hunting environments will not tolerate delicate devices.

It is incredible to note that this rangefinder features a grip feature, which ensures that this critical equipment does not slip and fall. This is useful at ensuring that you get to carry this rangefinder on every other hunting tour.

The all-important battery life indicator is also available on this rangefinder. Thereby ensuring you are always ahead of your game while in the hunt.


10. Uineye Golf Rangefinder

best laser rangefinder under $200




This is indeed a much more powerful rangefinder. It is indeed a dream come true for anyone with a fun outdoor activity that requires the measurement of distance. This rangefinder is specifically great for golfers, who can now accurately measure the distance between their ball and the hole. Whereas one is assured of great accuracy as they execute their mission.

It helps to know that this rangefinder is water-resistant, which makes it even much more enjoyable as its used outdoors. Whether you are hunting or golfing, you will fall in love with this gadget, as you effectively execute your goal.

It is designed in a manner that makes it easy to carry around, with a comfortable grip that facilitates your activities. You will be amazed at how odds are increased to your favor as you get outside to do what you love best.


11. Nikon PROSTAFF Laser Rangefinder

best golf laser rangefinder under $200




This incredible rangefinder will allow you to target objects more precisely, owing to its state of the art Tru-target technology. This technology will enable you to comfortably range small objects as well as capture distances between several targeted objects.

It is fascinating to note that you can always carry this rangefinder, despite the nasty elements. It is designed with a waterproof and weather-resistant housing that makes it ideal to use in harsh weather conditions. You will love this rangefinder as you plan for your next hunting expedition.

Its compact design is also worth noting, mainly because it will make your hunt much more comfortable. You will be able to easily carry it with one hand as you easily scan through the horizon for your game.
This is the ultimate rangefinder whenever you decide to venture in an outdoor function that involves measuring target distance.


12. Best Hunting Rangefinder Under $200 – Athlon Optics Laser Rangefinder

best golf laser rangefinder under $200




With this rangefinder, you can always be assured of getting the correct horizontal distance to your preferred target. Every person who is into an activity that entails measuring the distance to a particular target will be impressed by this feature. Mainly because they will have successful excursions when engaged in their specific outdoor activities such as hunting, shooting, or even golfing.

This rangefinder gives better, brighter images than single coated lenses. It can provide much more vivid images owing to its multicoated optics that effectively minimizes reflected lighting. It is the ultimate rangefinder that every hunter, golfer, shooter, or even surveyor is looking to own.

It has a design that allows one to comfortably hold it in one hand as you easily scan through your yard, getting an accurate measure of distances.


We have carefully reviewed the above listing of the best rangefinders under $200, and hope that it will be useful when you plan for your next hunting expedition.

These different rangefinders are excellently priced at under $200 and will offer incredible solutions to your outdoor needs. You can be assured of more successful hunts, golf scores, and practical measurements of distance in your every outdoor activity.

Buying Guides of Best Rangefinder Under $200

You can get the best rangefinder under $200 if you can search well. There are several models of rangefinders available out there, you need to assess the different rangefinders and locate the best. There are some rangefinders that come with several features while others will have few features. You can get an affordable rangefinder if you can narrow down to specific features you need. For example, if you need a simple rangefinder you can apply to measure distances, then it is possible to get the best rangefinder under 200. Here are the guides of best rangefinder under 200 to allow you to make the right decision:

Intuitive menu

Check on the menus available on the display. There are some rangefinders that are built to incorporate several features. You can work with such rangefinders and they will help you realize the best performance. It is necessary to research on the different models of rangefinders out there after you decide to go for the best. A rangefinder with an intuitive display allows you to take the measurements fast. It is necessary for applications such as hunting where you need to shoot fast or the game will disappear.

Compact and lightweight

You will be carrying the rangefinder around. It is essential to consider a unit that is lightweight so that you cannot find it a burden to carry around. You need to check on the product display from where you will know the construction. In most cases, the product manuals will indicate the overall weight of the rangefinder. A rangefinder made out of an aluminum can be lightweight but at the same time very reliable. You need to spend your money wisely when buying the rangefinders, try to check on the price and compare with other models before you proceed to order.

High accuracy

How accurate is the rangefinder? You need a highly accurate rangefinder to avoid cases where you will have a unit that will stress you later. Take time to check on the different features available on the rangefinder after which you can make an informed decision.

The rangefinders are designed in such a way they will offer a specific level of accuracy. If you intend to apply the rangefinder in applications such as military which require high accuracy, then you need to check on the overall design of the rangefinder before you can buy. Apart from the high accuracy, you should as well check on the precision offered in a given rangefinder. A rangefinder which is highly reliable will assure you value for money in the long run.

Type of display

Rangefinders can have different types of displays. There are some laser rangefinders that apply LED display while others work on the LCD display. You will realize a unit that applies an LED display is clear than the one which applies the LCD display. You need to take time and assess the type of display. There are times when you will have to apply the rangefinder in low lights. In such a case, you need to go for a unit that has been built to achieve the highest level of clarity even in the low light conditions.

Battery life indicator

Laser rangefinders will rely on the laser beams generated from the units. In most cases, the laser beams are powered by the inbuilt battery. You need to know when the battery is low to an extent where you will have to recharge it. Ensure you check on the general design of the battery from where you can recharge. It will be easy to know the battery level if it has an indicator. Check on the indicators available on the unit before you can proceed to purchase.

Waterproof and shockproof

The best laser rangefinder should be waterproof and shockproof. It will not be good if you can have a rangefinder that will expose you to shocks. It will affect your performance. In places where you need to spend time in the jungle, you need to be careful of the issue of rain and the rangefinder coming into contact with water. Check on the general construction of the rangefinder and ensure it will not be affected by water. It is upon you to compare the different rangefinders available in the market after which you can decide on the best.

Top 3 Best Rangefinder Under $200