Best GPS for Hiking and Backpacking

Are you a hiker or a backpacker who sometimes detaches and retreats to a faraway location? You need a GPS device to help trace you and keep you in check. The GPS device is a piece of instrument that is able to pick signals from the satellites and compute the user’s geographical location.

The first and foremost task to do to make the most of this gadget is to find the best GPS for hiking and backpacking. To do that, you will no doubt require extensive help and support. We have prepared this piece to help you to do just that.

Do You Need a GPS for Backpacking?

YES, you badly need the best GPS for hiking and backpacking for yourself. Below are the core reasons why this is the case:

Search and Rescue

This device allows for your search and rescue if it so happens that you get lost in your trails. That is given its ability to compute and display your precise geographical location at any given time. Chances of you getting lost along the way are hence heavily suppressed with this gadget in your hands.

Weather Prediction

Some of the modern versions of this device are also able to predict the weather. Thus, by choosing to work with it, you get to stay ahead of the game insofar as getting the weather data is concerned. On the same note, you also get to anticipate any adverse issues and mitigate them in time.

Pacing and Progress

Other than merely letting others know your precise location at any given time, the device may also help you with the matters of fitness and exercising. That is primarily because of its capability to determine your pace and progress. In the course of using it, you get to stay ahead of the game well.

Trail and Backcountry Navigation

Perhaps no other gadget is more suitable for the trails and backcountry navigations than the GPS-enabled devices. You may use it to plan your routes, preload maps, or even track yourself in case you get lost. In fact, you can never do a great job without getting your hands on it.

How to Choose GPS for Hiking and Backpacking?

To choose the best GPS for hiking and backpacking, you need to factor in the following considerations:

Size of Display Unit

The size of the display unit should come first in the list of your preferences. A good device has to have a screen size that is sufficiently large and clearly legible. That is to eliminate all forms of ambiguities that may arise when the same is not easily seen or beheld.

Connectivity and Compatibility

A great device has to be compatible with many other like-minded gadgets. These include mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and networks. The purpose of this connectivity is to allow for smoother sharing of the data between two or many gadgets at a time. This selfsame requirement applies to the software as well.

Battery Life

Since these gadgets derive their power from the batteries, it is imperative that they manage longer battery lives. The longer the battery life, the more likely that the gadget will serve you interruptedly for a prolonged amount of time. You also want to prioritize the rechargeable version.


In the course of using these gadgets, you will have to feed the same with prompts and commands. To do this, you will have to engage the interface. The best interface has to be the touch screen version as it is the easiest to engage and the most responsive.

Advanced Features

Ideally, the gadget of choice has to possess a set of advanced features and extras. These should include the electronic compass, barometer, and wireless transmission capabilities, to name but a few! This is significant to cut down the hassles you would have to go through to manage your gadget.

Best GPS for Hiking and Backpacking Reviews

Let us now review the best GPS for hiking and backpacking at the moment:

#1: Garmin GPSMAP 66st, Rugged Multi-satellite Handheld


This is a handheld gadget that also contains numerous sensors. These sensors serve to cheapen the task of engaging the item by automating the processes that are involved in tracking you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Premium GPS Handheld

Its make features the premium GPS handheld stature. Thanks to the premium version of the gadget, it tends to last longer and also enables many years of potential usage.

Sunlight-readable Color Display

A large sunlight-readable color display comes in next. It measures the impressive 3 inches in size and hence allows for easier viewing. You can never miss out on your readings with it in your hands.

Multiple Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)

This device is able to receive signals from many satellite devices at any given time. Thanks to this arrangement, the gadget guarantees maximum convenience in the course of use and engagement.


Enables direct-to-device downloads of captured data
Requires no annual subscriptions
Boasts of an expanded wireless connectivity


Easily affected by signal interference

#2: Garmin eTrex 30x, Handheld GPS Navigator


If you happen to hike a lot every quite often, you need a gadget that can save your settings and regurgitate them smoothly the next time the same is needed. Look up to this gadget to start out with.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Pre-loaded Basemap

A pre-loaded base map ranks tops among the many excellent features it can offer to anyone. The pre-loaded nature of the map sees to it that you gain the access to the map whenever and wherever you might need the same.

Built-in Sensors

A set of built-in sensors also exist as vital parts and components of the gadget altogether. They basically serve to detect any changes in the environment and trigger the gadget to respond appropriately without your input.

Wireless Connectivity

It lastly shares data seamlessly with many other like-minded gadgets. This is a feat that it achieves smoothly via the wireless connectivity feature. You hence won’t have to expend too much effort and expertise to have your way.


Possesses a powerful memory that eases your burdens
Highly resistant to water damages
Communicates smoothly with the other like-minded gadgets


Calls for too much expertise on your side

#3: Spot 3 Satellite GPS Messenger – Orange


For your added safety, you want a gadget that is backed by excellent backend support. To access such services, we ask you to choose this premium GPS device for backpacking. It demands a subscription prior to its engagement.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

S. O. S. Emergency

The gadget is great for matters of emergency in the sense that it alerts every stakeholder in times of impending danger or emergency. It hence plays a key role in staving off dangers and hurts.

Check-in Alert

A check-in alert exists to aid your contacts to know where exactly you are. This is a fate you achieve by typing a pre-programmed message and having the device send it to them automatically.

Help/spot S. O. V.

For your added support, you have the help/sort SOV feature for your leverage. With this, you may send out requests for help from your family members and friends through to your location with ease.


Lets you communicate with your friends via a custom message
Tracks and save your locational history
Sends out distress calls to friends and peers


Requires enrolment in a service agreement

#4: Garmin GPSMAP 64sx, Handheld GPS


To navigate your backwater country with exceptional smoothness, you have to choose a comprehensive gadget of this kind. It doubles up as a compass and an altimeter not to mention the built-in maps.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Rugged and Water-resistant Design

Its design is highly resistant to water damages. That stems from the extensive use of only waterproof materials to make the structure up. Thus, the item is likely to serve you well in rainy and damp conditions.

Topo Active Maps

Also fed into the system are some Topo Active maps that are highly interactive and clearly legible. Expect the gadget hence to serve you well regardless of how remote the area you deploy it for use may seem.

High-sensitivity Receiver

Crowning all the major features of the item is a high-sensitivity receiver that serves to accept signals from multiple satellites. The receiver hence goes a long way in deepening the receipt of the signals and the subsequent actions.


Operable by the simple touch of a button
Incorporates the compass and the altimeter
The color display is clearly legible


Comes at a prohibitive cost


For your best GPS for hiking and backpacking, the information we have generously provided above is truly awesome. All you have to do is read through them keenly a second time. As you make this thorough reading, be sure also to match your tasks and intended needs for better choice thereafter.