The 10 Best Laser Rangefinder For Hunting Comparison Charts

The laser rangefinder is widely used in all sorts of outdoor games, such as archery, hunting and golfing. In terms of hunting, there are also bow hunting and rifle hunting. No matter what outdoor sports you are participating in, you will always need a laser rangefinder to help measure the distance to your target.

There are many factors to consider in choosing the best laser rangefinder for hunting, and once you get the most suitable one, you can save a lot of money and get great joy in playing with it.

So how to pick and what exactly rangefinders you should choose? In this best laser rangefinder for hunting review, you will get your answer.

What are the Best Laser Rangefinders for Hunting on the Market?

Photo Title Buy
Bushnell 4x21 Hunting...image Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Bushnell 202540 Hunting...image Bushnell 202540 Hunting Series Elite 1 Mile Con-X Horz Bluet Arc Vdt ESP Wp Box 6L Laser Rangefinders, 7 X 26, Brown Buy On
Leupold RX-850i TBR...image Leupold RX-850i TBR with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Nikon 8397 ACULON...image Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder Gray, 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.5" / 91.0 x 73.0 x 37.0 mm Buy On
Simmons LRF 600...image Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence Laser Rangefinder Buy On
TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf...image TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Buy On
Halo XL450 Range...image Halo XL450 Range Finder Buy On
Golf Rangefinder, Laser...image WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder Buy On
Eyoyo Golf Range...image Eyoyo Golf Range Finder Buy On

Top 10 Best Laser Rangefinder For Hunting Reviews

1. Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder

best rangefinder for night hunting
best entry level hunting rangefinder
Accuracy+/- one yard
Magnification x objective 4x 21mm
Range600 yards
1 year warranty

This laser rangefinder is popular praised for its excellent performance and affordable price, it is a simple design type that meets needs of hunting use perfectly.

It measures distance pretty quickly and accurately, you need only press the single button and it shows distance in about 2 seconds. If you compare it with other hunting types, you will find it is designed into horizontal type, making it more suitable for rifle and bowhunting.

The case is included for protecting the machine for knocking or getting wet. Both meter and yard can show on display. Glass optics are clear, but you need to hold it steady for getting an accurate reading.

For large animals hunting, it works pretty well within 350 yards. Clear and light weight shape makes it quite easy to hold in hand.


  1. A basic type
  2. Clear optics
  3. Light and comfortable to hold
  4. Can be used for both hunting and golfing
  5. Simple one button design
  6. Special horizontal shape


  1. Do not have tilt option
  2. Need to stand or hold still in using for getting accurate reading

2. Bushnell Hunting Series Elite 1 Mile Laser Rangefinders

best 1000 yard hunting rangefinder
best value for money rangefinder for hunting
7x magnification
Range1760 yards
Diopter adjustable
Variable Sight-In

Aiming to get a high end best laser rangefinder for hunting? Try this one. This is a elite type of Bushnell rangefinder. Ranging from 5 to 1760 yards, it enables you to have long range hunting. 7x magnification helps search small objects for you.

In order to better shooting on your prey, it connects with your phone wirelessly. By operating your phone, you can load up three Custom ballistic curves easily. It is really a functional one with multiple modes, rifle mode provides with bullet-drop/holdover, scan mode offers accurate distance ranges to multiple targets rapidly, brush mode enables you to get target around trees and bushes.

Optics are pretty clear and sturdy, it also has good eye relief enabling you to use it with glasses on.

It can be a bit expensive to some people, but if you use it for once, you will feel how worthy it is to the price.


  1. Instant results display
  2. Rubber armor is nice
  3. Optics are good and has good eye reliefs
  4. The LCD display is readable and clear
  5. It offers a wide range of angles that can be read
  6. Setup is pretty simple
  7. Sturdy and well built
  8. Fast target acquisition
  9. The app is easy to use


  1. When connecting with the phone, it sometimes stays disconnected
  2. The case is pretty tight, hard to get it out with the glove

3. Leupold RX-850i TBR with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder

best hunting rangefinder under 100
best hunting rangefinder for the money
Rangeup to 650 yards
6x magnification
CR2 lithium camera battery
100% waterproof and fog proof

This laser rangefinder is waterproof and fog proof, so you can use it in all kinds of weather conditions. 6x magnification offers you clear and natural views on small objects far away.

Apart from hunting use, it can also be used for golfing or archery. The built-in inclinometer with TBR calculates the ballistic range to target and display it as a holdover aim point.

Durable aluminum housing shrouded by rubber armor coating, making it feel so good in hands. It is pretty small and compact so that you can easily put it in your pocket.

With simple one-button design, you can operate with one single hand even with gloves on. A quick and accurate distance display brings great joy to your outdoor life.


  1. Small, lightweight and easy handle
  2. Glass is bright and clear
  3. Multi-purpose use
  4. Quick and accurate distant
  5. Accurate and durable


  1. Not perfect for moving objects
  2. The display is quite dim that it can not be read in moderate daylight

4. Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder

best range finders for hunting
best range finder for hunting
Weight 4.4 ounces
Range5-500m/6-550 yd

Do you want an extremely small type? Then try this type. It is regarded as the most compact laser rangefinder for hunting in Nikon, as small as your smartphone even, so you can bring it anywhere you want and hold in hand easily. But what comes with its compact shape is a bit difficulty in operating, you need to hold it steady in using.

It has multilayer coatings to reduce the loss of light and thus provide a natural and clear view for you. Simple button design eases the difficulty in changing modes constantly.

For ranging distant targets around bushes and trees, it has distant target priority mode. High-quality optics provide you with a full view of sight. If you are wearing glasses in using, its long eye relief promises you to use it with glasses on.

It is not a functional type, but a simple entry level rangefinder for hunting and also for golfing.


  1. Entry level type
  2. Long eye relief
  3. Clear glass optics
  4. 8 seconds auto shutoff
  5. Single button operation
  6. Ultra compact shape


Hard to stabilize on one object

5. Simmons 801405 Rangefinder

best compact hunting rangefinder
smallest rangefinder hunting
4x Optical magnification
Range600 yards
Accuracy+/- 1 yard
Vertical configuration

This is another entry level rangefinder for hunting, 4x magnification gives you wide field of side. High quality and clear optics offer you natural views. It shows measurement distance pretty quickly and accurately, which is quite helpful in hunting.

For uphill and downhill games, it provides you with true horizontal distance, calculating and adjusting yardage according to degree of slope. If you have trouble reading yardage, press the mode button and you can also read in the meter.

It works perfectly within 200 yards, so do not use it for long-distance hunting or golfing. It is pretty compact in hand, though charged low, it does not feel cheap in hand.

Simple one button design eases the way on changing modes. The optics are pretty clear and in good quality level. Weather resistant housing protects the unit from getting wet or knocking.


  1. Perfect for bow hunting
  2. Allow options to switch from meter or yard
  3. Well worth the price
  4. Works perfectly under 200 yards
  5. The image is crisp, clear. The display is bold and easily discernible
  6. Unbeatable price
  7. Light weight
  8. Accurate


Bad eye relief

6. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder 

laser rangefinder reviews hunting
best laser rangefinder for hunting
Size104 x 72 x 41 mm
6X magnifications
Range 540 yards
CR2 battery

VPRO 500 laser rangefinder used to be listed as the best seller on Amazon for its excellent performance. It charges low though, meeting your basic needs on either golfing or hunting.

With scan mode on, it measures up to 540 yards, providing fast measurement with 1-yard accuracy. Black covering with rubberized armor feels good in the hand. It weights super light and compact that you can take it anywhere you want.

Pinsensor technology measures overlapping subjects easily and accurately, which makes it perfect for golf flags measuring. It weights light, machine body is water-resistant and durable, thus you can use it even on rainy days.

If you know anything about TecTecTec, you will be surprised by its wonderful after sale service, they will always give you warm and thoughtful solutions to your problem.


  1. Excellent customers service
  2. Small and light
  3. Clear and high quality glass
  4. Instant distance feedback
  5. Lock on pin by itself


Black display

7. Halo XL450-7 Hunting Rangefinder

the best rangefinder for hunting
best rangefinders for hunting
6x magnification
Range450 yards
Class IIIA laser, 5 mW or less
Powered by CR2 Battery

This laser rangefinder for hunting is cheap, but meets multiple purpose use. It can be used for both bow hunting and gun hunting. It has 6x magnification to give you clear view on small faraway objects.

The maximum reflective range is 450 yards and allows large animals ranging to 350 yards, suiting short distance hunting. It is small, weights quite light that you can take it easily anywhere. Ergonomic shape design makes it feel good in the hand. With rubberized armor, you do not need to worry about it dropping down because of the wet hand.

4 kinds of yardage display show on screen, including meter, meters with AI, yards normal and yards with AI. In terms of AI, it refers to angle intelligence, it allows for angle compensation in using.

Its bad eye relief determine you to use it without glasses.


  1. Compact size
  2. Easy to use
  3. Come with battery
  4. Works well in low light conditions
  5. Cheap price


Eye relief is bad

8. Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders

best hunting rangefinder for hunting
best hunting range finders reviews
Range Reflective9-1300 yds
Range Deer9-600 yds
Accuracy+/- 3 yds
Magnification 6x

This is a long distance rangefinder suitable for hunting. It reaches up to 1300 yards on distance measurement. With clean display and intuitive menu, you can operate it easily and conveniently.

Scan mode offers you the chance on getting continuously updated measurements on targets, improves its accuracy in games. A multi-coated lens reduces the loss of light and gives bright natural views.

It offers you the horizontal component distance mode to provide angle compensation ranging. Bright vivid red display works pretty well in low light conditions.

It is light weighted, suits hands perfectly. Its sealed waterproof design makes it possible to use in all sorts of weather conditions. When pressing down the button, distance shows quickly and accurately in about 2 seconds.


  1. A good one for its money
  2. Solid feel
  3. Sealed waterproof design
  4. Easy to adjust the diopter
  5. Bright red readout
  6. Feels both grippy and substantial


  1. Can’t range anything beyond 550 yards
  2. It only displays range in 1-yard increments (no tenths)
  3. It does NOT display the incline angle in HCD (aka TBR) mode

9. Wosports Hunting Rangefinder

best hunting laser rangefinder
best hunting rangefinder reviews
Distance5 to 600 yards
Accuracy5 yards
Speed20 to 300Km/h
Magnification 6x

For getting a good quality rangefinder for hunting under $100, this is a perfect choice. It is designed simply without many functions, suitable for beginners but you need to hold it steady in hands.

6x magnification gives you clear and natural views. Clear and good quality optics promise long service life. It weighs light and is portable, you can take it anywhere you want.

The readout is pretty simple, and it shows measurement distance quickly as well as accurately. Push down the button and you get readout instantly. A simple button design makes operating it easily.

It meets basic needs only for its price and is suitable for use in wide-open areas.


  1. The readout is really simple
  2. Waterproof
  3. Compact and light-weighted
  4. Durable
  5. Accurate measurement


  1. It is perfect in wide-open areas
  2. Hard to hold small objects
  3. Hard to see the screen in some light conditions

10. Eyoyo Golf Range Finder 

best hunting rangefinder under 200
best hunting rangefinder under 150
Eye piece size16mm
Measuring range 5-700

This laser rangefinder measures from 5 to 700 yards. Two different modes determine its multiple purposes on both golf and hunting use. For golfing use, it identifies flag sticks easily, helping you to find the distance to flags, trees, and hazards. For hunting use, it measures the moving targets up to 300km/h.

6x magnification and good quality optics are perfect in showing a bright and clear view. For prolonging the service life of the battery, it has an auto-shutoff system to stop working after 20 seconds.

It is pretty simple to use with simple buttons design, you can use it even when gloves on. Lightweight and compact shapes meet your demand for taking it around. The biggest cons of it are its special battery, which means changing batteries can be a trouble thing.


  1. Cheap price
  2. Basic function
  3. Auto shutoff after 20 seconds
  4. Simple to use
  5. Accurate


  1. Special battery
  2. Display is blurry
  3. Do not calculate the height or angle
  4. Have a hard time in finding the flag

What Should You Know on Hunting Laser Rangefinder?

Laser rangefinder becomes an important device in measuring the distance in a short period of time and is the must-have thing for hunters. Before choosing the ideal type for your demands, here is some basic information that you should know on laser rangefinder for hunting.

1. Aware of the different types

You will find there are multiple types when choosing the best hunting laser rangefinders on the market, most common types include laser rangefinder, optical rangefinders, and ultrasonic rangefinders.

Laser rangefinder – It is the most well-known type for most hunters, using laser technology to measure the exact distance between you and the target.

Optical rangefinder – Most of you perhaps know about the coincidence rangefinder, but actually, it is part of an optical rangefinder, another type is stereoscopic rangefinder. Unlike laser types, this one is more like binoculars, which allows you to fathom the distance to a specific tangible object.

Ultrasonic rangefinder – This type is not commonly used for our daily life, for it is an ideal device for navigation and detecting objects at a super far distance. You may find them used in movies, serves as a military device for identifying an object far away from the water level.

2. Understanding the rangefinder priority

Laser rangefinder features two types of priority, first priority, and second priority. Then what are the differences between the two modes?

The First priority mode means that the light beam hits the first target and bounces back to give you measurement. It suits the use in open areas such as golf courses with no block with grass or woods.

The second priority mode means that the light beam goes through the first target and hits the second further one, bounces back and gives you distance measurement. It ignores the branches or woods that block the target and make it perfect for outdoor hunting use.

How to Choose Best Laser Rangefinder For Hunting

Getting the best laser rangefinder for hunting is really helpful in your outdoor life, but how to choose and what factors should you consider? We have made a brief conclusion on must-have factors in selecting.

1. Range

For different usage and needs, the required range of distance devices is different. If you want to have long-distance hunting, choose some with long-range such as 1600 yards or 1700 yards (We have made the best rangefinder for long-range hunting review for you as a reference). For hunting short distance types, normal rangefinders are capable enough.

2. Measurement speeds

Sometimes, when aiming at a prey, you need to take action quickly after making great preparations in case it runs away. If you get one distance device that measures distance slowly, you may get trouble in your hunting. So the best laser rangefinder for hunting with fast measurement speed can be a good choice.

3. Price

Price is the primary factor that determines which exactly rangefinder do you want. Normally the more expensive it is, the higher the quality level it should be. However, not all the cheap rangefinders are in bad quality levels, they are less functional than high-end types but meet your basic needs. For getting a suitable price level based on your budgets, we have made reviews on best hunting rangefinder under $100, $150, $200 and under $300.

4. Usage

In terms of hunting rangefinders, there are also many types based on your usage. For shooting, for hunting deer, or for rifle hunting and bow hunting. Each different types have special requirements on range and functions. You should get one based on your needs.

5. Size

For outdoor life, the most important thing on devices you take is lightweight. You do not want to carry something heavy and hang around. That is why rangefinder is designed into a small type. However, there are some as small as a smartphone, fits in hands perfectly. If you are shaky hands, you can get one a bit larger for stabilization.

6. Angle compensation

Hunting rangefinder with angle compensation can help you a lot in outdoor games, it calculate and adjusts yardage based on the degree of slopes. If you are frequently hunting in roughness situations, try to get one with angle compensation.

7. Water-resistant

This should be one key feature that the best laser rangefinder for hunting gets. For outdoor games, there will always be complicated weather such as rain, snow or wind. Getting a rangefinder with water-resistant, you can use it freely. Some are even equipped with fog resist features.

8. Durable

Outdoor rangefinder should be durable enough on fitting different using conditions.

What Makes the Best Rangefinder For Hunting?

As is known to us all, the eyesight is very limited and you can not get precise distance through eyes, that is exactly why you will need a rangefinder in hunting, no matter for archery hunting, bow hunting or rifle hunting. More importantly, you will need a good laser rangefinder for hunting, that helps measure precise distance in a short period of time.

On getting all the basic knowledge on purchasing, it comes to a point that a best hunting range finder is the one that lasts, readable and also functional. However, it does not mean you need to go deeper into your pocket. Take all the factors we have listed into considerations, you will find the most suitable one. And as a rule of thumb, the most suitable one is always the best one!

How to Use a Rangefinder When Hunting?

If you are enthusiastic about hunting, then you will likely have a laser rangefinder at hand. While using the machine is quite easy, but how exactly should you use to maximize its performance? For the following part, you will get the answer.

However, a perfect shot is supported by multiple factors, such as timing, luck, preparation, and even weather condition is involved. With the device at hand, we first need to know its working principle and the limitation before we step into the using procedure.

How Does the Rangefinder for Hunting Works?

For the laser rangefinder that is widely sold and used on the market, its working principle is quite easy. A small beam of light is emitted from the machine, and it goes directly to the object. After getting in touch with the target, it bounces back. The time it takes during the whole process is used for measuring the distance.

What Are the Limitation of Laser Rangefinder?

As all the things reflect light, it matters on how bright the thing can be. As a rule of thumb, the harder objects returns a more powerful object while the softer target less powerful one.

For example, a wall or a rock returns a solid beam and thus is more accurate on distance by using laser rangefinders. For the other thing, a deer or a smaller animal is soft, among the woods and grass, its fur will diffuse the light and results in inaccurate distance readout.

Though being labeled as a relatively long-distance range finder, the exact range it reaches will be lessened because of weather conditions and terrain conditions. That is why you need to take these factors into considerations in calculating the real range.

Rangefinder Technique

Here comes the real part of using the laser rangefinder, which includes the part from identifying the hunting location to a successful shot.

1. Carry it scouting

It is important to always carry the rangefinder with you during hunting, it serves as a major eye in measuring the distances. The rifle hunters need to spot a ground where you can locate the deers easily, and it should be an ideal place where we can set up our blind and hide. While for bowhunters, knowing the distance from the base of the tree is quite helpful in getting precise distance yardage.

2. On the hunt

During wild hunting, there is no point in having an animal in front of you. Instead, locating the landmark in your hunting area is what makes a perfect shot, for it tells you what shot to take and when should you wait for your next prey.

For a bowhunter, it is good to know the points on the trees around your area so that you can take a clean shot. The same goes for a rifle hunter, that you should know the landmark around where you hunt, but not restricted to a certain point waiting for a deer to come again and again.

3. Deer in sight

When a deer or any of your prey comes into your sight or come into your ideal shooting position, be slow but steady, make sure your movement would not alert the animals before taking a clean shot. The scan mode will probably help you out when tracking the animal and lures its into your good position.

Anyway, just remember the key in hunting, slow and steady. And be sure to be clean and silent on any of your movements!

How to Get the Most out of Your Rangefinder When Hunting?

Apart from the natural factors in hunting, such as lucky and weather conditions, there are some tricks that help you get a perfect shot.

1. Pick a suitable rangefinder

A proper rangefinder with ideal specifications and models will offer reliable and useful information in hunting, such as yardage, angle compensations, etc. For a rifle hunter, the one with ballistic measurement tells you the right position to take a shot; while the angle compensation gives the archery hunters what is needed the most.

2. Get your machine ready

The prey is something alive, which means it does not stay where it is waiting to be hunted. Therefore, you need to have your device ready for a sudden good opportunity. If placing the range finder in your pocket, make sure it is easily accessible and can be done in a slight but quick movement, so as not to disturb the prey.

Besides, in order to save battery life, most of the rangefinders are designed with the auto-shutoff system. Remember to turn it on when you are ready for your hunt.

3. Keep it steady in use

Most of the modern rangefinders come with accurate and precise distance readout, do not make it inaccurate because of your shaky hands. You can steady the machine on the tree, shooting stick or anywhere, you can even set a tripod to keep your hands get steady in aiming at the target.

4. Place a marker on ideal activity space

To get a successful shot, having a target while ranging is not recommended. You should always range before. After picking out the ideal hunting position, you should pick out the places where deer are likely to hang around and place a mark on it.

Using the scan mode and range the space around, so that once deer comes into your sight, all the numbers are fixed in your brain and you can fully focus, waiting ideal time to take a shot.

5. Range the bright areas

When you are locating the hunting areas, be sure to aim at the colorful or brighter areas. Based on the working principle and limitation of a laser rangefinder, the brighter the area goes, the more accurate you measure the distance. However, it does not mean you should shot your device directly at the sunlight, for it is the cause of inaccuracy, but the hard object.

6. Range the target twice

You can never promise the distance you get is precise and correct, that is why you should range the target twice and make a comparison, test whether the measurement you get the second time is basically the same as the first time. But do not get me wrong, if your prey is right in front of you and is in an ideal position, do not hesitate to take your shot in case it runs away.

7. Get well familiar with your device

If you get a new device for hunting, make sure you get all the operation clearly in your mind, such as how to use it and how to toggle between different modes. In busy hunting, be strange to your device will easily get your prey running away for you give plenty of time for them.

8. Keep spare batteries

All the rangefinders require batteries in use for providing power, and there are indications shows on the display when you have run out of your battery power. However, it is better to keep a spare battery with you in case your device burns out in key moments.


1. Laser hunting rangefinder is normally used in woods or forest, too bright color will attract prey’s attention in hunting. Therefore, we strongly suggest you get one with camo coating or black coatings.

2. The battery serves as the main power on a rangefinder, no matter how long it lasts, you will always need to get the battery changed. Be careful of battery types on the unit, normal batteries are easy to get, while specific batteries can be found in official websites only, which increases your difficulty in changing it.


Top 5 Best Laser Rangefinder For Hunting

Best Type
Best high-end type Bushnell Hunting Series Elite 1 Mile Con-X Laser Rangefinders
Best mid-range type Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders
Best low-end type Halo XL450-7 Hunting Rangefinder
Best selling type TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder
Best cost-effective type Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder

If you want to get more information on these products or intend to know the updated price, please check freely on Amazon.