Nikon Monarch Laser 800 Rangefinder Reviews

Nikon has been in the spotlight for making high-quality optical products. They have majored in designing products that use high-quality materials, offers high resolution and optical capabilities. Well, Nikon Monarch 7i Rangefinder is not an exception because it is designed to reduce image vibrations using the Nikon optical VR. This allows the user to have a proper target by aligning the image on focus with the laser beam. You will have a more precise range and a stable view of your target. The vibration caused by shaking hands is reduced by 1/5 or even less than that.

Therefore, once you can have stable images you can achieve accurate measurement which is ideal in hunting or golfing. You will not have to take much time preparing for a shot because you will get a real-time result from the hyper read functionality. You can also measure the furthest or the nearest overlapping subject using the Target priority switch. If you have been looking for the best Rangefinder here is one.

Nikon Monarch Laser 800 Rangefinder Reviews

Let us take it a notch higher by looking at the in-depth functionalities of Monarch 7i VR.

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Measurement Range1000 yards
Power Source1 CR2 Lithium Battery
6x Magnification
Angle Compensation capable

Vibration Reduction Technology

Obtaining a stable focus has been one of the main challenges in other conventional rangefinders. As much as they have good optical specifications other associated factors can compromise the quality of the image. This is mainly brought by external factors such as shaking hands during focusing. It is an involuntary response and we have no one to blame.

Therefore, Monarch 8i VR is offering the ultimate solution to this problem. The vibrations of the image which is caused by hand movement are significantly reduced so that irradiated passes can be perfectly aligned with the target on focus. This has made it easy to direct the laser to the target which also facilitates precise measurements for both the long-range and short-range targets. This innovation by Nikon has brought a significant impact on the use of this rangefinder.

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Ergonomic Design

The Monarch 7i VR takes into account the elements of getting fatigued especially when you are on hinting grounds. That is why it offers a lightweight and compact design to ensure the user experience ultimate comfort. It can easily fit on your hand and you will not feel the significant weight that can compromise with using this Rangefinder for long durations. Its ergonomic design ensures stress-free operation which also contributes to its performance. It is also waterproof to enable it to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as fog and rain.

High optical performance

It is made using the finest optical specifications to enhance image quality and viewing experience. As a result of this, its lenses have a multi-layer coating which gives a clearer and brighter view. This helps in reducing ghost and flare due to light reflection.

Furthermore, it also increases light transmission to enhance its overall optical performance irrespective of external conditions.
As a result of this, monarch 7i VR can provide measurement from 8-1000 yards. The distant measurements have been made easy fast and precise due to Hyper read Technology. The accuracy of these readings is accurate to +/0.5.

Target priority switch system

Sometimes it can be quite challenging trying to focus on subjects that overlap right? Well, Monarch 7i VR utilizes the target priority switch system that allows you to take perfect measurements of your subject irrespective of the overlap. This works by activating the priority mode of the target that you want to focus on. So you are certain that you will get accurate distance measurements of your target.

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The target priority mode will first give a display of the closest subjects that appear in an overlapping background. This is usually the cause especially if you are trying to focus a subject in the wooden surrounding. Therefore, the distance priority mode gives precise measurements up to the furthest subject. Hunters can utilize it to enhance their hunting experience.

ID Technology

This technology is ideal for shooting uphill or downhill because it compensated for the incline or a decline in a horizontal distance. This allows you to take a perfect shot irrespective of the terrain by providing a number that ideal for taking a shot. This technology makes this Rangefinder and reliable because it can be best described as a solution package to the challenges that most users who spend their time in the wild are facing.


*It uses a 6X magnification which enhances its optical performance. This has made it possible to measure up to a range between 8-1000 yards.

*Hyper read gives consistent, stable, and fast measurements responses regardless of the distance of the target. This allows you to focus on your shot in the shortest time possible.

*It offers eye relief to ensure you don’t strain when focusing on your subjects. This involves an allowance of 18 mm for the eye relief and 3.5 mm for the exit pupil.

*It also offers angle compensation, especially on uphill or downhill. You can take a clear short irrespective of the terrain.

*It uses a reliable CR2 lithium-ion battery that offers long runtime. It makes it convenient when you are hunting because you will not have to recharge frequently.

*It has a compact and ergonomic design that allows you to experience much comfort. It ensures you have a stress free and smooth experience while using it.

*It is lightweight to make it portable and easy to use. You can use it for long hours without straining.

*It is a quality product that is worth your money. It will ensure you enjoy your hunting experience since it will help you significantly when it comes to ranging your bow and rifle.

*There are no more blurred images as a result of shaking. The VR technology used ensures you get extremely clear images to allow you to take a perfect shot.

Things Need to Be Improved

*It is a bit expensive. This might not be a suitable product for those people who are looking for a cheap and affordable product based on their budget.

nikon monarch 800 rangefinder review


The Nikon Monarch laser 800 is the best Rangefinder that you can find in the market. It is an all-inclusive product that blends in technology and other functionalities to ensure it delivers the best performance.