Top 6 Best Long Range Rangefinders Reviews For Long Distance Shooting

Rangefinders have been known to measure the distance between the user and the target accurately. Away from that, it is good to keep in mind that they can also be used to measure other crucial factors such as the angle between the hunter and the target. This article is all about the best long range rangefinders you will ever come across in the market.

What Is the Best Long Range Rangefinder on the Market?

Comparing the Best Long Range Rangefinders

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Top 6 Best Long Distance Rangefinders For Shooting Reviews

1. Best Long Range Rangefinder – ATN Ballistic Smart Laser Rangefinder with Bluetooth 

best laser rangefinder for long range shooting



Have you been looking for a rangefinder that allows you to connect it to your phone? This rangefinder has been manufactured with the recent Bluetooth technology.

This means that you will be able to do all the calculations on the background. People who have used this long-range rangefinder have claimed that it is the perfect choice when it comes to calculating the distance between the user and the target object.

Be guaranteed that you will get maximum accuracy when you purchase this rangefinder.



2. Long Range Hunting Rangefinder – Bushnell Elite 1 Mile Rangefinder  

long range laser rangefinder arduino



The best thing about this product is that it allows you to communicate wirelessly. You can use either window devices or android phones.

How does wind data operate? The manufacturer has included wind data into the holdover. What is the function of the arc rifle mode? Usually, this feature provides bullet drop.

Away from that, this product has been manufactured with fully multi-coated optics. In addition, the waterproof housing allows you to use your device even on unfavorable weather conditions.



3. Rangefinder for Long Distance Shooting – Vortex optic Ranger Laser Rangefinder  



Which are the best features in this rangefinder? This rangefinder comes with an illuminated display and a highly intuitive menu. What is the main function of the HCD mode?

It simply displays an angle compensated distance. That is the main reason why many hunters prefer using this long rangefinder. Also, this product has been designed with advanced LOS. This feature has been included to provide the user with a rare option to calculate long distance.

If you have been looking for a reliable long rangefinder that can perfectly calculate high angle shots, look for no more. Additionally, it has a unique scan feature that will always give you continuous range readings.



4. Long Distance Laser Rangefinder – Sig Sauer KILO 1200 Laser Rangefinder 

long range scope with rangefinder



Having been manufactured by a reputable company means that you will get a high-quality product that will serve you for many years.

The manufacturer is very popular when it comes to the manufacturing of rangefinders. In fact, this company has been manufacturing reliable long rangefinders for many years. They have continued to give their esteemed customers the best product.

They don’t compromise when it comes to quality. Be assured you will get what you deserve. This rangefinder has been manufactured from high-quality material that will last for life.



5. Nikon Arrow ID300o Bow Hunting Rangefinder  



There is no doubt that Nikon is one of the best camera manufacturers in the world. That is the reason why this list can’t be complete without featuring one of their products. What is the most unique thing about Nikon products?

Nikon has been gaining a lot of popularity for the last couple of years simply because they use the recent technology when manufacturing rangefinders.

Their aim is to come up with reliable products that are relevant to the changing times. This means that when you purchase this rangefinder, you will be able to use it for many years without looking for an updated version.



6. Uineye Long Distance Horizontal Laser Rangefinder 

best long range rangefinder for the money



Over the years, the manufacturer has emerged as the most professional rangefinder maker. If you have come across this product in the past, you can agree with me that indeed it deserves to be on this list.

This long rangefinder is very lucky to have been manufactured from extremely high-quality materials. This means that it will age beautifully. You should never doubt about its performance. It will fulfill all your desires.

Do you want a water-resistant product? With this rangefinder, you should not worry about mother-nature. You have the full freedom to use it in any weather condition.



With the above long rangefinders, you will be able to measure objects far away. They are the best products in the market as for now. You will be guaranteed of clear distance display when you choose them. You will never regret purchasing these products.

Important Choosing Factors of Best Long Rangefinders

One way to mastering the right bow shooting tactics is by practicing on how to shoot at a long distance. Shooting an arrow at a 200 yard is more comfortable as opposed to a 1000 plus distance because long distances have a lot of obstacles and eyesight is limited. Therefore, getting a long-distance range makes the work easy and comfortable. An excellent long-range rangefinder should give a proper calculation of the distance between the shooter, and the target regardless of the angle or level you are standing at.

long range laser rangefinder arduino

The following are essential choosing factors for the best long rangefinder.

The distance.

How far can the rangefinder view? This is the first factor to consider when buying a long-distance range gadget. Although a rangefinder that can reach 800 yards is considered long, in this case, we are talking of a device that can go for more than 1000 yards.

The range accuracy.

The more distance you need to cover, the more accuracy you require to be able to hit the target. So, efficiency should not be overlooked when choosing a long-distance hunting rangefinder. Long-distance rangefinders have a higher probability of giving inaccurate views and measures because of the distance covered. Therefore, choose the one with the most limited chances of giving inaccuracy readings

Magnification power.

Although the long-distance rangefinders make it easy to view targets from far, the images may appear quite small from your end. Therefore, the device has to have reasonable magnifying power to give you a good view for easy spotting of the right shooting angle. Keep in mind that too much magnification is not useful since it attracts all the things in your surroundings, making it hard to focus on the target. Just choose a device that will give you a reasonable magnification for comfortable shooting.

The materials.

The material used in making the range determines its durability based on where you use it. Therefore, if you hunt in chilly areas, choose a range made of water-resistant material such that it cannot rust even when it comes to contact with wetness.

The size and weight.

The size and the weight of the device determine your comfort when using and carrying around. So, choose a gadget that is light to enable you to hold it for long hours without getting too tired.


Long-distance range finders are quite pricy. Hence you should seek a warranty for quality assurance. Check what the warranty covers on the device to see if it is reasonable or not. For example, it should include the electronic parts, lens and return policy. An excellent long-distance range should have a warranty of at least three years,

Long-distance rangefinders are suitable for providing long-distance measurement and view accuracy. Whichever brand you decide to settle on, use the above factors to guide you in choosing the best device that will last long and serve the purpose.

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Basic Knowledge of Range Selection

When using a rangefinder, you will have to select the range. It is the range that determines the magnification of the object and the ease with which it may be targeted. When setting the range, you have to adhere to certain best practices. Our discussions here below look into some of the factors to consider.

Object Size

The size of the object is the key determinant of the range that may be necessary. An object that is too small has to be magnified several times before the same may be legible. For them, the range has to be narrower as that is the only way the object will be enlarged.

Object Distance

This refers to the distance between the object of interest and the rangefinder itself. There is an inverse correlation between the distance and the appropriate range. An object that is located nearby requires a narrower range whereas that which is located far away requires a wider range.


From time to time, the visibility of places vary. Issues like cloud cover, mist, fog, and dust do impede the visibility of the human eye. At such times, you have to set the range in such a way as to greatly magnify the object and make it clearly legible.

Stationary vs. Moving

How the objects are situated also has a bearing on the kind of range that may be appropriate for them. An object that is stationery definitely is easier to track and keep an eye on. That one which moves has the tendency to escape your attention and will, therefore, be captured only by a wider range.

Eyesight Issues

Could it be that you have eyesight issues? Well, you have to pay attention to your range too! Eyes that have visibility issues need to be accompanied by narrower ranges and vice versa. Normal eyes, on the other hand, need no special attention as they can see clearly normally.

We believe the basic knowledge on the range selection we have furnished above is sufficient to make you do a good selection later on. Having received the knowledge, we now release you to go ahead and devote the knowledge towards the right decisions. Best of luck as you move along!

Long-range Rangefinders vs. Long-range Binoculars For Hunting

When hunting or undertaking a precision application, you have the dual options of the long-range rangefinder or the long-range binoculars. But just which of these two would you rather choose to work with and when? We are going to answer that question in these discussions.

To do this, we will look into the differences between the two of them with regard to the various parameters. These are highlighted and explained here below:


With a rangefinder, you can do more than just measure the distance between your target and you. It allows you to go ahead and even magnify the object on your crosshair. A binocular tends to have a rather narrow scope. It only magnifies the objects, nothing more.


Generally speaking, a long-range rangefinder has a wider range than the binoculars. This stems mainly from its extra-powerful magnifying glass that has the ability to behold objects that are located too far away. As for the binoculars, theirs are a rather too narrow range which cannot behold objects that are located too far.


A long-range rangefinder is larger and weightier. It subsequently occupies larger spaces and also requires too much muscle power to engage. You have to be truly heavily built to be able to handle it. The opposite, however, applies to the binoculars. Being light and compact, it is easier to engage.


You will generally devote the long-range rangefinder to more uses than the long-range binoculars. You will estimate distances, improve your accuracy, magnify the objects, and even capture photos of the object of interest. The binoculars will do you no more than merely getting the views of objects up close for better targeting.


Given its complicated nature, you will have to acquire and expend a great level of expertise to handle and engage the long-range rangefinder. If you have never attempted to make use of these apparatus before, you will find it rather complicated. The binoculars are simpler to comprehend though and are hence suited for starters.

All factors considered, the long-range rangefinders are more comprehensive than the long-range binoculars. To be able to hunt well and more effectively, you will have to treat them as a matter of priority. Their only downsides are that they tend to be too complicated to a starter.

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Tips in Using Long Range Rangefinders

Like any other piece of equipment, the long-range rangefinder too has to be handled meticulously. This can only happen if you know the tips to adhere to. We have drafted this article specifically to help with that. Our team of certified specialists has dug deeper into the best practices which may inform proper handling.

long range laser rangefinder

Tip I: Settle on the best Optics Specifications

Each rangefinder has its own optics specifications. It is important that you understand the right specifications which may be needful and relevant for your course. For instance, do you prefer brighter or duller objects? What is your most desirable contrast ratio? Go ahead to set these parameters on your apparatus before proceeding.

Tip II: Get to know your Display Preferences

After knowing your optics preferences, you now have to know your display preferences. In particular, you should be wary of the color and the kinds of reticle color that the rangefinder shall exude. Also of concern to you should be the differences in weather conditions. They too have a bearing on the picture quality.

Tip III: Time your Hunting Appropriately

It is also necessary to time your hunting appropriately. Different circumstances call for different attention and skill input. For instance, night times experience poor visibility. You have to possess expert visual acuity to be able to cope well. Wet and slippery conditions are also difficult to hunt in. Make appropriate arrangements hence.

Tip IV: Ascertain your Target’s Reflectivity

Different targets do react differently whenever beams of lights are strewn on them. It is important hence to ascertain your target’s reflectivity appropriately to be able to hunt well. For brightly and highly reflective targets, you might have to put on special goggles to block out excess bright light.

Tip V: Get Familiar with your Environment

It is also important that you get familiar with the environment where you intend to camp. The same reasons as the hunting conditions above apply. By knowing your environment, you will be able to note how to confront the said environment altogether. This will also equip you with the skill you need to handle different emergency situations.

Tip VI: Factor the Density of the Target

Each target ordinarily has a unique density. Some surfaces are too thick and impervious to behold clearly. For them, you might have to darken the resolution and colors. Then there are others that are thin and evenly spread out. They tend to absorb copious amounts of light which in turn makes for proper visibility.

Tip VII: Look into the Shape of the Target

Lastly, you should also look into the shape of the target. Flat and smooth surfaces are better because they reflect almost all light. They are hence easier to target and beam. The convex and concave surfaces, on the other hand, do reflect less light and are, as such difficult to target and so on.

We have done our part insofar as bequeathing to you the tips for using the rangefinders. Having exhausted what we had in store, we now as that you implement the provisions to the later. Remember, it is only by adhering to the tips diligently that you will be able to make your hunting success!

Types of Long Range Rangefinders

Long-range rangefinders are available in many shapes and sizes. This is mainly because they are designed to fulfill different purposes and roles. In our discussions here, we are going to look into the various kinds of them. In particular, we shall look into the many different purposes to which they are devoted.

best rangefinder for long range shooting

Though many in shapes and sizes, the rangefinders are mainly categorized by the roles to which they are devoted. The following are the main types of long rangefinders on the basis of these considerations:


As the name implies, these kinds of rangefinders are mainly used for facilitating the sport of golf. They tend to be more accurate and easier to handle than their ordinary counterparts. Outside golfing, these pieces of equipment can hardly find any use at all. They are hence not so valuable to purchase.


Hunting long rangefinders are large and oversized. Their magnifying glasses are also more powerful by virtue of being able to magnify objects that are tiny into clearly legible images. If you want to target objects that are located afar off, the hunting rangefinders will definitely do the trick.


The long-range rangefinders for surveying are generally too large and powerful. They are used to delineate boundaries and demarcations for the sake of map-making. These rangefinders nonetheless are too complicated for the average user. You have to possess a fair degree of skill to operationalize them hence.


Those rangefinders that are supposed to be used in forests have very sharp visual acuity. Their lenses are way very powerful and also have the ability to visualize objects in moments of extremely low illumination. Like their survey counterparts, they also tend to be pretty complicated to the ordinary user.

Real Estate

Lastly, there are long-range rangefinders for real estate applications. Here, they are used for taking pictures of real estate buildings, identifying faults, and obtaining up close candid views, among others. They also tend to be complicated and generally too intriguing to make do with.

Please note that the delineations we have stipulated above are not all. There are indeed many other ways and means of classifying these apparatus than the ones we have used above. It is yet again in your best interest to go further and find other ways and means of bundling them. Best of luck as you move on!

When Do I Need a Long-range Rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a versatile piece of equipment. This is to mean that it can discharge several purposes. But when exactly do you really need it? Well, this is the question we endeavor to answer in the following discussions. Read on to find out just where you might find the need to use it.

Ensure Accurate Shots

If you want to ensure accurate shots and eliminate guesswork, this is the apparatus to lay your hands on. It is equipped with numerous tools-of-trade which are all geared towards upping your accuracy and shots. All you have to do is practice some fair degree of patience and consistency.

Obtain Clearer Views

Before you can shoot an object, you have to obtain clearer views. The rangefinder helps you to get the objects closer to you. With closer and more legible views, comes the added benefit of being able to channel your shots properly without any adverse errors.

Preparing for the Hunt

In your preparation for a hunting mission, it is certainly in order also to work on your shooting skills and rifle handling techniques. The rangefinder is comprehensive and hence better placed to expedite this very role. This piece of equipment indeed is packed with loads of features that make this possible.

Practicing and Improving your Estimation Skills

Want to improve your estimation skills? Well, the rangefinder will yet again allow you to do just that. This is because it has many parts and specifications which jointly work to make this possible. The trick to getting the best of this is to master each component and practice regularly.

Tackling Steep Terrains

Intending to tackle some steep terrains? Well, this rangefinder yet again will help you with just that. The rangefinder is generally more stable and better placed to handle such terrains. It does come with a tripod stand to aid with just that. You will find it great in canyons, boar hunting, and mountain-goat hunting.

Preventing Accidents

Lastly, the rangefinder also prevents accidents. Being accurate and responsive, this equipment will prevent you from shooting anything else apart from the object of interest. This trait is highly desirable if you happen to go out hunting as a party or in a group of people. It prevents any accidents or manslaughters from happening.

You now know when exactly you need a long-range rangefinder. With this knowledge firmly at your fingertips, why don’t you now go ahead and make good use of it? Please note that the circumstances above are not all that these pieces of equipment may give off. You hence have to prioritize it for your hunting!

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