How Do Pro Golfers Know Yardage?

Have you ever looked at professional golfers and wonder how they calculate yardage? It can be very baffling for a beginner. You need to know exactly how to know the distance to your target every time you take a shot. You may not be a mathematician, but you can benefit from learning how to use yardage books. They are important for players and the caddies as well. You also have the advantage of using technology, such as rangefinders and GPS devices. Such is distance measuring devices (DMDs) and have become an important part of golf. The other tools you will probably come across are colored stakes or metallic fairway disks. The discs measure the 200, 150, and 100 distances. The calculations add from the middle of the Green to the middle of the fairway.

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What Can A Yardage Book Assist With?

The right yardage book will give you the relevant tools to measure the distance between different landmarks on the course. Follow the steps below:

Use a tape measure or ruler to check the length of your stride. It helps determine whether you should adopt a big, small, or regular stride depending on what you prefer. Each step should correspond to one yard, so adjust accordingly.
Use the diagram in the yardage book for the hole. Walk from the ball to the landmark. If you are 15 yards short of the landmark, it means you are 185 yards from the Green’s center. You, therefore, need a 200 shot to the center.
• When adjusting the distance, take into consideration the wind and the rain.
Take note of the flagstick and watch out for any hazards in your path. If the Greens and flag are 200 yards away, and the bunker is 15 yards to the Green Centre, you need to circumvent the obstacle. Subtract the 15 from the 200 to determine the shot you need to take.

Distance Measuring Devices

Many companies are now coming up with smart technology that allows golfers to measure distance while on the greens. Such include GPS wearable’s rangefinder, and smartphone golf apps, among others. The advantage is that it frees the golfer or caddie from having to do manual calculations.

Laser rangefinders provide accuracy and are simple to use without the need for Bluetooth. The battery can last for very many rounds without needing a recharge. When you accurately measure the distance, you can choose the right golf clubs to use, thus better accuracy. Most of the rangefinders will allow you to measure distances as far as 300 yards away. Other than laser rangefinders, you also have the option of GPS and reflection varieties.

  • Precise Slope Measurement: Our highly accurate laser rangefinder accounts for elevation changes and measures the angle of incline/decline, then calculates the slope adjusted distance
  • Maximum Magnification: Equipped with 6x magnification, our rangefinders for golfing feature a range of 5-1000 yards with +/- 1 yard accuracy and even measure in both yards and meters
  • Pin-Locking Technology: Our precise laser measure with Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T.) allows you to lock onto a pin up to 300 yards away
  • Pulse Confirmation: Our range finder will emit a short vibrating "burst" when the laser locks onto the pin to confirm you have the correct distance
  • External Slope On/Off Switch: Legal for tournament play
  • Premium Molded Hard Carry Case with carabiner and elastic "quick-close" band

Using A GPS Rangefinder

• Power on the unit and go to the menu to select the golf course you’re playing on. If you had played on that particular course before, it will automatically load onto your device.
• From the subsequent menu, select the hole you want to play.
• Use the distance option to get the distance or alternative locations you can opt for.
• The results will come up on their rangefinder screen.

  • Bluetooth allows for wireless course updates
  • Long battery life - play up to 2 rounds before charging
  • Preloaded with 36,000 courses in 30 countries
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Up to 4 hazard distances per hole
  • Auto course recognition
  • Auto hole advance
  • Integrated BITE magnetic mount sticks to any metal surface
  • Includes clip holder to attach to your bag or belt
  • Bushnell Golf App included with purchase

Using A Reflection Rangefinder

• Power on the unit.
• Point the device at the hole or target.
• Press the measure or target button to initiate the Reading.
• You will get the results in yards.

  • Equipped with revolutionary DNA Technology and a vivid OLED display
  • Featuring an incredibly compact aluminum body, the GX-3i defines rugged
  • The GX-3i is USGA 14-3 compliant, offering line-of-sight distance measurement only.
  • Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA)
  • Pin hunter 2 & Prism Lock
  • Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA)
  • Pin hunter 2 & Prism Lock
  • Quick Set Menu

Optical Rangefinders

• Use the upper and lower mirrors on the eyepiece to view your target.
• Adjust the device accordingly until your target overlays on one image.
• You will get the results of the distance on the side of the device.
• Accuracy levels depend on how far you are away from the target. If within 100 yards to the target, the accuracy level is within five yards. If you are 500 yards away, the accuracy level will be within 10 yards.
• Be careful about how you handle the optical viewfinder so that you do not damage it. Store it safely away when you finish.

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Final Thoughts

We have looked at the manual and device-assisted way pro golfers use to calculate yardage. It may seem confusing if you are a beginner, but you will quickly learn, with the right help. There are specific rules that govern the use of DMDs, so it is important to understand the local regulations governing the events around the golfing tournaments.