The 11 Best Affordable Rangefinder Reviews You Need to Get For Your Needs

Making use of a rangefinder ought not necessarily to be a life and death affair. Indeed, there are many other rangefinders out in the market that are not really that expensive. Notwithstanding their cheap nature, they are still able to yield more or less similar levels of satisfaction. We have sampled and reviewed ten of the best affordable rangefinders here below for your consideration.

What Is the Best Affordable Laser Rangefinder on the Market?

Best Affordable Rangefinder Comparison Chart

Photo Title Buy
Halo Ballistix 600...image Halo Ballistix 600 Yard Laser Range Finder w/ AI Angle Intelligence Compensation Z6X2-7 Buy On
Halo XR80038-8 800...image Halo XR80038-8 800 Yard Tru Bark Camo Laser Range Finder Buy On
Golf Rangefinder –...image Golf Rangefinder - 6X Laser Rangefinder with 5 Modes & Switchable Measuring Unit Buy On
Streamlight 69270 TLR-6...image Streamlight 69270 TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount Flashlight Buy On
Redfield Redf, Raider...image REDFIELD Raider 650 Los Laser Range Finder Buy On
Halo XL450 Range...image Halo XL450 Range Finder Buy On
Golf Rangefinder with...image Saybien Golf Rangefinder with Slope Buy On
BOBLOV Rangefinder, Slope...image BOBLOV 650Yards Golf Rangefinder with Pinsensor Support Vibration Buy On
LaserWorks 600m Solar...image LaserWorks 600m Solar Power Laser Rangefinder for Hunting Golf Buy On

Best Budget Laser Rangefinder Reviews

#1: Halo Z6X2-7 Rangefinder

golf rangefinder prices



This equipment is capable of hitting 600 yards. This is complemented with the powerful 6X magnification that greatly amplifies the sizes of objects, including those that are very minute. Adding to these two is a scan mode that makes it possible for you to range constantly.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【AI Slope Accounting Technology】

An artificial intelligence slope accounting technology exists in the rangefinder. Thanks to this technology, the equipment is capable of targeting those objects that are located at an angle of inclination from a horizontal plane. It does so without necessarily compromising the accuracy or legibility of the image.

【6x Magnification】

Its lens is truly powerful indeed. This stems from the awesome 6X magnification that amplifies the sizes of objects by a whopping six times. Thus, it lets you behold the sizes of objects regardless of how small or minute they may be. This is the equipment to look up to if you have poor eyesight.

【Tough Casing】

All the elegant parts and components above are encased in a tough and powerful body. The body is resistant to water and is accompanied by a Nylon pouch. On account of the toughness and water resistance nature, the pouch is capable of maintaining the structural integrity of the equipment considerably.

  • Delivers the readings in both meters and yards
  • Powered by a long-lasting Lithium-ion battery
  • Good enough for rifle and bow hunting
  • Operates within very accurate parameters
  • Reaches the 600-yard range
  • Too manual to operate and engage
  • Cannot perform well in hazy and foggy condition
  • Lacks an image stabilizer

#2: HALO XR80038-8 800 Yard Tru Bark Camo Laser Range Finder

best affordable rangefinder



Even though this rangefinder is intended to aid with photography and aiming of shots, it also serves the secondary role of enhancing the aesthetics of your ambiance. This stems from its modern look that is truly elegant and breathtaking to behold. All you have to do is place it strategically for all to see.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Higher Maximum Reflective Range】

It does have a higher maximum reflective range of approximately 800 yards. With this great length, it is possible for you to hit targets that are located afar off. Being too distant, this target is long enough for you to be able to hunt animals and objects that are located afar off.

【Scan Mode】

To aid with targeting and fine-tuning images, the appliance does contain the scan mode. The mode basically allows you to range many targets at a time and at different angles and yardages. All these you do with the use and click of one button. The end result of this arrangement is clear legibility.

【Angle intelligence】

Rounding up the list of the most notable features is the angle intelligence. As you may have already guessed, the angle intelligence basically detects inclinations and elevations. It enables you to target objects that are located at angles while at the same time computing their horizontal distances.

  • Its eyepiece adjusts for better focus
  • Comes along as a comprehensive packaging
  • Lets you know both your distance and targets
  • Imbues some aesthetics to your rooms and office
  • Encased in a water-resistant housing
  • Delicate enough and prone to damages
  • May not be relied on in the long run
  • Costs a lot to operationalize

#3: VIVREAL Golf Rangefinder – 6X Laser Rangefinder

affordable golf rangefinder



Could it be that the items you are interested in are located afar off? Well, the kind of rangefinder you pick ought to be able to reach greater lengths and longer targets. This is the one we would ask that you choose on account of it being able to offer double the effective target ranges.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Ranging Mode】

A ranging mode does exist as a premium feature. Thanks to this mode, the equipment accurately and flexibly measures and computes the requisite distances. It is on the whole more accurate than many other competing measuring devices. This way, it yields reliable images that may be acted upon easily.

【± 1 Yard Margin of Error】

The accuracy of its images and recordings are truly high. Indeed, this equipment operates within a margin of error of± 1. By choosing to work with it, you will be capable of hitting targets within a comfortable distance and line of sight. This eliminates any room for missed shots and the attendant frustrations.

【Diopter Adjustment Functionality】

Other than capturing your images, this appliance also makes the image appear sharper and clearer; thanks mainly to the diopter adjustment functionality. It hence goes that by using this equipment, you will not only be able to gaze at the images but also behold them in finer details.

  • Its image outcomes are super accurate indeed
  • Provides the powerful 6X magnification
  • Operable via five main modes
  • Displays the images via a clear LCD display unit
  • The scanning system marks out some hazards
  • Requires some experience and expertise to engage
  • Demands too much repairs and maintenance procedures
  • Quite cumbersome to haul around and mount

#4: NuTech Pro Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder

best affordable rangefinder camera



Do you have eyesight issues? You cannot pick and use any lens at random because not many of them are optimized for such use. Instead, you want one that contains a fully multi-coated lens system like this one. With it, you will be able to obtain bright and high-resolution images.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Cutting Edge Technology】

A cutting edge technology stands tall among all the goodies that this wonderful equipment has to offer. Thanks to this technology, the equipment contains all the trappings that are necessary for the utmost performance clear image capturing. They combine to make your shots better and more accurate.

【Convenient USB Charging】

Next comes a convenient USB charging port. As you may have guessed, the purpose of this port is to power your electronics while on the move. Thus, it ensures that you maintain your lifestyle and connectivity while on the move. This makes for remote use and applications conveniently.

【Excellent Accuracy】

In the course of targeting your objects, the rangefinder operates within an excellent accuracy limit. This brings about two advantages. For one, it enables you to behold objects that are located afar off. Then, it amplifies the sizes of the objects to make them easily visible.

  • Prevents you from hitting hazards
  • Operates at a faster-than-average rate
  • Maintains a fairly high level of accuracy
  • Applicable in many fields of use
  • Manages to tackle many vital chores in one
  • Suffers from haze and condensation issues
  • Replacing the lenses may be too costly
  • Prolonged use may damage the eyes

#5: Streamlight 69270 TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount Flashlight 100 Lumen

best budget golf rangefinder



If your search for the right rangefinder is mainly dictated by the need for laboratory use, this is the one we would suggest that you pick and use. It is ambidextrous in the sense that it allows for both the left and the right-handed persons to easily engage its parts and components.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Ambidextrous Switching】

As hinted above, this equipment is suitable for the left and the right-handed persons at a time. This is mainly made possible by the ambidextrous switching capability. The capability is brought about by the existence of push-buttons on both sides of the appliance. They allow for smooth operations on the whole.

【Integrated Red Aiming Laser】

Other than merely narrowing to your object of choice, this appliance also allows for the aiming of the shots altogether. This it does principally by use of the integrated red aiming laser that narrows to a specific target when adjusted. In this way, it eliminates missed shots and ups the performance altogether.

【Light/Laser Module】

The rangefinder operates via a combination of the light and the laser modes respectively. This gives you the freedom to choose the one that most likely mirrors your own expectations and circumstances of use. At the same time, it also makes for backward and forwards operations pretty well.

  • Lasts a longer duration of time
  • Encased in the durable polymer housing
  • Operates within a wider temperature range
  • Resists shocks and other agents of impacts
  • Conserves batteries owing to low energy consumption
  • Has little practical value
  • Mostly used for education and experimentation
  • Its lifespan is rather short and unreliable

#6: TACKLIFE Hunting Rangefinder 900 Yards 7X Laser Range Finder

best budget laser rangefinder



Of all the rangefinders we have in our crosshairs, it is this one that has the ability to measure the longest distances at 90 yards. While it does so, it maintains a fairly high degree of accuracy and flexibility than any other device. Thus, it is more applicable to long-range shots and targeting.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Meters/Yards System】

The equipment is capable of delivering the readings in both meters and yards. To switch from one parameter to another, you have to engage only the “mode” button. Thus, you will find it a truly convenient gadget to use especially if you swap places every now and then.

【Versatile Functionality】

On the whole, the equipment gives you the rare opportunity to tackle many tasks and operate in many conditions smoothly. This is mainly due to its versatile functionality. With it, you will be able to measure distances, range the models vary the speeds, and operate in diverse conditions of use.

【Automatic Power-off】

Unlike your typical rangefinder, this one automatically powers off after it stays idle for 20 seconds or so. Through this arrangement, the appliance cuts down greatly on the costs of operations. It also spares you from those accidents that are likely to arise with use. This, in turn, yields some peace of mind.

  • Uses the latest measurement technologies
  • Its 7x magnification is by far the highest
  • The fully multi-coated lens lasts longer
  • Yields clearer imaging outcomes
  • Packaged in a durable and water-resistant body
  • Never look directly in the sun with it
  • Difficult to mount in sloppy terrains
  • Takes up excess storage and mounting spaces

#7: REDFIELD Raider 650 Los Laser Range Finder, Black

rangefinder price



Do you cherish luxury, class, and elegance? If you do, we are pleased to draw your attention to this specific rangefinder. The construction of the item features some classy and elegant makeup that greatly livens your room and workplace. This notwithstanding, the apparatus is still cheap and easy to come by.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Variable Magnification】

Setting this rangefinder apart from the others is the fact that you may vary the magnification appropriately. In fact, you can alter the distance between the highest and the lowest magnification by a whopping six times. This gives you the comfort you need to gaze at the objects of interest to you.

【Duplex Reticle】

To further narrow down to your prey, you will make do with the duplex reticle. This duplex is further complemented with a bright red dot that marks the center point. Chances of you missing your targets are hence cut down by a considerable margin. This makes it good for a vast array of gaming applications.

【Simpler Navigation, Compact and Powerful】

On the whole, the equipment is simpler to navigate, is compact and quite powerful to utilize. Expect it hence to do a good job of narrowing down to your prey and eliminating guesswork. On account of its compact nature, the equipment is also easier to carry around and store when needed.

  • Displays images on a high contrast LCD display
  • Weatherproof design and stature allows for round-the-clock use
  • Comes along with its own battery and carrying case
  • Comprises many features and parts
  • Delivers unmatched performance and strength
  • Unable to accommodate attachments and extras
  • It becomes too obsolete too soon!
  • Easily sustains scratches and damages

#8: Halo Laser Range Finder with 6X Magnification

best price on laser range finder



In case your desired hunting ground is sloppy and fidgety, you want a rangefinder that is similarly optimized for such kind of an environment. This one is packed with loads of features that make it possible for you to enjoy some stability at such places and environments.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Angle Intelligence Technology】

Making the highest contribution to the realization of this feat is the angle intelligence technology. This technology compensates for any inclinations and also computes the true horizontal distances of objects. In these ways, it allows you to fire more accurate shots than you would normally.

【Scan Mode】

It also goes beyond that to allow you to target multiple shots at a time. The scan mode exists to help with that. Notwithstanding this capability, the rangefinder is operable at the simple touch of a button. Thus, it cuts down the hassles you will ordinarily have to contend with all the while.

【450-yard Reflective Range】

Also coming along is the reflective range that spans a comfortable 450 yards. On account of this metric, you may be sure to obtain clearer images for a limited amount of effort and lighting energy output. This combines with the adjustable eyepiece for focus for sharper and more vivid outcomes.

  • The ultimate hunter’s tool!
  • Twisting eyepiece allows for better focus
  • Its battery lasts a whole year of regular use
  • Measures up to the expensive brands
  • Targets animals that are as far away as 350 yards
  • Quite cumbersome to engage and carry around
  • Demands complex operation procedures
  • Calls for too much care and attention to operationalize

#9: Saybien Golf Rangefinder – Options with and Without Slope

best price golf range finder



To be guaranteed seamless operations all the while, you need a rangefinder whose battery power is long-lasting. Only this particular equipment may yield you that very benefit. It derives its power from the long-lasting lithium-ion battery that recharges via a USB cable.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Straight-Line Distance】

This function measures the distances between any objects and displays the same accurately. It also conforms to the standards spelled out by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Thus, expect it to perform better and yield you uninterrupted periods of operations. A scan mode comes along for your convenience.

【Quick Scanning】

It is also possible for you to scan the item you are interested in keenly before firing the shot. A ‘quick scanning’ feature exists to expedite the performance of this vital parameter. It hence lets you know about the exact distances you want to know before making any meaningful step.

【Slope Mode】

Finally comes the slope mode. This one plays the role of retaining the slope that has been adjusted for distances. It is hence more likely to expedite your operations when hunting both in the downhill and uphill undulations. This way, it retains your support and vitality at all times of use.

  • Boasts of impressive accuracy
  • Has a distinctive lightweight stature
  • Possesses ergonomic handle that holds up easily
  • Ideal for sporting enthusiasts
  • Saves your time and money while operational
  • Quite clumsy and difficult to carry around
  • Lacks an image stabilization feature
  • Its lens is not coated and is hence vulnerable

#10: BOBLOV 650Yards Golf Rangefinder

affordable rangefinder



Are you an aspiring professional golfer? You can never up your golfing prowess without making do with a rangefinder of this kind. It is wholly meant to target and perfect your golf measurement capability. Moreover, it also lets you switch from the yards to the meters units of measurements smoothly.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Vibration On/off Function】

To aid you with your measurements the appliance comes about with some vibration on/off functionality. It vibrates to alert you at the locking of the flag distances. In this way, it sees to it that you miss not your distances but instead get to enjoy more prompt and accurate outcomes.

【Battery USB Charging】

A USB charging port exists to aid with recharging your batteries. With this port in place, you do not have to worry about your device dying off prematurely. In this way, you also get to enjoy unconstrained operations and spates of use regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions.

【Integrated Elegant Design】

All in all, this appliance comes in an integrated elegant design. This manifests in some white appearance, a lightweight and portable stature and indeed a functional item. All these make for awesome suitability for golfing. Thanks to this elegance, the item plays a secondary role in making your workplace more beautiful.

  • Makes you miss not your targets
  • Turns on and off as per your convenience
  • Its three modes allow for comprehensive coverage
  • Delivers truly accurate measurements
  • Recharges your batteries while on the go
  • Limited in scope to golfing only
  • Does not handle fidgeting well
  • Falls short of many parts and features

#11: LaserWorks 600m Laser Rangefinder

laser rangefinder price



Never attempted to operate the rangefinder before? Stress, not yourself. Simply look for this one and make it yours. It lacks those many parts, features, and components that complicated equipment has. In light of this, the item is simpler to operate and is hence vital for use by a beginner.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【High Measure Performance】

All factors considered the equipment delivers high measure performance indeed. It operates smoothly within the 4-600 yards range. Moreover, it does come about with an added 1200 yards to cater to the highly reflective targets. These are complemented with a powerful optical 6X magnification.

【Superior Functional】

When compared to the many rangefinders out there, this one yields superior functionality indeed. With it, you may be able to measure distances, scan continuous measurements, work in the fog, lock the flagpoles, and regulate the speed levels. All these keep and maintain you on top of the game.

【Exclusive Solar Power】

An exclusive solar power exists to expedite your operations all the while. This one stands on the line to care for your energy needs after the battery levels have dwindled considerably. Even when you have to detach yourself from the mainstream for too long, this rangefinder will still be there for you.

  • The incredibly compact size makes for easier transportation and storage
  • Completely palm and pocket-friendly
  • Resists water and dust
  • Poses no harm for the health of humans
  • Guarantees more stable performances
  • Unable to tackle complex undertakings
  • Prone to fidgeting and shaking
  • Brings about reduced value for money


As you may see from the foregoing affordable rangefinder reviews, these appliances exist in numerous shades and are as such capable of tackling just about every other chore you have in mind. This being the case, we now ask you to determine just what you are up to and settle on the most appropriate one.

Features of the Cheap Rangefinders

Although all cheap rangefinders have a common task: to provide you with remote measurements of your desired golf course objectives, how accurate they are, and how easy they can be used can vary significantly from one scale rangefinder to another.

To help you decide how to choose a cheap rangefinder, so you can find one that suits your needs and gives you results in the course. That is why we have listed below some of the critical things you can consider before making your purchase. Regardless of the price, the first thing you should think about is what you will use on your rangefinder.

  • Use in tournaments

If you want to use it in competitions or tournaments, you should make sure you buy a cheap timer. These are the only type of rangefinders that are legal to play in tournaments because they only provide far distance measurements.

Other types of cheap price controls are called “ramp versions” that are not allowed for competitions or tournaments because they offer more advanced features, such as modified yard measurements that take into account the ramp angle, weather conditions and altitude, and some even make the club an easier option by offering suggestions on which club to bring in their next shot.

  • High quality

So remember to buy a well-known rangefinder only if you will use it only for training and practice purposes or to play informal golf with your friends. If you want to use it in competitions, when golf rules appear at this time, you must purchase a tournament version.

  • Maximum distance

Another factor to look for when choosing a cheap rangefinder is what its maximum distance is? And how accurate are they? The maximum mileage can vary from 500 yards to more than 1000 yards, and is usually careful with a +/- yard, although some modern models can have an accuracy of up to 6 inches.

What you should remember is that this precision and the maximum distance ranges have been tested in ideal weather conditions and with broad, soft, and reflective objectives. So to be sure, it is better to cut this figure in half!

Other things to consider may include size and weight, the possibility of expansion, ease of use, and if you feel more comfortable with the economical laser rangefinder oriented horizontally and vertically.

To buy a cheap rangefinder, you can consult expert advice for informed details on the subject. It will also help you avoid any confusion regarding things. The good section of these rangefinders is that they are effortless to use. The devices are also high-speed and can measure long distances in just a few seconds. They work well to function well than GPS golf finding systems. That is why computerized and optical technology is used to find distance targets. Even if the targets are partly dark, the devices measure the correct distances.

Affordable Rangefinder vs. Expensive Rangefinder in Function

Rangefinders are available at different prices. Irrespective of the prices they perform the same functions, but the performance of these functions depends on the features. It is expected that expensive rangefinders can perform better than affordable ones. Here are some of the rangefinders applications and they include navigation, surveying, golf club, photography, as well as a projectile weapon.

One of the functions of rangefinders includes golf. Here both the affordable and the expensive rangefinders can be used to measure yardage of any shot done. Expensive models are expected to come with superior technology, and because of that, it would be easier to get such reading than when you use affordable ones. If you want to get the best result from the golf course, then you must opt for superior quality products because it makes for an accurate reading.

Furthermore, these rangefinders are widely used for ballistic purposes. If you want to measure the long distance of firearms, you need a good quality rangefinder. Those with better technology will perform better here. If you want to get the best of this function, you have to look for the model with the newest technology. It is much likely that the most expensive rangefinder will provide the best in terms of ballistic functions. Both the affordable and the most expensive could perform this function, but the most expensive ones are the best in the performance of this particular function.

It is no longer news that rangefinders are used in the forestry industry specifically for survey purposes. For that purpose, it uses a special device known as anti-leaf filters. This can work well with different kinds of rangefinders, but it is going to be more effective with the more expensive models in the market. Furthermore, the most innovative model in the market is more realistic for this kind of function. If you want to get better and more reliable results, the expensive ones are better than the affordable ones.

Is It Worth to Buy a Cheap Rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a useful instrument. When you are making your choice, you must check the available features to ensure that it can serve your purposes very well. It does not matter whether it is the most expensive or the most affordable cheap ones, the most important thing is to ensure that the product you buy serves your purpose very well.

Before you set out to buy one, you must first make out your budget. The cheap rangefinder can also provide great value for you. When you are making your choice ensure that it has the features you are looking for. A cheap rangefinder is worth it once it can serve your purpose very well. If you are a learner, then you do not need the most expensive rangefinder in the first place. You need to start from the cheap and the most affordable ones until you perfect your skill to begin to use the most expensive ones. There is nothing wrong to get a cheap rangefinder, what matters most is the features. Even if you buy the most expensive and it is lacking in features, you are still not going to be happy with your purchase. It can be said that the most critical factor to consider is whether the product you get would be able to solve your problems and nothing more.

If you buy the most affordable ones which can serve you very well and then save huge sums of money in the process, there is also nothing wrong with that. Beginners and learners can begin with cheap ones. Moreover, it could be easier to repair cheaper ones than the most expensive rangefinder. When you are buying the cheaper models, you must first do your research and look for those with the necessary features to fulfill your dreams. You will not regret the investment you make on this.

What Is the Difference Between a Rangefinder And a Viewfinder?

A rangefinder is suitable for estimating the distance between two objects with the help of a laser beam. That is mainly used in military, modeling, and sports. A rangefinder is a device that golfers often use to measure the distance from a flagpole to the point of presence.

How rangefinders work

The device comes with a viewfinder. The golfer aims to aim from inside the viewfinder, and when he presses a button, the player gets an accurate distance and some other readings as well. We have complex work involved.

Rangefinder Users

The question now is, are there legal restrictions or problems related to the use of such devices in the usual golf game? Well, that depends. Some tournaments allow their use. On the other hand, some sports do not allow them. More widely, these devices can be used in some countries while locked in others. USGA approved the use of the range finder to play, but again, it also depends on the tournament or course. There are tournaments held that will not allow you to use any of those devices.

From a broader perspective, these devices are the best for training sessions and learning purposes. We strongly recommend asking for help as much as possible. You can learn many of these tools.

Benefits of using a rangefinder instead of a viewfinder

As mentioned earlier, this mini device has many benefits related to the fact that it is allowed or prohibited in your country or course. Here are some key benefits of using this small device.

  1. You can measure the distance easily and quickly. This device not only measures distance but also measures the exact distance.
  2. You can also measure tilt changes in some range meters. That is one of the essential elements of golf. If the ramp is known, all you have to do is concentrate.
  3. Ability to measure temperature.
  4. The most important thing is that they invest once — no recurring charges. If you want to buy a golf rangefinder, pay and get it immediately.
  5. Without a doubt, it is beneficial for beginners and training sessions.

How to Buy Your Device?

The first and most important thing is to determine what type of device you need? What brand What is your estimated budget? If you get lost and have no idea where to start, I recommend reading some company launch reviews. You can easily find hundreds of them.

What you should look for in the device before buying is its accuracy. Always buy one with maximum precision. Buying a device with little precision will not work. So, the highest priority is accuracy. Then think of other features such as price, control system, functionality, ease of use, and some other features. It is better to spend additional dollars and buy a higher quality rangefinder than to buy a useless one with low precision.

Things to Consider in Getting Best Affordable Rangefinders

There is no doubt that laser rangefinder is the best invention in human history. Nowadays, people can measure long distances with great ease. Usually, they can be found in multiple specifications that come with different features and also designs. While some models are compatible with small areas, some of them can only be used on irregular surface areas. This means that there are very many models out in the market. Therefore it can be a tedious task choosing the most reliable laser rangefinder.

With that in mind, we have come up with the most crucial things to consider when buying a laser rangefinder. Here are the most important factors you should never forget.


You can agree with me that features are the most important things you should consider when buying any product. Do you need a rangefinder for playing golf? In that case, you should consider purchasing a reliable rangefinder with slope technology feature. What is the essence of slope technology? This feature is very crucial when it comes to accurate readings on slopes. With this feature, you will have full freedom to make adjustments on the readings.

Bluetooth interface

This is another factor you should consider every time you are buying a rangefinder. What is the use of Bluetooth interface in rangefinders? You will not only draw sketches but also you will be able to work with the CAD software. What is CAD? It is a software similar to Auto CAD. How can you use this software? It is compatible with smartphones and other devices. Therefore you can efficiently use this software to develop detailed plans on the site.

Ease of use

Are you sure that the efficiency of the rangefinder depends upon its ease of use? You must be able to access all the features in your rangefinder without any trouble. If you consider this factor, be guaranteed that you will have accurate results.

Usages and Types of Affordable Rangefinder

What is a rangefinder? It is simply a device that measures the distance from you to the object. For the last couple of years, these devices have been used for golfing and hunting. How many types of rangefinders do we have? As for now, we have two kinds of rangefinders. The two types of rangefinders are based on the principles they use to measure distance.

The first type of rangefinder uses the recent technology of GPS navigation to show you the way. It is also good to know that the other type of rangefinder measure distance using a laser.

Which is the best type of rangefinder?

Over the years, GPS rangefinders have emerged as the most reliable rangefinders in the market. Away from that, these rangefinders are very expensive when compared to the other type. Do you know that you are required to sync the map of the course before measuring your distance? People who have used these rangefinders in the past have claimed that they are not very accurate. Actually, that is the main reason why they are not very popular. In terms of accuracy, laser rangefinders are the best to use.

In most cases, laser rangefinders are lightweight. Why did the manufacturer design them to be lightweight? You will be in a position to use these rangefinders without too much fatigue. The best thing about laser rangefinder is that it can perfectly fit in the palm of your hand. A laser rangefinder is similar to the ordinary camcorder in terms of size and shape.

What does this rangefinder features? It comes with straps. With that in mind, you can use these straps to stabilize the shots. This means that you will always have accurate measurements. The laser will hit the target as soon as you shoot it. In that case, it will relay the length stats to you.

Why Shouldn’t I Buy a Cheap Rangefinder

There are many dedicated golfers in the world. Some of them make hasty decisions when purchasing golf rangefinders. Before purchasing a rangefinder, you should consider whether they satisfy all your desires. Some people prefer purchasing the most expensive rangefinder thinking that it is good. Here are the reasons why you should avoid buying cheap rangefinders.

Cheap rangefinders are less reliable

Do you know that golfers lose their game due to their equipment? You can agree with me that on a golfing session a golfer must have all the necessary equipment. What is the main reason behind this? The player will be able to focus on the game instead of spending time trying to fix the equipment. This is the same reason why you should avoid cheap rangefinders like a plaque. After all, nobody wants to be dealing with faulty equipment in the middle of an important game.

Difficult to work with

It is every player’s dream to have equipment that is quite easy to handle. With an easy device, you will easily focus on the game. You will always be thinking about how you can win that game. If you consider purchasing a cheap rangefinder, you will have to pay more attention learning on how to use that equipment rather than improving on your game. If you do it more often, you will be frustrated and lose focus from the game. This means that losing your game will become inevitable.

They are made from cheap materials

You might be aware that golf equipment does not go through the same wear and tear as equipment used in other sports. However, you will have difficult moments when your golf equipment gets damaged in the middle of the game. You will always face such situations when you purchase cheap rangefinders. The manufacturer might have compromised with its quality if the rangefinder is cheap.

However, it does not mean budget laser rangefinder points to weak performance. After learning the products in detail and reading expert guides and reviews, there is a large proportion that you can get the best affordable rangefinder for your needs. Of course, if a cheap device still fails you, you may also get some quality types with high-end producing like follow:

Final Pick: Top 3 Best Affordable Rangefinders