The 10 Best GPS Golf Range Finder Reviews – Handheld Device, Watch And Laser Rangefinders

When investing in golf, it is wise to invest in instruments that will give you quality details of whatever you need. Therefore, you need to read these GPS golf range finder reviews and later make a choice on the products to buy.

Here in this article, we have picked out the 10 best GPS Golf Range Finders and made a detailed review for you. Besides, there are detailed buying guides from the expert if you want to pick the ideal one by yourself on the market.

Here we go!

What Are the Best GPS Golf Range Finders?


Top Rated 10 GPS Golf Range Finder Reviews

Photo Title Buy
GOLFBUDDY Voice 2S+...image GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder Buy On
Bushnell Phantom Golf...image Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS, Green Buy On
Garmin Approach G10,...image Garmin Approach G10, Compact and Handheld Golf GPS with 1.3-inch Display, Black Buy On
Garmin 010-03723-01 Approach...image Garmin Approach S20, GPS Golf Watch with Step Tracking Buy On
TecTecTec ULT-G Stylish,...image TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch Buy On
Upgraded Slope -...image TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Buy On
Garmin Approach Z80,...image Garmin Approach Z80, Golf Laser Range Finder Buy On
Bozily Golf Rangefinder...image Bozily 6X Rechargeable Laser Range Finder Buy On
Golf Buddy GB3...image Golf Buddy GB3 VTX Talking Handheld GPS Buy On

Best GPS Golf Range Finder Reviews on the Market

Best Golf Laser Rangefinder

#1. TecTecTec VPR0500Golf Rangefinder Laser Binoculars

golf range finder gps


  • Measures up to 540 yards
  • Pin-sensor technology for fast pinning on objects
  • Continuous scan mode available
  • Water-resistance body
  • Fast measurement with 1-yard accuracy
  • Multiple lenses to provide a vivid image

When buying a binocular, it is best to buy one with a clear lens. The main aim of clear binoculars is to ensure a clear view of whatever you are viewing. Therefore, there is a need to consider purchasing this product. Besides, the clean lens, the lenses also ensure that yard accuracy is obtained very fast, thus ensuring no information will skip your knowhow. More also, you will be using the binocular from one place to place. This product has ensured its binocular has lightweight to ensure you will be carrying it with a lot of ease.

#2. Garmin Approach Z80, Golf Laser Range Finder

best golf gps rangefinder


  • Most accurate golf laser rangefinder
  • Full-color 2D CourseView mapping set
  • Available for more than 41,000 courses worldwide
  • Green view feature shows the distance to the green automatically
  • Adjust the distance based on the slope
  • Slope measurement on and off for the tournament play


When taking various measurements in golf, you must be willing to come up with the most appropriate measurements. As a result, you need to purchase this product as it will ensure you will be acquiring accurate measurements. Additionally, this product is also ensuring it is stabilizing the images intending to ensure that no shakiness is observed. As a result, the process of locating the flags range will be easier. You will thus end up satisfied with the photos you take.

#3. Bozily Golf Rangefinder

cheap golf gps


  • High definition camera
  • 6x magnification
  • LCD digital display
  • 4 scan modes including flag, slope, vertical and speed
  • Ergonomic design
  • Water-resistance
  • Accurate to nearly 1,200 yards


It is currently in demand as a result of its great accuracy, thus ensuring great capturing in a golf game. Besides, it is affordable, considering that the product is of very high quality. More also, it will serve you for a long time as a result of its durable nature. Therefore, you will end up saving thee money you would otherwise use in purchasing a new product.

Best GPS Golf Handheld Range Finders

#4. GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder

golf gps laser rangefinder reviews


  • Fairly easy to use
  • Measures the distance to the green
  • Dynamic green view technology equipped
  • Long battery life – 14 hours
  • Waterproof design
  • Male/female voice option



You must have been looking for a golf range finder that is easy to use. You should worry no more as this product is the best solution. Many clients have been reporting that the usage of the product is very easy. Besides, the product is up to date as it is using the current green view dynamic technology with various distance readings coming from golfer’s perspective. Additionally, the battery can be used for a long time when charged as it can be used for even up to 14 hours. More also, it is water-resistant that assuring you that it will serve you for a long time.

#5. Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

golf gps app


  • Bluetooth gives wireless course updates
  • Long battery life for 2-round play
  • Easy to use interface
  • Auto course recognition
  • Auto hole advance
  • 4 hazard distance per hole


Whenever buying a golf watch, it is important to consider buying one with Bluetooth as it will help you more that the common watch. This is the main reason as to why you should consider purchasing this watch. The watch will be ensuring you are getting details and information on any wireless course updates. Besides, the watch has a powerful battery, which has a long life when fully charged. The battery will be capable of serving you even for two rounds before it gets out of power again.

#6. Garmin Approach G10

gps golf tracker


  • Sleek design
  • Pocket-sized design to clip on your belt
  • Quickly show the distance to the green
  • Green view design
  • Improved Stats tracking
  • High sensitivity GPS


The main reason as to why many individuals are in love with this watch is its capability to get Satellites very fast. The satellites are very useful as they help in showing distance towards greens, doglegs, and hazards. More also, the watch has the capability of displaying the green shape with the placement of a manual pin. Furthermore, the watch has the capability of detecting various hazards and also various course targets with the aim of identifying sand traps locations. When purchasing a watch, you always look for one which will end up serving you for long. You should feel at home while using this watch as it is containing a compact design with pocket-sized designs which ends up conveniently clipping on peoples belt.

#7. Golf Buddy GB3 VTX Talking Handheld GPS

golf gps systems


  • Pretty advanced
  • Compact handheld talking GPS
  • LCD high-resolution touch display
  • Male/female voice option
  • The audio distance measuring device
  • Well worth the price


When buying a golf handheld GPS, ensure you are putting the quality of the item before its price. This product is currently the most advanced to talk handheld GPS golf. This product is containing a high resolution, thus ensuring that the voice will end up reaching in quality as expected. Besides, it has been made in a way that it is capable of changing the voices into either male or female vie. As a result, you will not worry about moving from one place to another to find a male or female character. Besides, this will imply that it will also be saving you a lot of money and time.

Best Golf GPS Watch Range Finders

#8. Garmin Approach Golf Watch

golf gps rangefinder reviews


  • Autoshot design measures shot distance
  • Stylish and sleek watchband
  • Swing sensor gives metrics to improve swing consistency
  • Activity tracking
  • Enhanced stats keeps tracking of fairway hit
  • Sunlight readable


Getting a golf watch that is readable in the presence of light is not easy. As a result, there is a necessity of considering purchasing this watch. Besides its readability in the sun, it is a monochrome and highly resolution watch. Additionally, the product is containing stat tracking, which has been proven to be keeping track of different fairways hit. More also, the watch is made through the use of silicone material, which is said to last for long. As a result, many people prefer buying this product as it assures the long term service.

#9. TecTecTec YLT-G Golf GPS Watch

garmin gps golf watch


  • Measures exact distance to the green
  • Access information about over 38,000 courses
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically connect to the satellite
  • Durable design
  • Water resistance


Imagine the happiness you would have after having the golf watch, which you love very much or one with all the things which you have always been dreaming of. This product has combined all different features in all other goals. The usage of this watch is straightforward, as it is only containing four different buttons, which you will be navigating. Additionally, it is a watch that you can rely on day in day out as it is very durable. Therefore, you will also end up saving on the cost of buying a golf watch often.

Do I Need to Pay Extra Fees to Use My Devices on the Golf Course?

It depends on several factors. There are devices you will not pay to use them. There are some devices that require subscription fees. You will use such devices. In normal cases, you will use your devices free of charge in the golf course. You only need to ensure the devices you are using are allowed in the golf course. Remember not all devices you can use in the golf course are allowed. Most golf courses will allow you to use the GPS devices to measure the distance between the club and the hole. Some of the fees you are supposed to pay to use a golf course include the following:

best rated golf gps rangefinders

Green fees

They are fees paid to the golf club shop to allow you to use the golf course. There are different types of golf courses available. You can go for an 18 holes golf course or opt for the 9 holes golf course. It is necessary to check with the golf course attendants to know the rates at which you will pay.

Golf cart fee

If you prefer using the cart to move around in the field, you may have to hire the cart. If you decide to carry your cart, then you will use it for free in the golf course. The rules applicable to different golf courses vary. It is essential to check on the rules applicable to the golf courses before you proceed to play in a given golf course.

Memberships and Passes

You can decide to prepay the membership fee at a given golf course. There are public as well as private courses. You will have to pay for the passes in each of the golf courses. The membership fee varies from one golf course to the other.

Factors in Selecting the Best GPS Golf Range Finder

There are several factors to consider in selecting the best GPS golf range finder. First, you need to check out the model. There are some models that incorporate the latest technology. It is necessary for you to have a device that uses the latest technology. With the use of the latest technology, it is easy to get quick measurements of parameters as you play golf. The price of the GPS device also matters. It is essential to go for a GPS device that you can comfortably afford.

best golf gps app


You need a GPS device you can easily carry around in the golf course. The size of the device should be compact enough to avoid your trouble as you move around the golf course. Take time to check on the general design of the device before you can proceed to purchase. The device should be highly durable as well. Even if it will fall, it should not break.

Talking golf GPS

GPS should be easy for you to use. A device that has features such as the talking mechanism makes it easy to get the exact distance. For instance, if it can let you know via voice, you will avoid the trouble of having to look at the screen as you struggle to aim at the club. Most advanced GPS units use audio distance measuring mechanism which makes them very effective when playing golf.

Waterproof design

The GPS device should be highly durable. You need to check on the general design of the device before you can proceed to buy it. For example, it is necessary to check on the materials used. There are times when you may be rained on when outdoors. In such a case, you need a GPS device that is waterproof.

GPS Watch vs. Handheld: Which Should I Pick

It is a tricky situation but there are several factors you need to check out. First, you need to check out the comfort. You will realize it is comfortable to handle a watch rather than a handheld GPS device. Remember a handheld GPS device will require you to hold it as you handle the golf equipment. Many players prefer the watch but there are others who prefer a handheld device as well. Here are some of the factors to check out before you buy the handheld decide or a watch for your golf GPS purposes:

compare golf gps rangefinders

Easy to handle

If your main concern is having a device you can easily handle, then you will go for the watch. A handheld device will require you to hold it in your hands which can be hectic if you are busy trying to aim the club. You will be more comfortable to handle the watch as opposed to the handheld device. If you have someone to handle the device as you play, then you can as well go for the handheld device.


The features available on the handheld decide and the watch varies. You will tend to find more features on the watch as opposed to the handheld device. With the watch, you can use it to measure the distance, calorie burn among other parameters as you play. It is unlike the handheld device which has few features.


Are you operating on a shoestring budget? If you would like to save money, then buying a handheld device will be a great move. In most cases, you will find the handheld device having few features but they cost less. The screen on the handheld device is also big. It is easy to read. You can as well have one with a voice option for easy reading.

Why Do I Need a GPS Device on the Golf Course?

Why do I need a GPS device on the golf course? The use of a GPS device is necessary to help you get the exact distance between the golf ball and the center of the green or the holes. The type of equipment you apply to hit the ball matters for your success. You need to take time and check on the distance among other features before you can hit the ball. Serious golfers prefer using GPS devices to calculate the distance between the golf ball and the holes. Here are some of the reasons why you need a GPS device in a golf course:

Calculating distance to the center of the green

You need to get the exact distance to the center of the green so that you can plan on how to hit the ball accordingly. The GPS devices have proved to be highly effective in allowing you to calculate the distance fast. There are some GPS devices that come with inbuilt features making them very effective when it comes to taking the measurements. You will easily calculate the distances.

Selecting the right club

You need to use the right club so that you can emerge a winner. The distance between the ball and where you would like to land it will dictate the type of golf club to use. It can be hectic for you to choose the right club if you do not have the right distance measurements. The use of GPS devices makes it easy to choose the perfect golf club. Use of the GPS devices has proved to be very effective in assisting professional golfers to make the right judgments as they play. The GPS devices for use in golf courses are carefully designed to allow you to find it easy when making crucial decisions in the golf course.

Final Pick: Top-Rated 3 Best GPS Golf Range Finders