Top 9 Best Golf Optical Range Finder Reviews For Your Golf Time

Are you constantly struggling to see your shots while on a golf course? Perhaps, your estimation of the yardage was wrong because the ball either bounced off, hit the back of the green, or failed to reach the green, finishing up in a lousy sand trap. Well, we have prepared an insight into some of the best golf optical range finder reviews that help you make the best selection.

It is imperative to know the actual distances on the golf course so that you can lower the scores by making the right decision. Luckily, advances in technology, such as the introduction of rangefinders, have made the process easier for golfers. These distance-measuring devices utilize GPS and laser technology.

Stick along as this guide will not only help you to learn about the best selection but also get an insight into their pros and cons as well as an unbiased verdict.

What Is the Best Golf Optical Range Finder on the Market?

Quick Pick on Best Golf Optical Rangefinders

Photo Title Buy
RINKMO Golf Rangefinder,...image RINKMO Golf Rangefinder with Slope,1100 Yards Range Buy On
PROADVANCED ProMini Range...image PROADVANCED ProMini Range 750 - Laser Rangefinder Buy On
SereneLife Upgraded Advanced...image SereneLife Upgraded Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder with Pinsensor Technology Buy On
SereneLife Advanced Golf...image SereneLife Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder with Pinsensor Technology Buy On
Gogogo Sport Vpro...image Gogogo Sport Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder Buy On
Luepold Golf GX-5i3...image Luepold Golf GX-5i3 Rangefinder + CR2 Battery Buy On
45Crescent Golf Rangefinder...image 45Crescent Golf Rangefinder with Slope Compensation – Instant Laser Distance Measure Buy On

Top 9 Best Golf Optical Range Finder Reviews

1. Best Golf Optical Range Finder – Legiral Golf Rangefinder

golf optical range finder reviews

Brilliant Features:

  • 6x magnification
  • Pro Slope golf technology
  • Golf mode
  • CR batteries
  • Measures up to 1100 yards

This model has a high-quality magnification of up to 6 times which gives you a clear image target. It can accurately measure a range of up to 1100 yards and can also be set in other units such as meters so you don’t have to keep converting. Legiral golf rangefinder is water-resistant, meaning that you can use it in the damp. The use of Pro Slope technology has made this rangefinder user friendly. The continuous scan mode ensures that you quickly and accurately identify the target.

  • Portable design
  • Switch slope technology
  • It has a continuous scan mode for quick identification of target
  • It can be used in a damp environment
  • It may be complex to operate for the first time

Our Verdict:

This model is suitable for golf players in areas without clear weather. Because it firmly fits in the hand, it is not easy for users to drop it while in use.



2. Optical Golf Rangefinder – RINKMO Golf Rangefinder

6x golf rangefinders

Brilliant Features:

  • Textured rubber armor
  • Range measurement of 1100 yards
  • Flag lock and Slope technology
  • HD FMC lens

With a 6x magnification, this golf rangefinder offers a clearer and nearer view as well as reading the distance immediately. It sets up to four modes that provide you with angle measurement, horizontal distance measurement, vertical height measurement, as well as the oblique distance measurement. With a distance range measurement of up to 1100 yards, you can easily pinpoint long-distance holes. The continuous scan mode ensures that you get an accurate measurement. You can use the slope compensation technology for accurate results.

  • Non-slip grip
  • Easy to replace CR2 batteries
  • It can set up to four modes
  • Accurate measurement
  • It is not waterproof

Our Verdict:

This model is particularly good because of the four measurement modes. It also offers accurate measurements and comes with a certified Class I eyes-safe laser.



3. Accurate Optical Rangefinders – PROADVANCED ProMini Range 750

6x optical rangefinder

Brilliant Features:

  • Metal belt clip
  • Measuring range of 750 yards
  • Light penetration rate
  • 1-Class laser system

ProMini Range 750 is one of the lightest, smallest, and easy to use rangefinders in the market today. It is compact and it is highly portable. It is highly accurate and can measure up to 750 yards with 6x magnification. This model uses a CR2 lithium battery. What sets this model apart is the light penetration. Its laser can penetrate through the fog, so you can use it even in damp weather. With this model, you can be sure of the accuracy of +/- 0.5 yards. With the scan mode, you can accurately capture everything that you need.

  • Reliable and accurate laser
  • High light penetration rate that can be used for
  • Automatic switch-off function to preserve battery
  • Small and lightweight
  • No selectable mode features

Our Verdict:

Because this device offers an accurate distance for golfers, it is particularly good. Its lightweight makes it an excellent choice.



4. SereneLife Upgraded Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder

optical rangefinder for sale

Brilliant Features:

  • 2 selectable modes
  • An adjustable manual focus lens
  • Button controls
  • Smart digital interface
  • 540-yard range

This upgraded advanced laser rangefinder is one of the best distance measurement devices. It has a reliable measurement range of 5.4-540 yards and a magnification of up to 6x. This model has two selectable modes to help in-depth perception. The two modes are distance measurement and pin-seeking. The rangefinder has an adjustable focus lens that you can manually adjust to your preference. It has a smart digital interface that displays battery reading.

  • Focus lens can be manually adjusted
  • The smart digital interface helps in monitoring battery level
  • Compact and portable
  • It has only 2 selectable modes compared to other models with up to four modes

Our Verdict:

SereneLife Upgraded Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder is compact and portable with a handheld design which makes it ideal for those who use rangefinders all the time.



5. SereneLife Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder

golf rangefinder reviews

Brilliant Features:

  • Automatic shut off system
  • Adjustable manual lens focus
  • Compact and portable
  • Optical objective lens
  • 2 selectable mode
  • 540-yard range

SereneLife Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder is precise, accurate and durable and is perfect for improving your golf game and depth perception. It has a smart digital interface display readout and can calculate a range of between 5.4 and 540 yards. However, you can adjust the unit of measurement to meters. The focus lens can magnify up to 6x. It has a compact and portable design which means you can conveniently store it. You require a small battery to power this device. It has two modes to choose from. These are distance measuring and pin-seeking.

  • It has a compact and portable design
  • Smart digital display interface
  • It has only two selectable modes

Our Verdict:

This Range finder is suitable for people looking for an affordable but still accurate rangefinder with highly demanded features.



6. SUAOKI Updated Version Golf Rangefinder

golf optical range finder reviews

Brilliant Features:

  • 6X magnification
  • Speed range of 300km/h
  • Flag-lock technology
  • 5D diopter adjustment range
  • Range error of 0.55 yards
  • 656-yard range

With a measuring range of 656 yards, the SUAOKI rangefinder is one of the most efficient and accurate rangefinders in the market today. It has a highly accurate design that is capable of measuring the distance with an accuracy of an impressive +/- 0.55 yards, marking it possible for you to know the distance between you and your target. It has a flag-lock technology which compensates distance. It supports a 6x magnification, which guarantees you a clear view. This device is lightweight and portable as well as waterproof. You can use it even in damp weather.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Impressive speed range
  • It is waterproof and can be used in foggy conditions
  • It has no selectable mode

Our Verdict:

This is a good device for golfers who like playing in the rain. The measuring range is quite good for most golf courses.



7. Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder

golf optical range finder

Brilliant Features:

  • 5-650 yard range
  • Range accuracy of +/- 1m
  • 3 selectable modes
  • Golf mode

Gogogo rangefinder is excellent for both avid and newbie golfers as well as hunters. It has a measuring range of 5-650 yards with high accuracy of +/- 1 meter and a 6X magnification. This model has a slope switch technology, which makes it easy for you to move up and down. It is powered by a CR2 battery, which is easily available in the shop. Flag-lock technology enables you to quickly identify your target. This rangefinder comes with a manual, making it easy to use.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fast locking on a flag
  • It is not a popular brand in the market

Our Verdict:

Although this rangefinder is not popular in the market, it matches up to other popular rangefinders in the market. It has most of the essential features required for golfing.



8. Leupold Golf GX Series Rangefinder

golf optical range finder

Brilliant Features:

  • 6X magnification
  • Fog Mode
  • Multi-coated lens system
  • Fold-down rubber eyecup
  • PinHunter laser technology
  • One-touch scan mode

If you want an all-in-one rangefinder that gets around the course faster, then you can try the Leupold Golf GX-5i3. It has all you need that will help you to maximize your stroke and game. It has a new and advanced PinHunter 3 laser technology, which aids in faster and powerful laser emission. The PinHunter will eliminate errors caused by the weather or shake in your hand to accurately identify flag and lock. With these features, you are guaranteed accuracy.

  • Digitally eNhanced Accuracy
  • A tenth-yard accuracy
  • True Golf range
  • Eliminates environmental error
  • It is very pricey

Our Verdict:

Although pricey, this rangefinder is highly effective with features that ensure great accuracy.



9. 45Crescent Golf Rangefinder

optical golf rangefinder

Brilliant Features:

  • LED screen
  • Compact and portable
  • 654 yards range
  • Shave off strokes
  • 7X magnification

The 45Crescent Golf Rangefinder uses a laser to measure the distance to the cap as well as height and angle, enabling you to quickly assess the club and the shot will be needed. It measures up to 654 yards and provides an accuracy between you and tree line or water hazard. With this model, you don’t need to download a course file before you can use it. It is user friendly and can be used by children as well. It has an LED screen that provides accurate measurement and easy to read.

  • No need of downloading a course before use
  • Easily portable
  • Clear and accurate LED
  • It is not waterproof

Our Verdict:

Although this device is not waterproof, it comes with dust and water-resistant carry bags for extra protection. It has a very high magnification of 7x.



How An Optical Golf Rangefinder Works

Optical golf rangefinders offer accurate measuring of distances in the golf course. They are monocular gadgets equipped with built-in scales. Optical rangefinders pick the pin height in the eyepiece then convert it to distance using already preloaded scales.

Besides golfers, optical rangefinders also work perfectly for hunters. And they employ these two principles:


This utilizes a form of triangulation known as the principle of parallax. The optical rangefinders have a focusing knob and two lenses at opposite ends, which focus on the target. The knob superimposes the two images captured on each other, converting the reading into a distance.


The principle works by pointing the device at the pin and focusing with care. This determines the level of accuracy.

Benefits of Optical Rangefinders

To appreciate how a rangefinder can help you in the sport, let’s go over some of the benefits:

choosing optical golf rangefinders

Better Knowledge of the Golf Course

The rangefinders improve your understanding of the golf course. Without these devices, playing is most likely based on what your hunch is telling you and experience, especially if you’re playing on a new golf course. An optical rangefinder helps you make better decisions, making you a smart player.

Knowledge on the Yardage for Each Club

An optical rangefinder helps you play a good shot, particularly when you have to hit a more complicated shot – in front of a banker or over water.

They are Inexpensive

Because of the many benefits it brings to the game, people would often believe that optical rangefinders are pricey. The truth is that some even cost less than golf GPS watches and devices. And they cost less than laser rangerfinders.

User Friendly

Optical rangefinders are convenient to use. They are light in weight, provide pinpoint accuracy and require no batteries.

Things to Consider When Buying Best Golf Optical Ranger Finder

The Quality of Optics

Optical glass quality should be your main consideration when looking for an optical rangefinder because it will practically affect the quality of the view. High-quality glass will help you identify your target easily. Additionally, it will produce less distorted, brigheter images.

Maximum Distance

Choose a rangefinder with the best range. It is important to note that most manufacturers advertise the maximum distance measured under ideal conditions. So, when making the purchase, choose one with a higher yard distance.

For instance, if you want a rangefinder with a maximum distance of 1,000 yards, it is advisable to buy one with a 1,4000-yard maximum.This will eliminate distractions from overcast conditions or other lighting issues. The maximum distance is indicated in the product title.


The magnification power is the number of times you are able to see the object closer through the optical rangefinder than with the naked eye. For instance, 8x magnification means the target will appear 8 times closer looking through the rangefinder than without it. As such, magnification makes it easier for you to identify your target.


Reticles vary depending on the brand and model. They are the aiming points, or the set of crosshairs you see when you look through the rangefinder. Some crosshairs are black in color, making it difficult to tell if you have a dark background, or you’re in a low light situation. Choose an optical rangefinder with an illuminated reticle, which accommodates low light, making it easier to pinpoint the target.

These are the main factors you need to consider when buying an optical rangefinder. There are lots of rangefinders with lots of different functionality, so you can save some cash by getting one with only the features that you need.

Final Thoughts on Optical Rangefinders

Undoubtedly, rangefinders are among the most essential tools for golfers today. And the above nine selections are not only the best in the market but also offer exceptional results for anyone looking for the best score when golfing.

Note that before you make your selection, ensure you review its features, pros, and cons to get your ideal match. A good rangefinder can take all of the doubt and second-guessing out of the distance game and provide accurate yardage.

Top 3 Best Optical Golf Rangefinders

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