The 7 Best Bluetooth Laser Rangefinder Reviews 2022 For Your Needs

the Best Bluetooth laser rangefinder allows you to connect to your smartphone. Nowadays smartphones come with several features that can simplify the way you analyze data from the rangefinder. The use of a smart app allows you to enjoy several features from the data you inbuilt. Rangefinders that utilize the latest technology are equipped with Bluetooth technology. You can apply the rangefinders to realize the best performance.

The use of the ballistic calculator app on your smartphone can make the whole process of analyzing the data from the rangefinder easy. Take time to check on the features available on the rangefinder before you make a buying decision. You will realize value for money if you can invest in the best Bluetooth laser rangefinder:

What Is the Best Bluetooth Laser Rangefinder on the Market

The 6 Laser Rangefinder with Bluetooth Quick Review

Photo Title Buy
ATN Laser Ballistics...image ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Smart Laser Rangefinder w/Bluetooth Buy On
Sig Sauer KILO1400BDX...image Sig Sauer KILO1400BDX 6x20 mm Rangefinder Buy On
Bushnell Hybrid Golf...image Bushnell Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder + GPS Black, Large Buy On

Top 6 Best Bluetooth Laser Rangefinder Reviews

1. ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Smart Laser Rangefinder

best bluetooth laser rangefinder


It is a smart laser rangefinder which comes with Bluetooth capability. There is no worry about how you can calculate the ballistic range among other features. You can comfortably utilize the app on your smartphone to realize great performance out of the Bluetooth rangefinder. Here are other features which make the rangefinder stand out:

Smart ballistic calculator

You can count on the rangefinder to your smartphone through Bluetooth technology. It works very well in allowing you to enjoy the calculations. With the use of an ATN smartphone app. You will realize the best performance when calculating the ballistic range.


The range finder has a range of up to 1640 yards. Its long-range makes it highly effective in tackling different work environments. You can count on it to realize the best performance when in your hunting adventure among other applications.

Maximum accuracy

Check on the accuracy of the rangefinder before you can buy it. The Bluetooth rangefinder boosts of high accuracy in calculating complicated slope and distance. It easily pairs with smart HD making it a great addition to your tools.

2. ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Smart Laser Rangefinder

best bluetooth laser rangefinder

The smart laser rangefinder utilizes the latest technology to assure you of the best performance. With high accuracy capability, you can count on it to make the right judgments. It has a range of up to 1000 yards making it among the best long-range rangefinders. One button operation avoids unnecessary complications as you operate the rangefinder. The process of operating your rangefinder has been made very easy. Here are other features which make it stand out:

Smart ballistic calculator

The device is very easy to operate. You only have to press on the Bluetooth and it will integrate with the smart scope. The fact that it easily pairs with smart HD makes it a highly effective rangefinder you can buy. You do not have to worry about the devices you can pair it with. It is widely compatible with features such as the ThOR 4 series, X-Sight 4K, X-Sight II among other features. It is built to allow you to incorporate the latest technology in your range finding.

3. Golf Rangefinder, Bluetooth Compatible

long range rangefinder

It is an effective golf rangefinder which comes with Bluetooth feature. You can use it to calculate the height, distance, and angles. The rangefinder is built to work well in operations such as golf and hunting operations. It is a powerful and compact rangefinder built to serve you well. With a range of up to 1950, you can count on it to serve you very well. Here are other features which make it stand out:

Multiple measurements

The range finder is effective in allowing you to measure distance, height, angle, scan, and the horizontal distance. The fact that it combines several features makes it stand out from the rest. Value for money is assured due to the great construction of the rangefinder. It easily connects to the mobile phone for quick data analysis.

Ergonomic design

There is no stress when holding the rangefinder. It comes in an ergonomic design to allow you to achieve the perfect grip. Each time you hold on the rangefinder you will feel comfortable. Even in extreme conditions, you will feel comfortable handling it.

4. Uineye Golf Rangefinder

best bluetooth laser rangefinder

It is a highly powerful rangefinder which reaches a range of 1950 yards. A fast measuring system avoids you unnecessary delays. You can apply it to make quick decisions in your hunting adventure. Remember to realize the best performance when hunting; you need a rangefinder that allows you to take measurements fast. The use of a wide range of modes allows you to achieve different measurements.

8 x magnifications

You will not have to be stressed when taking measurements. The rangefinder has a magnification of up to 8 times. The high magnification allows you to realize the best performance in the long run. It is a rangefinder built to guarantee you the best performance under different applications. The lenses are very clear. They make it possible to achieve perfect readings.

5. Sig Sauer KILO1400BDX 6×20 mm Rangefinder

reviews of bluetooth laser rangefinder

With features such as superior light transmission, the ballistic rangefinder works very well in allowing you to achieve great computation power. The use of DSP technology allows for the fastest long-distance measuring capability. You can use it to connect to your smartphone after which you can carry out the computations. The use of scan mode allows easy targeting of long-distance objects. The line of sight, angle modified range and the applied ballistic mode make the operation of the rangefinder highly effective.

6. Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

bluetooth laser rangefinder review

It is among the best quality rangefinder which utilizes dual battery sources of the perfect outdoor operations. With the use of laser and GPS technology, it works very well in finding distances. Jolt technology applied makes it a great addition to my devices. It is accurate up to one yard making it a great addition.

Why Bushnell hybrid rangefinder stands out:

Preloaded with 36,000 golf courses

You will find the rangefinder very helpful in golf. It is loaded with more than 36,000 courses spread across more than 30 countries. The use of exterior GPS readout allows you to get details of the center, front and back distances. It is a highly effective device you need when playing golf.

When thinking of buying a Bluetooth laser rangefinder, there are primary specifics you must consider so you don’t end up buying something that won’t help you. The tips to know Are detailed in this chapter, and they are below.

Understand Bluetooth Laser Rangefinder

It is another term for laser distance measure which corresponds to the conventional traditional Bluetooth laser. The measurements here are known when laser light pulse is sent to the defined target hence measuring the time amount taken to return its reflection.

Also, the functions enable that device to calculate all volume and area of the other purposes hence gaining more benefits in user complex view. It takes less time. And the attractive is very high. When you get quality laser, you will have useful working out addition in professionals like architects, builders, contractors, surveyors, among others.

Whether to Hire Or Buy Bluetooth Laser Rangefinder

Knowing the Bluetooth Laser Rangefinder well and understanding how it is used and where it is applicable, you can opt to decide whether you will be Hiring it or purchase it once. It all depends on the need you have for the rangefinder and your professional category. Ensure you know all that will you have this machine at your service, and when you realize that you often need it, then you can decide to buy it.

However, when you find the need being not so much, then you can opt to hover it whenever it’s need arise. The tool can also be used and reused over a very long time, so as an economical person who will always go for purchasing it hence saving costs in the long run.

Considerations When Selecting Bluetooth Laser Rangefinder

Very many Bluetooth Laser Rangefinder is currently available in the market today, and not all of them deserve to be purchased for general use. You need to select the right tool which will fit all your needs well. For you to reach that point, consider the points below that will help you narrow down effectively.

Cost – to their prices are not too expensive since they often range from $100 but don’t exceed $600 so ensure you know if you need to use the machine more frequently.

Distance Measurement – ensure the machine fits the distance you want to use with your Bluetooth laser rangefinder. It should not be a larger one since you need something Bluetooth can accommodate.

Usage for Outdoor/Indoor – the laser measure here can be the best in indoor usage and outdoor, depending on the distance. So whenever you need indoor usage, then Bluetooth laser device will be your best alternative.

Waterproof – if you need it to be waterproof, then look for it and ensure it is before you confirm.

Benefits When You Use Bluetooth Laser Rangefinder

The benefits you can always gain are that, the tool is accurate enough, it is durable hence can be used for a more extended period, and it is also easy to be used. The accuracy currently has been improved to be so perfect mostly when the range is high quality.

The fundamental level always ensures there is no any error occurs. Also, one can easily learn how to use it so quickly hence the flip of start for beginners as well. The tool is also durable, meaning the moment you purchase it, you have invested something big since you will use it over a no more extended time.

Always remember to know the above guidelines which will help you in narrowing down on which Bluetooth Laser rangefinder Can fit you.

Final Pick: Top 3 Best Bluetooth Laser Rangefinders