Top 10 Best Electronic Golf Range Finder Reviews

The best electronic range golf finder is a digital rangefinder useful for measuring distance, flag post and yardage on both golf course and for hunting purposes. These types of rangefinders are either powered by a rechargeable battery or replaceable batteries. This article features the top ten best electronic rangefinders on the market today.

What Is the Best Electronic Golf Rangefinder on the Market?

Comparing the Top 10 Best Electronic Golf Rangefinders

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Are More Expensive Rangefinders Better?

Although all the rangefinders are used for the same purpose of measuring distance and accuracy, the prices range depending on the quality, the brand, the reliability and also the built. The more expensive rangefinders have high accuracy and are highly resistant to damage since they are waterproof and can’t easily break when dropped. They are also designed by the best brands in the world. So, if your budget allows, choose an expensive rangefinder.

The Best Electronic Golf Rangefinders Reviews

1. Leupold Gx-313 Gold Rangefinder

cheap golf rangefinder



This digital laser finder ensures to provide top-notch accuracy and speed in the course. The range features pin hunter 3 laser technologies useful for filtering out the background images to enable you to focus on your golf ball. It is quite easy to determine when the range finds the prism thanks to the audible tone that beeps.

Also, the laser displays the measured distance and location for easy and fast shooting. This laser finder can measure a distance range of 1 to 10 yard respectively. You can utilize it during the foggy days as it has an anti-fog lens for clear visibility.

  • This golf rangefinder is quite light in weight
  • It has a beep sound for alerting when the distance is measured
  • It has anti-fog mechanics
  • It filters the background to ensure total focus
  • This range finder is quite expensive
  • Constant touching of the LCD may damage it



2. Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder with Slope

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If you are looking for a golf rangefinder suitable for different leveled grounds then this is a perfect choice for you. This rangefinder is quite convenient and provides accurate readings even when used in sloppy areas. It features a flag support mode where it automatically vibrates on spotting the flag on the golf course.

This rangefinder is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, thus you don’t need to replace the batteries when the charge runs out. It provides continued readings of the distance and accuracy even in blocked areas. The rangefinder can measure a distance of up to 800 yards making it a reliable option for hunters. It is sold with a lifetime customer care services.

  • This is a versatile golf rangefinder essential for measuring static, accuracy, flag lock, and slope correction.
  • It features high reflective power in case you capture other objects in the field
  • It vibrates to notify you when the range finds the flag and the distance
  • The battery is rechargeable; hence, you don’t need to spend extra money t buy batteries in future
  • It may take some time to lock the pin



3. MiLESEEY Professional Precision Laser Golf Rangefinder



You can utilize this rangefinder even on uneven and sloppy areas as it offers -+ 0.5 compensation accuracy either in the upper hill or downhill. You can use it in other outdoor activities such as hunting as it can measure a distance of up to 660 yards. The presence of the lock mechanisms ensures to immediately notify you when the range finder spots the flag pole on the course. This feature also makes it easy to trace and identify a target.

Other than this, you can utilize it to measure the angle and the speed as well. The range measures the distance from 18 to 300 kilometers per hour. This range finder has a magnification length of 6X to ensure accuracy viewing when shooting the golf ball or when hunting.

  • The rangefinder provides great accuracy
  • It is versatile since it can measure distance, accuracy, and angle
  • It is suitable for different outdoor activities including hunting
  • The range is quite portable
  • The eyepiece is to close and some users may find it uncomfortable to sue



4. Nikon Golf-Coolshot 20 Laser Rangefinder

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Nikon Coolshot 20 rangefinder is a versatile rangefinder essential for golfing and hunting as well. The rangefinder can be used to measure distance and accuracy for up to 550 yards. It is light in weight, thus, you can hold it with one hand when measuring. You can use it to measure and view the blocked area as it features the first target priority.

So, it displays the closest things found on the ground. With just one press of a button, the rangefinder captures the distance of the closest item within the first 8 seconds. Note the distance is displayed in yards.

  • This is compact and comfortable to hold the rangefinder
  • It is easy to use
  • The LCD screen is quite clear in displaying the readings
  • The rangefinder is versatile and can be used for hunting
  • The first target priority mode may provide readings on the wrong object.



5. Tec Tec Tec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

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This is a premium design of rangefinder from Tec Tec Tec that provides continued scan mode on the golf course and in the hunting field. It has a high sensory mechanism for easy capturing and displaying the results in terms of distance and accuracy on the field.

You can use this rangefinder during the rainy days since the casing is made of water-resistant material to prevent it from damage. The rangefinder has pin seeker mechanisms essential for fast measuring the distance within the first 1 yard. It also provides +1 yard accuracy.

The lens of the range is super clear for clean display and easy reading of the distance and angle. Note that this VPRO 500 range finder has continued reading mode for so you can use it in unclear areas especially when hunting. It is light in weight for excellent use without feeling bulkiness when golfing or hunting.

  • This rangefinder is made of waterproof materials
  • The rangefinder has an automatic shut off after a few minutes
  • Provides accurate reading within + 1 yard
  • Carrying and holding this range finder when using is quite easy and comfortable
  • Some customers have complained about experiencing difficulties in finding a ball on the course when you only aim at it.



6. 45 Crescent Golf Rangefinder with Slope Compensation

best golf rangefinder with slope



If it is your first time playing golf then you need this rangefinder to guide you. The rangefinder ensures you measure the right accuracy to avoid any guesswork when either golfing or hunting. It features slope compensation to ensure you get the correct distance. The lens provides readings of the angle, speed and also the height for excellent shooting.

This rangefinder is reliable and can measure a distance of up to 654 yards, with an accuracy range of 1 yard; the rangefinder has a magnifying power of 7x to ensure you get a closer view of the target. It features a compact design so carrying it around is quite easy and comfortable.

  • This rangefinder is resistant to water and dust damage
  • It is super portable and light in weight
  • It has a high magnifying power
  • You can use it on sloppy and uneven surfaces
  • This rangefinder is a bit expensive



7. Anyork Golf Rangefinder 6X Laser Finder

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The Anyork rangefinder has a vibration mechanic for alerting you when it locks the flag post and measures the distance as well. There is a high magnifying power of 6X to ensure you get a closer view of the target before shooting and avoid guesswork. The rangefinder is versatile as it measures the distance, the angle and even the location of the target.

You can use it on hilly or sloppy areas thanks to the compensation mechanism that ensures continued reading even in such areas. There is an LCD that provides clear readings of the collected data. The rangefinder provides an accuracy of +- per yard. There is dual scan range mode for; pace distance mode and the other one for golf slope mode. The rangefinder automatically goes off when not used within 3 minutes to save the battery power.

  • The rangefinder is light for portability
  • It provides continuous reading even on uneven areas
  • It has an auto-shut mechanism to save battery
  • The rangefinder comes with a clear LCD
  • This rangefinder is not reliable for finding the golf ball as it locks any object found at first view



8. Laserworks PRO X7 Golf Rangefinder with Flagpole Lock

best budget golf rangefinder



With the 7x magnifying power equipped on this rangefinder, you can easily view and measure targets even from far distances. It is suitable for golfing and other outdoor activities like hunting. The rangefinder has slope compensation mechanisms that ensure continued measuring and viewing on different uneven surfaces.

This range finder is powered by a rechargeable battery to save on future expenditure. The presence of the pin sensor on the rangefinder ensures total accuracy and locking of the flagstick from the background. The outer part of the rangefinder is made of dust and rain resistant material to safeguard it from damage.

  • The battery takes about 3 hours to fully charge
  • It features a wireless charging mechanism for easy charging using different devices
  • The rangefinder has a slope compensation
  • It features durable materials
  • The zoom on the lens is not too clear
  • A beginner may have a problem using this rangefinder, especially in measuring the yards



9. MOESAPU USB Rechargeable Laser Golf and Hunting Rangefinder

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One of the best features on this rangefinder is the outstanding pin sensor that can measure up to 1500 yards in distance. The rangefinder is versatile and fits both golfing and hunting. It has a high magnifying power which enables it to bring the target to a close point for easy shooting. The rangefinder comes with a rechargeable battery that takes less time to recharge, and you can charge with using other devices.

This rangefinder has a total of four measuring modes which include; normal distance, press speed, slope angle and also the tree height. It has high magnifying power with a range of _+0.3 respectively. Note that you can also use this rangefinder on an area with overwrapping objects.

  • This rangefinder comes with a warranty
  • It has a high magnifying power
  • They are four function modes for excellent measuring
  • There is high accuracy in using it.
  • Shifting the rangefinder to read in meters from yards is not easy



10. Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder

golf gps rangefinder



Although this rangefinder is made of plastic-like material, it features a shock-absorbent feature to prevent it from crashing in case you drop it accidentally. It has a slope compensation mechanism to ensure a continued reading even on hilly or sloppy areas. Using this rangefinder is quite easy as it comes with a straightforward button for control.

The optical lens has a 6X magnifying power to ensure you get a clear and closer view of your target at a distance. It is suitable for simple outdoor activities and golfing as it can only read a distance of around 400 yards with 1-yard accuracy. Note that this rangefinder comes with a lifetime battery for replacements.

  • The rangefinder features a compact size for easy carrying around
  • It has a slope mechanism set
  • It is quite easy to use
  • Comes with lifetime battery replacement
  • This rangefinder can only measure a distance of 400 yards at most



Do I Need a Laser With Slope Functionality?

A laser with slope functionality is a vital part of rangefinder as it gives an accurate distance to the green or any necessary target on the golf course.

Slope VS No Slope Rangefinders

The main difference between the slope range finder and no slope rangefinder is in their functionality. A rangefinder that has slope mechanisms takes into account all the areas around the course regardless of the shape and design of the field. Therefore, you can still achieve an accurate view and measure on hilly and downhill areas.

This rangefinder is essential for beginner use and for playing friendly tournaments with friends and family. The no slop rangefinder, on the other hand, are recommendable for professional golfing or for people who are pro in this game. Unlike the rangefinders with slope, the no slope rangefinder only measures and calculates the distance of the golf course in a straight form. Therefore, you have to be a pro to know how to calculate the distance and the angle to hit the golf ball for a score when using such a rangefinder.

electronic golf range finder

Features to Look For in An Electronic Golf Range Finder

The features to look out for when buying a golf range finder include;


Make sure the rangefinder provides accuracy within the first 1 yard of measuring the distance’

Slope rangefinder

The slope feature enables one to measure and have an accurate view even on uneven surfaces.

Check rangefinders with the slope for different usages:

The optic lenses

The optic lenses on the rangefinder should be completely clear to ensure you have a sharp and concrete view. It should have a high magnifying power to ensure a closer view of the target.

The battery

The rangefinders are powered by either a rechargeable battery or replaceable batteries. The good thing is that these gadgets do no use a lot of power and thus, a battery can last you for a long time before recharging or replacing it.

How Do I Use a Rangefinder on the Golf Course or Driving Range?

Using a rangefinder is easy as long as you follow the appropriate steps.

  • First off find your target on the course
  • Aim your rangefinder at the target
  • Activate the rangefinder and then get the yardage.

Are Rangefinders Allowed By the Rules of Golf?

The rangefinders with laser and GPS are recommendable for rule golfing. Any rangefinder that does not have slope range is useful for ruled golfing.


Enjoy your golf tournaments by ensuring clear and accurate measurements of the targets with the above-reviewed golf range finders. They are versatile in use such that even those who enjoy hunting can utilize them for viewing the targets. The majority of these range finders are made with sturdy and waterproof material for durability when using them outdoors.

Best Usages Recommend Rangefinders
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Best for Outdoor Activities MiLESEEY Professional Precision Laser Golf Rangefinder