Nikon Laser 400 Rangefinder Reviews – Monarch 7I Vr Laser Rangefinder

Are you looking for the best rangefinder in the market? It is a great decision since it is good to have great accuracy in the course of hunting. It is the only way for you to have surety of success in the course of your hunting. As a result, read through this review and make your order. Durability, high quality, accuracy, and affordability are the factors that will please you.

Nikon Laser 400 Rangefinder Reviews

nikon laser 400 rangefinder manual

Measurement Range1000 yards
Power Source1 CR2 Lithium Battery
6x Magnification
Angle Compensation capable

Vibration Reduction Technology.

Employment of Nikon’s VR system, vibrating of the viewfinder images which are caused by hand movement, is also reduced. The irritated laser will also get aligned. You will be free to end up directing the laser to its target faster and with more ease. The measurement of a small target is easy, while the target of a long-distance is also improved. All these are normally achieved by Nikon’s original technology, which is a VR function technology, while the measurement function has a high performance.

nikon rangefinder 400

Hyper Read is Giving Rapid Measurements.

You will be getting a consistent and quick measurement response. The Nikon original data is processing algorithm while HYPER READ is displaying the distance measurement, which is resulting in a stable and fast response regardless of target distance. You will end up focusing on the shot in the instances whereby the spit second counts.

ID Technology.

The Nikon’s ID technology is compensating for a downhill and uphill shooting angle by the provision of the number, which is required to help one in taking a shot.

Switch System is the Target Priority.

The target priority switch system will be taking the worry out of the overlapping subjects. You will have certainty of the correct distance and target measurement. The mode on first target priority will assist you in displaying the distance in regard to the closest distance. It is best for subjects which are appearing in front of the overlapping background. The priority distance mode is showing the furthest subject distance and is thus of great usefulness to the wooded areas.

Guarantee of High Optical Performance.

The multilayer coating will get applied to the lenses to give a clearer and brighter view. It will assist you in increasing light transmission and reduction of ghosts and flare as a result of light reflection. Therefore, you will be relying on the performance of the products even while faced with challenging conditions.

Designed to Provide Comfort.

The body of MONARCH 7i VR’s body has been built in a way that it is lightweight and compact. It is thus optimized to play a fatal role in hunting. While you are maintaining the great optical performance, laser rangefinders will easily end up handling ergonomic body design. As a result, you will have a stress-free and comfortable operation. The waterproof nature of the item will help it in handling the wet conditions, which were unexpected. The capacity for handling the wet conditions is enabled by the rainproof battery chamber.


  • Waterproof
  • High-quality product
  • Very clear for one to look through it
  • Makes reading easy


  • The eyepiece is unable to support one’s eyes
  • Quite expensive

Nikon Laser 400 Rangefinder Price

The cost of laser 400 Rangefinder is around $400. It is an affordable price. All you need is saving some little cash for you to succeed in its purchase.

nikon rangefinder 400

Manual of Laser 400 RangeFinder

The rangefinder is easy to use. You need to press on the power button A for you to turn on the rangefinder. Besides, there is a need to ensure the rangefinder has been set in meters. There is a need to change the display in meters and press plus hold the B MODE button for a period of two seconds until the time in which the display will end up changing to meters. The rangefinder will end up shutting off automatically for 8 seconds after your last operation.

For you to take measurements, there is a need for pressing power button A while LCD will be illuminating. You need to align the target reticle and press on hold and the power button until the time that the display will end up appearing as it is doing in the picture.

Specifications of Nikon Monarch 71 Vr Laser Rangefinder

      • Waterproof
      • The exit pupil is 3.5 mm
      • The angle compensation is present
      • 21mm objective diameter
      • 7.1 oz weight of w/o batteries
      • Its size is 3.9, 1.9 and 03.0 in
      • The eye relief is 18 mm
      • Source of power is from 1ea Lithium CR2 battery
      • Measurement is ranging from 8-1000 yards
      • The viewing field is 7.5 degrees
      • The increment is reading at 0.1 yard

Usage of Rangefinders

Laser rangefinders are compact, concise, and accurate. Besides, the Nikon Laser 400 Rangefinder is affordable, and thus there is no necessity of breaking the bank for you to make your purchase.

Many of the hunters are advising people on the necessity of buying these Nikon Laser 400 Rangefinder. On the package of this range finder, there will be a range for the various kinds of targets. As a result, you will easily determine whether to make a purchase or not. Besides, there are models that have been strictly made for use by archery.

The Nikon Laser 400 Rangefinder is a strong model. It has strong features providing a perfect capacity of reading the horizontal distance, which is between the target area and you. For you to improve on your hunting skills, there is a need to buy a rangefinder as it will inform you of the gravity which is at play. Furthermore, it will direct you on the area you ought to target for you to make a perfect hit.

Magnification Aspect

golf laser rangefinders

The Nikon Laser 400 Rangefinder is coming with a magnification that will assist you in raging of the target. You will have the capacity of magnifying to even 6-8 times better in regard to the brand you have bought.

A rangefinder is among the best and the greatest binoculars set. The more you are magnifying, the less the field of vision. Therefore, you will have a hard time in the location of the target while far.


For you to use the rangefinder in the right manner, there is a need to understand the workability of lenses. The lenses are known for attracting light. The light will end up going directly into one’s eyes. For one to reduce any form of glare that has the capacity of harming the eyes, the rangefinders are coated using special chemicals to assist one in determining the amount of light that gets to hit them.

With more coatings, you will end up having brighter pictures and, thus, costly. Lenses are of great necessity, and thus there is a necessity of finding one which has been coated fully.


Having read through this review, you are now free to make your order on Nikon Monarch 71 Vr Laser Rangefinder. The features will surely please you in the course of using this product. You have surety of getting quality, durable and reliable services from this item. As a result, make your order.