Nikon Coolshot Laser Rangefinder Reviews – Prices and Performance

Golf is one of the games that has gained a lot of popularity over recent years. This has led people to make some important devices that will help them to have an exciting game experience. This has eventually lead to the introduction of Nikon Coolshot 20. This is a device that can be a great companion when it comes to managing the golf game.

nikon coolshot 20 rangefinder
Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Nikon Coolshot 20 is the rangefinder that can be termed as the next generation of the best cool shot devices. This is what you need to have your golf playing on its peak. It has been highly rated among the current world golfers. This is a device that can be depended upon when it comes to the golf playing. It is one of the coolest devices ever introduced to the market by Nikon. Nikon itself is known to have a great reputation due to the quality devices that they produce.

Nikon Coolshot laser rangefinder is one of the best devices in the current time. Its features have been made perfect for golf. The developers just accomplished what the golfers wanted. It offers lots of features that display excellent functional performance to help the golfers meet their needs. It is one of the best rangefinders in the golf world. So let’s get down to Nikon Coolshot laser rangefinder reviews.

Features of Nikon Coolshot 20 Laser Rangefinder


This is a device that has been made very accurate. It can measure even the slightest distance that golf can make. If you are looking for an accurate device or you have had issues with your previous rangefinder, then this can be of the best device with great accuracy.


Today’s generation loves compact devices. This is good for the functioning of the device. A compact rangefinder enables you to not worry in case of an accident. It is also small to make it easy for packaging. This is why our current golfers do love the device.

nikon coolshot golf gps rangefinder

It is lightweight

Nikon Coolshot 20 is among the lightest rangefinders in the market. This has made it possible to transport the device manually. Moving this rangefinder from one place to another has been made easy due to the lightweight of this device. It has also made the golf very interesting since people won’t be stressing about moving the device. Its design has made it possible to be pocketable. Therefore, it is very suitable for those who love working with several holes during the course. This is the rangefinder that can suit them very well.

nikon coolshot rangefinder review

Offers a quick multi-target mapping

This is a device that has been made with one of the best lenses. This is what Nikon has done best over the years. Since this is a company that has been functioning for over 100 years, it means its technologies have great functional specifications. Therefore, the optical ability of this device is beyond your expectations. This has made it possible to produce clear images and also vision.

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Quick measurement ability

The multi-target mapping has enabled this device to work at a great speed. This has enabled it to take up to 8 seconds at most when doing the calculation which is indeed faster than most rangefinders. The device also has been known for its accuracy even though it produces the results at a great speed.

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If you want a device that will not overstretch your financial ability then this is the right choice for you. It is an affordable product that offers high precision for accurate measurements. It is also a great device that is durable hence it is worth your money.


This is a device that has one of the most modern technologies. Its lenses are great and that means they can deliver the best results. Its compact body is also one of the best. The quality of this device has also enabled it to offer some great services for a good time. This is a device that you can depend on for a good number of years.

nikon coolshot 20 golf rangefinder


This is made possible by its lightweight. It has also been built with a very small body. This suits those people who love trying different holes. The reason is that they will not be stressing about moving the rangefinder. Its ability to be carried by a bad is also another great feature. One can walk with it to any preferred place effortlessly.


Though this device has a small body, it can produce excellent results. This is possible with the modern technology that the developers used to build it. Its speed also is an exciting feature that makes this rangefinder to produce the required results within seconds. This has made it one of the most accurate devices in the market.

It is very helpful when it comes to game management.

Though this is a small device, its ability to help you manage the game is very great. This is because of its modern technology that has been used. It can be a good device that can help you manage the game greatly. It is one of the best devices that can help you realize your golf needs as well as improving your overall gameplay.

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It is disrupted by the debris

The accuracy of this device is disrupted by the debris of any kind. This includes mist, sand, drizzle, and even fog. This is what hinders the accuracy of this device.

Its lenses are not protected

Though this device is waterproof, are exposed to other external factors that can compromise with its functional abilities. This means you should prevent it from raindrops hence not great to be used when raining especially with the lenses being unprotected.

It picks up trees instead of the pin

This can be very disappointing when it comes to measurement. It can pick trees instead of the pin. This is what makes it not preferred by some people.


After reading this Nikon Coolshot laser rangefinder reviews you can agree with me that Nikon Coolshot is one of the greatest devices ever built. With its price being around 250 dollars, it is affordable by most people. Its features are good and it is a great device to use. Though it has some downsides it is still one of the best rangefinders.