Bushnell Tour X Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Tour X golf laser rangefinder is an exceptional model compared to other rangefinders of its genre. This model is among the best range finders ever in the market.

The development of the Bushnell Tour X range finder, involved the deployment of current patented slope technology, to allow the golfer to explore more efficient ways of taking their gaming experience to another level while conforming to the united states Golf Association measures.

The followings are the detailed Bushnell Tour X golf laser rangefinder review that will help a lot if wanting to buy it for use.

Bushnell Tour X Golf Laser Rangefinder Reviews – Detailed Introduction & Why Recommending

bushnell tour x golf laser rangefinder

Bushnell tour X is also never cheap when finding distance. You will experience unlimited distance finding with this option-every object in any distance within its reach can be clearly interpreted. To be able to believe that Bushnell X rangefinder is always on the top, let us look at its individual features and functionalities below.


Set-Up & Use

With Tour X, Bushnell brought in advance features at a very manageable and easy way of use. For battery change, you can just open the battery compartment without using any tool, and so you can exchange your battery anytime you want, and just push the power button to turn it on.

Easy switching

Switching the display is also very easy; you just need to flip the switch located at the back of the unit, and you are ready to go. The display will just change from grey to orange.

bushnell tour x golf

Slope design

For slope control, you can just replace the faceplate when turning it off and on. You can adjust brightness and switch units using it very natural and simple keys.

Accuracy & Performance

Bushnell tour X is known for its accuracy. The range finder has a very long-range of focus, and it is extremely accurate. Tour X utilizes Bushnell’s E.S.P.2 technology that makes it faster when processing and executing yardage within seconds. The range finder is capable of working anywhere from 5-1,300 yards and can locate a flag at a distance of 450 yards.


Another special feature is its dual-display technology. Tour X is able to change the display color from grey to orange just by the flip of a switch. The dual display capability has enabled the most useful to operate with it at any time of the day.

Slope adjustment

The slope adjustment is another great feature. Tour X has come with two plates, and one plate provides the directional laser for tournament play while the other is used for slope adjustment.

bushnell tour x jolt golf laser rangefinder


Tour X is well designed to be very portable and comfortable to handle. The rangefinder can comfortably fit the hands of every adult person while it is easy for use since you can operate with one hand.

Another interesting thing with laser range finder is its casing. It comes with two versions of casings all in premium quality. The casings are a zipper enclosure and an elastic band. So you can use both of them. You will find most people using it with its elastic bands during play since you can operate while it is enclosed; while letting its lenses out.


Tour X laser is Bushnell’s best range finder, and that is the reason why it comes at a relatively high price of $500.

The value of its lenses among other killer features is worth its price. The individual features that come with this option cannot be found anywhere else, and that is why you won’t go wrong with this model.



Bushnell tour X is the best when it comes to performance as compared to other range finders. Its accuracy is unquestionable-you can determine the yardage with an accuracy of +/-0.5, which is very close to the exact thing.

bushnell tour x jolt golf rangefinder

Ease of use:

Bushnell tour X is very simple when it comes to its way of use. You don’t need to be an expert so in using this range finder. The exchange technology makes it more convenient for flawless timing during tournaments. The pin seeker is set to vibrate when you are near to the target.

The design:

The rangefinder offers easy display toggling through its dual-display design. The user can use either of the display any time of the day when there is a lot of sunlight during the day or at the evening when there is limited light.

Its housing is built with panels that are grippy on top and its bottom to make it easy when handling, especially when holding with one hand. This also helps in making it comfortable when handling with gloves.

bushnell golf tour x jolt



Most customers complain about the price of the Bushnell tour x. the price is around $500. You can find its competitors selling their products at less price than this, but looking closely, most of these products are worst when it comes to features and quality. Bushnell tour X is always recommended at its price since it is worth the price.

bushnell tour x golf rangefinder

Final Thoughts

The Bushnell Tour X laser rangefinder is a very reliable option that will provide you with every feature you want. The rangefinder is perfect in terms of accurate distant measuring within a fraction of a second. The product is the top-rated among other Bushnell options while it is among the options that are positively reviewed by most users.

Normally, when a product is reviewed, we find varying opinions from different users based on the test of the product service. You might get it on the wrong side or get guided towards the right way based on the level of research you are ready to conduct before you acquire the product.

Good research on the review of the product requires you to go through various user comments on different features of the range finders. Ensure that you are keen on negatives while checking if they are repetitive from user to user; you will tell the common drawback from your analysis.

On the positive side, go through all positive reviews on the product features, and if most of the users are positively reviewing the product, then the positive side will overweigh its negatives.

According to my research on Bushnell tour X, the reviews are excellent, with minimal negatives. With that truth being said, I cannot question the performance of this model.

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