Why is a Leica so Expensive? 

If you have a passion for everything photography, and all the associated equipment, you have probably come across the Leica Cameras. You may have severally asked yourself, “why is a Leica so expensive?” Those who are in the know understand the value the camera has to offer. They, therefore, have no problem parting with their hard-earned cash for all the benefits they will get out of it. However, for the purpose of clarity, we will go into more detail about the Leica. Eventually, you will understand why it is such an expensive camera.

To understand the Leica brand a little bit more, it is important to get some background. The company has been in the market for over 100 years. Its home is in Wetzlar, Germany, and the assembly of the camera is by hand. You will, therefore, find very few Leica cameras in the market. The company launched the popular M-Series in the 1950s, and some of the most famous photographers have used them. To date, the Leica brand continues to dominate the photography field.

why is leica rangefinder expensive

What Makes the Leica Brand Unique?

The emphasis is more on the quality that goes into the engineering process than price. The final product is a camera worth $7000 and above, while the lenses will cost you $2500 onwards. You can, however, get the manual focus rangefinder Leica camera at slightly less than $4000. A similar camera from brands like Sony would cost you about $2000. Without a doubt, this is not a camera range for anyone who is shopping on a budget.

What You Will Like About the Leica Brand?

Here are some of the things you will truly like about the Leica camera:

  • The M series cameras have no comparison in the market
  • The focusing mechanism ensures you take very steady pictures without any play or wobbliness
  • The rangefinder lenses are superior, and the resulting images are excellent
  • The attention to detail is clear in the final product. You get a unique, classic camera that you will not find in the more modern versions
  • The durability and quality of the product is so high that it can literally last you a lifetime
  • The resale value is very good
  • It is a compact camera that is comfortable to handle
  • You get exactly what you are paying for in terms of price for the quality
  • Owning a Leica Camera is a statement; much like owning a Rolex or Bugatti

The Downside of Leica Cameras

  • The major downside is that the price tag is very high
  • The lenses are very fragile, but if you spend that amount of money buying them, it only makes sense that you’re very careful when handling them.
  • Lack of out-of-focus limits your ability to shoot at high speed. The cameras are therefore not suitable for pictures that have movement, such as wildlife photography.
  • They are more suited to more experienced photographers who have a good grasp of manual versus digital cameras. The brand is making forays into digital photography, but you will not find some of the automatic features you may need.

Are the Leica Cameras Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

leica rangefinders

The answer to whether the Leica cameras are worth the price tag is very subjective. It is not a simple clear-cut yes or no kind of scenario. Anyone who purchases a Leica camera is very much like that person who purchases a top range vehicle. You could get something cheaper that provides just as much functionality, but you want to be different. You know the limitations of owning that particular item; for instance, Leica cameras do not have autofocus. Yet, this specific limitation does not act as a deterrence for anyone who wants to purchase the camera.

There are very few photographers who would be willing to part with that amount of money to buy a camera. A lot of detail goes into the production process. The fact that the photographer can afford that particular camera is also a bonus feature on its own. The Leica brand has perfected the art of marketing. The focus is on producing less so that owning the final product becomes something that places you in some sort of exclusive club. A club few can get access to.