What Rangefinder Does the Military Use?

The military uses rangefinders in its various branches in order to make intelligence gathering and weapons use more effective. Therefore the military takes a great deal of care when selecting, which brand and model of rangefinder that it uses. It will select a rangefinder that it has tested and can prove will work in combat conditions as well as in peacetime combat exercises. Here follows a lowdown on the rangefinder that the military uses. To be specific this relates to the rangefinder that the United States military use.

Military Standard Rangefinder That Is Chosen – Elite 1500 Rangefinder

  • Ranges from 5-1,760 yards with 1/10-yard display precision and 7 times magnification
  • Laser wirelessly communicates with the conx app on both iOS and Android platforms and allows configuration via a smartphone and the ability to load up to three Custom Ballistic curves
  • Wind data is incorporated into holdover values with the use of approved kestrel wind meters (not included)
  • Arc rifle mode provides bullet-drop/holdover in in, MOA or Mils and vs I allows sight-in distance options of 100, 150, 200 or 300 yds
  • Built with a Fully waterproof housing with fully-multi coated optics, rain guard HD and a diopter adjustment

The United States military selected the Elite 1500 rangefinder as it considers that this particular model had all of the qualities required to perform efficiently during combat conditions. This particular rangefinder was selected to be used in specific weapons and weapons systems as it was found to be the best performing rangefinder of the ones the military tested to fulfill its range of finding functions.

However, from time to time the military will review the rangefinder that it currently uses to evaluate whether or not it is still the most effective one available for its units to use. The rangefinder used is the one that allows the military to be as accurate as possible in real-time in combat situations. This rangefinder was chosen as it allows military personnel to use weapons to be confident that they have the most up to date information and that can attack targets in full confidence that their strike will be successful and that they will be attacking what they are supposed to be aiming against.

Why Choosing It?

  • Full suited all kinds of tasks

military rangefinders

The military decided to use the Elite 1500 rangefinder as it is fully suited to carry out the roles it is tasked with completing. The tasks it is is used for are essential in combat scenarios, being able to locate and measure the distance to enemy targets quickly and precisely. Pinpoint accuracy in battle is essential for effectively dealing with enemies with no losses for the American military. Updated and precise target information is the best asset that the Elite 1500 rangefinder provides the military with. The speed that such information is provided by this rangefinder is vital in combat as the personnel using it have enhanced chances of getting through the fighting unscathed and with all enemy positions destroyed.

  • Compatible with weapons and guidance systems

Another important feature of the Elite 1500 rangefinder is that it is compatible with the weapons and the guidance systems that the military use. This rangefinder can be used in conjunction with the current weapons in service with the military. Furthermore, it allows those weapons to be more effective during training exercises and more importantly during conflicts.

The accuracy that this rangefinder provides means that the weapons guided by it are going to be more destructive of enemy positions than if a less accurate one was used instead. This rangefinder allows for the rapid engagement and destruction of enemy targets and would contribute to the military winning battles during wars. The military hones their skills during peacetime exercises and such studies exercises allow each unit to get used to the equipment, guidance systems, and the weapons they use in conditions similar to actual combat conditions.

By practicing and honing their fighting skills the military finds that using this rangefinder will improve their accuracy using their weapons in the heat of battle. Using this rangefinder during exercises gives the personnel the experience of attempting to use it effectively. with the smoke, dust, and distractions often found on the battlefield.

  • Adapt to different weapons

Another reason why the Elite 1500 rangefinder is used by the military is that it is adaptable enough to be used with different weapons in different settings. This product can be used with various weapons used by the military and it still good at fulfilling its purpose.

For instance, it can be used in aerial, land, and naval-based weapons, and will allow the users of such weapons to engage enemies and to destroy targets. The Elite rangefinder is a reliable, accurate, and adaptable instrument that assists military units during battles. Military personnel can soon learn how to get the best use out of it.

With the attributes that the Elite 1500 rangefinder has it is not surprising that it is used by the military. Once trained in how to use this rangefinder personnel is able to make the best use out of it to engage in firing against enemy positions and targets.

Other Types of Military Grade Rangefinders Recommend

  • The Ranger 1800 rangefinder is easy to use and features a clean, illuminated display and highly intuitive menu. The Ranger 1800 is capable of ranging up to 1,800 yards.
  • The primary HCD mode displays an angle compensated distance that is ideal for the majority of hunters and shooters. An advanced LOS mode provides you the option to calculate long distance, high angle shots with increased precision.
  • A scan feature gives continuous range readings as you pan across a landscape or track a moving target. Three brightness settings allow the display to stay visible in various light conditions.
  • Fully multi-coated lenses deliver optimal light transmission. Textured rubber armor provides a secure, non-slip grip. Water and fogproof performance keep the system operating in the harshest conditions.
  • The included neck lanyard and removable utility clip make the Ranger easy to pack and keep handy. Compatible with a tripod adapter, allowing use on a tripod or car window mount.
  • 【10x50 Marine Binoculars】 With 10x magnification, 26mm eyepieces and 50mm large objective lens, fine and accurate focus, offers large and clear images. Field of view is 396 feet at 1000 yards, with ±5 left and right diopter ring. Marine Binoculars with foldable eyecups, provides better viewing experience, suitable for adults with or without glasses.
  • 【Binoculars with Compass and Rangefinder】It's illuminated compass built-in for direction location, with an internal rangefinder for calculate the distance and size of the object on the left eyepiece directly. Marine binoculars includes batteries(LR936/AG9), provides the maximum brightness of the image even in low light conditions.
  • 【High Quality BAK4 Prism】Marine binoculars adopts high refractive BAK4 Prism that eliminates the stray light and improves color reproduction to 99.99%, applies FMC coating that reduces the reflected light in the binoculars objective lens and improves light transmission, image brightness and image sharpness.
  • 【IPX7 Waterproof Marine Binoculars】It is designed with internal nitrogen filling and O-ring sealing, makes marine binoculars completely waterproof and able to float on the water. Dry nitrogen-purged and sealed prevent moisture damage from all weather conditions.
  • 【Various Applicable Scenes】Uscamel 10x50 marine binoculars is suitable for sailing, boating, fishing, water sports, hunting, bird watching, outdoor activities. It is equipped with the harness strap, viewing comfortable.