The 12 Best Smallest Rangefinder Reviews to Place In Your Pocket On Your Outdoor Trip

Rangefinders were among the earliest cameras to be used. It was designed in such a way that it had no mirrors to view the subject. The working principle was slightly different; the comparison was made until the sharp focus is obtained so one could take a short. Well, currently there are lots of innovations that have taken place in rangefinders. Some models are expensive, but most of them are now affordable, and especially the best smallest rangefinder, allowing you to place it in the pocket for golf, hunting, surveying, and any other activity.

What Is the Best Smallest Rangefinder on the Market?

Comparing the Smallest Rangefinders Through Comparison Chart

Top 12 Best Smallest Rangefinder Reviews

1. Pro Advanced Pro Mini Range 750 Golf Rangefinder

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This is one of the lightest and the smallest rangefinder which presents an elegant look. It is very useful in several activities, such as hunting and golfing. This perfectly suits your demand because of unmatched quality. It is dust and water-resistant since it can withstand adverse weather conditions. It also has a metallic clip that ensures it is secured safely to the pocket without being interrupted with motion. If you are new to golf, then this is a handy tool for you because it has been customized to be easily used for gold.

All you need to do is to press the button on the upper part, and you will get started. When the target is on the focus, it will vibrate. Its accuracy has made it to effectively measure the wooded areas, the hazards, and golf flags. This has also been made possible because if effective optical performance with a magnification of 6x. It also has multi-layers coated lenses to ensure you have clear images.



2. Wosports Hunting Range Finder

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If you love hunting, here is a nice rangefinder. The golf mode allows it to have high levels of accuracy. It has multifunction features such as speed functions, flag lock, scan mode, and measurement of distance. The scan mode can be activated by holding the power button.

There will be variations on the LCD as one move because the continuous movement is activated. Adverse weather conditions like fog can affect its functionality because it affects the laser days, which are used to focus. Ideally, this is a good rangefinder, which I know you will love is straight from outward appearance.



3. Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Range Finders

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This is a quality rangefinder with a highly intuitive menu and clear display. It is also easy to use, and it is ideal for shooters and hunters. It is possible to calculate the distance and angle shots that bring about high precision because of LOS mode. You will receive continuous readings, and the brightness buttons make it possible to adjust the settings to attain brightness that will allow you to take the readings in various light conditions.

Besides, it has multicoated lenses that improve its focus and rubber armor, which is slip-resistant. It can also sustain harsh weather conditions. You can also use it with a tripod adapter, depending on your preference.



4. Leupold RX-2800 TBR Laser Rangefinder



This rangefinder has an intuitive appearance that is characterized by the black and golden initials on the sides. It also used ballistic technology to determine the target range. Additionally, it also provides duplex with a plus point, duplex, and plus point textile options. The scan modes ensure the subject is on focus because it also tracks its movement.



5. Sig Sauer 4×20 Kilo1200 Laser Rangefinder

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It is an advanced rangefinder that has a digital processing system. It is also very accurate because of its lightwave DSP hyper scan ranges that have reflective performance up to 1600 yards. It also has a padded ballistic base that makes it more reliable. Its sleek custom design is appealing.



6. Gogogo Sport Laser Rangefinder

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This brand is loved by many because it is affordable and valuable. It comes with three modes that include speeding mode, which makes it ideal for hunting activities, especially outdoor sports and hunting.

Golf mode is designed to be used when playing golf. This makes the player enjoy the ultimate golf experience. Normal mode can be used for general application on subjects that are within a range of 500 yards.

This has been termed as the best for golf experience because of customizable golf features that allow it to give the exact distance to make a swing. The slope distance correction also plays a crucial role for the beginners because it makes the learning of golf easy. Some people can also use it in sporting activities and hunting.

The good thing with this rangefinder is that it is easy to learn. Additionally, it comes with other accessories such as manual, strap, and pouch to ensure it operated optimally.



7. Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder

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It is a golf laser rangefinder which utilizes the pin seeker with jolt Technology. It has good accuracy levels, and it can be used to focus on a flag within a range of 400 yards. It has an excellent LCD display which makes it easy to take the readings. Additionally, it also has 5x magnifications, which show it is a reliable option.



8. Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Range Finder

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This rangefinder has an intuitive custom design. It operated on Jolt technology. When the laser spots the flag, it vibrates to signal the user. Most golfers who love some clash look on some of those rangefinders will easily go for this model. Additionally, it also comes with the instruction manual, case, and battery. It is is easy to use and portable.

Therefore, if you are a golfer and you want a unique model, then this is the right choice. It also has a business app for accessibility. This app can access up to 36000 golf courses, hole layouts with hidden distances.



9. Precision Pro Golf Nx7 Pro Slope Rangefinder

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This range finder uses pro slope technology, and it has been designed to provide an accurate measurement, which makes it easy when it comes to making club selection. It also has an excellent optical performance, which is upheld by the clear crystal optics and the magnification power of 6x.

This helps golfers to determine the yardage since it is capable of covering approximately a range of 400 yards. When the target is shot, it vibrates to signal the user. This rangefinder is convenient because you will get to enjoy long-term battery replacement And a two-year warranty.



10. Callaway 300 Pro Golf Rangefinder

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Golfers can be able to determine the distance of multiple targets at a go because of its automatic calculation of the slope distance. It has a magnification power of 5x that can allows it to cover approximately 1000 yards.

Additionally, it utilizes the pin acquisition technology within 300 yards to give accurate measurements of any hazards of trees within the range. It is easy to use, and golfers can enjoy their gaming experience irrespective of the weather conditions because it is water and fog-resistant. Most professionals prefer it because of its high-end accuracy levels.



11. Raythor Golf Rangefinder

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This is a perfect rangefinder when it comes to club selection because it uses slope technology to give the correct measurements. It has three modes that work collectively to ensure the correct measurement is taken, and accuracy is maintained even on moving objects. Its scan functionality has helped most golfers to get an insight into the accurate yardage and their target.

It also has an excellent rechargeable battery, which saves time and money. It also prevents inconveniences.



12. Gogogo Laser Rangefinder For Hunting And Golf

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This device is ideal for both golfing and hunting and other professional application. It provides accurate distance measurements within a range of 650 yards. Its optical performance is quite impressive because it uses a fully multicoated lens, which gives clear images because of increased light transmission.

The diopter can also be adjusted to obtain a more precise focus. Generally, this rangefinder can meet various user needs.



Things To Consider In Getting The Smallest Range Finder


If you want to get the smallest rangefinder, then you need to consider if it is possible. Larger models are bulky; hence they can’t be carried around. Well, most manufacturers give the specifications of the rangefinder, including the size. Therefore, before you settle on the rangefinder, you need to do a crosscheck and settle on the one that you feel suits your preference. Portability is very important because most of these rangefinders are used outdoors. Therefore, you will need a carrier bag or a case to carry it around. The good thing is that most manufacturers provide them.

Size and shape

Well, this sounds obvious, but it is essential to know that the size of the range finder varies. Additionally, most of them are built differently. Sometimes you can find a rangefinder which lighter in weight, but its shape is bigger. Therefore, once you can be able to determine the size of the range finder, then you are on the verge of getting, which is the smallest for hunting or golfing.


Different brands produce different models with different sizes. Therefore, if you make a crosscheck across various brands, you will get to know the rangefinders are designed differently, and you can get the smallest.

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Benefits Of Smallest Rangefinder

They are easy to carry around

One of the most important things that are impressive with the smallest rangefinder is that they are portable. If you are playing golf, you know the importance of having a portable rangefinder. You want to have it in your small pocket without feeling overwhelmed. This makes it easy to pack even if you are traveling or you are hunting. Remember, you want to have something smaller so that that deer won’t notice you from your hideout. Therefore, the most viable option is to settle for the smallest rangefinder.

High levels of accuracy

Rangefinders can be beneficial, especially for those people who prioritize accuracy. For golfers, they can use to be able to make wise decisions on the club they will be using and how they will take their shots. This makes the game more enjoyable. Therefore, to enhance this, you can do it by holding the rangefinder in your hand. You might not necessarily require a tripod stand.

Easy to use

These rangefinders are easy to use because of being user-friendly. If you are new to them, you will just learn within a short time. The controls are easy, and they are not that many, unlike the other models. Therefore, if you are looking for a rangefinder that you will carry it around and you can easily take a shot, then you might have to consider the smaller ones.

Fast reading

If you look around, you will notice that the smallest rangefinder is made using top-notch technological innovations like the laser and LCD. Such levels of sophistication have made it easy to take readings on their displays. Therefore, don’t strain yourself with other complex models, yet here is the real deal.

Types Of Small Rangefinders

Rangefinders can be used for various reasons depending on the types. The following are some common ones.

Hunting Rangefinder

Hunting is a great activity that involves various techniques such as target shooting, bow hunting, and rifle hunting. Therefore, the rangefinders that are ideal for hunting should have a magnification range of 7-8x. The small rangefinder is ideal because they are lightweight and compact. Those who take part in shooting competitions find rangefinders very resourceful.

Ballistics rangefinders

This is normally incorporated with firearm technology, especially the use of laser. This is more accurate and convenient that the bulky optical devices that were initially used.

Golf rangefinders

Small rangefinders have been widely used in golf to measure the yard of a particular target and to take precise measurements. These rangefinders can use laser or GPS, depending on the make. The laser Devices are mostly used because they are very effective, and they provide an exciting golfing experience. Therefore, the small rangefinder is well suited because it is easy to carry around while taking precise measurements.

Forestry rangefinders

This rangefinder is mostly used in a forest set up to determine the survey of the forest and even the height of trees. Small rangefinders are well suited for such tasks, and most of them have additional features like camouflage, which makes it more customized to the forest set up.

Rangefinder cameras

This is among the latest innovations that have taken photography to a whole new level. Photographers can greatly benefit from them because of precise focus, which yields quality images. This makes photography more exciting, especially for those photographers who do it for commercial purposes because customers will be impressed with the top-notch quality photos and videos.

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