What Are Rangefinders Used For?

The latest rangefinders you get on the market use laser technology to provide accurate distance measurements. Although it is possible to use the trigonometry to make the distance calculations, a lot of people are using the rangefinders for photography or sports. So, what are the practical applications of a rangefinder? If you own one, you can use it for a wide range of applications. The following are the typical uses of a rangefinder.


This is one of the common applications of rangefinders. In this case, they are used to estimate distance on the golf course. Nowadays, you can find golf-specific rangefinders that are used to find the flag on the green. In this case, you do not want to use a hunting rangefinder as it is designed to calculate the target distance, which may not always be what you want.

You can also get rangefinders with the adjustable distance that can bridge the gap and offer you adequate versatility. In fact, some courses offer mapping that you can capture with the use of a GPS rangefinder. Although it can come in handy, you cannot use it successfully on each course.

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This is another great use of a rangefinder. In this case, a rangefinder is used to determine the distance to the target. Since it is used in the forest, it can be challenging to get accurate distances as the forest has a lot of obstacles and varying weather and lighting conditions. It is advisable to range the hunting field for target accuracy. Remember that it requires some skills to target a moving object.

Start by finding a solid landmark and then range it. After this, you can take some practice shots to get oriented. In fact, you can use the flags or ribbons to demarcate the distance before you can even start. The truth is that there are many hunting rangefinders on the market.

Target Shooting

One of the ways you can improve the accuracy of a shot is to do so with target shooting. The best way to go about this is to use a rangefinder. In fact, a rangefinder is a perfect tool for sighting-in your scope before you can even go out hunting. You can try to set up a few targets at varying ranges with the spotting scope so you can feel for the difference in timing and aim. It is advisable to be careful when choosing the right rangefinder when you do the long-distance shooting. You will have to ensure you have a device that is designed for longer distances and avoid mistakes.


The truth is that bowhunting adds some additional challenges because of the unique arching trajectory of the fired arrow. When it comes to practicing with the crossbow, you can easily mount the rangefinder to the top of the sight before firing. Although this is not perfect in the field, the game may be sensitive because of the increased movement of lowering and lifting the bow. In addition, with any target or hunting shooting, it is advisable to scope the area first and have an idea of distances to some landmarks, such as shrubs or trees. That means you do not have to range while the game is just in front of you.

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You may be surprised about this, but the rangefinder technology is a nice way for the photographers to find the perfect shot. In fact, the rangefinder cameras are manual and can be quite tricky to learn for a novice. They require you to understand the dynamics of shutter speed, lens aperture, and ISO to get the perfect shot at any particular distance. Although this may require some education and practice, the precision you acquire from the rangefinder can be quite rewarding.

The truth is that the list can go on, but the above are some of the top uses of rangefinder technology. As far as assessing how you can use a rangefinder for any given activity or sport, it is vital that no matter what you do, practice is the key. When it comes to determining the rangefinder to use for the activity, you need to consult the manual that comes with your rangefinder. This will give you a good picture of the right rangefinder that suits your requirements.