The 8 Best Rangefinder with ARC Technology Review on the Market of 2022 Updated

Firing shots or targeting objects at distances is no mean feat. That is because there are bound to be some distortions that interfere with the distances so computed. The arc technology comes in to tackle this very issue. Thanks to this technology, it is possible for you to obtain more accurate estimations based on the angle of your shots.

What Is the Best Rangefinder with ARC Technology?

Top Rated 10 Best Rangefinder with ARC Technology Comparison Chart

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Halo XR80038-8 800...image HALO XR80038-8 800 Yard Tru Bark Camo Laser Range Finder Buy On
AOFAR Range Finder...image AOFAR Range Finder for Hunting Archery H2 600 Yards Shooting Wild Waterproof Buy On
BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder-6X...image BIJIA 650Yards Multi-Function Laser Archery Rangefinder for Bow Hunting Buy On
Bushnell Scout DX...image Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC 6 x 21mm Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Halo XL450 Range...image Halo XL450 laser range finder for rifle and bow hunting Buy On
Nikon 16224 Arrow...image Nikon 16224 Arrow ID 3000 Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder Buy On
AOFAR HX-700N Hunting...image AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder-700 Yards Waterproof Laser Rangefinder for Bow Hunting Buy On
Bushnell 4x21 Hunting...image Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder Buy On

Rangefinder with ARC Technology Review

#1: HALO XR80038-8 800 Yard Tru Bark Camo Laser Range Finder

best arc rangefinder




Intending to fire shots to a target from an elevated position? We invite you to try this rangefinder. It boasts of the angle intelligence which computes the true horizontal distances. That way, you get to aim your targets precisely at any elevation. The item is a good one to pick for terrains that are uneven.

All the vital parts and components are enclosed in a housing that is strong and durable. For this reason, it remains true and resilient to all forms of damages and elements of the tear. The housing also stands tall to the extremes of weather conditions and is thus a reliable gadget to look up to.

Ergonomic design combines with higher accuracy levels to give you unparalleled operability. With this item, it is possible for you to impact objects that are located as far away as 800 yards. Moreover, it is also versatile enough to handle multiple scenes and ranges simultaneously.

  • Its reflective stature allows for easy identification in the dark
  • Gives you some non-slip grip for sturdy and reliable long-term performance
  • Scan modes allow you to target numerous scenes at the same time
  • Operable easily at the click of a button
  • Angle intelligence computes the true horizontal distances for accurate shots
  • The measurement outcomes are easily comprised by elevation
  • Highly susceptible to fidgeting to and shakings
  • You really have to be careful enough to derive the readings

#2: AOFAR Range Finder for Hunting Archery H2 600

arc laser rangefinder



Professional hunting escapades require a fair degree of precision. You can never afford to miss the metrics even by a decimal point. Only a highly precise rangefinder of this kind may yield those precise outcomes. It comes equipped with the pin sensor technology to make this realizable.

Thanks to this display technology, the equipment is able to display data that is up to centimeters accurate. These ones come equipped with precisions of around +/-0.5 yards. In total the gadget measures distances that stretch to around 1,000 yards. It is subsequently reliable for long-range shots.

Other features that come in handy are the two-range modes, artificial intelligence technology, and legible screens. In total, the appliance is resistant to dirt, dust, water, fog, and mist damages. Expect it to last longer hence. This is not to mention the greatly reduced costs of repairs and maintenance.

  • Operable simply and easily by one finger alone
  • Camouflage pattern conceals your appearance while in the bush
  • Non-slip rubber grip accords stability
  • Streamlined appearance is good for your eyes
  • Distinguishes the downhill and the uphill angles equally
  • Demands a fair degree of expertise to handle
  • An inexperienced user may find it too complicated
  • Costs a lot to operationalize in the long run

#3: BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder – 650Yards Multi-Function Laser Archery Rangefinder

rangefinder with arc technology



Do you engage in many outdoor activities? We invite you to try this multipurpose rangefinder. So versatile is this appliance that it handles shooting, archery, sporting, and golfing tasks with absolute ease. These are feats it achieves by incorporating many features and traits. The continuous scan mode stands tall.

It basically allows you to set many parameters for shooting and taking your distances. These include setting the right speeds, correction of slopes, setting the right angles, and taking the measurements of distances. They all combine to make your time wonderful out in the open.

In all, the rangefinder comes in a durable and possesses an ultra-clear LCD display unit. That is because only strong materials have been used to make these structures up. Thus, they last longer and take you further than you would ordinarily go. As a bonus, the appliance works well in moments of low illumination.

  • Provides faster measurement outcomes
  • Advanced locking mechanism confers added safety
  • Compact and relatively easy to use
  • Variable levels of accuracy ups the performances
  • Accompanied by a generous manufacturer’s warranty
  • Its accuracy is rather limited
  • Potentially clutters your workspace
  • Cumbersome to carry around and deploy to a remote location

#4: Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC 6 x 21mm Laser Rangefinder

arc laser rangefinder



Short of the necessary technical expertise? Could it also be that you have never attempted to make use of these appliances before? Well, you have this simple rangefinder to start out with. In all, this appliance is sleek and simple yet very effective. All these are engaged at the push of a button.

The housing is also sleek and breathtaking to behold. It is sleek, constructed of an armored rubber yet compact enough to carry around as the need may so dictate. Adding to this toughness is some extreme physical strength which makes the entire structure stand tall the extremes of weather elements.

With this equipment, you will also be able to take more accurate shots. This stems mainly from the arc technology that computes the compensated distance by factoring the terrain angle. Chances of missing your targets or having to fire so many shots to get along are severely diminished.

  • Conforms the true horizontal distance to around 99 yards
  • Confers bullet-drop/holdover designated in inches
  • Variable parameters enable use in varied environments
  • Crystal clear viewing made possible by the adjustment of the diopter
  • Gives off some beauty and elegance
  • Too simple to tackle too complex tasks
  • Lacks many other vital parts and components
  • Requires a couple of extras and accessories to operate

#5: Halo XL450 Range Finder, 450 Yard laser range finder for rifle and bow hunting

halo rangefinder arc



Fewer if any rangefinders outshine this one with regards to matters of hunting. It is entirely equipped and optimized for the sport and no other activity. A combination of the accurate eyepiece, accurate angle compensation, 200-yard range, and long-lasting batteries jointly combine to make this achievable.

The equipment is able to display the readings in both yards and meters. Thus, it is more likely to find applicability in areas that use the metric and the imperial units of measurements equally. With these awesome features, the rangefinder delivers big on both technology and value.

Moreover, it also has the ability to magnify images by a whopping 6X! These features combine with AI technology to modify the precise slope and angle. You also get to adjust the range appropriately for more accurate shots and minimize missed targets. All these reduce the fatigue and boredom you may be bound to suffer.

  • Scans the targets using the laser radiation
  • Good enough for bow hunting
  • Fires multiple shots comfortably at one go
  • Openable simply and easily at the click of a button
  • Displays units in the metric and imperial systems
  • Tackles no other job apart from hunting
  • Brings about limited returns on investments
  • Quite inconvenient for long-term use

#6: Nikon 16224 Arrow ID 3000 Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder

halo rangefinder with arc



Different circumstances require different ranging modes. It is impossible to change locations seamlessly without necessarily being alive to this fact. A rangefinder of this kind performs a good job in expediting these changes of locations and modes. Thanks to this Tru-Target Technology, this appliance is able to handle just that.

The technology basically enables the users to vary the modes as per the unique situations and circumstances they find themselves in. This feature is particularly useful if you happen to target prey that is situated at the back of tall brushes and grasses. Owing to its simplicity, the gadget is easier to manage.

A single button exists for you to engage accordingly. When triggered, the button regulates an ocular that measures the 18 mm ocular. All you have to do is apply minimal force and effort, and there you have it. On account of this, you will be able to enjoy some unprecedented performances on the whole.

  • Facilitates shots fired from any angle
  • The incredibly long 20.3 mm eye relief hastens the views and ranges
  • Takes a shorter duration of time to yield the necessary outcomes
  • Displays in 1-yard increments
  • Has a 6-550-yard ranging capacity
  • Requires some prior experience to operationalize
  • Takes too long to yield the necessary feedbacks
  • If broken, you have to pay a lot to revert it to its original condition

#7: AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder-700 Yards Waterproof Laser Rangefinder

halo rangefinder with arc



Just in case the area of your hunting is frequently infested with fogs, you want to use a rangefinder that is similarly optimized for use in the foggy conditions. This is the one to use for that very purpose. Its lens and optics are designed to deliver clear and legible readings and images.

When viewed from all angles, this equipment is high precision indeed. This is brought about by the advanced pin sensor technology. The technology allows for 6X magnification with an accuracy of around ±1 yard. All these make for hunting, golfing and a range of other relevant tasks.

The control parameters are jointly capable of targeting 700 yards of space and distance. Notwithstanding this long-range, the rangefinder is still able to display accurate images in moments of poor weather. Thus, you will not really have to worry about the changes in ambient weather while using it.

  • Exudes some durable feelings
  • Perfect for carrying while hunting or golfing
  • Resistant to both water and dust
  • Performs reliably in bad weather
  • Delivers truly high accuracy and magnification
  • Requires constant cleanliness and maintenance
  • Its delicate nature calls for too much attention on your part
  • Accumulates too much dust a bit too soon

#8: Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder, Realtree Xtra Camo, 20mm

halo rangefinder arc



Are you a regular traveler? You also can still make use of the rangefinders. However, there is a catch here. You have to choose that one which is small and compact enough to be able to fit your tiny pocket and carrying cases. This small one could be a good start for your consideration.

The range finder features a 4x magnification. This one is made possible by the 21 mm objective lens. Together, these two features manage a range of around 600 yards. That aside, the device also works hand in hand with the bows and the guns to make your hunting truly memorable.

Notwithstanding its elegant design, this one is easily operable. All you have to do is engage a single button to have your way. Thus, you will hardly get tired or have to confront too many hassles to have your way. This means the laser rangefinder is a nice companion for regular and prolonged use.

  • Delivers quality and stunning optics
  • Exudes HD clarity images
  • Manufactured using 100% quality materials
  • Tested extensively for optimal performances
  • Generates bright and crystal clear optics
  • Falls short of other requirements
  • Incapable of tackling a couple of chores
  • Becomes too obsolete a bit too soon

Our Verdict:

Our belaboring of the best rangefinder with arc technology comes to an end there. We now pass the buck to you to carry on from where we have stopped. We recommend that you pick at least one from the list above and make maximum use of it. Best of luck in your subsequent search and use.

A rangefinder is a type of device that is used by hunters to determine the distance between them and their target. There are two types of range finders; laser and optical, and they have different features installed in them, among them arc technology.

What Is ARC Technology in Rangefinder?

There are two distances that a hunter should be concerned with when hunting; the line of sight and the actual horizontal distance. The range of view is the real distance between the hunter and the target; any rangefinder can measure this.

The actual horizontal distance is the distance between the hunter and the target, which also covers gravity, such as downhills and uphills. A rangefinder with arc technology measures the actual horizontal distance.

Usages of Rangefinder with Arc Technology


Rangefinders help hunters make accurate shots by enabling better zeroing in on targets by knowing their actual distance from them. They can also measure any elevations or depression between the hunter and the target. This really helps the hunter to be accurate when aiming.

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A gold player can use a rangefinder to establish the distance between them and their target. However, players are prohibited from using the arc technology feature to measure slopes and are encouraged to turn off the feature.

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The military uses rangefinders to gather information on their target; this ensures that they are well prepared. Some rangefinders have night and thermal vision abilities, which can be incorporated into computers.

Real Estate

A rangefinder helps realtor determine the size of a property faster and accurately. This is because a piece of property is priced according to its size in square feet. The device is also used to measure spaces in rooms to determine furniture size that is suitable for the room; the same applies to floor and carpets.


The rangefinder provides an accurate and safe way of gauging the distance in a construction project. The device helps in determining the area and verifying the percentage slope. It identifies potential obstructions and validates overhang clearances.

Long-distance Shooting

People who do long-distance shooting need a rangefinder to determine how far their target is from them. The device is useful when shooting at a distance that exceeds 600 yards.


Forestry work requires numerous measurements from distances to heights of trees, which is possible using a laser rangefinder. A rangefinder used in forestry is more rugged compared to others as it needs to endure wet and rough field conditions. Those that are used in forestry have anti-leaf filters as an added safety feature.


A rangefinder is used in the airport to measure the safety of the runaway and taxiway area. It is possible to determine the height and slope of lighting and radio facilities. You can also establish how far apart two objects are from each other on the runway; it makes an inspection of an airfield easier.

Things to Consider in Buying Rangefinder with Arc Technology

1. Distance

The distance covered by a rangefinder is an essential consideration as rangefinders have differences in distance coverage. Some measure a distance of up to 450 yards while others cover as far as 1300 yards. The distance covered by the rangefinder solely depends on what type of activity you intend to use it. If you are required to measure big square feet, then you have to get what will make your work easy.

2. Function

Apart from a rangefinder having the arc technology feature, you can look out for other unique features such as anti-vibration technology, long eye relief, app connectivity, among others. Anti-vibration technology is fit for people with shaky hands, while eye relief is for use by glass wearers. Some rangefinders can connect to a smartphone through an installed app.

3. Durability

If you intend to use the rangefinder for outdoor activities, purchase one that is water-resistant, dust, and endure the impact.

In conclusion, a rangefinder is an essential device for hunters and other people who need to commute long distances when carrying out their daily activities; it makes your work to be easy. Choose one that perfectly suits your intended activity, and it will help you complete your task efficiently and quickly.

Final Pick: Top-Rated 3 Best Rangefinder with ARC Technology