Nikon Team Realtree Laser 600 Rangefinder Reviews

Are you looking for a multifunctional rangefinder for your outdoor activities such as hunting or even golfing? Well, Nikon team Realtree laser 600 rangefinder is a great choice. Apart from coming from one of the best Rangefinder brands on the market, this Nikon team Realtree laser 600 rangefinder is equipped with great features that will fit various outdoor viewing needs.

First off, this rangefinder has a high precision power that enables you to detect objects and targets from a distance. The rangefinder is suitable for measuring distance and viewing a target for better shooting an excellent feature for golfers. The compact design plus lightweight of this equipment provides total comfort and confidence to focus on your activities.

Why Picking Nikon Team Realtree Laser 600 Rangefinder?

nikon 600 laser rangefinders

Rangeup to 600 yards
Eye Relief17mm
Mini Focus36 feet
Objective diameter20mm

Ultra-compact size and lightweight

One of the best features of this Nikon team Realtree laser 600 rangefinder is the compact size it comes in. This enables you to comfortably hold it with one hand since it can fit on the palm of your hand, while you target with the other hand. When hunting, you can view the target with the rangefinder while the other hand aims at the target. This rangefinder only weighs 7.4 ounces to prevent too much bulkiness building on your hand when holding it.


This rangefinder from Nikon is meant for outdoor use regardless of the weather climates. If you love to hunt during the winter seasons, this is a fantastic rangefinder to consider getting. The casing of the rangefinder features waterproof material construction to safeguard it from water damages. The lenses of the equipment are multicoated, so you can still have a clear view even on cloudy days and prevent the lenses from damages.

Includes a belt case

nikon laser rangefinders

The Nikon team Realtree laser 600 rangefinder comes with a belt case made of PU leather material to store the rangefinder. The case has a hook for equipping the device on the belt for easy access when you need to use it. The case has heavy-duty and quality material construction for durability and efficiency in keeping the rangefinder safe.

High magnifying power

With high magnifying power of 6X, this rangefinder enables you to easily view and detect objects from a distance at a close view. The high magnifying power allows one to view items of 1000 yards away at a narrow range of 300 yards, a great feature for golfers since they can easily view the flag post to measure the distance before shooting the ball.

High accuracy

This feature makes this Nikon team Realtree laser 600 rangefinder a piece of tremendous and recommendable equipment. The rangefinder has a high accuracy of 1+ within the first view of 600 yards. Using the rangefinder in a golf course, the high efficiency enables you to have a good look at the flag post and lock it for easy aiming and accuracy in shooting. For hunters, this feature easily allows you to spot the target from a distance for a comfortable shot.

Full range scanning capacity

This Nikon team Realtree laser 600 rangefinder features a radiation source and scanning element that radiates the light source to the scanning elements. The radiation light is later redirected from the scanning elements towards the target for easy aiming.

Shock-absorbent material construction

This rangefinder is made of rubber-armored shock-resistant material that provides excellent protection to the device. The rubber material protects the device from damage in case you accidentally drop it on a hard surface. The materials also provide a comfortable gripping when holding the rangefinder to work.


  • This is a multifunctional outdoor rangefinder for hunting and golfing
  • It comes with a belt case for hooking it to the belt for easy access
  • This rangefinder has a long eye relief of up to 17 mm
  • This rangefinder is quite light in weight for easy holding with one hand
  • The equipment has a compacts size for convenient holding to measure and view
  • The device has a high accuracy of 1 yard
  • It can measure a distance of up to 1000 yards


This rangefinder from Nikon is a bit expensive.

Specifications of Nikon Team Realtree Laser 600 Rangefinder

nikon 600 rangefinders for golfing

Materials: Rubber armored

Field of View: Has a field view of 330 feet

Dimensions: 3.8 :L x 2.8 Inches W.

Weight: Weighs around 7.41 pounds

Magnification power: X6

Objective diameter: 20 mm

The Real angular field of view: 6.3

Eye relief: This device has an eye relief of 17

Field of view: 303 feet to 1000 yards

Mini focus: This device has a close view of 36 feet

Who Is Suitable For Nikon Realtree Rangefinder?

Are you a golf or hunting enthusiast? This rangefinder is the perfect rangefinder for you. This rangefinder has a high accuracy level of 1 yard, and you can quickly determine the distance within the first 330 yards. This rangefinder fits hunters because it has a high yard range of up to 1000 yards such that you can quickly identify a target from a distance.

The compact size of the device provides comforts so you can hold it as long as you want when checking the target in the field. The waterproof material construction of this rangefinder allows one to enjoy golfing or hunting in all weather changes. The high magnifying power enables one to view flag post and lock it from a distance.


Nikon team Realtree laser 600 rangefinder is a quality and durable rangefinder for everyone who enjoys outdoor activities. The lightweight and compact size of this rangefinder make it a comfortable device to tag along when going for your outdoor activities. The waterproof casing prevents it from damage so you can still enjoy hunting during the winter and chilly days.

The multicoated lenses of this device safeguard it from damage when it comes into contact with wetness. So, is Nikon team Realtree laser 600 rangefinder worth it? This rangefinder is good for hunting and leisure golfing activities.