Nikon Archer’s Choice Laser Rangefinder Reviews

What makes up a good archer laser rangefinder? You need a rangefinder that will bring the furthest targets to a closer view, and that is easy to use. Nikon archer’s choice laser rangefinder is one of the top best archery laser rangefinder models today. This device features an advanced technology that improves its functionality for excellent performance while hunting in the woods. The laser rangefinder is meant for outdoors due to the quality materials resistant to damages when used in wet areas. This laser rangefinder features one-button control for smooth operation and control while in the field. The device only weighs 1.23 pounds such that you can hold it with a single hand to view and measure the distance of the target.

Nikon Archer’s Choice Laser Rangefinder Reviews

nikon archer's choice 6x21 laser rangefinder


The Objective Diameter: Has 21mm
Magnification power: X6
Angular View (real view): 6 degrees
Angular view (apparent): 34.9 degrees
Weight: 6.3 pounds
The yard range: 5 to 500 yards
Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.7 x 1.5 inches
Diopter adjustment range: -+ 4

Distance compensation mode

Whether you are using this Nikon archer’s choice laser rangefinder in a sloppy or upright area, it provides accurate distance calculation of the field for better targeting the animal. The laser features the incline and declines technology compensation that continually calculates the distance even in uneven areas to get right distance calculations.

Large LCD

The Nikon archer’s choice laser rangefinder has an improved LCD that ensures you get a clear view of the findings while on the field. The LCD also has a backlit illuminating for efficient viewing even in poorly lit areas or in areas with fog. The other benefit of having the LCD backlight is that one can easily select the mode of contrast against the subjects on the surroundings.

nikon archer's choice laser rangefinder reviews

Single-button control

Whether it is your first time to use a laser rangefinder in hunting, or you need a laser that you can efficiently utilize when measuring the distance and targeting the anima. This laser rangefinder from Nikon is designed to fit people who need an easy to use the device. The single button control is easy to operate.

6X magnifying power

This laser rangefinder magnifies items and objects that are far for clear viewing at a closer distance. The optical lens of this gadget has multiple layers of coating to protect it from the outdoor climates, and ensure you have a clear view without obstructions. The multi-coating design of the lens helps prevent reflections on the sides when viewing with the rangefinder.

Waterproof and fog material construction

If you love to hunt in rainy seasons, Archer’s choice laser rangefinder will fit you since it is designed for the outdoor weather climates. The outer casing of this rangefinder consists of waterproof materials that prevent damage if it comes into contact with rainwater. The outer casing is also easy and smooth to clean since it just requires wiping to eliminate the wetness or dust. The optical lens of the device has fog proof to provide clear viewing even when you use it in foggy or dark areas.

Lightweight and small in size

Holding this laser rangefinder with one hand to view or measure the distance, it is super comfortable due to its lightweight and compact size. The gadget only weighs 1.23 pounds for comfort and safety of the arm if you hold it to view the target for long. The lightweight makes portability to be smooth since you can slip the rangefinder in your pocket or backpack when going hunting and for easy access.

nikon archer's choice max laser rangefinder

The first target priority mechanism

This laser rangefinder has the priority mode that allows one to have a good and precise range of objects regardless of the size. This also provides an instant reading of the findings for easy and fast identification of the target.

89 degrees angular range

This Nikon Archers choice rangefinder provides an angular 89 degrees view of straight up or straight down so one can aim and shoot accurately at the target from different directions.


The device comes with a warranty for quality assurance. Check out with the dealer you buy from regarding the warranty terms and conditions on purchasing the laser.


  • This laser rangefinder has waterproof and fog proof design
  • It is super light for portability
  • The optical lens is multi-layered for safety purposes
  • It has backlit to increase viewing for a natural selection of contrast against objects
  • This laser has a single operational mode
  • It features a silent technology mode


  • Adjusting this rangefinder from the angular angle to a straight view is quite hard
  • Some customers have complained about having problems viewing with one eye, especially during the rainy days since the lens is super small.

Nikon Archer’s Choice Rangefinder Problems

  • Although this laser rangefinder model has a backlit for illumination, it may not work to get a good range in extremely dark areas.
  • Sometimes the laser may not provide an array at a considerable distance of around 50 yards.
  • Other customers have complained about the warranty not being genuine where you have to pay for some amount of money to repair or replace.

nikon archer's choice max rangefinder

Nikon Archer’s Choice vs. Archers’ Choice Max

  • Similarities

  1. Both laser rangefinders have fog and waterproof material construction
  2. They both allow ranging of all objects including small ones
  3. They are both lights in weight and small in style
  4. Both rangefinders have a magnification power of X6
  • Differences

The yard range

The Nikon Archer’s choice max has an increment range of up to 200 yards while the choice laser has a range of standard 100 yards

The Archer’s choice max has an increment reading of 0.1 yards while the increment range reaches 0.5 yards.


Nikon archer’s choice laser rangefinder is quality and compact rangefinder ideal for people who enjoy hunting. The laser rangefinder is suitable for hunting in all-weather climates as it has heavy-duty and waterproof materials casing to safeguard it from damages. The laser rangefinder is also small in size to save the storage space when carrying around.


Nikon is one of the best Archer’s laser rangefinder manufacturing companies. The above-reviewed model is one of the best, especially for beginners. Although the laser rangefinder may not give a long-range as opposed to other brands, It has a reliable accuracy and is easy to operate. The waterproof materials make it easy to use the laser even on rainy or chilly days.