Nikon 1000AS Laser Rangefinder Reviews

Laser rangefinders are not typically must-have gadgets for most people, but if you are a frequent golfer, you travel often or regularly engage in several outdoor activities such as hunting, mountaineering, or sailing, then this is a worthy investment. They are ideal for helping you get your bearings and show you how far you need to go. The Nikon Laser 1000AS Laser Rangefinder is such as a rangefinder, only at the top of the scale, but for a good reason.

This rangefinder features an impressive range of up to 915 meters, wider field of view, high magnification, and a slope compensation to help the users accurately judge distances. This simple device is solidly built to withstand all types of terrain and weather elements. It works marvelously and is well suited for its purpose. Let us dive into this article for more of its incredible features.

Nikon 1000AS Laser Rangefinder Reviews

nikon 1000 yard rangefinder

Weight: 195 g

Magnification: 6x

Exit pupil: 18.3 mm

Dimensions: 118x73x41 mm

Actual field of view: 7.5 degrees

Effective objective diameter: 21 mm

Power source: CR2 Lithium battery


Nikon 1000AS Laser Rangefinder isn’t your normal rangefinder. Its limit is highly impressive and does take you hunting to another level. What makes it even more intriguing is, you get a product coupling certain features to make it exceptional. These features include:

Quick, simple operation

You can count on this rangefinder to find the perfect range. At just the touch of a button, the horizontal distance, actual distance, slope-adjusted distance, and height can be easily measured.

Active brightness control

This feature employs the latest technology in detecting light conditions. It allows the gadget to automatically turn on and adjust the brightness of the LED viewfinder in case of low-light conditions. That enhances a clearer and easier viewing regardless of the surrounding. The adjusted brightness is for maximized contrast and visibility.

Nikon system design

This gadget utilizes a Nikon Laser rangefinder system design that enables accurate measurement. It is engineered through repeated simulations to achieve precise picking of the laser rays by the sensing units. That, together with superior software and high quality integrated circuits, provides a quick response as well as superior measurement performance.

Solid build and design

This rangefinder has a unique design with the back housing, the eyepiece, and a lanyard loop. The top features the mode and power buttons while the bottom features the hatch that accesses the battery. It has a solid build, with a tough plastic chassis.

It has a gunmetal paint finish and a black soft-touch matt around the area you grip the gadget. Also, the lenses have rubberized sections for protection. This rangefinder is designed to endure most outdoor elements. The body is ergonomically shaped to allow easy operation as well as comfortable handling.

nikon laser 1000as rangefinder price

Golf mode

The specialized golf mode is ideal for golfers. It comes in handy to determine the ideal golf club to use. This function provides actual simultaneous distance and slope-adjusted distance. This mode enhances greater accuracy when on the course. Any golfer can now easily approach a hilly course.


This rangefinder is designed to be waterproof for 10 minutes up to 1 meter. It is also equipped with O-ring seals and nitrogen gas that provide extra resistance against harsh environments.

Target priority switch system

This system enhances flexibility allowing the user to switch between the first target priority mode and distant target priority mode. The First Target Priority mode prioritizes the nearest target, mostly for golf. It is mostly useful for approach shots that require great precision. The Distant Target priority mode, on the other hand, prioritizes the target that is farthest away and is mostly preferred when hunting.

High-quality lenses

The glass lenses have a high magnification of 6x. Also, the multilayer coating enhances high resolution and bright images as it reduces ghost and flare. You can see all the target objects.

High eye-point design

This rangefinder features a high eye-point design that provides a clearer field of view even if you are wearing sunglasses or spectacles. Also, it features a brighter and wider field of view of 7.5 degrees. You can catch targets as small as a flagstick. The visual distance is as large as 18 mm for easy viewing.


Superior light transmittance: This feature works with the active brightness control and comes in handy to brighten the view.

5-second continuous measurement: This function is essential as it enables the measurement of different targets in quick succession.

Auto power shut off: This helps to extend the longevity of the battery life. It automatically turns off the rangefinder eight seconds after the reading has been displayed.

Compact and lightweight: This rangefinder has a small, compact design for better portability. Also, it is lightweight, making it easy to carry around, take it with you, and enhance user experience.


  • Easy to use
  • Active brightness control
  • Golf mode for the golfers
  • Solidly built and waterproof
  • Target priority switch system
  • Accurate and fast range finding
  • High eye-point design for the clearer field of view
  • Superior light transmittance and high-quality multicoated lens


  • Eyepiece focus could be better
  • It’s on the expensive side

Nikon Laser 1000AS Rangefinder price

nikon 1000as laser rangefinder reviewsThe Nikon Laser 1000AS is on the upper part of the scale range for a good reason. It costs between $300 and $380. Compared to other models, this gadget features several incredible features such as a wider and brighter field of view, the measurement distance is up to 915 meters, and it is less susceptible to optical aberrations.

This model meets all safety requirements and has a waterproof design for more versatility. It has a solid build to enable it to withstand adverse conditions. It provides the final high-resolution images with exceptional ranging accuracy. It also has an improved light transmittance to brighten up the field of view.

This rangefinder has a special feature for the golfers. The innovative golf mode comes in handy to determine the ideal golf club to use. This function provides actual simultaneous distance and slope-adjusted distance. This mode enhances greater accuracy when on the course. Any golfer can now easily approach a hilly course.

How accurate are Nikon 1000AS laser rangefinder?

The Nikon Laser 1000AS is one of the most accurate models. It is equipped with high-quality monocular lenses with a 6x magnification. These have a multilayer coating to enhance brighter and clearer images. This model has a high eye-point design that allows an easy and clearer view, even with sunglasses and spectacles on.

On top of that, it features a diopter adjustment function and a wider field of view. The slope compensation feature allows accurate judging of the distances. The optics are top quality, and a large and bright field of view ensures that this device suffers no optical aberrations and offers pin sharpness.

You can count on the Nikon Laser 1000AS for excellent range finding ability. The correct distance is calculated instantly and accurately. The height adjustment feature is essential in case you are faced with a decline or an incline.

This rangefinder has a special feature for the golfers. The innovative golf mode comes in handy to determine the ideal golf club to use. This function provides actual simultaneous distance and slope-adjusted distance. This mode enhances greater accuracy when on the course. Any golfer can now easily approach a hilly course.

What Can You Use Nikon 1000AS Laser Rangefinder For?

This advanced model is designed mostly for golfing and hunting. It features all the essential information that a golfer or hunter needs, and can simultaneously be viewed on the internal display. This Nikon Laser 1000AS can be used for sailing, hunting, golfing, and forestry surveys, exploring, or caddying.

With the innovative golf mode, this rangefinder is ideal for the advanced and beginner players alike. It enables accurate slope measurement.

It has a rugged construction that makes it well suited for a wide range of outdoor conditions. It is waterproof to 10 meters as well. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry around. It works in low-light conditions just as marvelously as in bright light conditions thanks to the advanced brightness control.

The different measurement modes are suitable for different tasks such as first target priority mode for golfing and the distant target priority for hunting. This rangefinder is designed with a wide temperature tolerance to withstand most environments.

nikon 1000as laser rangefinder reviews


The Nikon laser 1000AS is a high performing rangefinder to far distances of up to 915 meters. It is professionally designed to provide incredibly clear views. It is easy to use and has impressive features that enhance its user-friendliness. You can easily switch modes depending on your environment and the activity at hand. Also, this rangefinder has a special function for the golfers. The laser 1000AS performs marvelously- with top quality optics and large bright field of view, this rangefinder features no optical aberrations and offers pin sharpness.

nikon 1000as laser rangefinder reviews