Nikon 1000 Yard Rangefinder Review

Indeed, everyone looks forward to having the right laser camera for different events. However, not everyone has such a laser. Have you ever thought of owning a reliable one? If you have, the Nikon 1000 rangefinder should be one of the most suitable options for you.

The Nikon 1000 is a long-range rangefinding device whose reliability is unmatched. While it is still new in the market, it assures you of value for your money.

But first, it will be essential to understand some of the features that it comes with. This way, making a credible decision, in the long run, will no longer be a big issue. Here is a comprehensive review of this camera.

nikon lrf 1000 as

Effective range8-1300 yards
Increment reading0.1 yds
Weights6.2 oz (w/o battery)
Angle Compensation capable


The Nikon ProStaff is a pocket-fitting laser rangefinder that prides itself on a maximum ranging performance of about 1000 yards. Did you know that it comes at a relatively affordable price too?

Tru Target technology

This product comes with the Tru Target technology, which is critical in ensuring that you switch between Distant target modes and First Target mode. This technology will come in handy for you if you are hunting prey that is behind obstacles. Usually, the Priority Target mode will be essential when shooting in the bushes. The Linear mode comes in handy when you are on elevated grounds. Feel free to use them interchangeably.

nikon 1000as laser rangefinder reviews

6x optical

You will also be sure of a 6X optical system, which is essential in ensuring that you see and range non-reflective targets from over 600 yards. This comfortable view plays a vital role in improving your chances for a clean shot.

1-yard increment

It will often come with ranges that are displayed not only clearly but also precisely indicated. In most cases, you will find that they come in 1 yard/meter increments. You can easily access these increments on your uncluttered display. Remember, all you will need to do is to press a single button, and then get all the info you need instantly.

Constant measurement

This laser allows you to access up to 8-second continuous measurement readings as long as you keep on pressing the power button. While at it, you will be confident of getting a number that allows you to have the best shot. Did you know that it comes with an adjustable diopter?

Waterproof body

This technology helps in improving both comfort and clarity. It comes with a water-resistant as well as a rainproof body. This body has a rating equivalent to IPX4.

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Multilayer coating

It comes with a multi-layer coating on both the prism and the lens, which ensures that you enjoy enhanced durability. This laser prides itself on a 15mm or more eye relief. As such, it will be suitable even for those who put on eyeglasses. This lens will be critical in cushioning you against too much reflection. Remember, this model comes with an active brightness control viewfinder, which helps in detecting changes in light intensity. With this, the camera will adjust accordingly, depending on the environment. There will often be a change from gray to LCD, and vice versa, based on how the situation is.

Most importantly, the ergonomics of this laser camera are unmatched. It is much easier for you to handle it with ease.


If we take a look at its power, this unit comes with a 3V CR2. Fortunately, you will effortlessly monitor the status of your battery from the responsive display.

The design of this laser is worth appreciating. It is relatively lightweight and comes with an adjustable strap. This way, you will no longer need to worry about losing or damaging your camera when in the woods. It also comes with a rubberized, non-slip surface, which helps in improving your grip on the device.

Did you know that this unit is nitrogen-filled? With this feature, sit will be more comfortable to cushion it against molds as well as condensation.

The laser camera comes with an ocular that is about 28% larger than other units. You will also be confident of a relatively more reliable field of view and a more definite resolution.

nikon 1000 rangefinder

Critical specs

  • It has a maximum reflective measurement distance of around 1000 yards
  • The maximum range (tree) is 800 yards
  • Maximum range on a deer is approximately 600 yards
  • The increment reading is every yard
  • Comes with a 6-degree angular view
  • The objective diameter is around 20mm
  • Has an eye-relief of 16.7 and an accuracy of +/-1 yd and +/-2 yds, within and beyond 100 yards respectively
  • It comes with a 1 CR2 lithium power source
  • It weighs approximately 130 grams
  • It measures 3.6*2.9*1.5 inches

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  • This product assures you of enhanced durability. The materials used to make it are not only reliable but also of topnotch quality.
  • It is weather-resistant, which allows you to go hunting at any time, regardless of the weather
  • With the 6X optical system, you will be confident of enjoying enhanced clarity when ranging deers from as far as 600 yards away
  • It comes with a relatively compact size, which is not only ideal for your pocket but portability
  • It is relatively ergonomic, meaning that you will have a much easier time handling it
  • The lens comes with a multi-layer coating, ensuring that it is relatively durable
  • It comes with an on-board computer that makes it much friendlier to use
  • Excellent ranging with high precision levels


  • It could be a little problematic during snowy seasons
  • It will cost you more than $160, which seems to be less affordable for some hunters
  • Might not be ideal if you intend to hunt in the woods
  • The quality seems to be cheap for some people

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Final Verdict

Despite the few issues that the Nikon Prostaff 1000 comes with, it remains a worthy investment. Given that the price of this laser is approximately 165 USD, you will be confident of getting value for your money. This product prides itself on some of the best features, which assure you of not only clarity but also an unmatched experience in the wild. It is a product that you will not want to miss.