The 7 Best Industrial Laser Rangefinder Reviews & Buying Guides 2022

Industrial laser rangefinders are used specifically in industrial settings to take measurements. They are compact and easy to use. Rangefinders are available at different prices. It is essential to compare the different models available in the market from where you can make an informed decision on the perfect rangefinder to buy. They are very helpful in taking accurate measurements of distances which can be calibrated to get volume and area of a given area.

There are several features you need to check out so that you can buy the perfect range finder for industrial applications. First, you need to go over industrial laser rangefinder reviews from where you can know the best rangefinder to buy. The perfect rangefinder to buy should be stable and reliable. Take time to check on the different rangefinders available out there before you can locate the best.

What Is the Best industrial Laser Rangefinder on the Market?

Comparison Chart of Best Industrial Laser Rangefinder

Photo Title Buy
Laser Measurement Tool,...image Laser Measure Acegmet 229Ft M/In/Ft Laser Distance Measure Buy On
Huepar Laser Distance...image Huepar Laser Distance Measure 330Ft with Li-ion Battery & Electric Angle Sensor Buy On
QYSEA FIFISH V6s...image 262ft Laser Tape Measure with Target Plate & Enhancing Glasses Buy On
PerfectPrime RF0350, Laser...image PerfectPrime RF0350, Laser Distance Digital Range Finder Buy On
Digital Laser Distance...image Digital Laser Distance Meter 262FT/ 80M Buy On

Top 7 Best Industrial Laser Rangefinder Reviews

1. Acegment Laser Measure 229ft LCD Distant Measuring Device

industrial laser rangefinder

The rangefinder is built to meet the highest accuracy possible. In industrial applications, you need a rangefinder that can reach a high accuracy level. The rangefinder will never let you down. It is built to be highly reliable in taking measurements. Functions such as mute allow you to work without interrupting other people in the industrial environment. It can measure the area, distance, volume, and Pythagorean mode.

It is a practical rangefinder you can have and it will serve several purposes in your industrial application. Easy user experience allows you to take a few minutes while taking measurements. The stable and reliable design of the rangefinder makes it stands out. The use of large LCD makes it easy to get the measurements. It is a versatile rangefinder you will find very helpful in your industrial application.

2. Huepar Laser Distance Measure with Li-ion Battery

industrial laser level

The rangefinder comes in a simple design but it incorporates several features that make it stand out. For example, it comes with backlit LCD and the laser beam which is highly effective in taking measurements. You can use it to take measurements such as Pythagorean, area, volume, and distance. High accuracy design makes it preferred by many technicians in industrial applications. The built-in battery and the electric angular sensors make the device stands out. It is among a few devices you can buy to be assured of the best performance.

It allows for multiple measurement modes. You can take continuous measurements, calibration, substation, addition, automation calculation among other features. The device is built to make it easy for you when taking measurements in the industrial set up. Backlit and mute settings avoid cases where you can interfere with others in industrial settings. It comes in a durable and robust design.

3. Keenstone Tape Measure with Target Plate & Enhancing Glasses

industrial laser distance meter

Several features have been incorporated in the rangefinder which makes it stand out. It is a laser rangefinder which works well in industrial application. For instance, it comes with features such as Pythagorean mode, measuring distance, volume measurements, area, and volume calibration. You will realize the device is among the best when it comes to the industrial applications due to the general design. It guarantees you the highest accuracy possible. Multiple measuring laser tools make it a great addition.

With LCD backlight and the mute settings, it works automatically in capturing distances. The lit backlight screen provides the best view possible. Enhancement and the glasses are of the highest quality. Robust housing and waterproof design make it very reliable. It is a dustproof rangefinder that can withstand different environments in the industrial application. Rubber’s body and the comfortable keypad make it a unit that great user experience.

4. TACKLIFE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1industrial laser measuring device

The laser tape measure can reach up to 131 ft. It displays both metric and inches. You will never feel inconvenienced if you prefer a given measuring mode. The rangefinder has been designed in such a way it will make it easy for you to take quick measurements. The LCD display and the movable magnetic hook provided simplify the operation of the rangefinder.

Nylon coating makes it a reliable unit. It is easy to use. The tape measure comes in a simple design which makes the process of measuring distances very easy. You can rely on it to realize the best performance when measuring distances.

Excellent accuracy is realized due to the great design of the tape measure. The magnetic hook makes it easy to attach the unit to ferrous materials for easy operation. Energy-saving nylon coating makes it very durable. With the auto-off feature, it saves on energy. It will go off after 20 seconds of inactivity. The rangefinder is designed to be very easy to use. You will find it easy to apply it in measuring different parameters.

5. URCERI 131ft Bubble Level Laser Measure

industrial laser range finder

The laser measuring device can make the process of taking measurements in your project easy. It comes with features such as backlit LCD which makes it easy to measure the Pythagorean, volume, area, and distance. The battery used in the device is long-lasting. You can count on the device to take measurements in different conditions. High accuracy is realized due to the use of the latest technology in calibrating the device. Compact design allows for easy carrying of the device.

Several features are incorporated which make the rangefinder highly versatile. You can apply it to take measurements and then calibrate. It works well as a tool for subtraction and addition. It has been built to guarantee you the best performance. With the several features available on the device, you will find it very helpful in your daily industrial applications.

6. PerfectPrime RF0350 Digital Range Finder with Clip/Level Bubble

industrial laser

The laser distance digital range finder meter works very well in taking measurements. It is highly reliable in calculating volume, area and even addition and subtraction of distances. With the bubble level, it is a highly reliable rangefinder you can count on to realize the best performance.

Durable construction makes it a device you can rely on to realize the best performance. Multiple measurements can be taken due to the versatile design of the laser meter. The reliable and continuous mode makes the rangefinder among the best you can get in the market.

7. INLIFE Backlit LCD Digital Laser Distance Meter

industrial rangefinder

It is a reliable rangefinder that comes with features such as backlit LCD, continuous measurement, volume, area, and Pythagorean. The laser rangefinder has been designed in such a way it makes it easy for you to realize the best performance when taking measurements. The clear backlight LCD display makes it very reliable. It has several modes that make it easy to apply in different operations. The laser meter is easy to use. You will find it very helpful in daily applications.

Guides on Industrial Laser Measuring Device

You may be tired of using a standard tape measure in your work duties as you don’t seem to compute the volume of a given area accurately. If you have such a problem, it is time you considered a laser measuring device that will perform the above task on your behalf. However, there are many products out there that can confuse you when choosing the right tool. Let us look at some of the things you need to consider before purchasing an industrial laser measuring device.

industrial laser rangefinder

1. Budget

The cost of the device is a significant consideration in making any purchase. This involves determining if the quality is good for its value. Prices range from $100 to over $500. If you do not intend to use the tool often, you can go for a cheaper one, but if you will be using it regularly, it is better to spend more. The reason for this is because; highly-priced measuring devices are more durable as they are made from quality materials.

2. Outdoor or Indoor?

Some laser measuring devices can only be used indoors, while others are ideal for outdoor use. If you intend to use the tool outdoors, check if it is dust and water-resistant. This is essential to ensure it lasts longer and does not get damaged. You can do this by looking for a rating of IP54 on the device; if it’s present, it is dust and water-resistant. The device should also tolerate and withstand impact, such as when it falls.

3. Ability to Reduce Manual Work

The reason why you want to purchase a laser device is to reduce the manual work that comes with the traditional tape measure. Therefore, you have to find a tool that can be launched from one end to the next without you moving and one that can compute the measurements. The improvement and evolution in the modern world are entirely focused on making work easier.

Some devices not only compute the volume and area but also find the Pythagoras. This ensures minimal mistakes while making the work faster and easier. On top of this, some devices can record the measurements relieving the hassle of regularly jotting down the measurements.

4. Battery Life

As an industrial laser measuring device is portable, it will require batteries to keep it functional. Take note of the type of cells it uses and the number of measurements it can take before draining the batteries. Some brands claim they can take over 5,000 measures before the batteries run out.

5. Ergonomics and Size

The ergonomic design and size of the industrial laser measuring device should be to your liking. Choose a tool that easily fits into your pockets and one that has additional grips for secure handling.

In conclusion, choose an industrial laser measuring device that perfectly fits your nature of work. It should work the way you intend it to work without any challenges. The purpose of purchasing any instrument is to achieve its goal; hence, fitting into the nature of work is an excellent achievement.

Final Pick: Top 3 Best Industrial Laser Rangefinder