How to Get Precise GPS Coordinates for Geocaching?

Geocaching is a real outdoor treasure hunting GPS-enabled game where you use tracking devices to find the treasure. It’s an exciting game that attracts lots of participants. Mostly this is an activity engaged while camping to make the trip fun and enjoyable. Those participating have to navigate to the given set of GPS coordinates and then find the geocache or the container. The container is hidden at a secret location with accurate GPS coordinates. You need to know how to get precise GPS coordinates for Geocaching if you want to be a happy DNF.

Here we’re going to give you some best ways on how to get the precise GPS coordinates while Geocaching. Read along!

How to Get Precise GPS Coordinates for Geocaching?

With Geocaching, there is treasure involved, which is why the game is trendy. Though treasure hunting is sometimes very frustrating, the main thing about it all is to have fun. What’s even better, the game can be enjoyed by people of all ages; it is also called and hide and seek game. Someone hides the cache, and then you try to find it; a location can also be described, and you are supposed to find it. This game is essential because it helps those addicted to the computer to get up and go outdoors.

how to get accurate gps coordinate for geocaching

Record the right coordinates

When hiding the price, ensure you record the right coordinates by following the steps below:

Ensure your GPS or smartphone is in a clear position where it will get the sky’s view with no obstructions. Be patient until the accuracy figure stops dropping, record the coordinates by making them a waypoint, or writing them down to make sure. Make calculations of the average coordinates that will be accurate. To record the coordinates, move and try to record the location from a different place to record it a second time. Ensure you repeat the steps twice or thrice and average the last three digits of west and north coordinates.

Keep note of destruction.

It would be best if you kept in mind that destructions will affect the accuracy of the coordinates. They may include trees, ravines, tall buildings, and cliffs. Changes in the atmosphere may also hinder the accuracy, keep I mind neither a smartphone nor a GPS can provide you with the exact position. In the best scenario, you will get an accuracy of 10 to 15 feet. Obstruction adds up that number to up to 30 feet or more.

Time matters too

When recording coordinates using your GPS, give it lots of time to get an accurate reading. It can take you up to ten minutes or even longer. The more satellites you receive, the better, and the accuracy of the coordinates.

Use the Geocaching app.

This app came out not long ago, and there are many features to help players reach all levels. Features like drafts and offline maps are significant components of the app. below are some of the features you can use to get an excellent cache experience.

Notifications and souvenirs

By going to your profile in the app, you can count, list, and review all details of the souvenirs you have earned. They are sorted by date earned, which means the most recent is at the top. Each time you gain a souvenir, the app notifies you, and you can either tap on it or dismiss it.

Other players profile

When you tap on the player’s name, all the player’s public information will be displayed. You can send them a message through the message center. That way, you can share with them any information you want to and even request them to work together if they are near you.

Displays solved coordinates

The Geocaching app can also display all the solved locations and their coordinates to the mystery caches. If you submit a solved cording, it will be viewed on, including any cache type. To enter the coordinates, select a mystery cache and tap on the start icon, tap on the solved coordinated, and then input the new coordinates and finally save. All solved caches will be displayed on the map and those solved, but the price was not found.


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What Makes Geocaching an Exciting Outdoor Activity?

gps for geocaching

If you are tired of hiking at the same park, then Geocaching may be what you need. It is an improved version of a reassure hunt, and the only thing you need is a GPS and the willingness to have fun. Will the two you can have an adventure and find a hidden cache if you are lucky? You get your coordinates from the internet from those that hide the cache, and you need to use your GPS to find where the location is.

GPS can show you the location of a position on earth at any time through the satellite feeds. Anyone with a GPS receiver can detect it. GPS receivers are relatively cheap, so you won’t have to worry about the cost; you can also use your phone if it has access to GPS. Once you have your GPS, it is time to figure out where the caches are hidden; the coordinates are submitted online for everyone to see, which happens in different countries worldwide.

From the explanation, it sounds easy, and it may be or maybe very tiring. Imagine if the cache is on top of a mountain, or there aren’t any roads to reach there. Sometimes you may even be required to cross a river, which means you have to be prepared for anything as it may be an adventure. It is common courtesy that when you take something, ensure you also leave something for the next person. Remember also to sign the logbook so that you can keep a record, those after you will even know if someone was there before them.

For all the rules that you are supposed to follow, you can visit the geocaching website to be sure. Once you are an experienced geocache, you can also try benchmarking hunting, travel bugs, and geo-teaming. If you are a busy person and only have a minimal amount of time searching for the cache, look for one that is closest to you. If you have days to spare, you can decide to do it with your whole family and make it an adventure. With your sense of experience and a GPS, you are sure to enjoy the outdoors and get a small treasure out of it.


If you have been with us from the start and you have never tried Geocaching, then we are sure that you can’t wait to try it out. Ensure that your GPS works well and follow all the instructions given to get accurate coordinates. In finding coordinates of a place, be patient, and note any destructions that may affect the accuracy. Above all, ensure you have fun; you can also take your family and have an adventure.