Are Distance Measuring Devices Legal In Golf?

is golf rangefinder legal to use

We can hardly ignore how your experience on the golf course will always be important to you. From playing the tees, establishing potential hazards, and to understanding the distance between different points, you will need help from time to time. Most likely, you are considering a distance measuring device, but is it legal? Indeed, having … Read more

How Do Pro Golfers Know Yardage?

how to play golf

Have you ever looked at professional golfers and wonder how they calculate yardage? It can be very baffling for a beginner. You need to know exactly how to know the distance to your target every time you take a shot. You may not be a mathematician, but you can benefit from learning how to use … Read more

Can You Use Rangefinders in USGA Events?

golf rules in USGA

The use of Rangefinders in golfing is not a new occurrence. Many players use them to navigate on the greens, thus ensuring greater accuracy in the games. The United States Golf Association under rule 14-3b bans the use of any artificial devices to measure or gauge distance. The players can also not use any devices … Read more

Can You Use Your Phone As A Rangefinder?

how to use phone as rangefinder

Sometimes, all you need is a sense of convenience when hunting or even carrying out surveillance tasks. In the wake of advanced technology, something relatively more portable could be helpful. But have you ever asked yourself whether using your phone could come in handy at some point? This question is not only common but also … Read more

What Should I Look For in A Rangefinder?

things to consider in picking rangefinder

The truth is that the right rangefinder can mean the difference between whether the next big game hunt is successful or not. It is unfortunate that most times, hunters miss their targets with guns and bows due to miscalculated range. You should note that when a bullet leaves your gun or an arrow leaves the … Read more

How Far Can a Rangefinder See?

using laser rangefinder for long distance

If you are a hunting enthusiast, you definitely know the importance of a rangefinder. It can mean the difference between a successful hunt or not. If you miscalculate the range of the animal from your position, you will probably miss it. Missing the target is an issue that game hunters who use guns and bows … Read more

What Rangefinder Does the Military Use?

The military uses rangefinders in its various branches in order to make intelligence gathering and weapons use more effective. Therefore the military takes a great deal of care when selecting, which brand and model of rangefinder that it uses. It will select a rangefinder that it has tested and can prove will work in combat … Read more