Best Tactical Rangefinder Review And Buying Guides 2022

Tactical maneuvers are often too intricate to undertake using your ordinary rangefinder. To be on the safe side of issues, you have no choice but to acquire and make do with the best tactical rangefinder. Finding the most suitable one for the job is no doubt the most important step. We help you by reviewing the leading of them here.

What Is the Best Tactical Rangefinder on the Market?

The 10 Best Tactical Rangefinder Reviews

Photo Title Buy
ATN Laser Ballistics...image ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Smart Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Vortex Optics Solo...image Vortex Optics Solo R/T 8x36 Monocular - MRAD Based Ranging Reticle, Utility Clip, Adjustable Eyecup, Rubber Armor, Non-Slip Grip, Fogproof, Waterproof - Unlimited, Unconditional Warranty Buy On
Vortex Optics Ranger...image Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 Laser Rangefinder , Black Buy On
LaserWorks LE-032 Riflescope...image LaserWorks LE-032 Riflescope Mate rangefinder Buy On
Halo XL450 Range...image Halo XL450 Range Finder, 450 Yard laser range finder for rifle and bow hunting , black Buy On
Uineye 765/1100 Yards...image Uineye 765/1100 Yards Mini Rangefinder for Gun Buy On
Pinty Rifle Scope...image Pinty Rifle Scope 4-12x50EG Rangefinder Buy On

Tactical Rangefinder Reviews

#1: ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Smart Laser Rangefinder w/Bluetooth

tactical rangefinder reviews





Want to accrue the most accurate readings at the touch of a button? Look to no other rangefinder than this one! This state-of-the-art handheld rangefinder is the most responsive and reliable of all the ones we have in our crosshairs. With it in your hand, you will not have to second guess your shots.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Smart Ballistic Calculator w/Bluetooth】

This is not just a rangefinder. Indeed, this gadget is also capable of sharing the data and images straight to your phone via Bluetooth connectivity. In doing so, it also lets your phone handle all calculations in the background. Thus, it saves your time considerably not to mention reducing the clutter.

【ATN Smart Phone App】

An ATN Smart Phone App also exists for your own use and leverage. The app basically extends the range of the rangefinder by allowing for remote use via internet connectivity. You may, for instance, display it far off in case an unauthorized person gets hold of it.

【Range with Maximal Precision】

In the last spot, the equipment comprises the maximal precision characteristic. Thanks to this vital trait, the gadget lets you target the objects with an accuracy of about to +-1 yard/meter. Chances of you missing out on your targets are hence suppressed to the maximum possible extent.

  • Estimates the distances in between targets accurately
  • Computes the time needed to fire the shots and hit the target
  • Usable from afar off thanks to the smartphone/ATN app
  • Displays and shares the signals in real-time
  • Reduces the missed targets by a considerable margin
  • Requires some expertise to comprehend and engage
  • Comprises some too delicate parts
  • Easily sustains scratches and other forms of deterioration

#2: Vortex Optics Solo R/T 8×36 Monocular

tactical rangefinder scope



In case you’re a person who is constantly on the move, we invite you to try this rangefinder out. The apparatus is built and intended to be carried around as a standard piece of equipment. On account of this, the gadget always delivers the appearances and looks whenever it is called upon to do so.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Vortex R/T Ranging Reticle】

To aid you in narrowing to your targets, the lens of the rangefinder comprises a series of reticles. These ones ‘squeeze’ the target to a convenient grid to allow for effective targeting and subsequent accurate shots. Moreover, the reticle also lets you narrow and estimate the distances appropriately.

【Generous Eye Relief】

Its eye relief is pretty generous. As such, it gives you a comfortable distance within which to behold your target before firing a shot. In light of this generous eye relief, you will not really struggle to have your way at all. This makes for good use if you are a person who has sensitive or poor eyes.

【Textured Rubber Armor】

Throughout the exterior of the rangefinder is a textured rubber armor. Thanks to this reinforcement, the gadget is strong and pretty resilient to the common agents of damages. In particular, the device is waterproof and able to work well in damp areas that receive excess precipitation.

  • Portable enough to carry around with absolute ease
  • Estimates the ranges and distances accordingly
  • Allows for quick external access
  • Delivers bright image outcomes
  • Withstands repeated abuse and incidences of use
  • Lacks a couple of crucial parts
  • Demands extreme care and attention from you
  • If broken, it takes longer and more to repair

#3: UUQ 4-16×50 Tactical Rifle Scope Red/Green Illuminated Range Finder Reticle

best tactical laser rangefinder



Shooting moving targets is a feat you cannot manage using the ordinary rangefinders. You have to select one that is highly responsive and able to capture the slightest motions and changes of locations. Only this gadget may be able to deliver to you that very end, from our list.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Highly Adjustable】

The rangefinder is highly adjustable indeed. You can adjust the brightness levels, the range of shots, and the sizes of dots that you want to use to fire your shots. With this awesome adjustability, you can never miss out on any target. Your comfort is also taken good care of while in use.

【Hassle-free Mounting】

To operationalize it, you also will not really have to struggle. The apparatus does accord some hassle-free mounting. It draws this from the built-in rail that measures 22 mm. As such, you will not really struggle to have your way by opting for this wonderful gadget.

【Top-notch Quality】

When all factors are taken into consideration, the rangefinder exudes some top-notch quality. A high-quality matter black finish, shockproof nature, and 100% waterproof exterior are the ones that combine to make this trait a reality. Expect to enjoy higher returns and minimal costs of maintenance with it.

  • Tackles a wide range of shooting feats
  • Manages high optical clarity levels
  • Tracks and keeps pace with the fast-moving targets
  • Imbues a sense of confidence on you
  • Guarantee topnotch and quality performances
  • Prolonged use is likely to strain your eyes
  • Not for use by starters and the less-skilled users
  • Has a shorter lifespan compared to other rangefinders

#4: Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders

best tactical laser rangefinder



For your convenience, you require a rangefinder that is usable across several platforms. Your options are rather limited. Of all the gadgets we have in our consideration, it is this one that most nearly allows for that use and application. Get to know more about it here below…

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【HCD (Horizontal Component Distance)】

As its name implies, this one basically computes and displays the horizontal distance. With this metric, it is possible to know for certain the exact distance that separates the rangefinder from the target and vice versa. This way, you eliminate the missed shots and accrue some accurate outcomes.

【LOS (Line of Sight)】

The ‘line of sight’ mode exists to accurately let you know the distance and orientation of the targeted object from the rangefinder’s lens. By its nature and character, the metric spares you from the possibilities of missing your shots. It also reduces the hassles you will generally have to contend with while firing shots.

【Scan Feature】

Lastly comes the scan feature. It is this one that you rely on to zoom in and out. Through its use, you get to behold an object up close or afar off. Specifically, the feature targets and handles moving animals with absolute precision. This way, you won’t make any adverse mistakes.

  • Its clean and illuminated display yields uncompromised outcomes
  • Targets objects that are up to 1,800 yards
  • Usable by hunters and shooters of diverse skill background
  • Manages high angle shots with increased precision
  • Coated lens ups the life expectancy of the item altogether
  • Potentially clutters your workspace
  • Prone to pilferage and loss of parts
  • Care, maintenance, and operations are quite tedious

#5: LaserWorks LE-032 Riflescope Mate rangefinder 700M

best rangefinder for tactical



You do not necessarily have to acquire a full-fledged rangefinder to be able to enjoy the benefits that ordinarily come along. Instead, we urge you to opt for this mini rangefinder. Though smaller than your ordinary gadget, it is nonetheless capable of handling and tackling your day-to-day chores reliably.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Long Distance Spotting Sight】

Using this device, it is possible for you to behold and target objects from afar off. This is made possible by the long-distance spotting sight feature. Also coming along this is the benefit of a clear range that spans 6-702 meters. The acquisitions of your targets shall be faster and more accurate hence.

【Durable Material and Camouflage Color】

On the whole, only durable materials have been used to make the rangefinder up. In addition to being durable, the materials also camouflage to hide your identity while out in the hunting ground. Owing to its durability, it also resists water, shocks, extreme weather, and other forms of damages.

【Universal Clamp-on Mounting Deck】

A mounting deck also comes along as a standard in this rangefinder. Owing to the universal character of this deck, it is possible for you to mount the rangefinder wherever and whenever the need to do so arises. You have no better companion for your tactical sporting activities better than this one.

  • Mounts easily on other products
  • Can manage the measurements of items continuously in foggy weather
  • Tests the speeds of moving objects in the same directions
  • Changes the units of measurements instantaneously
  • Smaller and more compact in size
  • Does not really deliver comprehensive outcomes
  • Requires many other upgrades to operationalize
  • Lacks the ability to target and shoot fast-moving objects

#6: Monstrum 3-9×32 AO Rifle Scope with Illuminated Range Finder 

tactical scope for rangefinder



Could it be that the targets you have in mind are located within the mid-range? You have no better companion than this specific rangefinder. It is wholly optimized for such distances by virtue of possessing all the relevant trappings necessary for the targeting of moderate distances.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Adjustable Objective Lens】

Unlike those of the ordinary rangefinders, the objective lens of this one adjusts to allow for easy viewing and targeting of the necessary shots. Also stemming from this arrangement is the benefit of sharper focus and the elimination of the dreaded parallax error. All these combine to give off crisp clear images.

【Appropriate Markings】

Throughout the lens of the laser rangefinder are some appropriate markings that serve to geode you through. These markings help you to target the object precisely within a comfortable range. Chances of missing out on your measurements are hence kept to an absolute minimum. This definitely leads to higher satisfaction levels.

【Aircraft-grade 6061 Aluminum Scope Body】

To constitute its body casing, the aircraft-grade 6061 Aluminum material is extensively used. Being light yet tough enough, the material allows you to carry the rangefinder smoothly from one place to another. Other than this, the item also resists water and fog, to make your use hassle-free.

  • Its magnification adjusts 3-9 times for precise targeting
  • Manages to get to 300 yards and beyond with maximum accuracy
  • Comprises five brightness levels for the maximum comfort of your eyes
  • Enables better reticle visibility
  • Good for use in environments of low visibility
  • Has a narrower sphere of influence
  • May not manage professional applications
  • Easily susceptible to fidgeting and other pressures

#7: Halo Laser Range Finder with 6X Magnification

tactical laser rangefinder



Firing shots at angles comes with the added inconvenience of having to compensate the angles for errors. You cannot rely on your ordinary rangefinder to actualize this role. Instead, you want one that is similarly designed to compensate for the angles automatically. This is the one to pick and make use of.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Angle Intelligence Technology】

To make it able to perform the angle compensation, the rangefinder employs the distinctive angle of intelligence technology. This works hand in hand with the scan mode to deliver you the pleasure of targeting multiple scenes and objects. Thus it cuts down the hassles you ordinarily have to expend to have your way.

【450-yard Reflective Range】

As part of the benefits that come along is the fact that the rangefinder accepts inputs via reflective capability. Its reflective range stretches forth to 450 yards, a figure that is comfortable enough to manage professional outcomes and applications. Have we also added that it is lighter and more adjustable?

【Awesome Accuracy】

On the whole, the rangefinder is truly accurate. Its accuracy comes to about +/- 1 yard. With this capability in mind, expect to accrue readings that nearly portray the reality on the ground. Moreover, you will also be able to accrue those readings in both yards and meters.

  • The ultimate hunter’s tool!
  • Quite affordable to come by and operationalize
  • Enables you to manage better and more accurate shots
  • Its battery lasts a whopping one year
  • Delivers outcomes that are comparable to those expensive brands
  • Suffers greatly from parallax error
  • The lens is not coated and is hence easily scratched
  • Prone to fidgeting and shakings

#8: Uineye 1100 Yards Mini Rangefinder

best tactical rangefinder



Searching for a tactical rangefinder for many people? The one you eventually settle for has to be convenient for use by both left and right-hand users. Look up to no other rangefinder than this one. Its structural makeup and components are such that both cadres of persons may handle and utilize it.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【All-aluminum Housing】

Throughout its stature and composition, the rangefinder is made of Aluminum. The material is lighter yet sturdy enough to provide the comfort and reliability you need. Expect hence to spend less of your money to care for and maintain it. On the same note, the appliance shall take you further and longer.

【Ultra-long Range Ranging】

The equipment manages ultra-long-range ranging indeed. With it, you are able to impact 700/1000 meters. All these with an accuracy of around +/-0.1 meters. This makes the equipment good for targeting wild and ferocious animals. It gives you a good distance to the target and fires your shots from.

【Three-sided Fixture Assembly Design】

Lastly comes the three-sided fixture assembly design. As its designation implies, this design expedites the assembly and the mounting of the rangefinder altogether. As a matter of fact, it makes it possible for you to mount it faster on rafts, bows, and firearms. Expect hence to spend less time to get sorted out.

  • Adjusts to mount safely and conveniently
  • Used widely for all kinds of hunting-related applications
  • Usable in all-weather conditions
  • Compatible with the weaves that measure many dimensions
  • Assembles faster and easily
  • Likely to confuse a simple user
  • Incapable of operating well in the hazy weather
  • Lacks a specific specialization and is hence unsuitable for professional targeting

#9: BOBLOV 700m Mini Rifle Scope Mounted Range Finder

tactical laser rangefinder



Lack of the necessary muscle power? You have this lightweight rangefinder for your own consideration and use. Not only is it lighter in weight but also resistant to water and shocks. Expect it also to take you longer and further than you ordinarily would with other rangefinders.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Aluminum Alloy Metal】

It is aluminum alloy metal that’s tough enough to go anywhere and rangefinder color matches most camo patterns. The use of Aluminum grants the appliance some lightness that subsequently allows it to be carried out and about with absolute ease. This notwithstanding, the equipment resists damage pretty easily.

【Color OLED Display】

Its display unit comes about in a piece of color OLED equipment. The images the unit displays are crisp and clear. They are subsequently devoid of any distortions and errors that are likely to arise with use. Obviously, this is good news because it means the subsequent decisions you take are accurate and reliable.

【5 Modes】

The equipment gives you the pleasure to choose from five modes. These are the speed, fog, range, horizontal and the fog+horizontal mode respectively. Thanks to these many modes, you are more capable of handling all of your targeting and shots roles ‘under one roof.’ This brings about added convenience.

  • Useful for a wide range of outdoor applications
  • Displays clear and vivid image outputs
  • Tackles faster objects more accurately
  • Camouflages in the bushy areas for added protection from the enemy
  • Tough enough to take just about anywhere
  • Prone to damages and breakdowns
  • Requires constant repairs and maintenance
  • Cannot withstand use in treacherous terrains

#10: Pinty Rifle Scope 4-12x50EG Rangefinder Mil-Dot Tactical Reticle Scope

tactical scope



Winding up the list of the awesome features of these rangefinders is this one that is basically three-in-one. It brings on board the riflescope, red dot sight, and the red laser sights in one comprehensive packaging. For this reason, it is able to discharge multiple roles and bring about many benefits.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Green/Red Illuminations】

To make your applications smoother and better off, the appliance is illuminated with green and red lights. These green and red lights are capable of impacting every aspect of the appliance for total outcomes. With this arrangement, expect hence to enjoy unprecedented outcomes with regards to targeting the shots and items.

【Unsurpassed Light Transmission】

Next comes the benefit of unsurpassed light transmission. Due to the fact that it does not delay or compromise your applications anyhow, the trait yields uncompromising mechanical performance. Also coming along is some unparalleled visual clarity. This, in the end, allows for nice and uncompromised hunting.

【O-ring Sealing and Nitrogen Filling】

You will also find the appliance a good one to employ in moments of fog and excessive precipitation. Two features and traits come in to guarantee this. These are the O-ring sealing and the Nitrogen filling respectively. With these two, expect the appliance not to suffer any water damage regardless of the prevailing conditions.

  • Capable of magnifying images from 4X to 12X
  • Some four reticle patterns exist for the red dot sights
  • Manufactured by use of the aerospace-grade Aluminum alloy material
  • The durable and highly versatile structural makeup
  • Provides precise value to any user
  • Only for the experienced and professional hunters
  • Quite tedious and complicated to comprehend
  • Consumes higher levels of utility bills

Alright! We have done the much we can to reveal and discuss to you all that you have to know about these tactical rangefinders. All we can now say is that you use the information we have provided to find the one that most likely suits your use. Still not sure how to proceed? Speak to us!

Things to Consider in Getting Best Tactical Rangefinder

The tactical rangefinder is known for many purposes they servers, making them more versatile. When you want to purchase the best tactical rangefinder. Then consider the things below since they will give you the best results.

1. Branded Rangefinder

There are more scientific and we’ll matching rangefinder online when you search. They always ensure they give their clients useful items when they present consolidated gadget quality that has a focused approach with best-dealing administration. This means after you look for several branded rangefinders, you will get the best suppliers who will offer you the tactical rangefinder that you want after comparing them.

2. Modern Outstanding Technology

When you need something best, then it must be the best. In this case, select the rangefinder that has outstanding modern technology since the factor is very critical. Advanced technology, however, includes magnification, sensor, mode, screen, angle compensation, and button, among other features. When you realize the rangefinder you want to purchase doesn’t display the above factors, then opt for the one which has since that will cost you money without delivering as expected.

3. Quality

You must first adore the quality of the tool you need before you purchase it. Select an excellent rangefinder according to configuration and took and ensure it is reliable and from the manufacturer who has a good reputation. Apart from offering the best-needed services, provide their design help to have an excellent long term relationship and strong one with anyone who uses it. Look for the best quality tactical machine with a full stage. They have happiness and sturdy material and Can easily be adjusted and used even by beginners. The tool must be lightweight and casual.

4. Cost-friendly

The clients will have high chances when the machines have reasonably affordable prices. Ensure rangefinder highlights are checked continuously so that they pay for what they deserve.

5. Variety

The best tactical rangefinder needs to be available according to whatever colors and sizes that you will need. They should have modern patterns and updates which no one can lack the design of their own. The configuration for arranging and color need to fit everyone’s needs. The expenses for making these should also be realistic and moderate have intending to furnish the best services with every user full support capacity.

6. Target Priority Mode

The tactical rangefinder should have the ability to target the mode object easily since hunting and golfing, among others need one to hit the target. The distance priority mode is essential for the machine you will buy. Inquire more about it and make sure that it works perfectly fine before purchasing it.

7. Magnification

Every rangefinder that will serve you well forever without complaints needs to have the magnification ability. No one doesn’t want a tool without magnification since it helps you to zoom in the target and see it clearly before hiring it. Ask if the tactical rangefinder you want to purchase has this feature before you take it. Ensure it works well and doesn’t disappoint. Look also for the best magnifying tool so you can quickly pursue the objects when going for them.

8. Angle compensation

Angle compensation of archery devices might influence the prey to be in a straight distance with you as you to target it. The slight distance line of the regular hunting might be necessary for the targets in about below ten yards. Every archer must use that angle compensating distance when hitting the mark since it helps when hunting at the terrains since it has an accurate range.

9. Backlight LCD Screen

LCD screen backlight is what everyone could have liked their rangefinder to have. This lighting effect is crucial since it can be used to scare the target and also help you to see them clearly when aiming at them. When using the machine at night, you will be at peace, knowing that it will help you not to cross paths with it anymore. So before you purchase the tactical rangefinder that you want to serve you, ensure it has this backlight feature since it is beneficial. When your timing with the target is very close, you can light the led to it, and it might scare it, or others can not even see do so making you hit them well.


You are now free and sure to get the best tactical rangefinder that will serve you. You need to consider all of the above tips so you can have peace and select something that won’t disappoint you in time.

Final Pick: Top 3 Best Tactical Rangefinders Comparison Chart