Top 5 Best GPS For Geocaching Reviews

With many brands in the market claiming to provide the best GPS for geocaching, picking the right GPS can be hard and daunting. However, with some guidance and tips on what the whole process entails, you can break down your GPS searching process into a simple and easy step that involves picking the right brand. The guide will explore different options and better GPS to consider in various tasks in the field. From battery life to the weight and geocaching data recording, we will break it down for you and make choices to summarize your buying process.

What Is the Best GPS For Geocaching?

Top 5 Best GPS For Geocaching Recommend


How to Pick the Best GPS Device for Geocaching?

Due to the market’s many options and the free entry policy into the market in many states, multiple choices are claiming to offer the best GPS for geocaching. Many people make the wrong choices and end up with poor and inferior brands, thus ruining their search. We understand the market better, and we have done a full assessment of some basic and technical factors that you should always look for when shopping for your new GPS, and some of the tips are as follows.

best gps for geocaching and hiking

Base maps

When buying a GPS, it is always recommended that you consider having a brand that has new and advanced tech in repositioning. A good option should still give you some tips and shorter routes and directions to your next cache. At all costs, ensure the option you buy is equipped with a new and advanced base map.


Most brands and models in the market have 12 parallel channels, and the main reason for channels is to help the GPS attain or detect the satellite signals easier and precisely. And if you are into old and cheaper choices, it is then wise to consider brands and models with many channels at least ten; less than this will slow the positioning process.

The External Antenna Jack

With the advancement of design and device able to communicate with the satellite, external chips’ application makes the GPS more accurate and faster in data and coordinate generations. The application of external jack has somehow become outdated, but for a clear and good satellite coverage in your rare and front windshield, the jacks solve the problem well and even faster. Hikers and backpackers also benefit from this feature a lot as it offers a safer and accurate receiver as you move around.

Interface Jack

If you intend to use your GPS receiver with a digital display or a computer, then ensure the choices you buy have an interface cable for easy map loading and waypoints in your model. New and advanced GPS models always support USB while others don’t, so it is up to you to first identify your displaying gadget before making a move on the type and options you should buy. Also, the cable’s compatibility should come into considerations; this is because a mac laptop or PC requires a different cable from Microsoft OS.


This is the most important part of the whole process, the ability to store your coordinates and topographic maps, additional waypoints, and street-level maps into your receiver or GPS. If your new hunting zone includes detailed maps, you need a larger storage memory on your GPS. The best option you should always consider is the one that has an extra or external memory or higher internal storage. Other factors like power source, display screen, input methods, screen size, and geocaching features should play a role in your buying process.


Best GPS For Geocaching Reviews

1. Best with High Sensitivity – Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS and Receiver

gps for geocaching


  • 16-hour battery life
  • Rugged construction
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • 2.6” display screen
  • Contains accelerometer and a temperature sensor


  • Expensive

Garmin is renowned globally for the high-quality products that they have been constructing over the years. Garmin products have greatly improved the modern form of “treasure” hunting. This their GPS is made with great features that will make your geocaching easy, convenient, and enjoyable. You can use this GPS during any time of the day, whether there is sunlight or any climate conditions, thanks to the 2.6” sunlight-readable color screen that you can use to get clear information during your geocaching easily. The GPS has a display resolution of 160 by 240 pixels, making it easy to read during your treasure hunts. Additionally, the GPS is sleek, rugged, and made of high-quality materials hence making it sturdy, robust, and durable, and therefore it can handle accidental falls and still serve you for extended durations.

Further, the GPS comes with a large internal memory of 8GB that you can use to store numerous maps that you will use while geocaching. You are guaranteed to use this GPS for long hours thanks to the dual battery system with lives that can last for up to 16 hours. Moreover, the GPS weighs only 9.3 ounces making it lightweight and highly portable, and therefore you can conveniently carry it around for long hours. For paperless caching, this GPS has 250000 preloaded caches from The availability of buttons in this GPS makes it suitable for use even in harsh conditions with your gloves on.

With a water rating of IPX7, this GPS can be used when it is raining since it is waterproof. Furthermore, this GPS is Bluetooth compatible, and therefore you can wirelessly upload the data and view them easily in your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Finally, you can use this GPS in challenging climate and terrains thanks to the highly sensitive GPS and GLONASS receiver with quad helix antenna.



2. Best For Geocaching – Garmin Montana 610 Camo GPS

best gps device for geocaching


  • Durable
  • Preloaded with 250000 geocaches from
  • 4000 waypoints
  • Large glove-friendly touchscreen display
  • One year BirdsEye satellite imagery subscription


  • Not suitable for beginners


This is another GPS from Garmin with great features that ensure your geocaching goes smoothly and conveniently. The GPS will serve you for extended durations thanks to the 16-hour or 22-hour battery life that lasts for long. Additionally, this GPS has a slot that you can insert a MicroSD card for storing the consulting maps that you will use during the geocaching. You can also stock up several routes and waypoints in the SD card and the large internal memory in this GPS for easy use during your geocaching.

The GPS features a 4-inch dual-orientation, glove-friendly touchscreen display that you can easily read while geocaching during any time of the day. Furthermore, with up to 4000 waypoints in this GPS, you can easily track where you have been and your route during your geocaching. The GPS is already preloaded with 250000 worldwide geocaches from that you can use for easy treasure hunting. Moreover, this GPS comes with a 1-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription that you can use to get clear and vivid images detailing where you are geocaching. You can use the 3-axis compass in this GPS to know your precise location. Finally, this GPS is constructed with high-quality materials that ensure its durability and sturdiness and robustness hence making it long-lasting and will not easily break if accidentally dropped.



3. Best Handheld – Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide GPS Navigator

gps device for geocaching


  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life
  • WAAS-enabled GPS receiver
  • Ensures the value for your money
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged construction
  • Affordable


  • The screen is not touch


Having this Garmin GPS in your possession while geocaching will be a blessing. This is because it is constructed with great and essential features that will help make your geocaching enjoyable and convenient. For clear image and easy readability during any day or night, this GPS is made with a 2.2-inch monochrome display. Additionally, this GPS boasts an excellent resolution that will ensure that you get high-quality pictures for easy use while geocaching. For fast positioning and reliable signal while geocaching, this GPS is WAAS-enabled with HotFix and GLONASS support.

The APX7 rating of this GPS makes it waterproof, and therefore you can use it when it is raining since it can withstand water and splashes. Further, this GPS is equipped with six control buttons i.e., two on the right side, three on the left side, and one toggle button on the front panel for easy controls. With the right batteries, this GPS will serve you for up to 20 hours. This GPS comes with a warranty that will ensure the value for your money. Moreover, this GPS weighs only 5 ounces making it lightweight and highly portable. With up to 10000 waypoints, you can easily use this GPS to track where you have been and the route that you have taken. Last, this GPS can withstand the accidental falls and still function well thanks to its rugged construction that makes it sturdy.



4. Best Battery Powered – Garmin Oregon 650t 3-Inch Handheld GPS

cheap gps for geocaching


  • 3-inch readable multi-touch screen
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • 8-megapixel autofocus camera
  • Built-in 3-axis compass
  • Highly portable


  • Expensive


This handheld GPS is made with great and useful features that will make your geocaching very easy and entertaining. The GPS features a 3-inch sunlight-readable multi-touch screen display that you can read easily while geocaching even when wearing sunglasses and gloves during any time of the day. Additionally, you are guaranteed to get quality photos while geocaching thanks to the 8MP autofocus camera in this GPS. The high-quality materials used to construct this GPS makes it durable, and therefore it will serve you for extended durations and period.

Furthermore, this GPS has a dual battery system; hence you can geocache for long durations without the worry of recharging or replacing the batteries now and then. During purchase, an AC adapter and a USB charging cable are included for easy charging. When lost while geocaching, you can use the 3-axis compass in this GPS to get your precise location. Moreover, this GPS is lightweight and highly portable, and therefore you can conveniently carry it for hours. You can use this GPS to know your approximate altitude and the weather pressures since it has an accelerometer and barometric altimeter.



5. Best with Water Resistance – Garmin eTrex 30x, Handheld GPS Navigator

best gps device for geocaching


  • Water-resistant
  • 2.2” 65K sunlight-readable display
  • Built-in sensors
  • Large internal memory
  • Rugged construction


  • The 2 AA batteries are sold separately

You can use this GPS during any time of the day and night thanks to the 2.2” 65K readable display that you can easily read. While geocaching, you are assured of quality map pictures from a distance, thanks to this GPS’s 240 x 320 pixels increased resolution. Additionally, you can load a variety of maps, including the TOPO 24K, HuntView, and among others in this GPS, thanks to its 3.7 GB sizeable internal memory. The GPS has a slot for a microSD card that you can use to expand its memory for more uploads for geocaching. This GPS comes with a preloaded basemap during purchase.

This GPS weighs only 2.2 ounces hence lightweight and highly portable, and therefore you can conveniently carry it around while geocaching. Furthermore, you will enjoy geocaching for long durations thanks to this GPS 25-hour battery life that will ensure you geocache without any worries of low charge batteries. For easy tracking of pressure changes and to pinpoint your altitude while geocaching, this GPS has a built-in barometric altimeter. While geocaching and you get lost, this GPS has a built-in 3-axis electronic compass. Finally, this GPS is waterproof, and therefore you can use it even when it’s raining.




Do You Need a GPS to Geocache?

Geocaching is an outdoor leisure activity in which you use a GPS or global positioning system receiver or a mobile device and other navigational approaches to seek and locate containers, known as caches or geocaches, at specific or indicated location always marked by coordinates around the globe. So, if you are part of the seekers or interested in geocaching, you need a GPS to ensure you get the right coordinates to some of the geocaches. To locate your geocache and have your autobiography in them, you need a well and good GPS tracker that can easily collect and locate all the treasures.


Who Should Get This?

geocaching gps reviews

If you are part of outdoor treasure hunting games, then you make the best person to consider buying or owning this piece of the global positioning system. As we said before, your next summer games involve searching and locating new geocache, and the only way you can easily locate them is by buying or having a good and equipped GPS. Though this GPS can be used in various tasks, the best and easiest group of people who need this brand the most is searching for hidden geocaches around the world because most of the geocaching GPS is connected to coordinates in all or some of the hidden containers.


Why Buy a GPS Device for Geocaching?

There are many reasons why you should consider buying a GPS for geocaching. The article will explore some of the grounds and benefits of buying a new and good GPS.

For Treasure Hunts

If you are a geocacher, one of your primary reasons as to why you are enrolled in treasure hunts is to have your name in as many hidden treasures as possible. And the only way out, and for easy identification or location of the hidden geocaches, you need a GPS for coordinates and other locations. The whole process is made easier and even simpler when you have the accurate coordinates on where to find your next caches.

For Easy Navigations On your Treasure Hunts

Most of the places where people opt for these tasks and vacations have different terrains, and you can easily get lost in the process. You need a global positioning system to help you locate or return to your stations. So, with a GPS, you don’t have to worry about your start point; all you need is to record your station coordinates and then make yourself comfortable searching caches.


Which Types of Geocaching GPS Suit Me Most?

Understanding all the market types makes it easier for you to pick the right model for your task. We will try to outline some of the best options you should always buy for a given task;

best gps device for geocaching

Handheld GPS for geocaching

If you will be moving from one place to another and caches located far away from the next one, it is wise to have a handheld GPS geocaching. They are simple and intuitive choices that work in providing accurate data stations in a high-res display for easy reading. Also, if you will be using a car as your navigation kits, then this can provide the right coordinates and navigations guides to your next caches.

The GPS watch for geocaching

Unlike other market options, the GPS watch allows you to have easier and simple coordinates in your wrists. They are portable and easy to read types, thus making them the best for hikers and geocachers who will spend a lot of time in the field to search for new treasures. They offer you a longer battery life when compared with other options. Their only disadvantage is they require an external memory and have a few channels.

GPS receiver for geocaching

GPS receiver for geocaching offers you easier and simpler data and coordinate generations. If you’re looking for a faster option in your caches hunt, you need a GPS equipped with a receiver. Unlike other choices, the GPS receiver for geocaching improves the display output by locating you and your next locations. They are also equipped with larger memories and an interface jack, which allows you to have faster access to waypoints and base maps in your device.

Portable GPS for geocaching

As the name suggests, portable GPS for geocaching is simple and easy to carry around a model that allows you to have an accurate satellite navigation system. Mobile brands allow you to have an exact position because you can move with it around in the field has its record, and try to position the next location. The only problem with these brands is their memory and display screen; they are somehow low, and you can use a user interface to rectify the situation.

Car GPS geocaching

If you will be using a car as your navigation movement, then car GPS is equipped to trap and record satellite coordinate as you move around. For all car users, this is your option. It is equipped with a strong antenna which allows you to have a faster and accurate waypoints and base maps.


Is Cheap GPS for Geocaching Worth Buying?

If your main aim is geocaching, then an elaborate and expensive GPS model is not obligatory. At the beginning or initial levels, you can buy cheap GPS, which employs simple loading ability and enter directions and waypoints. Remember, good geocaching should always be simple, easy to use, durable, and accessible, so depending on your level in geocaching, buying cheaper options can be a move to trust. Yes, it is worth buying if you are at the simplest level.


Who Produces the Best GPS for Geocaching?

Garmin geocaching GPS

Garmin geocaching GPS is known for advanced and simple models; buyers find them easy and simple to use. Most of them are equipped with an interface jack cable which allows accurate data transmission to your navigation device. They all offer a wide range of device compatibility for both Mac Os and ordinary PC displays. Here are some of Garmin’s GPS brands in the market.

1. Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Provide users with the best high-end interface with a long-lasting dual AA battery pack. Also known for the best screen resolutions for both navigations and map interpretations. In addition to these, the Garmin GPSMAP 64st provides users with accurate high-end geocaching GPS.

2. Garmin Montana 610st Camo

Comes with a 4-inch-high resolution screen for easy map and waypoints interpretations Garmin Montana 610st Camo also incorporates one of the best screens resolutions for data and location displays. The design also comes in a simple, intuitive, and compact design allows you to carry your GPS around easily.

– Pros:

  • They offer high-resolution screens
  • Long battery
  • Simple and compact design

– Cons:

  • The worldwide base maps incorporated in the system provide less information.

Magellan GPS for geocaching

On the other hand, Magellan is designed to provide you with easier navigational tech and an intuitive interface that allows you to have a complete base map in your navigations. Here is some design with the same brand name to buy.

1. Magellan eXplorist Geocaching GPS

The design is equipped with a simple and friendly user interface that has guaranteed more than 1000 geocaches worldwide. The design also comes with a simple and compact design that have readable controls vibrant and menus graphics. The vibrant translative output provides you with the best readability in a sunny environment.


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate in data and coordinate generations


  • Expensive


Can GPS For Geocaching Be Used for Hiking?

GPS or rather, a global positioning system can be used in many ways, and hiking is one of the main reasons for GPS. While hiking, there are chances that you can get lost in the process and use the tech in GPS to locate your stations.


Is There the Best GPS for Geocaching and Driving?

Depending on your navigation methods, yes, there are good and advanced GPS for driving and geocaching. All you need is to ensure each choice you pick fits into your specification and work in ensuring that you get the best navigation process. The above list of Garmin and Magellan are some of the models that work well in driving and geocaching.


Special Tips for Using Geocaching GPS By Kids?

Before allowing your kids to operate or use the geocaching GPS, it is wise to help them learn and use the GPS. Use the designer’s specification on your model’s operational procedures and ensure that your kids experience the best navigation process. Other safety tips like dressing your kids comfortably for any outdoors also apply. Teach them geocaching tips and how to operate the GPS for the easy location of the geocaches.



Geocaching can be fun, and the best way to ensure you have the best fun in the whole task is by adding something to your searching process. A good and dependable GPS is all you need. Our guide has researched how to buy and good choices you should always look for in the market.

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