Top 8 Best GPS for Camping Reviews of 2022

GPS for camping is a reliable device that helps one track their movements and know the best camping areas while outdoors. Some of the GPS devices for camping are equipped with maps to navigate the sites you are camping at. They are compatible with a smartphone, allowing one to download more maps or even communicate with other people if one needs help while outdoors.

They come in varying styles and with different apps/features to use when on outdoors. Here are the top best GPS devices for camping worth considering.

What Is the Best GPS For Camping Use on the Market?

Picking the Best GPS For Camping Use

How to Choose Best GPS for Camping Use?

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The materials

If you need a GPS device for camping in different seasons, make sure it has waterproof and heavy-duty material construction for durability, even when it gets wet while in the woods.

The battery life

The period the battery can last before replacement or recharge will determine how long you can use it. Therefore, if you need a camping GPS to use for a long time, choose a durable battery model. Choose a GPS with a battery that lasts for 35 hours when used non-stop. If you are camping for a long time, choose a GPS with disposable batteries over the rechargeable model for convenience while outdoors.


Can the GPS device be synced with other smart devices like a phone to download more maps or communicate with other people? This is crucial to ensure your safety while away and to ensure convenience while in the woods.


Top 8 Best GPS For Camping Reviews

1. Best Handheld – Garmin eTex 10 Worldwide GPS Navigator

Enjoy your camping from different regions with this navigator since it has multiple worldwide inbuilt maps for guidance while outdoors.

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Great signal capture

This GPS navigator is equipped with WAAS, HotFix, and GLONASS support to ensure you get an accurate signal within a short period.

Waterproof material construction

This unit is made of waterproof materials that are IPX7 approved to safeguard the device from damage if you go camping in rainy seasons.


  • This is a multifunctional GPS device for outdoors
  • It is comfortable to hold with one hand when working
  • It has a reliable LCD screen for good viewing
  • It is resistant to outdoor weather damages


  • The screen does not have a color



2. Best Water Resistant – Garmin eTrex 30x Handheld GPS Navigator with 3-axis Compass

With a 2.2 inch LCD, one can have a clear view of this GPS device’s settings.

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Colored display technology

This GPS device’s screen has 65k colors to ensure you get an excellent view even when using it under high sunlight.

Large memory and micro SD card compatible

You can download more maps to install on this GPS device since it has a large memory, and it is compatible with an SD card for additional memory if needed.

Inbuilt sensors

This GPS device has a three-axis tilt, compass, and barometer altimeter that measures the surroundings and immediately reports the findings in altitude, pressure changes, and even barometric pressure.


  • The device is small in size and light for comfortable holding
  • The battery is quite durable
  • It has a large memory for more storage needs
  • It is wireless for easy syncing with other devices.


  • You have to buy the SD card separately



3. Best Mini Design – Winterworm Outdoor Handheld Portable GPS Navigation

This is a multifunctional outdoor GPS device that you can utilize when camping, hiking, and even trekking.

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Easy to carry

This GPS navigator is made in hand-held clock design, plus it has a clip for easy clipping it on the pants to carry.

Features memory design

This device records and keeps all the information on the areas you cover, either when hiking or camping.

Provide current outdoor information

The screen displays the latitude, longitude, and even altitude information of the area you are at.


  • This device is comfortable to carry
  • It records and keeps the distance and mileage you cover
  • It can keep up to 16 destination points covered
  • It is reliable for all outdoor activities


  • This device may not pick the satellite immediately



4. Best For Camping and Hiking – Garmin GPSMAP 64x Handheld GPS 

One of the best designs on this GPS navigator is the available 16 GB that provides enough storage space.

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Inbuilt GPS maps

This device comes preloaded with TOPO maps, routes, and trails to follow while outdoors.

Cellular connectivity

You can easily access your surroundings’ weather forecast from this device since it features a geocaching app.


It is made with a waterproof casing for durability and protection from outdoor weather.


  • This device has a colored screen for good viewing even in sunny areas
  • It has preloaded maps in Australia and the USA
  • It is powered by triple A- batteries that last for long
  • It comes with 16 GB extra storage space


  • This device is a bit expensive



5. Best with Enhanced Memory – Garmin eTrek 20x Handheld GPS Navigator

If you love outdoor adventures throughout all seasons, then this fantastic GPS device will suit you. It has quality construction that suits all weather climates.

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Large storage space

Although this unit comes preloaded with maps, you can download and load more maps on the available 3,7GB space

High sensor

This GPS device is powered by WAAS, GPS receiver, and HotFix that immediately records and notifies you instantly.

Colored scree

The screen is made with 64 colors to ensure you have a good view even when you use it under high sunlight.


  • It is light in weight
  • The GPS device has inbuilt maps
  • It has a large display screen


  • Some customers have reported about this GPS not giving accurate information



6. Best with SOS – Spot 3 Satellite GPS Messager

Your safety is fully guaranteed with this GPS device since it features the SOS emergency messenger for communication if you are in trouble while away.

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Pre-programmed message

This device sends messages to the search and rescue department to notify them that you are safe and okay while camping in the woods.

Sync with smartphones

You can sync the GPS with a smartphone so you can communicate with your family or safety team if you need any help.

Features custom messages

The device relays all the information, including your location, when you contact external persons.


  • This GPS device ensures your safety since you can call for help
  • It features SOS messages for your protection if you are in trouble
  • It automatically tracks and saves your location on outdoors


  • This device has an automatic renew of the apps installed in it which can be quite expensive to maintain



8. Best For Backpacking – Garmin PMAP 66i GPS Handheld and Satellite

This Garmin GPS device has a large 3-inch screen to ensure you have a clear view of the displays while outdoors.

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SOS Messager

You can always call in for help if you are stuck or lost in the woods since this device has the SOS emergency communicator.

Cellular connectivity

This GPS design ensures you can view weather forecasts live when camping in different areas for safety and convenience.

Durable battery

The GPS gadget is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that can last for up to 35 hours.


  • This device has inbuilt TOPO maps
  • It has an SOS messenger that runs for 24 hours
  • It has a large display


  • The messager on this device requires a subscription, which is quite expensive.



What Types of GPS Do You Need for Camping?

Considering you are in a new place that you have never been before or are not familiar with, you need a GPS that will show you where you are, where you go to, and record your information. Make sure to choose a GPS that has an SOS emergency contact app, so you can request for help in case you are stuck or lost in the woods while camping.

Benefits of Having GPS for Camping

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Helps you know the location

The majority of the GPS devices are equipped with maps that notify you where you are for easy tracking of your way back to the camping site.

For safety

These devices are designed with messengers such as SOS, so you can call for any help if you are lost in the woods. The devices show your location for easy access by the search and rescue team.


If you have a specific area that you need to visit while on a camping trip, it is the right gadget to buy. The GPS devices help one to identify the sites on the surroundings for easy access stress-free.



If you plan to go camping and you need a device to help you navigate around, these are the top best GPS devices they are convenient and comfortable to use from different locations. GPS devices have multiple features and apps for convenience when camping outdoors.