Top 11 Best Cheap Hunting Rangefinder Reviews – Perfect Types for Outdoor Hunting

Cheap hunting rangefinder is worth buying. It is an essential tool that can help you determine the actual distance between you and your target, and is the most appropriate product for use by hunters who have short or long-term objectives.

This review is going to discuss the most appropriate, accurate hunting rangefinders in the current market. Besides, you will also have a look at the factors worth determining before purchasing this item. Therefore, have a look at this review and buy the best cheap hunting rangefinder that meets your requirements and budget.

What Is the Best Cheap Hunting Rangefinder on the Market?

Comparing the Best Cheap Hunting Rangefinders

How to Pick the Best Cheap Hunting Rangefinder?

Generally, there are so many cheap hunting rangefinders in the market from different manufacturers. Picking the best out of them all can be very daunting to most individuals. To get the best out of the list, it is important to consider the following factors.

1. Purpose.

Despite being a hunting rangefinder, you need to be specific on the kind of hunting you intend to use the rangefinder for. Generally, there are various types of hunting rangefinders including bow hunting, rifle hunting, and archery hunting.

Also, consider whether you just want a basic hunting rangefinder or a more functional rangefinder. You need to consider the specifics about your hunting, including the location of the hunt: is it hilly or flat ground? Different cheap hunting rangefinders are designed with specific features ideal for different uses during hunting depending on your purpose. Get a rangefinder that will deliver the best out of your hunting.

2. Appearance.

The appearance of your hunting rangefinder is an important factor to consider. The appearance can mean whether going home empty-handed or loaded. Generally, hunting involves two living things, the hunter and the prey. Some wild animals are very detective and can easily notice your rangefinder from a far distance, depending on its appearance. While picking your hunting rangefinder, consider black or camo appearance.

3. Weather resistant.

Generally, most hunting occurs in areas with harsh weather elements like rain and fog. When picking your hunting rangefinder, consider one that is resistant to such kinds of weather elements. Features like waterproof and fog-proof are very ideal in a hunting rangefinder. These features allow you to hunt in any weather without fearing water damage or poor vision. Therefore, while buying your device consider these features.

4. Range.

The range is another key factor to consider, as well as other versatile functions. The range of your cheap hunting rangefinder determines the maximum distance you can measure between you and your target. The range defines your hunting experience.

Despite doing this, a device with other versatile functions will help in getting accurate angle calculations and shot clarity. Generally, hunting rangefinders have a maximum range of up to 1500 yards. Depending on your yardage, get a cheap hunting rangefinder with the maximum possible range above your yardage.

5. High quality.

Generally, high quality is a key factor to consider while picking almost all products. Similarly, consider a high-quality hunting rangefinder with high-quality optics. High-quality optics enables you to get a clear display from far distances. Some of the quality opticals to consider for your hunting rangefinder include laser, infrared, and optical rangefinders.

How Much is Cheap Hunting Rangefinder?

Generally, there are multiple hunting rangefinders in the market today, from different manufacturers hence a vast range of price tags. However, someone may wonder how cheap is cheap, or how much can be considered as cheap for hunting rangefinders. Generally, the most expensive hunting rangefinders go at $1500 and above. With these in mind, determining how much are cheap rangefinders becomes easy.

On average, hunting rangefinders between $100 and $200 can be considered cheap and affordable and of high quality and performance. However, there are cheap hunting rangefinders under $100 that are still worth buying, but great considerations are required to get the best.

Best Brands of Cheap Hunting Rangefinders

There are a plethora of hunting rangefinder brands in the market today offering cheap hunting rangefinders. The following are some of the best brands in this industry.

1. NIKON Brand.

Nikon is a leading brand in the production of high-quality hunting rangefinders for all classes. Nikon is known for producing high-quality optics for different devices including cameras, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, among others.

With this in mind, then you are assured of a quality hunting rangefinder from the Nikon brand. Cheap hunting rangefinders from Nikon are designed with versatile features that ensure great performance in the field.

2. BUSHNELL Brand.

Bushnell is a well-known brand that has been producing hunting optics for many years, that are budget-friendly, yet quality devices. Bushnell cheap hunting rangefinders are of various types, but of fine quality considering their cheap price tags. Some of their hunting models include rifle-specific and bow-specific models.

3. SIMMONS Brand.

Simmons brand offers hunting rangefinders with very clear and quality optics at very low prices. This brand is also known for producing other quality optical devices including binoculars.

Hence assured of a quality cheap hunting rangefinder from Simmons brand. However, Simmons’ rangefinders may lack the most high-end features or versatile specific models, but on the other hand, Simmons brand produces high-quality hunting rangefinders with excellent accuracy.

Features of Cheap Hunting Rangefinders

1. Weather-resistant.

This is a very essential feature in any hunting rangefinder. Cheap hunting rangefinders boasts high-end weather-resistant features that include waterproof and fog-proof. These features make the hunting rangefinders ideal for all-weather hunting.

2. Range.

The range is the maximum distance that the rangefinder can measure. This is a feature in all types of rangefinders. However, it varies from one type to another. Cheap hunting rangefinders feature a maximum range of up to 1500 yards. Depending on your hunting yardage, your hunting rangefinder should feature a range greater than that.

3. Magnification.

Magnification is another feature in hunting rangefinders. On average, most cheap hunting rangefinders feature a magnification of 4x to 8x. 6x magnification is considered the best magnification for hunting rangefinders, as higher magnification affects the field of view at times.

4. Target priority.

This is a versatile feature found in some of the versatile cheap hunting rangefinders. This feature enables you to get an exclusive target aiming accuracy.

5. Angle compensation.

This is another ideal feature in some cheap hunting rangefinders. Generally, it is very hard to predict the hunting terrain, and rarely is hunting done on a straight angle. This feature helps in calculating the “shoot-for” horizontal distance between you and your target by compensating for the angle. This helps you get a better accurate distance idea for you to aim.

6. Simple and compact design.

Cheap hunting rangefinders feature a simple and compact design. This makes it easy to carry with you, as well as simple operation.

Can I Use a Cheap Hunting Rangefinder for Golf and Other Uses?

Cheap hunting rangefinders can be used for many purposes apart from hunting, including golfing, archery, and others. However, it is advisable to use a rangefinder for its specific work. Usually, rangefinders are designed in different models, with each model or type ideal for a specific task.

Despite hunting rangefinders lacking the specific golf features, they can also be used for golf. The “nearest object” feature in hunting rangefinders enables golfers to get a better aiming idea. However, they are a bit slower, but at the end of it, they do the trick.

The 10+ Best Cheap Hunting Rangefinder Reviews

1. Halo Laser Range Finder

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This unique product is capable of covering 450 yards. Besides, it is bearing a magnification of 6X. Its angle and intelligence technology are making it perfect rangefinder for use in the case of bow-hunting. Additionally, scan mode is allowing a range of a variety of various targets.

It has the capability of covering a variety of yardages using a single click of a given button. Besides, its reflective range is containing 450 yards. Moreover, its eyepiece is highly adjustable, thus allowing for better focus. You can also carry it from one place to the other since it is quite lightweight.

Additionally, the item is highly affordable. As a result, you have the surety that you will acquire it with a lot of ease. The product has a high quality. As a result, you have the bond that you will end up having quality results in all your hunting activities.



2. AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder

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A rangefinder is highly functional besides having high precision. Additionally, it contains a pin sensor technology that is of quality and with significant advancement. Besides, it bears a magnification of 6x. Moreover, its accuracy will be taking a yard of +1. As a result, you will end up having quality services in the process of playing golf and in the hunting process.

The range finder is bearing measurement of up to even 700 yards. The usage of fog or range will end up providing you with an amazing and vast experience in the hunting process. Therefore, it is reliable for usage even while living under bad weather.

The four-mode is useful for suiting any kind of circumstance. Its range continuous and mode has a scanning mode. Therefore, you will succeed in the identification of your target with much more ease. Additionally, it is highly portable and lightweight. It bears 110x75x45mm and 180g dimension. Its dual resistant nature and waterproof nature allow the product to end up acquiring strong feelings. As a result, you have the surety that this item will end up serving you for a long duration of time. While you wish to engage in golfing or hunting, it is a reliable item for use.



3. AOFAR Range Finder

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This another reliable, affordable range finder designed for high-grade hunting. Therefore, you will end up adopting the best technology bearing range and bow two modes. Besides, it is waterproof, fog-proof, and dustproof. It will, therefore, help you in performing your different enthusiasts involving hunting. The rangefinder is bearing a high precision. As a result, there is a necessity of upgrading the pin sensor technology.

Its centimeter data will play an excellent task, particularly for making displays. Measurements will be making use of 1000 yards. More also, it will end up having an apparent shooting, which will help you in acquiring the best outcome. The range finder is complete and thus manufacturing best and direct sales.

Therefore, you will not end up following under the hands of middlemen’s bearing high-profit margins. The range finder has a variety of items, including a quick start guide, microfiber cleaning cloth, carabiner, portable rope, which is of high grade, CR2 battery, and a compact cable.



4. Hunting Wosports Range Finder

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The best laser range finder, bearing a variety of functions. It is reliable for the sake of use in hunting and golf sports. Besides, it is bearing speed functions, flag-lock, and scan mode. The golf mode is ranging accurately from five to even 560 yards. While using it, M2 style, the flag pole will end up locking to even 150 yards. Additionally, its scan mode is holding down a start/power button at the time it is ranging. As a result, you will end up activating the scanning mode, which is a continuous measurement. Additionally, the LCD data will end up changing while moving on.

The fog and rain weather will be affecting the ray path laser and might end up affecting the fog weather. Therefore, the information present on the LCD will be changing while you are moving on. With adverse weather, it will end up causing the measurements to have some mistakes. The Wosports will be providing customer support that is going to last you for a lifetime.



5. BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder

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A rangefinder, which is multifunctional. The rangefinder is reliable for the sake of shooting, archery, golfing, and hunting of sports. Besides, the rangefinder has high accuracy. The rangefinder has a premium item with advancing spin seeker technology. It is ranging from around five to even six hundred and fifty yards. It is providing a fast measurement with 45 degrees.

The ultra-body is clear bearing LCD. It is using durable and robust materials. Therefore, there is a necessity to worry about dropping it while hunting and camping. It is using the LCD, and thus it is ultra-clear. As a result, it will be helping in getting an ultra-clear image.

You will, therefore, end up having accurate readings even while operating under light and low conditions. It is easy and compact for usage. The design is lightweight, which is making a portable and compact nature. As a result, it is reliable for shooting and hunting for the sake of getting to the target. The mode button has a long press for use using two seconds for switching purposes.



6. Laser Bushnell Rangefinder

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This is am amazing hunting tool that has an HD clarity. Besides, its materials are of high quality, and thus you have the surety of acquiring quality services. Testing has been extensive. Therefore, you have the bond that you will not receive any kind of complications in the process of the usage of this product. Its design is beautiful, and thus you will feel comfortable while carrying the product around.

Additionally, it is highly durable. As a result, the product will end up serving you for a long time. It will produce you will a long duration of services. Therefore, you will end up having long term services. It will thus save you the amount of money that you would use after buying a short term service.

The button operation is both compact and single. Therefore, you will be carrying it with a lot of ease. As a result, there is no place in which you will fail to take it as long as you wish. The crystal and bright clear optics are for the sake of targeting in an area bearing low light.

Additionally, the item is highly affordable. As a result, you have the surety that you will afford it with more ease. All you need is saving some little amount of money and then purchase it.



7. Vortex Optics 850 Impact Yard Rangefinder

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The rangefinder is featuring a non-illuminated display. Besides, the menu is highly intuitive in a lightweight and compact package. The magnification is bringing targets for the sake of a closer look. Therefore, you will end up acquiring better and much more accurate ranging. The HCD mode is specific to display a distance that has a compensated angle.

Consequently, it is highly ideal for the usage of the majority of shooters and hunters. The LOS mode is highly advanced. Therefore, it is providing an excellent option for calculating a higher distance. The shots have a steep angle, thus bearing a higher precision.

The feature has a scan and thus giving continuous readings. You will be spanning all over the landscape for the sake of tracking on the moving target. Therefore, all the various modes are aiming at reading in either meters and yards. More also, the impact is running a CR2 battery and also an indicator of battery life indicator. The optics are multi-coated for the sake of enhancing low light settings. The shockproof and waterproof performance is keeping you in a given hunt regardless of the different conditions.



8. Sig Sauer Laser Rangefinder

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A ballistic calculator is smart. Therefore, it is connecting through Bluetooth using the phone. You will be doing the various calculations present in the background using the smartphone App known as ATN. Additionally, the long-range will assist you in the quicker calculation of the distance ranging from where you are to the object you decide to select. The length will end up running in 1000 meters. The maximum accuracy is containing complicated calculations that you will be performing in given seconds using the precision, which is unmatched.

The pairs are bearing Smart HD. Additionally, you may as well consider pairing using the ATN and the smart scope, which is giving PO1 real-time. After the purchase of this rangefinder, you will get two years’ warranty. As a result, you have the surety that you may return it if it has complications before two years are over. Therefore, you need to purchase this item with a lot of confidence. You will be grateful as a result of the services you will end up acquiring.



9. AOFAR Range Finder with Hunting Archery

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A widely known high-grade range finder. It is adopting the use of the latest known technology. The two modes in usage are including range and bow modes. The waterproof, fog proof, and dustproof are widely known enthusiasts who are useful for hunting purposes. Additionally, the rangefinder is bearing a higher precision for the sake of upgrading of the pin sensor technology. Besides, the centimeter data is excellent to display accuracy. It will be convenient since it has the capability of covering an area bearing more than 300 yards.

More also, it measures up to 1000 yards. It is the best rangefinder, particularly when you wish to have apparent shooting. Its 6x magnification lens will be allowing for more natural and precise reading. Besides, the range finder is complete. As a result, it will be allowing for the manufacturing of more direct sales. While shopping for this item, you will end up acquiring a great and safe experience while buying. You have the guarantee of receiving a two-year warranty when you purchase the product.



10. 650/1000 Wosports Yards Hunting Rangefinder

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This tool has an innovative design. The range finder and battery cover are inseparable. Therefore, there is no necessity of worrying about the possibility of getting to miss the battery cover. The ranger finder is useful in hunting, providing a 6x magnification. As a result, measuring to even 650 to 1000 yards for the sake of bow-hunting. As a result, it is influencing the ranging capability. It can work adequately even while under excellent sunshine intensity. The water vapor concentration has air particles. It is affecting the light angle deviation.

The various environments in which you will succeed in working are including haze, fog, snow, fog, and rain. The switching is working in the form of yards and meters. By pressing the mode button, you will end up acquiring reliable results within three seconds. As a result, you are providing a readout distance present in the meters and yards.



11. TecTecTec ProWild Rangefinder

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Prowild rangefinder is one of the premium range finders with a long-range of up to 540 yards. Besides, it has a hunt, scan, and speed technology. It is thus providing a faster measurement, thus saving on your

time. More also, it is portable and with a lightweight. As a result, you will be carrying it with more ease while going out for hunting. You may also be using this product for the sake of surveying and measuring using extra bulk and weight.

The rangefinder is a complete package allowing for a quick setting. It has an inclusion of a quick start guide, cleaning microfiber cloth, strap, CR2 battery, and carrying pouch.



Is It Worth Buying Cheap Hunting Rangefinder

The purchase of cheap archery rangefinder it highly advantageous and thus worth it. When you purchase this product, you will end up having these benefits.

best cheap rangefinder for bow hunting

Save on Cash

When you purchase a rangefinder, you will save on the amount of money you would otherwise use in the purchase of an expensive hunting rangefinder.

Long Usage

The cheap rangefinder is durable. The product will end up either serving you for an extended period or even for a lifetime. As a result, ensure you purchase an archery rangefinder today to get long term services.


The hunting rangefinders are of high quality. As a result, you will not end up encountering problems while using this product.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing A Rangefinder

Rangefinder Variety

The rangefinder is coming in a variety of sizes and colors. They are solving one’s trends and needs. Additionally, the rangefinder has a variety of elegant and stylish look. The first things are concerning design planning and the color scheme.


There is a necessity of considering the price, which is matching one’s requirements. There is a need to check on the product features.


It is a significant feature that is worth purchasing. The quality and features are essential while buying. The brands are offering the best services.


You have now had a look at the various factors worth looking at while purchasing a range finder. Additionally, you have had a look at the best rangefinder in the market. Nothing will deter

you anymore from the purchase of the product that is pleasing you most. Therefore, ensure you make your order today and purchase one of the discussed rangefinders.

Top 3 Best Cheap Hunting Rangefinders