Top 9 Best Cheap Digital Rangefinders Reviews For Multiple Outdoor Uses

Photography is an art that has been widely embraced especially during travel and vacations. It allows you to capture all those beautiful moments in life. Well, you will need a cheap digital rangefinder and that is why I have provided this review to help you have an in-depth insight into these digital rangefinders. So let’s get into it.

Here are product reviews on the best cheap digital rangefinders. Read on and find out.

What Is the Best Cheap Digital Rangefinder on the Market?

Quick Pick on Cheap Digital Rangefinders

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Top 9 Best Cheap Digital Rangefinders Reviews

Suoaki Digital Laser Rangefinder

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This is an incredible digital laser rangefinder that is affordable and it is of high quality. The most impressive feature is the high precision levels that allow you to have an accurate focus. Its magnification is 6X and you can have a focus of approximately 600 m. It is ideal for outdoor use because of the adaptable modes that make it more customizable. Hence it fulfills user needs. It has an external LCD that makes it easy to determine the measurement which can also be recorded for others to see.

Additionally, this digital rangefinder is very portable and durable. You can carry it everywhere when going for golfing or even hunting around. When you purchase it you will get a package with a microfiber cloth, a battery, and a carrying bag. Generally, This is a great option that can supplement your needs.



Suaoki 656 -yards Golf Rangefinder

cheapest digital leica



This is is also another impressive digital range finder with a magnification of 6x that allows you to view a range of 656 yards away. It is also accurate to allow you to get precise readings with an accuracy precision of 0.55 yards. It is endowed with customizable features that include flagpole lock and vertical distance measurements that provide impressive golf experience.

It is easy to be operated because the settings can be easily adjusted and it has an LCD which makes it convenient to take the readings. It is also a durable design with waterproof features that complement its well-built design. It is portable to allow you to carry it anywhere where you are going. Other accessories that come with it include the battery, storage bag, and willing cloth. This is to allow you to take good care of your camera so that you enjoy it more.



Canon Powershot Cmos Camera

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This digital camera has a 5x optical zoom with f/1.8W-f/2.8 T which makes it capture more images within the frame. This camera is sophisticated because it has a Wi-Fi in-built feature that allows wireless transfer of captured images. These images can be upload anywhere because it is compatible with various operating systems like iOS and Android. The images can be downloaded via its app. It captured quality images with a 1080 p which are capture at 60 fps. This Camera also works well in low light conditions because of its CMOS sensor. The editing process has also been made easy because of multi aspects raw. If you want to have steady images it is advisable to use a tripod stand.



Leica M8 10.3 Mp Rangefinder

cheapest digital leica



Leica is known for the first production of rangefinders. The blend between the traditional and the digital aspect of this camera allows it to be used by professionals because of its precision, speed, and operation. This rangefinder has low noise because of its lens design. Its performance is exemplary well with quality images and because of the powerful lenses. It is easy to operate because more focus has been given to the exposure of the camera. The raw data converter can convert the DND format to ensure there is unmatched image quality. Additionally, flash synchronization has been made possible by the metallic shutter blade which allows optimization of light exposures.



Canon PowerShot SX160

cheap digital rangefinder camera



The optical performance of this camera is very impressive because it allows taking full spectrum photos and videos. It offers a wide-angle of view which makes it quite productive when used in sporting events. It prides itself on some integral complements such as the DIGIG 4 processor and CCD sensors. It can capture quality videos at 720p HD. You can view them by connecting them to a display screen using an HDMI output. Additionally, the optical stabilizer has also made it produce clear images without blurry effects. It makes it ideal for telephotos or outdoor activities. Videos can also be shot in iframe format which makes it possible to import them on the PC. Its battery power allows you to operate it for longs hours without running out.



Sig Sauer Ballistic Digital Laser Rangefinder

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This is one of the most sophisticated rangefinders which is built with hyper scan TM technology which can relay updates per second. You can have 4 updates on a close range. Users are present with some viable options like G1/G7 as a support which will be useful in building profile. Most professionals have found it very useful because of its ballistic engine that makes it more productive in the field. The ballistic calculator helps in checking the humidity, temperature, and pressure levels. The reticle can be customized using the mailing grid to change its appearance. If you are a long-range shooter expert then this is what you need to spice up your hunting or other outdoor activities.



Serenelife Advanced Laser Golf Rangefinder

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If you are a golfer count yourself lucky with this advanced digital rangefinder. It can precisely cover 540 yards. This is impressive coverage. The focus lenses can be adjusted to suit your preference. Its magnification power is 6x which makes it ideal when it comes to focusing on the subject. Additionally, it is also very customizable because it provides two modes that allow measurement of distance within the field of view pin seeking. The readings can be taken comfortably from its display interface which makes it more effective. Since most people love it when it is used for golfing, archery, and range shooting then it has been customized with a handheld design to give it a stable grip when taking the range.

Another amazing feature is that it is portable. You can carry it wherever you go using it’s carrying bag or a travel case to make it more classy and convenient. It is also very is easy to use. So if you are a newbie you will get to learn the basic controls within a very short time. Therefore, if you love golf don’t miss out to have this rangefinder because it will meet your needs and put a smile on your face because of its impressive performance.



Leupold Gx 513 Golf Rangefinder

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This is yet another impressive digital rangefinder for golfers. It provides accurate and faster readings. It is very reliable with its 6x magnification capabilities which provides a wide field of view. Additionally, you can see clear images because of the multicoated lens system that resembles those that have been used in making binoculars. If you find yourself in a golf field during bad weather then you don’t have to worry because you can always use the fog mode feature which will still allow you to have a perfect view.

You can have it exciting game experience courtesy of its prism lock technology which allows the rangefinder to find the prism which increases the confidence of taking up the shot. You will also get access to very crucial information on temperatures, altitude, and atmospheric conditions that can affect your club selection. Additionally, its rubber eyecups can be folded down based on your preference. Generally, the portability and ease of use of this digital rangefinder are also some of the top-notch features that can greatly improve golfing experience.



Leupold 119087 Gx 3i2 Rangefinder

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The first impression of this golf range finder is its rustic appearance which features an aluminum body and a rugged surface. It is also equipped with OLED display which makes it easy to take readings. DNA technology is also another important feature that is in the spotlight because it makes it more productive. It is an Excellent rangefinder that will be very handy for golfers. It is also portable and you can carry it around in your bag.



What is a Digital Rangefinder Camera?

Range finders were among the pioneers of the mirrorless cameras and they were widely used in street photography. The photographer has to estimate the distance of the subject until a sharp focus is obtained so that the image can be captured. Leica is the leading manufacturer of those digital rangefinders although they are expensive. However, there are cheaper options that you need to try out to enjoy such an explicit camera.

cheapest leica digital camera

Advantages of Digital Rangefinder

No viewer blackout

The most important aspect of the digital rangefinders is that you use your eyes to estimate the range and the clarity of the subject in focus. This implies that you can. See beyond edges which give you a perfect composure to take a shot.

Easier to focus

Other visual cameras can be quite difficult to focus especially if you are a beginner. However, such a case doesn’t apply in a digital rangefinder because of it or easy to focus since it eliminated the aspects of having an exact framing of the subject.

Facilitated more engagement on the subject

The fact that a seductive view is eliminated when it comes to rangefinders is very instrumental when it comes to viewing the subject. You will get direct engagement on the subject.

Are Cheap Digital Rangefinders Worth Buying?

Well, most people might shy away from digital range finder because they are expensive. Leica is a top-rated digital rangefinder because of its unique vibe when it comes to taking videos and photos. However, after doing some research it dawned on me that it is overrated because you can still purchase cheap digital rangefinder and still obtain quality images. Therefore, don’t worry about your budget. Go for a cheaper rangefinder and you will not regret.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Digital Range Finder


This is a critical factor that needs to be considered if you want to find yourself a reliable and efficient range finder. A magnification of 6x on the rangefinder makes the subject appear six times larger than what you could have seen without the naked eyes. Most binocular companies have borrowed this idea and incorporated them into the latest models. If you are going outdoor especially in the wild then it will be easy to spot an animal that is at a great distance from your viewpoint.

Lens coating

This is yet another factor that has been by the binoculars. This simply enhances the vision of the subject that you want to range. It increases light transmission to help you have a perfect view of the subject that you want to range.


The size of the digital range finders greatly matter. When it was first introduced the rangefinders were bulky and cumbersome to carry around. Therefore, consider a sizeable digital rangefinder that is convenient for you.


Most digital rangefinders have an LCD to ensure objects are brought into focus. This also enhances viewing under low light conditions.

Maximum distance

The distance of view varies. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get the right digital rangefinder with a suitable max distance that will suit your needs.

Aiming point

Choosing the aiming point largely depends on personal preference especially if you are using the laser rangefinder. When you activate the laser beams it travels forth and backs and the range displayed on the screen. Some models have aiming points that are much easier to hold hence you might need to consider it before purchasing a digital rangefinder.


There are lots of digital finders that you will find in the market today. Most people are concerned about the pricing but it is also important to ensure that you don’t settle into a low-quality brand that has poor magnification. Go for those reputable brands that have shown consistent performance on their rangefinders.

Additional features

Some digital rangefinder has some camouflage features that are suitable for people who want to explore the wild or hunters. Having a reflective rangefinder is not appropriate when it comes to hinting. Therefore, you need a rangefinder that can easily blend with the surrounding.


The digital rangefinders that I have highlighted in this review are the cheapest option that you can consider if you are running on a tight budget. It is also important to know that they have a functional difference that includes: surveying, golfing, or hunting. Therefore, before you choose to buy one first consider your needs so that you can make a better choice. Additionally, since there are a lot of models in the market today, prioritize reputable models because of quality and accuracy.

Top 3 Best Cheap Digital Rangefinders