The10 Best Budget Laser Rangefinder Reviews You Should Get For Your Money

A rangefinder is used in measuring the distance of the subject image to allow for a sharper focus. They have a wide range of applications, such as golfing, hiking, and hunting. For beginners or those short of budget, there is no need to buy an expensive laser rangefinder. The best budget laser rangefinder with multiple functions can meet your demands.

To help you get rid of the troubles of picking on your own, here we offer the top 10 best budget laser rangefinder reviews for you. Apart from that, there are also experts buying guides you should notice before buying.

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What Is the Best Budget Laser Rangefinder on the Market?

Top 10 Best Budget Laser Rangefinders Comparison Chart

Photo Title Buy
AOFAR HX-700N Hunting...image AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder Buy On
AOFAR HX-700N Hunting...image AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder 700/1000 Yards Waterproof Buy On
Bushnell 4x21 Hunting...image Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder Buy On
WOSPORTS Rangefinder for...image Wosports Hunting Rangefinder Laser Speed Measure Range Finder Buy On
AOFAR Range Finder...image AOFAR Range Finder for Hunting Archery H2 600 Yards Shooting Buy On
Gogogo Sport Vpro...image Gogogo Sport Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder Buy On
Rangefinder, Hunting Laser...image Wosports Golf Rangefinder 6X Golf Laser Rangefinder Flag Lock Buy On
Gogogo Sport Vpro...image Gogogo 6X Hunting Laser Rangefinder Buy On

Best Budget Laser Rangefinder Reviews

#1. AOFAR Hunting Archery Rangefinder

laser range finder golf cheap

Its 6x magnification enables the image to look bright and very accurate even if the very far from you, and there are barriers along the way. The target can easily be found when using the continuous scan mode. It is durable as it is water and dust resistant. It can easily be carried when golfing or hunting. As it is light in weight. The price ranges from $70 to $120.

#2. AOFAR Hunting Archery Rangefinder

range finder golf cheap

AOFAR pays great attention to detail due to its pin sensor technology. Its magnification is around 6x, and this brings about the correctness needed for calculating the distance of the subject image. One can save on the time required in calculating the distance as it takes a short period to measure the length, and it works very fast. It is very convenient and doesn’t take into consideration the weather due to the various modes one can work on, for example, fog and range modes. Other methods include; scan and speed. Another advantage of using this rangefinder is that it is waterproof and dust resistant, therefore hard for it to get spoilt regardless of where you take it. AOFAR is light in weight; hence, one can carry it without getting tired. The price is about $100.

#3. Bushnell 2022088 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder

laser rangefinder price

The Bushnell laser rangefinder is very easy to use even for the first-timers as it works at the press of a button. Its high magnification enables one to see even from a longer distance. It’s not easy for it to get damaged as it has a protective housing to offer protection during harsh weather conditions. This protective housing brings about compactness, which is essential in hunting as one can take it anywhere without any inconveniences. It offers one of the best displays as it uses a class one laser, which you can see directly from the screen’s device, which is very bright. The Bushnell laser rangefinder is affordable, the price is above$90.

#4. Wosports Hunting Rangefinder

best price on laser range finder

This rangefinder is used in hunting, and it can detect and target moving objects accurately as it measures the speed at which the target is moving. This makes hunting very enjoyable. It is also fast in identifying the target. While hunting, one can encounter various barriers, especially when in thick forests, which can hinder how one sees the goal. Wosports rangefinder has a magnification of around 6x, which brings about great detail in the visual appearance of the target animal even when they are further away from you. Its design brings about its durability because of the rubberized armor, which is waterproof. The armor makes it easy for one to carry it from one place to another as it is light in weight. It costs around$100.

#5. AOFAR Rangefinder for Hunting Archery

cheap golf distance finder

This rangefinder has a magnification of 6x. This enables one to view the target very and with paying attention to great detail even when the goal is very far away from you. Its high precision is due to the upgraded pin sensor technology, which enables it to cover up to 1000 yards. It is tough for it to get damaged as it is dust, water, and fog proof. AI technology allows it to vibrate when the target has been locked and scanned successfully. The product costs above $70.

#6. Gogogo Sports Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder

best price golf range finder

It does not require a lot of expertise as one is needed to point and press, and it does the rest for you, even measuring the accurate yards when golfing. It directs on when to swing the golf club. It is light in weight hence very convenient when playing golf. It alerts you when you have locked with the target through a pulse vibration. This rangefinder has a CR2 Battery, which provides an indication when the power runs low. It is durable because of it being water-resistant and compact. It works very fast in identifying the target and locking the flag. Due to its 6x magnification, it brings about clarity when viewing even on longer distances; one can also use it for hiking and hunting. It priced at around$90.

#7. Wosports Golf Rangefinder

best price bushnell golf rangefinder

This device can measure the distance and speed accurately by using the continuous scan mode. It automatically vibrates when the flag distance has been locked, notifying the user. It uses the CR2 battery, which alerts the user when the battery has run low. It has a warranty of 18 months after purchasing it. It’s under$120.

#8. Wosports 1000 Yards Hunting Rangefinder

cheap nikon rangefinders

This rangefinder not only measures in yards but also in meters by long-pressing the mode button. Its 6x magnification provides a clear view within 650-1000 yards, especially bowhunting. One can’t miss the battery cover as they can’t be separated from the rangefinder. The ranging of this rangefinder is influenced by the concentration of water vapor in the air and suspended particles. It is used in measuring the reflectance of an object. It has an 18-month warranty. It’s above $100.

#9. Hunting Rangefinder 900 Yards 7x Laser Rangefinder

best budget golf rangefinder

Its 7x magnification results in a very clear and true image; through this, the distance measured could be up to 900 yards without sacrificing the clarity of the picture. It is long-lasting as the body is waterproof. It is capable of measuring the vertical and horizontal distance and also the angle and horizontal distance. It has a rechargeable lithium battery that doesn’t need replacement and a USB, which allows one to charge from any port. It has a screw hole for a tripod that offers stability during long-distance measurement. It’s below $100.

#10. Gogogo 6x Hunting Laser Rangefinder

cheap nikon rangefinders

It produces a clear and bright image as the multicoated optic lens reduces the light that is being reflected and at the same time, increasing the transmitted light. It can convert yards to meters by long-pressing the mode button. It vibrates when the flagpole has been locked. It uses the continuous range of reading and the pin seeking technology. It offers a great detail when measuring distance regardless of the length due to the 6x magnification and accuracy. It has the CR2 battery, which provides a low battery indication and a microfiber cleaning cloth. It costs around$85.

Should I Get a Best Budget Laser Rangefinder?

Yes, you can get the best budget laser range finder, and they are worth it. Rangefinders have now become among the most sought gadgets in the last ten years. Every year, they are becoming more modern, better performing and making even more sales. They are among the most valuable pieces of equipment you can buy.

cheap laser rangefinder guides

The budget is pretty obvious and very important too, above all, when it comes to rangefinders. Laser rangefinders usually vary a lot in price. They can differ in the price range from $150 – $500 plus, a crazy difference! Therefore, it is very wise first of all to consider your needs ahead of buying a rangefinder.

Do you need the ranger for long-distance shooting? What are the specific features of your desired rangefinder? Is your range good enough? What type of environment do you want the ranger for?

Those are some of the fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself first. You should be sure of your requirements, and in that way, you will be able to pick the perfect one for your needs. Consider the reasonably priced cautiously.

It does not make sense in investing too much money for a ranger that won’t fulfill your wants or have additional features that will have few or no benefits to you. If you require a long ranger, go for a long ranger then. If the medium-range is ideal for you, then don’t go for other types. People have made it with medium-range scopes, and if that is the case, going for the long-range won’t make sense then. Thus, the best thing is to go for the one that you can afford. Just fix a budget and research the best that you can get under your budget. You should get a laser rangefinder since they are worth the money.

Buying Guides on Budget Laser Rangefinder

Choosing the best laser rangefinder can sometimes be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to consider. There are many different rangefinders in the market today with different sizes, prices, and qualities. Below are some top factors to consider when buying a budget laser rangefinder:

types of budget laser rangefinder

1. Range

This is probably the first thing you should consider. This is because different needs require different distance ranges. Therefore, if you’re going for long-distance hunting, consider long ranges close to 1600-1700 yards. On the other hand, for short-distance hunting, consider the normal rangefinders.

2. Measurement speed

When hunting, quick action is required, especially after aiming a prey. Due to this, you need a laser rangefinder with fast measurement speed to avoid getting in trouble when hunting, especially if the prey runs away.

3. Usage

There are numerous kinds of rangefinders depending on usage or one’s needs, which include bow hunting, rifle hunting, and hunting deer. All these have different features when it comes to range and actual functionality. It’s, therefore, essential to clarify your needs before purchasing any rangefinder.

4. Price

This is the main factor that determines the kind of rangefinder you get. Usually, the higher the quality, the more expensive it is and vice-versa. However, this doesn’t mean that all cheap rangefinders are of poor quality and are less functional. Some cheap rangefinders work just the same way as the expensive ones. Ensure you read customer reviews online to see what previous customers are saying about different laser rangefinders.

5. Size

This is essential since it determines the portability of your device. For outdoor activities, you should consider a lightweight rangefinder. However, if you’re shaky every time you try hitting the target, consider a large rangefinder for stability.

In conclusion, these are some of the top factors to consider when buying a laser rangefinder. Others include angle compensation, durability, and water resistance.

How Much Does a Laser Rangefinder Cost?

When it comes to targeting things and marking targets, that is where this machine comes in. A laser rangefinder helps you to score your goal more quickly; this is if you compare to how you would have done it using just the naked your eyes. However, when it comes to buying a laser rangefinder, you have to consider some factors, including what is its purpose, durability, and not to forget your purchasing power.

Most people tend to assume that the quality of a product is based on how expensive they are. However, that is not the case with laser rangefinders. This is because some great laser rangefinders are quite affordable and still very reliable. Most of the laser range finders value above 150 US dollars depending on the manufacturer. Some of the best laser range finders value from 300 US dollars to 700 US dollars. Some of them include wild game innovations Halo XRT, laser rangefinders from Nikon. Acer also produces quite excellent products.

golf use laser rangefinder

When buying a laser range finder, make sure it can work to give the best results. However, some great laser rangefinders range below 150 US dollars. Their price should not worry you in terms of quality. Some might only differ in specifications, but they are the best in their field. They are mostly produced by the same manufacturers, including Nikon, Bushnell, and many other great product manufacturers around the globe. That is why you must do a lot of product research.

That being said, if you want to have fun at what you are doing, pick the best of products. However, you should run bankrupt just because you want to have fun. Sometimes there are great products with affordable price ranges. You only need to research and compare. Have fun while at it.

Types of Best Budget Laser Rangefinders

All rangefinders are different, and one single rangefinder cannot be perfect for every purpose. For example, an archery rangefinder is normally equipped with more features than a rifle rangefinder. When you are on a budget, you need to find the most affordable rangefinder but without compromising performance and quality. Laser rangefinders are considered to be the best in the market, and most users prefer them. However, laser rangefinders also include budget-friendly types that are still high-quality.

1. Golf rangefinders

One of the budget-friendly laser rangefinders in the market right now are the golf rangefinders. Golf rangefinders are usually used on the golf course to measure the yardage of an intended target. They offer precise measurements since they use laser technology. All the user needs to do is push a button while aiming at the target and the results will be displayed. The golf rangefinders can equally be used for long-range measuring, archery, and hunting. These budget golf rangefinders come with different extra features that make them suitable for whatever intention you have in mind. The good news is that they are quite affordable and several variations are available in the market for you to choose from.

2. Forestry rangefinders

They type of laser rangefinder is designed for forest surveying. It comes with different helpful features when it comes to distance determination. For example, it includes settings to help you determine tree heights and an anti-leaf filter. Now the forestry rangefinders are equally helpful when it comes to archery, golfing, and hunting. They are budget-friendly and you have various models to choose from, both light and heavy.

3. Ballistics rangefinder

Although they are commonly used with rifles especially when it comes to long distances, ballistics rangefinders are quite affordable. This rangefinder can measure up to 1500 yards making it suitable for long-distance. Ballistics rangefinders can be used for archery, golfing, and hunting quite comfortably. The best thing about this device is that it gives its users a very huge advantage especially when hunting. There are not so many options available in the market, and you need to do adequate research before making a purchase.

When you look through the best budget laser rangefinders online, there are several great options to choose from. Be careful when making your purchase to ensure you buy the best budget laser rangefinder that suits your needs. Look at the features to ensure you will be able to use the rangefinder for the intended purpose.

What is the Difference Between a Laser Rangefinder And Infrared Rangefinder?

types of budget laser rangefinderA laser rangefinder uses a laser beam to determine the distance to an object while the infrared uses infrared rays. A laser rangefinder operates on a principle known as a time of flight. It involves the movement of the pulse from the laser in the form of a beam in the direction of the object.

The length of time for the pulse to return to the sender then determined. It then calculates the distance from the object. An infrared, on the other hand, uses the principle of triangulation. This is whereby the photocell which receives the rays, object, and transmitter of the infrared rays are arranged in a triangle, and the angle of incidence is then used to calculate the distance to the object.

A laser rangefinder is less precise measuring +/-10cm, whereas an infrared is +/-2cm. This is because of beam divergence in the laser beam. An infrared rangefinder is accurate up to the sub-millimeter measurement.

A laser rangefinder can measure very long distances while infrared is suitable for medium ranges. Laser rangefinders have eye safety concerns because lasers penetrate the cornea. If they are focused on the retina, they can cause severe and permanent damage through its thermal and photochemical effects (Ham et al., 1966). Infrared rangefinders are very safe for the eye.

The laser beam in the laser rangefinder has a shorter wavelength of 180-400nm, and therefore, one can send a more concentrated beam hence achieving a higher transverse spatial resolution. The infrared, on the other hand, has a longer wavelength of 700nm-1mm, thus has a lower resolution, but this allows it to have a full field of view to the object than the laser rangefinder. Laser rangefinders consume a lot of power, are bulky and expensive. Infrared rangefinders use LED, which consumes less energy, is very lightweight hence can be carried around easily and are less costly.

Top 3 Best Pick Best Budget Laser Rangefinders