Top 10 Best Bow Rangefinder in 2022 Reviews & Guides

Finding the best bow rangefinder is a daunting task that every archery goes through. These products are available in different styles and designs. How to choose the best might be a complicated affair. This is because of the availability of similar products on the market. however, there are a few parameters that you should consider when buying.

Some of these factors include battery life, features, durability, and modes. Typically, it is a long process of research and you might find it tedious. Now, this is where we come in and offer you a solution in the comfort of your home. We have compiled a list of the best bow rangefinder from the leading manufacturers on the market.

So, choose your best from our list below and buy it with us.

What is the Best Bow RangefinderWorth Buying?

Top-Rated 5 Best Bow Rangefinder

Photo Title Buy
BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder-6X...image BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder 650Yards Multi-Function Laser Archery Buy On
AOFAR Range Finder...image AOFAR Range Finder for Hunting Archery H2 600 Yards Shooting Wild Waterproof Buy On
AOFAR HX-700N Hunting...image AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder Buy On
Vortex Optics Ranger...image Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 Laser Rangefinder Buy On
Rangefinder, Hunting Laser...image Wosports Golf Rangefinder 6X Golf Laser Rangefinder Flag Lock Buy On

The 10 Best Bow Rangefinder Reviews on the Market

1. Gogogo 6X Laser Hunting Rangefinder

bow hunting rangefinder reviews

If you are here looking for the versatile range finder, then this might be your best product. This is one of the cost-effective products and you can use it for bow hunting, golf, or even hunting. It is also suitable for other professional applications. Additionally, it has great performance and accuracy. The optic lens is multicolored reducing the amount of light and increasing the light transmission for a clear and better image. Also, it features an adjustable diopter for precise focus.

2. BIJIA Hunting 650 Yards Rangefinder Multi-Function

best bow hunting binoculars

Could you be looking for a multifunction hunting ranger? Whether you need it for golfing, hunting, archery, or shooting you will never go wrong with this product. This is a premium product equipped with PinSeeker technology. Also, it has a high accuracy from 5 – 650 yards. Additionally, it will offer you fast measurements with -1/+1 yard and -/+ 45 degrees of accuracy. The manufacturer has designed it with a durable body and ultra-clear LCD.

3. AOFAR Range Archery H2 Finder Hunting 600 Yards

bow mounted laser rangefinder

This is one of the best high-grade hunting range finders. The manufacturer has engineered it with waterproof, dustproof, and fog proof materials to meet all your hunting needs. This clear shooting rangefinder is equipped with 6× magnification. The lenses are very clear and easy to read. Additionally, it has a vibration technology upon locking the target. So, you will know the locked target successfully. You should consider having this product.

4. WOSPORTS Hunting Rangefinder1000 Yards

best rangefinder for crossbow hunting

If you are looking for a product with a warranty, then this might be your best pick. It also allows you to switch between yards and meters. You will be required to long-press the mode button for more than 3 seconds. It will also offer you readings in both Meters and yards. On the other hand, it can withstand different weather elements like fog, sunshine, snow, or rain. This innovative design uses a battery that can keep power for long. Buy this product and reap what it has to offer.

5. Wosports Hunting 650 Yards Range Finder 

laser rangefinder bow sight

The first thing that you will notice is the sturdy construction. It is a multifunction range finder suitable for hunting sport or golfing. This is a premium product equipped with PinSeeker technology. Also, it has a high accuracy from 5 – 650 yards. But this product does not withstand weather elements. So, you can easily get poor measurements when the lens is affected. It is also backed with a manufacturer’s 1-year warranty. You can buy it with confidence.

6. AOFAR Hunting Range Finder Archery 700 Yards Waterproof

bow scope with rangefinder

Sturdy construction will be the best appealing to anyone who uses it for a few minutes. This product is a high precision functional laser rangefinder worth your money. This is a premium product equipped with PinSeeker technology. Additionally, it will offer you fast measurements with -1/+1 yard. It is also available with many modes for easily identifying your target. The manufacturer has used durable materials for durability. Additionally, it can withstand various weather elements like fog. It is water-resistant and suitable for golfing or hunting.

7. Vortex Optics Laser Rangefinders Ranger

best cheap rangefinder for bow hunting

The ranger 1800 is designed to meet all your hunting needs. It is very easy to use and is equipped with a clean and illuminated display. This product is capable of measuring up to 1800 yards. The lenses are fully coated for optimal transmission of the light. So, you will have clearer images of your target. It is also perfect during the harshest weather elements. On the other hand, it is compatible with a tripod. Therefore, you can use it in the car window. The manufacturer has also designed it with rubber for perfect grip. Buy the product and meet the value of your money.

8. WOSPORTS 6X Golf Rangefinder Laser Flag Lock Vibration

bow hunting

If you want to take your golf skills to another level, then this product might be your best pick. It will provide you with accurate flag-lock and yardage distance. This product is capable of withstanding all the weather elements. So, you can use it with confidence. Also, the product will vibrate upon locking the flag distance. It is powered using CR2 batteries for optimum results. It is also worth mentioning that the flag-lock is up to 200 yards. Typically, there is a glowing report about this product. Consider it in your next shopping.

Armored with the above information, we are sure that you will make an informed decision. The above list has all you need for your golfing or hunting needs. Pick your best and buy it with us.

Do You Need a Rangefinder for Bow Hunting?

When it comes to bow hunting, you probably think that you have everything that you need. After all, you have your cameo and your weapon, so what else do you need?

Even though you may not know it, a rangefinder would greatly improve your chances of success. An average bow hunter will hit a target of about 25 yards away. This bowhunter will know that at a certain distance away, accuracy is lessened. Therefore, the bowhunter will want to make sure that one has an ethical shot and shoots close enough to kill

If you are this type of bow hunter or even the other sort that can hit accurately at 100 yards, you will want a rangefinder that will tell you if you are in the range for your skill level.

A rangefinder doesn’t have to break your budget either. You’re not going to need a $3,000 that will hit up to 1000 yards. The chances of you making it to a target at this range in time to shoot it with your bow are not in your favor.

Rather, you will need something that’s a hundred dollars that will show up to 300 yards. Then you can gauge if you have enough of a path to stealthily sneak up on the animal. The price of this item might not even cost $100, but it will save you grief in miscalculating distances.

A good bowhunter is someone who has a knack for the craft but also the tools of the trade. Since there is the technology out there for these rangefinders, it’s in your best interest as a hunter to utilize what is at your disposal. You can even buy your rangefinder online and have it delivered to your door.

best bow rangefinder

How Does the Bow Rangefinder Work?

If you go hunting, you probably know a bit about the gear involved. Actually, there are certain things that you should not be doing without on your hunting trip. One of these things is a bow rangefinder. In the following article, we will be explaining how this mysterious yet useful device works.

A bow rangefinder will tell you the distance to your target. It will look past the brush that you are likely hiding in, and it will go out to the farthest target. Experts recommend that if you are looking for a target past 25 yards, that you should be using a bow rangefinder.

Most rifles will have a maximum range of 300 yards. Some rifles only work up to the distance of 100 yards to 150 yards. A bow rangefinder, on the other hand, can show distances farther than that. Some laser bow rangefinders can work up to 1000 yards. This should give you a good idea of where you need to position yourself to actually make a shot. Also, you will be able to tell if your intended target is out of range, and you simply cannot reach it.

Some bow rangefinders have allowances for the trajectory of a bow if you are using a bow and arrow. Also, you can use bows in certain rifles, so the travel trajectory of the bow is something that you will want allowances for. Even with a crossbow, you will be able to tell the travel line and yard distance of the bow with a bow rangefinder.

When hunting with a bow, some seasoned archers are able to make shots of up to 100 yards. They are able to be that accurate with their bows to actually make a kill shot and not just wound the animal. Make sure if you are shooting longer distances that you actually have a clear shot and the experience to make the kill.

Bow Rangefinder vs. Golf Rangefinder

Bowhunting and golf games are two experiences that require rangefinder. As known, the rangefinder is used to measure and magnify a distance to give a closer view for excellent targeting. Therefore, you will need a rangefinder to get a clear shot to the golf course, and the targeted animals. Although the two experiences use a similar device, the rangefinder for golf and that of hunting differs a lot.

bow sight with built in rangefinder

Magnification power.

The golf rangefinder has a high magnifying power as opposed to a hunting rangefinder. This is because the target for golfing is smaller and as opposed to hunting. Also, the hunting rangefinder focuses on providing closer viewing of a distance target as opposed to getting a bigger image.

The materials.

The hunting rangefinders are made of waterproof materials to safeguard them from water damages. Some hunters prefer hunting during the rainy seasons since it is easy to catch the target during these seasons. On the other hand, golf rangefinders are made of rugged materials to ensure their durability and comfort when holding. Golf cannot be played during the rainy days because the ball cannot travel further distances, thus limiting the players.

The laser.

The bow rangefinders feature special laser software which enables the hunter to get a good and closer view of the target. The golf rangefinders are equipped with GPS to measure and magnify the location and distance of the ball course.

Yard coverage.

The bow range finders are equipped with more yards since the hunter will need to get a closer view of a target from a further distance. Although the golf rangefinders have a relatively high number of yards, they cannot measure up to the bow’s yardage. The golf rangefinder yards range from 100 to 800 yards, while the majority of the hunting rangefinders range from 200 to 1000 plus.

The target mode.

The golf rangefinder utilizes the first target mode to measure and view the closest objects at the golf post. But, the hunting rangefinder uses the distant target mode to draw objects from a distance closer for an excellent view.

Viewing power.

The golf rangefinders do not measure to give a precise view of the subject. On the other hand, the hunting rangefinders are made to provide accurate viewing of the items.

Although a single rangefinder can be used for both golfing and hunting, the above features and functionality make them differ. Therefore, it is crucial to know what you want to achieve in either of the activities to be able to select the most suitable rangefinder.

How Accurate are Laser Rangefinders?

You might wonder how precise a laser rangefinder really is. There is no firm way of checking. You could get out tape measurers to see, but you would need a lot of them. And how would you know that your synopsis was better than the one that your digital device reads out?

While there is no way to be sure of the accuracy, the laser rangefinder should give out a reasonable estimate of the distance. Of course, the device might make mistakes from time to time. It might even read out the wrong distance because it hits the wrong target.

As a general rule, experts say that the accuracy of the device is usually around a yard lower or higher than the target when it is not on track. This is a pretty safe estimate, as one yard give or take will not bother the average consumer.

If you want a really precise reading, then the advanced laser rangefinders are better. These devices give readings that often only miss the mark by a half a yard when they read inaccurately.

Those using these devices for hunting or golfing might find that this allowance for failure is good enough for their craft. However, if a person is using the device for professional purposes or land surveying, they might find that they aren’t as happy making estimates instead of precise numbers.

The important thing to remember is that even the measurements of rulers can vary slightly. It is really hard to get a precise millimeter using a measuring stick of any kind. Think of the old days when they used to wander around measuring distance by their own strides. This is certainly more accurate than back then.

How Much Does a Bow Rangefinder Cost?

When it comes to bow rangefinders, you probably want to get a decent one. There are many on the market, but you probably want something mid to high range quality at least.

The price will vary significantly depending on what type of rangefinder you get. The laser ones tend to be a little more pricey, although some can go for as low at $150. Others can crawl up there in price to around $400.

There are also various names in the game. Some brands, like Nikkon, you will recognize from other optical products. Ultimately though, there are other features you want to consider other than just the brand.

The rangefinders have features such as color that you may want to look at. Some of the rangefinders are in all camouflage coloring. This is great for the enthusiast that really believes in camouflaging into the brush.

Ultimately though, not everyone wants the cheapest model that one can find. If you are looking for the best, those ones will probably cost around $300 to $400. These will be the ones that offer you everything you want, including a large range. You can expect that you can track prey with these. Some of them go up to 600 yards.

If you want a wider field of view, Nikkon offers some models for the bow rangefinders that have this. It’s nice to be able to track animals in a larger circumference. Also, the laser bow rangefinders are sometimes preferred by people, just make sure you get ones that are not harmful to human health.

There is everything out there for people that are looking. You will be able to find a bow rangefinder that will last you a long time if you select wisely. Sometimes it’s better to pay a little more knowing it will last longer.

How to Choose Yardage When Buying Bow Rangefinder?

One significant factor that influences the choice of a bow rangefinder is the yardage. The ability of the rangefinder to measure long distances is crucial as it enables the hunter to get a view of the target from a long-range. Also, note that the yardage power goes hand in hand with magnifying power since you also need to get a clear and bigger view of the animal. The yardage power of the rangefinder is measured in yards that range from 100 to 1000plus yards.

bow mounted rangefinder

Type of shooting.

For either short or long-distance shooting, the number of yards that the range finder can capture matters and influences you shooting power. For beginners, a device with low yardage from 100 to 500 is suitable because it enables you to have a good view from a short distance. But if you a professional bow hunter or you need a device that you can use to view your target at a further range, choose a rangefinder that has a yardage power of 1000 and above.

Consider tree yards rangefinders.

Some rangefinders may have a high yard view, but the view gets obstructed by the trees if you are using it in bushy areas or an area with towering trees. Therefore, make sure to choose a rangefinder that consists of a tree -yards to make sure that you cover a large area of view regardless of the obstructions. This is because the stated yard range includes the reflection of the target alone. Some bow rangefinders are equipped with extra tree yards that cover for distances with tree obstructions.

The location of hunting.

The areas where you hunt influence your choice of rangefinder yardage. For example, if you shoot in an area that requires extensive coverage viewing, a rangefinder with high yardage would be ideal as opposed to when hunting in small spaces.

Choosing rangefinder yardage of your bow hunting is crucial since it determines how smooth your shooting and visual will be indifferent hunting surroundings. Use the above guides to help you choose the appropriate yardage when buying a bow rangefinder.

How to Pick the Perfect Bow Rangefinder for Your Needs

Although some bowhunters don’t find the need to have a rangefinder, the gadget plays a massive role in enabling one to have an accurate scan and shoot to the target. With the multiple brands on the market, some customers find it a bit tricky to settle on the perfect rangefinder to meet their hunting needs.

Here we will discuss some guides to follow when choosing the right rangefinder for your bowhunting.

cheap rangefinder for bow hunting

Your needs.

The rangefinders are equipped with different features to meet the hunters’ needs. Some are suitable for measuring the distances, providing a clear view of the target and even allow projectile drop. So, identifying what you want to achieve with the gadget helps you identify the one with the right features.

The brand.

The brand of the rangefinder also plays a role in determining your hunting escapes. Some brands have been on the market for a while, whereas others are emerging regularly. Research on the internet about the top best-reviewed rangefinders on the market. Also, read the previous customers comments and reviews to determine their experience with different brands. Always choose a brand that has a high number of positive reviews from previous customers.


When buying the gadget, pay attention to the quality of its parts such as the optical. This is the part that determines how clear and precise you will get a view of the target. Therefore, make sure the optic is made of clear and sturdy lenses for quality viewing and durability.

The range point.

The rangefinders are used to measure the distance where the target is standing when hunting. So, if you need a rangefinder that can measure objects at further intervals, choose the one with a high range designed for long-distance viewing.


If you hunt in wet areas, you need a rangefinder made of water-resistant material. Waterproof materials safeguard the rangefinder such that even if it comes into contact with wetness, the lenses will not turn blurred or even rust.

Magnification power.

The rangefinder is used as is a magnifier, whereby it enables one to have a good, and unobstructed view of the target at a closer distance. So, choose a device with high magnifying power for natural hunting.

If you need a rangefinder for your bowhunting, use the above-discussed buying guide to help choose the perfect one. The budget at hand also determines the kind of rangefinder to buy based on the available features. So, figure out your budget to aid you to choose the right rangefinder within your budget.

How to Use Rangefinder in Bow Hunting?

Apart from focusing on finding the best bow rangefinder, it is crucial that you also get to learn how to use it. Rangefinder facilities one’s hunting tactic by enabling them to measure and get to view targets even from further distances. If it is your first time to use a rangefinder in your bow hunting, here we will provide you with simple and easy steps to follow when using the bow rangefinder for the first time.

rangefinder bow sight

1. Familiarize with the gadget.

Ones you purchase the rangefinder, learn more about its use. Learn how it has to be held according to the manufacturer’s description, the parts and features it has, and how to maintain it. All this information can be obtained from the user manual.

2. Practice.

To better your skills in using the rangefinder, you have to practice with it as many times as possible. So, don’t wait until you see a prey approaching to start using it. Practice how to view a prey that is situated in between bushy trees or even at a long distance. This can be achieved by using the natural objects around you, such as rocks and trees. The more you train, the more you get to learn how to work with the device for better hunting skills.

3. Learn how to approach the prey.

Ones you have learned how to work with the bow rangefinder, the other step requires you to know how to handle the prey ones you spot it. The following are tips to follow when you spot the prey.

  • Predict and track its path of movement.
  • Set your bow and put it in place.
  • Then remove your rangefinder for viewing and measuring the distance.
  • Return the rangefinder in the pocket.
  • Monitor the target such that if it moves to the predicted direction, you shoot it.

4. Mark the yardage using the trees.

The trees in the surrounding that you hunt can help you establish your yardage. All you need to do is follow the first step and mark the trees as you measure.

5. Focus on the angle.

The rangefinder provides readings that will guide you to determine the right angle to shoot the prey from. Therefore, make sure to follow the provided angle readings from the rangefinder when shooting at the animal to avoid misses.

These are the crucial steps to follow when using a rangefinder for bow hunting. Choose a rangefinder that works for you based on where you hunt, your experience, and also the available features. You may also ask for guidance from a professional hunter on how to use the device if you are a beginner.

Tips for Using Different Types of Bow Rangefinders.

Although all bow rangefinders, regardless of their features, are used for the same purpose, learning the tips on how to utilize the device for optimum hunting results, is crucial. Read on the following tips to help you achieve the best in your hunting escapes.

bow sight

Carry an extra battery.

Hunting can take an entire day since you need to keep on surveying different troops where the target frequencies. Therefore, this may drain your rangefinder’s battery if you use it for long hours. Therefore, ensure your device is functional throughout your hunting period by pack an extra fully charged battery to exchange if the first one runs of power.

Make use of trees to pre-mark the yardage.

If you have an idea where your target is prone to be found, you can practice how to shoot at it with the rangefinder. This is possible with the use of the nearest trees. Pick a tree and mark it with a ribbon or color to ensure accuracy from where you will be standing.

Learn the right angle to view from.

The bow rangefinder provides both inclined and declined views, which is a bonus to enabling the hunter to measure the right position to shoot from. But the essential thing is to know how to shoot from a horizontal angle. So, range out the trucks and make sure to focus on the horizontal distance when shooting. From an inclined or declined position, aim low and use the objects instead of laser’s pin to shoot the target.

For better and an easy hunting time, use the above tips to guide you on how to use different bow rangefinders. For beginners, join professional hunters for the first time so you can get guidance on how to hunt with the device in different woods. Also, practice occasionally with the gadget to master your ranging tactics.

Why Do You Need a Bow Rangefinder

Although bow rangefinders were not conventional in the early days, now more and more hunters recognize the need to use these devices for active hunting. Rangefinders make hunting to be smooth by providing an unobstructed view of the target from a distance. Other than this, why do you need a bow rangefinder?

bow hunting rangefinder

Prevent guesswork.

A rangefinder has an optic lens and magnifying power, which enables the user to magnify a subject for closer viewing. This feature allows the hunter to make a decision or identify the item viewed. Other than this, it enables you to establish a precise angle to shoot the target if at all you wish to hunt it.

Prevent you from scaring off the target.

Getting too close to the prey may scare it away. Some animals have high sensory power, where they can easily detect a person approaching from a few meters. So, to prevent this, a rangefinder enables you to see the animal even from long distances. The rangefinder comes with different magnifying power, which allows the hunter to have a look of the target in a much closer view.

It helps one to prepare for hunting.

If you suspect an area where the prey may be frequenting, you can prepare for the hunt earlier using the rangefinder. This gadget enables you to measure and see all the possible routes that the prey may pass-through for easy targeting. Mark all the covered areas for easy identification when hunting.

Improves estimation skills.

Estimating the distance and angle of the prey manually takes more time, which may also cause the target to leave the area before shooting. But with a rangefinder, it takes a few seconds to views the prey and even determines the right angle to kill it from.

It enables you to work from anywhere.

The steep areas can hinder your hunting experience since some people are unable to have a clear view of the angle the target is standing at. Therefore, a rangefinder provides accurate readings regarding the area where the target is regardless of the surroundings.


The benefits of using a bow rangefinder in hunting are countless since it provides excellent viewing and shooting power to the hunter. Still, it enables one to avoid shooting any animal as you can get a closer view of the prey before shooting. Make sure to choose a rangefinder with features that suit your hunting needs.

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